Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Part one of a two part interview with Jeff Timmons


It is no secret that I am avid music fan. I follow so many artists that it remains a challenge to identify who my favorites are ... but in 2004 I had the opportunity to meet Jeff Timmons, as he was a guest vocalist with Jim Brickman on the holiday tour. He had a power house of a voice, and sang with intense emotion and compassion. Plus, seeing him with Anne Cochran, oh, baby, I was in true heaven! Imagine my great pride when given the opportunity to talk one on one with Jeff Timmons.

Back to more about Jeff Timmons, he is a midwest guy, in our neighboring state of Ohio, Canton Ohio to be more specific. He is a former football player and a body builder. He is really just an All-American guy and very humble and appreciative of the success that has also garnished him a Grammy nomination. He pulled together three other artists which were not household names, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre and formed the group 98 Degrees. Hit after hit, and sold out concerts after sold out concert - traveling the world to be showered with the fellowship that only a mass of thousands can give when touched by music. Where is Jeff now?

Jeff is on the cutting edge of the music industry with his company Iam Media. A company devoted to branding and aiding in the point of sale of music and other merchandise. It comes as no surprise, as you venture to the Barnes and Noble or the Target that the number of available CD's is miniscule. My collection of over 4,000 cd's overshadows their collection of just a few hundred.

This is why it is hard to find new artists, new music or favorite artists' latest cd's to be put into the hands of the everyday public. His approach is genius and one that holds great promise for the artists which fall into his branding and marketing efforts The concept is to put the music and merchandise in front of people where they shop the most, where they hang-out, where the desire for something fresh and new can be had.. it is truly providing access to the music WE CRAVE ...It is also getting the word out in traditional and non-traditional mediums that will help to make new artists, current artists and future artists give back to their fans the music they work so hard to present.

Coming up ... learn how you can get the latest CD by Jeff Timmons - for FREE - oh, yeah, not just because you are fan of Carbo, but because Jeff Timmons is just that amazing. I return tomorrow with the last portion of our exclusive interview with Jeff Timmons!