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Pop Star Jeff Timmons of "98 Degrees" Talks Boy Band Rivalry and What's Worldwide Fame Like


Wonderama House Party with Jeff Timmons


The Donna Drake Show Lives It Up Jeff Timmons Actor, Producer, Musical Entertainer - 98 degrees


JEFF TIMMONS 98 Degrees Interview on First Class Fatherhood


Live On Air with Steven Cuoco: Jeff Timmons


Nick Lachey as Piglet on The Masked Singer - "The Pretender"


Nick Lachey as Piglet on The Masked Singer - Speechless


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Piglet REVEALED to be a Famous BOY BAND Member


Masked Singer champion Nick Lachey speaks with Stephanie Weaver I NewsNOW from FOX


Nick Lachey (Piglet) - Superstition

Anyone Remember 98 Degrees Performing this at the Mtv NewYears Eve bash back in 2000? He straight up took it back to their Motown Roots. And Im not mad about that!!

Nick Lachey on winning "The Masked Singer"


Nick Lachey's Unmasked Performance | Season 5 Ep.13 | THE MASKED SINGER


Nick Lachey (Piglet) - Bruises


Nick Lachey (Piglet) on The Masked Singer - "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"


Nick Lachey (Piglet) - Faithfully

 He did such a great job with this song!!

Nick Lachey Says His Kids Think ‘Daddy’s Cool Again’ After Winning ‘The Masked Singer’


Nick Lachey’s Kids ‘Went Crazy’ Over His ‘Masked Singer’ Win


Ohio woman wins Morton’s “Baking Up Love” film contest, She’ll play the wife of singer Jeff Timmons


MORTON, Il. (WMBD) – An Ohio woman is getting her foot in the door to Hollywood, landing her first movie role in a new Central Illinois film.

Liz McCauley, traveling from Dayton, Ohio, spent the better part of Friday in Morton in the makeup chair and getting to know the cast for the upcoming movie by Gemelli Films called “Baking Up Love.”

She’ll be playing the wife of singer Jeff Timmons’ character. Timmons is most known from the music group 98 Degrees.

“I’m excited, it’s just new opportunities,” McCauley said. “I love to travel so you know I got to take a little road trip on Memorial Day weekend, I get to be in a movie, I get to see my favorite boyband member. I’m trying not to fangirl too much but you know I think I’ll be ok.”

McCauley won the role through a contest the film’s production team held where the contestants had to submit a recipe describing what they would bake and enter into the Great Pumpkin Bake-Off.

McCauley’s winning entry was Pumpkin Lasagna.

“I googled unique pumpkin recipes and I kind of went from there and deep-dove,” McCauley said. “I found a recipe for pumpkin lasagna and that was my submission. I got the message and went ‘no way’ and now I’m here.”

McCauley’s prize package, presented to her by Timmons and the village’s mayor Jeff Kaufman, also included a hotel stay at Morton Holiday Inn Express & Suites, an invitation for two to the premiere of Baking Up Love in August, an access pass to Morton’s Pumpkin Festival, and more.

Jeff Timmons, who’ll be playing the role of ‘Pastor Mark’, said this contest was a great way to stir up the public’s engagement with the film.

“My group 98 Degrees, we’re known for doing a lot of stuff with the fans,” Timmons said. “We thought it would be a good way to get people engaged in the movie and get them acclimated with the city of Morton.”

He also said taking part in this film is exhilarating as he’s always wanted to catch the acting bug.

“It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing growing up,” Timmons said. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the singing business 25 years now and trying this and getting in front of the camera it’s a different art form.”

Timmons said he hopes the world will soon see him in more roles for Gemelli films.

The movie will be released on Pureflix starting Sept. 1, and the cast and crew will return to Morton for a premiere on August 28

The Masked Singer’s Piglet Says He’s Now ‘Even’ With His Brother With His Season 5 Win


The Masked Singer has crowned another winner.

In the May 26 finale, the remaining three contestants — Chameleon, Black Swan, and Piglet — performed one last time in hopes of walking away victorious. Chameleon (rapper Wiz Khalifa) came in third, Black Swan (singer JoJo) was second, and Piglet won it all. But who was under the Piglet mask? It was, as panelists Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy (and guest panelist LeAnn Rimes, who won Season 4 as the Sun) guessed, 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey.

Lachey tells us about winning, why he and his brother and bandmate Drew Lachey are now “even,” and more.

Congratulations on winning! How does it feel to now have a Golden Mask trophy?

Nick Lachey: It feels good. The show is a lot of work. I think anyone who’s ever done it will tell you that. It’s challenging in ways you don’t even expect, and it’s a lot of work, so to come out of it on top with the trophy feels really good. I don’t say this as just lip service, but my goal was to make it to the finals and then come what may, so I’d like to think that even if I’d come in as a runner-up or whatever, I’d still be proud, but it definitely feels good to have won. My brother claims the Mirrorball Trophy [after winning Dancing With the Stars Season 2] and rubs it in my face all the time, so now I can rub this in his face. We’re even.

Did he guess it was you from the beginning?

He knew pretty early on. We perform together and sing together, so he knows my voice probably better than most. And I’m not really good at disguising my voice, so I kinda knew that there would be some people out there who would guess it pretty quickly just because it sounds like me.

What about the rest of your bandmates?

What was funny is my kids recognized it was me super early on. I was holding my daughter and I think three notes into my first song, she’s like, “That’s Daddy.” So it’s funny the people who are in your life who hear you sing all the time, it was not lost on them. It was my kids, my bandmates. Obviously, my wife already knew, but yeah, they all knew it was me pretty quick.

Talk about saying yes to doing this season? You’d mentioned on the show that you found out you were doing it only four days before the first performance?

Yeah, I was kind of a last-minute addition to the show. I was actually on a ski trip with some friends and they’re like, “Can you get back and do the show?” I’d contemplated doing it the second season, and then I had another TV show come up and I couldn’t make it work with the schedule. But it was always something that I was intrigued by and my kids have always loved the show, so I thought it’d be a lot of fun to do it — not for them, but to experience it with them. When the opportunity came, I said, “You know what? Let’s do it, let’s jump at it.” And I’m glad we were able to able to make it work.

Did you have any choices in the costume or was Piglet it due to timing?

Piglet was the first one they presented. I’m sure if I would have said, “Hey, I absolutely can’t stand pigs, it’s a deal-breaker for me,” then they would’ve come up with something else. But coincidentally, I’m from Cincinnati, which is known as the Porkopolis and the city of the flying pig, and my production company is called Flying Pig Productions. So when I saw the pig costume, it was kind of like, “This is meant to be, I’m supposed to be doing this show because what are the chances?”

What was your approach to your performances? Was there anything you specifically wanted to do with your song choices, especially since you mentioned not being good at disguising your voice?

I just wanted to show range. I didn’t want to do one particular type of song, so I tried to throw in a little bit of everything from country to rock to soul to even opera a little bit there at the end to just give kind of a musical journey. And my wife Vanessa and I took a lot of time sitting together going through songs. I give her a lot of credit for helping me pick the songs as we went along. I didn’t want to be one-dimensional. I wanted to show that I had range and have some fun doing different types of stuff.

Which performance are you the proudest of?

If I had to pick one, probably the Lukas Graham “7 Years” performance, just because it’s a really super meaningful song to me. I’m very close with my dad and it’s a song about your father and your son and family and life. It’s always just resonated with me. I was really, really psyched to be able to do that song and glad that we did it proud. It’s a great song and that’s the beauty of this show is you know you’re going to go out there every week and have a chance to do great songs. You can just go out there and sing people’s hits. As a performer, that’s a lot of fun, to be able to do things you love.

Are there any songs that you had to scrap?

Towards the end, it was, “Do I do Lewis Capaldi or do I do Bruno Mars?” I was more familiar with Bruno’s “When I Was Your Man.” I wasn’t that familiar with [what ended up being the semifinals performance] “Bruises,” and then the more I listened to it, the more I was just like, “I love this song.” That actually ended up being another one of my favorite performances, but not one that I really saw coming, if that makes sense. But once I started getting into that song, I really loved performing it and love seeing it.

At one point, it seemed like the panelists were just going to name every single boybander. Robin, Jenny, and LeAnn did correctly guess you, but who had you expected to figure it out? Robin because he wrote a song on 98 Degrees’ debut album?

Because he wrote a song maybe, but also because he’s a male singer and, as a male singer, you know other male singers’ voices. I know what Robin sounds like, he knows what I sound like. I worked with Nicole [Scherzinger] on The Sing-Off for two seasons and I performed on an episode of I Can See Your Voice with Ken [Jeong] and then Jenny and I were together when I was out with New Kids [on the Block] and she was with Donnie [Wahlberg]. I knew everyone on that panel, so I figured that at some point they were going to recognize my voice.

I tried not to worry myself too much with that part of it and just told myself, “It doesn’t matter if they know who you are. Go out there and kill it and do a great performance. Don’t worry about necessarily trying to trick anybody.” Don’t give it up, but at the same time as a performer, you can only worry about one thing and that’s giving a good performance.

Looking back on the entire experience, what were the most challenging parts other than singing in that costume?

You nailed it. That’s the most challenging part: Even as a singer who’s done it his whole life, being in that costume changes everything. It changes the way you move, the way you breathe, the way you perform. It’s really, really, really tricky. It definitely takes some getting used to, and it takes some work. That’s probably the thing I’m most proud of is finding a way to overcome all those challenges and still give good performances.

The other part is just it’s a tough schedule, so not losing your voice, keeping your voice together. Because it’s a lot of singing, a lot of rehearsals, a lot of going through it and it’s a pretty quick schedule. So learning new songs, keeping your voice together and then you’ve got one shot basically to go out there and give it everything you got and it’s a lot of pressure. But that’s what makes it such a special thing, something you can be proud of: You’ve found a way to rise and meet those challenges.

What are you going to take away from the entire experience?

It was just a lot of fun to go through with my kids. They figured out early on it was me, but then they still don’t know if I won, so every week, “Hey, is this the week that Daddy gets unmasked and goes home?” And a chance to share something with your kids and take this ride with your kids is pretty fun and pretty special.

The Masked Singer, Season 6, Fall 2021, Fox

‘Masked Singer': Piglet’s Kids Guessed Who He Was Immediately – But His Bandmates Didn’t


Unmasked singer tells TheWrap it took his daughter “all of three notes” to figure out it was him

Piglet was crowned the Season 5 winner of “The Masked Singer” tonight and unmasked to reveal singer, actor and TV personality Nick Lachey as the man inside the pink costume. But Lachey said his kids have known who he was ever since the season premiere on March 10 — unlike his clueless 98 Degrees bandmates.

“You know what, I don’t know if they just weren’t watching or what. But my brother [Drew Lachey] kind of heard about it and chimed in,” Lachey told TheWrap, noting that if Drew, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre did figure out he was competing on “The Masked Singer,” none of them pushed him on the matter.

“But the funniest reaction, I think, was my kids,” Lachey continued. “We were watching the premiere episode and I was holding my daughter. I think I got three words out of my mouth and she said, ‘that’s Daddy.’ They just knew. They know my voice, they just knew right away. It was hysterical to see, because I didn’t know if it would go on episode after episode and they wouldn’t know, but it took her literally all of three notes out of my mouth and she knew exactly who it was. So it was fun to see that reaction.”

And you have to give credit to Lachey’s three young children — Phoenix, Brooklyn and Camden, whom he shares with his wife, Vanessa Lachey — for not telling a soul about their dad’s “Masked Singer” gig.

“They knew it was me, so it’s been fun for them because after that it was like, ‘Yes, this is what Daddy has been leaving to do in the black sweatshirt every day.’ They knew, but we had to swear them to secrecy that they wouldn’t go to school and tell the whole school about it,” Lachey said. “So they’ve been good sports and it has been fun to watch them as the season has gone on.”

The Lachey kids are, however, in for a surprise when they watch tonight’s episode, because Nick said his children don’t know that Piglet wins.

“They don’t know what happens to Piglet. My son just told me this morning, ‘Daddy, I had a dream that you lost.’ I said, ‘Well, you know, you never know. You have to watch tonight to find out.’ It’s been a lot of fun, that’s one of the big reasons that I did the show. That’s definitely been a big part of why it’s been so fun to be a part of it. To do it with your kids and watch their reactions and have that experience as a family has been pretty neat.”

98 Degrees to heat up 2021 NY State Fair with free concert


A popular boy band has been added to the free concert lineup at the 2021 New York State Fair.

98 Degrees will perform at the NYS Fair’s Chevy Park stage on Saturday, Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. The concert is free with admission to the Fair.

The group, featuring Jeff Timmons, Justin Jeffre and brothers Drew and Nick Lachey, is known for late ‘90s and early 2000s hits like “I Do (Cherish You),” “Because of You,” “The Hardest Thing” and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” 98 Degrees, who last performed at the NYS Fair in 2001, reunited in 2010 and have since released two albums.

Village of Morton leaders looking forward to the economic impact of new “Baking Up Love” film


MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The village of Morton is taking center stage in a new fall film coming to a screen near you.

“Baking Up Love” is the film’s title and so far, it’s already generating quite the buzz in Morton.

The village proudly embraces its nickname as the “Pumpkin Capital of the World,” which is one of the reasons writer/director Candice Cain, president of Gemelli Film, said she chose the town for the film’s setting.

“When I wrote the outline, I did a search on ‘pumpkin capital of the world’ and Morton came up,” Cain said. “I started doing my research and I said ‘this is great.”

Cain said after a brief meeting and getting to see the place, pumpkins, and people up close, it was clear Morton was the perfect location.

“Mortonites are amazing,” Cain said. “They’re wonderful, friendly, the mayor is so enthusiastic.”

The film, which centers around the Morton Pumpkin Company’s CEO deciding to commemorate the town’s 200th anniversary by hosting an international bake-off at Morton’s Pumpkin Festival, started shooting Tuesday, May 18.

Advertisement for the film is now plastered around the heart of the village and Cain said there are placement opportunities for local businesses and people.

“I’m really trying hard to incorporate Mortonites into the film so we’re offering people to come to set and to be a part of the background,” Cain said.

Jeff Kaufman, the village’s mayor, said the film was a great opportunity that came at just the right time.

“We wanted to have something positive after a year of COVID, face masks, gas prices,” Kaufman said. “We had one shot at a movie. One time that’s going to line up with the Pumpkin Festival so we felt why not take it.”

Leigh Ann Brown, Executive Director of Morton’s Chamber of Commerce, said the process is also a great boost for the local economy and hopes to see the impact of the concept “tv tourism.”

“The impact of people wanting to visit the communities where movies take place,” Brown said. “They’re [cast & crew] staying here local, we have some of our hotels filled, we have other b&bs filled, we know they’ve been out to different restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Cain also said the original $75,000 grant they received has already been reinvested into the village by spending money in the town and also hiring locals.

One of the film’s actors Jeff Timmons, from the group 98 Degrees, is also hosting a nationwide competition where the winner will be cast as his wife in the film. Details on how to enter can be found here.

The movie will be released on Pureflix starting Sept. 1, and the cast and crew will return to Morton for a premiere on August 28.

These Masked Singer Piglet Theories Revolve Around A ’90s Boy Bander


The Masked Singer continues to introduce a varying number of wildcard competitors, but most of the original Season 5 singers have managed to hold their own. One competitor who’s leading the pack is Piglet, who impressed audiences with his soulful renditions of Dan + Shay’s “Speechless” and Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah).” Judges have guessed everyone from Charlie Puth to Austin Mahone, but the popular fan theory is that Piglet is Nick Lachey, the lead singer of the popular boy band 98 Degrees.

Piglet wears a green plaid outfit with a propeller hat. Audiences got clued into his voice early on when a clip before the show’s premiere showed him singing Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds.” “This has to be Nick Lachey,” one Reddit user wrote. “If it’s not I will eat my shirt.”

Alongside boy bands like ’N Sync and The Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees was huge during the ’90s, so it makes sense that diehard fans would recognize Lachey’s voice immediately. (If you’re unfamiliar, they sang “The Hardest Thing” and Mulan’s “True to Your Heart.”) The clues seem to line up with him, too. Piglet’s first clue package looked like a Bachelor spoof, and he said that he “hasn’t always been lucky in love.” He added that he’s “given away a few roses” and “the world saw my heart break.” His second clue package said he feels “right at home” singing love songs. The clue package was also very football-centric and showed Piglet facing off against his “nemesis” with a horse on the helmet.

Most viewers assume that the comment about heartbreak is a reference to Lachey’s highly-publicized relationship with Jessica Simpson, whom he divorced in 2006 after four years of marriage. Lachey is also the host of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, which could be what the Bachelor clues are really alluding to. Even his costume could be a hint; Lachey is from Cincinnati, Ohio, which is nicknamed “Porkopolis” because of its pork processing plants. Lachey is also a huge Cincinnati Bengals fans, and in 2012, he got kicked out of an NFL game for fighting with a Chargers fan; notably, the original Chargers logo was a horse. Cluedle-doo even said that the Piglet “knows how to stay cool, even in the heat,” which feels like an obvious reference to 98 Degrees.

The clues fit Lachey pretty well — and it’s hard to deny those pipes — but The Masked Singer has also been known to mislead audiences. There are other fan theories that Piglet actually is a Bachelor alum and that producers are just counting on people to assume that the rose references are too on the nose. One person on YouTube even suggested Piglet could be Matt James, who had a very public breakup with his final pick, Rachael Kirkconnell, after her racist actions were uncovered by sleuthing fans.

Other fans think Piglet could even be ’N Sync’s JC Chasez. Piglet’s second clue package was very football-centric, and ’N Sync performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2001. The Masked Singer also noted that combined, Season 5’s contestants have made “three Super Bowl appearances,” so it’s not totally out of the question.

Fans will have to wait and see who’s really under Piglet’s mask — and based on how he’s been dominating the competition so far, that may be a while.

Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa soak up the sunshine at the beach during their fun-filled family trip to Cabo San Lucas


Follow the Link for more Pictures

Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa looked happy in love as they enjoyed a leisurely day at the beach during their family vacation to Cabo San Lucas on Monday afternoon. 

The lovebirds, who will celebrate a decade of marriage in July, were joined with their three adorable children: eight-year-old Camden, Brooklyn, six, and Phoenix, four. 

Lachey, 47, played baseball with their two sons as Vanessa, 40, showed off her midriff in a bright yellow bandeau bikini top and high-waisted bottoms. 

The Masked Singer: Fans Think Piglet Is A Member Of A Famous Boy Band


The fifth season of Fox's The Masked Singer kicked off on March 10, 2021, and continues to have fans guessing who could be underneath the interesting costumes. On March 17, Piglet debuted, stunning the star-studded panel — Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong — by singing a rendition of "Speechless" by Dan + Shay.

In their first clue package, Piglet expressed they haven't had the best of luck when it comes to love. They admit they are a "bit of a hopeless romantic" and "the world [has seen] their heart break." Piglet said this hasn't stopped them from "wearing [their] heart on [their] sleeve" and "sees a future on that stage." Throughout the clip, they were seen holding roses and made a reference to thorns.

The panelists were very impressed with Piglet's first-ever performance on the show and guessed a whole range of names for who it could be. "Based on the heartbreak clues," Jeong guessed Adam Lambert, while Scherzinger assumed it might be singer Charlie Puth because he previously dated Bella Thorne. The Pussycat Doll also assumed it might be Liam Hemsworth due to his breakup with Miley Cyrus.

Although the panel may not be 100% sure about who Piglet is, fans think they have already figured it out.

Fans are convinced that Piglet is Nick Lachey

Although panel named a whole range of names for Piglet, a lot of fans believe they already know who it is from Piglet's voice alone. In fact, fans are fairly confident that they are someone the panelists did not even mention: 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey.

"I'm very positive The Piglet is Nick Lachey. I would bet alot of money on this one. love him! He sounded great #TheMaskedSinger," one user tweeted. "So I'm watching Masked Singer and I'm 99.99999999999999999% certain that the Piglet is Nick Lachey," another person shared. "I know that voice!!!! I've listened to 98 degrees since i was 15. I know that's Nick Lachey's voice!! #TheMaskedSinger," remarked a third viewer.

Aside from being a singer, Lachey also had a very public relationship with his ex-wife Jessica Simpson. The pair had a popular reality show on MTV, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, during the early 2000s. When the duo split up, Lachey was open about the heartbreak he felt when they got divorced in 2006, which could be why Piglet had a lot of clues relating to the emotion.

As of this writing, Piglet has yet to be unmasked and currently remains in the competition, meaning fans will have to keep watching and stay tuned to find out if they are correct.

Vanessa Lachey Is Preparing to Film 'Love Is Blind' Seasons 2 and 3 (EXCLUSIVE)



Just weeks before much of the world went into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all anyone could talk about was the Netflix dating series Love Is Blind.

The ambitious and experimental reality show placed 30 men and women in pods, allowing them the opportunity to "speed" date without getting physical appearances involved. 

Multiple couples ended up getting engaged just moments after meeting face-to-face, and six of them were sent on a dream vacation to Mexico. 

Those who lasted the whole trip moved in together in Atlanta. Two pairs are still happily married more than two years after filming concluded. 

The unique series sparked countless memes, and it launched many of the contestants into stardom. Throughout the process, they were guided by co-hosts/husband and wife duo Vanessa and (obviously) Nick Lachey. 

Shortly after it debuted, Love Is Blind was renewed for two more seasons. In the year since Season 2 was greenlit, there haven't been many updates. 

Vanessa Lachey spoke exclusively with Distractify about the continuation of the series and about her hosting gig for the Total Wireless Awards.

Back in March of 2020, after Love Is Blind became a stalwart staple on Netflix's Top 10 trending list, the series was renewed for two more seasons. Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that the second season would focus on singletons in the Chicago area

Vanessa exclusively confirmed to Distractify that she and Nick were preparing to leave sometime in April to begin filming the next two seasons back-to-back. After Chicago, the third season of the show will center in Dallas. 

While some fans assumed that the pods would make it easy to film Love Is Blind in the throes of the pandemic, Vanessa shared that it was a lot more complicated than that. 

"People think that it's something that's easy to film during lockdown, but the pods are only part of the process," she explained. "The rest of it is those interactions after the pods — when they see the person at the romantic getaway, and then when they get back home. There's a lot of physical interaction, which is why it's been pushed so long."

It's unclear whether the romantic getaways will be like they were in Season 1 or if they'll be staycations due to the pandemic. 

"We wanted to find a way to be safe, and they've finally found that way," the Call Me Kat actress shared, before adding that she's excited to film in order to give new content to viewers. 

Why Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey Are Perfect Hosts for 'Love Is Blind' (Exclusive)



Love Is Blind took its audience by surprise when the reality dating show premiered on Netflix, Feb. 13, 2020. Hosts Vanessa Lachey and husband Nick Lachey may have only been seen a few times throughout the season, but they played a much larger role in the series than what met the eye. However, as they gear up for another two seasons, they're perfect for the position not only because they are great hosts but also because their own personal love story ties into the style of Love Is Blind.

During an exclusive sit-down with for our @Home series, Lachey detailed the beginning of the couple's love story, making them a perfect fit for that kind of show. "It was kind of how we courted. That's why we were excited about it," Lachey said when asked how she feels she and Nick would have done had they been introduced on Love Is Blind. She explained that they obviously knew each other through the industry, but they were forced to create a relationship through a phone for the first year of their dating due to busy schedules. But naturally, FaceTime wasn't a luxury they had back then.

"We talked for probably our first full year of dating, just on the phone," she continued. "It was before FaceTime. Like, this was a full-on lay in bed, talk on the phone, texting." Lachey said they would travel to see each other, and any time one had the opportunity through work to go visit New York or Los Angeles, they would jump at the opportunity. However, even though they didn't see each other much through their first year, she says it was the "best thing that we could have done for our relationship was developed that emotional foundation by putting it all on the table on the phone, like this is who I am, these are my dreams."

Love Is Blind became widely popular because of the style in which people date. Unlike The Bachelor franchise, each contestant could not see what their special person looked like before being proposed. Instead, each contestant was placed in a pod where they had an opportunity to start chatting with the other person who was in their own pod, but no one could see who they were talking to. Those on the show couldn't see the other person until the day of their engagement. It sounds absolutely wild, but there has been a huge success in those pairings just on the first season alone.

It obviously worked for Lachey and her former boyband member husband because the two got married in 2011 and now share three beautiful children: Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Camden. Lachey mentioned that her work schedule is becoming busier industry-wise now that 2020 has passed, but something that's keeping her busy is her partnership with Total Wireless. "I'm excited for this partnership with total wireless because we are recognizing those who do amazing things."

Lachey hosted a virtual award show to honor five lucky winners who have been chosen for doing amazing things in their communities, in the world and the lives of others. Fans can visit Total Wireless's Instagram page here to vote for who their favorite is. For more on your favorite celebrities, keep it right here at