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One Tree Hill 6.20 Promo "I Would for You" Nick

UM What can I say about this preview?? Let's just say it gave me chills down my spine!! Yikes!!

New Nick & Vanessa Pics


Jeff Timmons: A Musical Reinvention

Jeff Timmons: A Musical Reinvention
There is a brand new kind of Jeff Timmons music with a touch of that old-school Motown influence.

98 Degrees DvD's

Soooo after my last post a few days ago I have had several inquires about the tapes/Dvr's that I have...Theres over 50 tapes in my collection with very very rare stuff... I'm thinking about selling some of them....
If you are interested please leave me a comment as to where to get ahold of you...In the meantime I may make up some other pages as to what I will be selling. :)

Have a great week everyone....Hpefully there will be more to read soon...

Drew Lachey to talk at local campus


Pioneer Press

The University of St. Thomas is getting a dose of fancy foot work on Tuesday with a visit from Season 2 "Dancing With the Stars" champ Drew Lachey. The former 98 Degrees member turned reality star will deliver a free talk titled "98 Degrees and Rising: Following Your Dreams on the Path to Success" at the O'Shaughnessy Educational Center (7 p.m.). Afterwards, he'll stick around to sign autographs. — Amy Carlson Gustafson

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry 4 the Lack of Updates....

Yes I have been stuck in the land of the New Kids. But I havent forgotten you guys out there!! There just simply hasnt been any updates at this point because there is none...I need to go light a fire somewhere to get some movement here!!
Anywayz, as soon as the guys start moving again so will this blog....I have been transferring 98 Degrees VHS tapes to DVD all day...I'm on tape 14 of 50 videos!! I have quite a ways to go....
happy Monday!!

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Lachey & Minnillo’s Double Dinner Dates

Before Vanessa Minnillo met up with Nick Lachey for a fancy-pantsy dinner last night — she got a pre-game meal with ... wait for it ... another man!!

One Tree Hill Gossip

Rumors are floating around out there in internetland. Nick was only scheduled to appear in one episode that surrounded Hailey. But I have heard that mark liked him SO much that he was asked back to film another certain episode!
ONE that all of us One Tree Fans have been waiting on. Peyton & Lucas's wedding!!!! That to me is downright exciting if it happens!!
Wonder if he'll sing *I DO*



Nick Lachey Leaving Marmalade Restaurant With Some Friends.

Enjoying a date out with the family, Nick Lachey was snapped leaving Marmalade Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA today (March 23) alongside his mother, Cate.

After downing a couple of burgers followed by some Strawberry Shortcake, the mother-son duo called it a day as they boarded the former 98 Degrees frontman’s suped up Lincoln Navigator.

Unlike his ex-wife, Mr. Lachey is very much an employed celebrity. He’s currently executive producing Taking The Stage, a sort of real-life Fame for MTV. Nick returned to his alma mater, the School for Creative and Performing Arts, to film the 10-episode series. Premiering over the weekend, Taking The Stage follows five teens attending his alma mater as they pursue their dreams, which range from ballet and singer-songwriting to hip-hop dancing.

Says Nick: “As a fan of that kind of atmosphere, it’s certainly been a labor of love for me. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing had it not been for my experiences at that school.”

Former 98 Degrees boy band member, Drew Lachey, comes to Plachta Auditorium on Monday


By: Eric Dresden

Former 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey will be coming to Central, not to perform, but to talk about life in the music industry and Hollywood.

The 32-year-old singer was part of the quartet alongside his brother Nick Lachey, who is famous for his marriage to and divorce from with singer Jessica Simpson.

He will speak Monday March 30 at 7 p.m. in Warriner Hall's Plachta Auditorium.

Matt Burza, Allegan senior, was in charge of bringing Lachey to Central for the Program Board and said Lachey was brought in to kick off the third annual Program Board Week.

"We decided to highlight the organization, so everyday we do different events," Burza said. "We wanted to start the week out with a big name."

Burza said Lachey was just the right name to start off the week, even though he just started college tours.

"He's new to the speaking tours and the date fit well with his schedule. He speaks on a variety of things, specifically about his time with 98 Degrees, his brother Nick, Nick's relationship with Jessica Simpson and Drew's being on the outside of that, and his time with 'Dancing With the Stars,'" Burza said.

Drew joined the group 98 Degrees after his brother, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons were looking for a fourth member.

The band has been on an extended hiatus since 2002, and each member reportedly has been pursuing individual careers.

Drew has played in the Broadway productions of "Rent" and "Spamalot" and won ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" during its second season.

Burza said Lachey is only the start to a big week celebrating 80 years of Program Board.

"It's a good opportunity, to come see a big name celebrity come to mid-Michigan," Burza said.

The Program Board will have a busy week including a showing of the film "7 Pounds" at noon Tuesday in Pearce 128 and an anniversary cake-cutting ceremony in the University Center rotunda.

On Thursday, the week will continue with the annual Psychic Fair from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the University Center. Later, starting at 8 p.m., R&B artist Javier will perform.

To close the week, comedians Alex McHale and Jay Black will perform 8 p.m. in Warriner Hall's Plachta Auditorium.


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New Nick Blog 3/23

posted 1:54pm on Mon Mar 23rd, 2009
hey everybody. i hope this blog finds everyone healthy and happy.

things have been busy for me lately! i've been continuing to do radio

concerts around the country. i was just in mexico last week with mix

from chicago and did an acoustic set with natasha bedingfield. it was

a lot of fun, i've always been a big fan of hers, but i have to say

that she sounded better than ever. she's also on of the nicest people

i know in this business. i also have to admit that people from

chicago really know how to celebrate st. patrick' s day! it was a

good time. i'm gonna be in napa valley doing another radio

promotional concert on april 5th. if any of you have the chance to

win a trip up there to see it, you should try, it's gonna be a lot of


i want to thank all of you who have continued to request "patience"

on your local radio stations. i need you all to do something else

for me. i need you to tell everyone you know to check out "taking the

stage" on mtv thursday nights at 10pm. i don't know how many of you

saw the show this past week, but i was really proud of how it came

out. the kids on it are incredibly talented! the tv business is a

very ratings driven business and i need as many people as possible to

watch, so spread the word!

thanks guys! i'll talk to you again soon and have more info on the

album and appearances i'll be doing this spring. until then, take care!


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Nick & One Tree Hill Spoilers

Ok so I know there are some pictures of Nick in this OTH Spoiler Video. I'm not watching it? Why? Because I seriously do not want to spoil anything for myself!! I'll watch it after his epis are over! :)

Nick on the Billy Bush Show

Click Here for the Podcast

Nick Lachey
Thursday, Mar 19, 2009
Nick Lachey joins us in studio to discuss his new reality show "Taking the Stage" that premiere's tonight on MTV.. Plus- how are things between he and Vanessa?????

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The School for Creative and Performing Arts & Cincinnati’s New “Fame”


This is actually Written by Justin!!

Posted by Justin Jeffre

Photo courtesy of here.

MTV’s new reality show Taking the Stage is set to be a huge hit for the network and an absolute smash for the school and our city. While it’s true that I might be a tiny bit biased, I’ve heard from reliable sources that MTV is more excited about this show than anything they’ve done in years. The crew is confident that the innovative style that the show was filmed in will be copied by many shows in the future. But the show’s real strength is the passion and talent of the students who are sure to be role models for their generation and those that will follow.

Like the city of Cincinnati itself, SCPA has seen many ups and downs. From serious funding problems, scandals involving teachers, students and Principals (including one that prevented earlier seasons from coming into fruition) to the recent and horrific tragedy that shocked our entire community-SCPA has certainly seen more than its fair share of tough times. But despite all the drama, as the saying goes, the show must go on. And go on it certainly will starting tonight at 10pm.

While the show hasn’t aired or seen any of its much anticipated success, there’s already talk of another season at SCPA as well as the possibility of new shows surrounding the show’s main characters. While MTV has had plenty experience with “Reality TV”, much of it has been negative. Many members of the MTV’s crew worked on Laguna Beach where sex, drugs and shopping were the focus for many of the kids. But this show promises to be different. One member of the crew said, “We haven’t filmed in any malls”.

Taking the Stage is the brainchild of famous former student and choir director Nick Lachey (who is currently promoting his new single off of his latest album). It’s kind of a take-off on the hit TV show Fame that was on when we were kids. Lachey says it was important to him that the school, the city and especially the students were portrayed in a positive light and he personally went to the school board to give assurances that his role would be to make sure that happened. He also says he made a conscious decision not to play a larger role in the show because he truly believes in the concept and that the stories of the students will make for compelling TV all by themselves.

The show’s recipe for success is that the diverse students at SCPA are focused on their talents as they experience the same growing pains that all high school students experience. The show is a bit unusual in that it’s an hour long which gives some breathing room for the performances. The response to the pilot was tremendous and I hear the series just gets better from there.

I had the opportunity to be there for the very first casting calls when MTV did its first pilot for the show and I was struck by how interesting the students were and how positive their outlook was about their school. Many of them said they felt like they could be themselves and they would be accepted where in other schools they had attended they felt out of place. “Here you can dress however you like and everybody just accepts it” said one student whose sense of fashion was a bit eccentric.

As an alumnus of the school I can still remember my first visit back in the 5th grade and the energy that bounced of off the walls in that historic building (it was Woodward High School when my Grandfather went there) and while the premiere’s dance scene in the lunch room may look just a little too rehearsed and any of the students will tell you the show “isn’t really real” (the excitement seems to have quickly faded into annoyance), the scene does capture the feel and the energy that I experienced oh so many years ago when break dancing first exploded into popular culture.

As with many of the alumni, the crew views the idea of moving the school into the new building as being kind of bittersweet. Everyone likes the idea of a state of the art facility for the students but, “The building just has so much soul. It’s an amazing back drop for the show”, said one crew member. After seeing the school lose so many quality teachers and a sharp decline in programming its hard not to believe the new building had more to do with the politics of gentrifying OTR than what was actually the best thing for the students.

But no matter what one feels about the politics surrounding the school’s upcoming move or the real fakeness of reality TV, the show is set to be a big win for the city as a whole. For a city that has suffered from some bad press nationally and a serious self-image problem, Taking the Stage could go a long way towards selling Cincinnati back to Cincinnatians and returning the Queen City to a more prestigious place on the world stage again.

'Dancing With Stars' champ Drew Lachey to speak here March 31


Drew Lachey, a "Dancing With the Stars" champion and member of the pop group 98 Degrees, will speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 31, in the auditorium of O'Shaughnessy Educational Center on the St. Paul campus of the University of St. Thomas.

Drew Lachey

His talk, free and open to the public, is sponsored by St. Thomas' University Lectures Committee. No tickets are required; doors to the auditorium will open at 6:30 p.m.

Following his talk, "98 Degrees and Rising: Following Your Dreams on the Path to Success," Lachey will sign autographs in the atrium outside the auditorium.

Lachey and his brother, Nick, joined 98 Degrees in 1995. After the band produced four successful albums, Drew's career interests turned to dancing and acting. Television credits include "Hollywood Squares," "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," and serving as co-host of the Miss U.S.A. pageant. He also performed in the Broadway company of "Monty Python's Spamalot" and the musical "Rent."

Lachey and his professional dance partner Cheryl Burke earned a perfect score of 30 with a tango in the sixth week of competition on the 2006 "Dancing With the Stars" television program. They went on to earn two more perfect scores in the eighth and final week and were crowned champions. He later performed throughout the United States and Canada in the 2006-07 "Dancing With the Stars Tour."

Lachey also has served as a "Dancing With the Stars" co-host, and was host of ABC's "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann."

A native of Cincinnati, Lachey is 33 and lives with his family in Los Angeles.

PimpleBlockerBattle *drew*

Clearasil® Pimple Blocker Battle

Up-and-coming dance crews will compete in the Clearasil® Pimple Blocker Battle at the Hard Rock Cafe Times Square on April 7, 2009, for the opportunity to become the first Clearasil® Dance Crew. The battle will feature a celebrity host and a panel of judges including Drew Lachey and celebrity choreographer, GEO.

If your crew has what it takes to compete for the top prize, submit a video response to any of our videos for consideration. You'll be contacted afterward.
Name: Clearasil®
Clearasil's new Ultra® Pimple Blocker Pen works on the spot to help stop a pimple in its tracks. Join us in the battle against acne as we search for the first Clearasil® Dance Crew.

Cincinnati Bell "St. Nick, part II"

Nick Lachey: I've Never Seen 'The Hills'



I am a simple man of simple pleasures: "Lost," Kristen Bell, coffee and anything that involves watching people dance. I mean, it takes a real man to refer to "Center Stage" as one of his favorite movies ever.

So, hearing that Nick Lachey was developing a reality series that was like "Fame" channeled through "The Hills," I piddled.

After watching a preview of the premiere ep -- tonight at 10 pm on MTV -- I feel safe to say that "Taking the Stage" trumps MTV's amazing "Dancelife" in terms of sheer talent. The kids featured are remarkable, both in their dancing and their ability to avoid sounding like drones reading from a script. There is major drama, major talent and major upsets. And that's just week one.

I chatted with Nick, who returned to his alma mater, the School for Creative and Performing Arts, to film the series that, in truth, is nothing like "The Hills." Not that

Nick would know...

PopWrap: How did you go about selecting these kids?
Nick Lachey: It was an extensive process of interviewing and auditioning, but these kids not only had a lot of talent, but a lot of charisma. It was an easy show to cast, honestly, because they all shine on camera.

PW: While there are some "Hills"-like moments, I must say that the show feels genuinely real.
Nick: I can honestly say I've never seen "The Hills," so I have no idea what that comparison means, but it's reality. We captured certain moments that are more relevant to the show, but these kids are going through their lives as they would if the cameras weren't there. But we're lucky they all turned out to have such engaging stories develop.


PW: How important was it to you to have this show set at your alma mater?
Nick: It was extremely important and one of the big things I wanted to present about this school was the diversity. I took it for granted when I went there, but I really wanted to communicate through the show that at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you're white or black, straight or gay, rich or poor -- all that matters is how talented you are, and I'm happy the cast represents that.

PW: The first episode ends with the fall talent show -- did you compete in that when you attended?
Nick: The school has changed a bit because we didn't have talent shows. But we did big musicals and it was funny because there would also be two casts. Like, if we were doing "Annie," we'd have one cast with a white Annie and one with a black Annie. It teaches you to work your tail off because you're competing against everybody.

PW: Do you think if they had all these reality TV competitions -- "American Idol" or "So You Think You Can Dance" -- in your day, you would have gone that route?
Nick: Oh, absolutely. I think when you're at the point of getting discovered, there are no wrong choices. Shows like "Idol" have done huge things for people all across the country. Had a show like that been available when I was at school, I would have been all over it. It's an opportunity to showcase your talent and at the end of the day, that's the most important thing.

PW: Jasmine and Tyler both put their burgeoning relationship on camera. Did you talk to the kids about that, having put your marriage on TV?
Nick: I didn't really speak to them about that until after filming was over because I didn't want to affect what was happening. But at the beginning I told them, be who you are and let your personality shine through because that's what makes you unique. I think Jasmine and Tyler are amazing -- when you see them on camera, it's almost like you're watching stars on the big screen.

PW: What can we expect to see over the course of season one?
Nick: Well, certainly it's not all roses. In life it's not that way and in the performing world it's not either. There are always challenges to overcome as you try and move forward. It's the story of life. And this is a big year for a lot of them -- their senior year -- so there's a lot at stake as they're preparing to try and have careers in this business. The stakes are high!

"Taking the Stage" premieres tonight at 10 pm on MTV.

Photo: Olaf Heine; Eric Johnston/MTV

Nick Concert *Whats left pf Me*

Nick Lachey Concert-What's Left of Me

Random Nick Clip

That's Nick Lachey!

Nick MTV Show Brings Cincinnati To You


Here’s the thing. If you live in Los Angeles, New York, Miami or anywhere the “Real World” touches down, you’re used to seeing your city on TV. But if, like me, you live in, say, Cincinnati (or, as my colleagues in New York like to call it, Cleveland), not so much.

Which is why watching the debut episode of the Nick Lachey-produced “Taking the Stage” on Thursday night was so exciting. See, for years, I’ve been trying to convince the folks here at MTV that Cin-city is the kind of cultural magnet where major things happen all the time.

And not just because I live here. I didn’t go to the School for Creative & Performing Arts, which is featured in the show, but plenty of my good friends did, and I spent quite a bit of time there hanging out with them, in awe of their talents. I was back there in 2005 when former student and 98 Degrees member Justin Jeffre announced his (ultimately failed) bid for mayor of Cincinnati, with, of course, Lachey by his side.

And watching the first episode was exciting not just because I know the halls of the 99-year-old building by heart, or because a multimillion dollar new building is currently being constructed down the street and this might be a last longing look at the old one. It was thrilling to see shots of the Roebling Bridge spanning the Ohio River, the Reds’ Great American Ballpark downtown, the inside of Baba Budan’s Espresso Bar — where one of the show’s stars plays a gig, and which I’ve passed a million times — and the historic, colorful 19th-century architecture that surrounds the school in the perpetually on–the-cusp-of-being-revitalized Over-the-Rhine neighborhood where SCPA is located.

Drew Lachey visits St. Thomas University


Lachey 500.jpg
(photo courtesy of ABC)

Drew Lachey is a celebrity primarily known for being in the boy band group, 98 Degrees with his brother, Nick Lachey, the dude that once was married to Jessica Simpson. He is also known for being the champion of the second season of Dancing with the Stars. St. Thomas is a school known for its law, seminary, and MBA programs. Worlds will collide when Lachey visits the campus.

During the lecture, titled "98 Degrees and Rising: Following Your Dreams on the Path to Success," Lachey will expound on his career, which, whether you're a fan or not, has indeed been successful. In addition to winning the second season of Dancing, he has traveled with the related dance tour. Also of note, he managed to escape his stint on Hollywood Squares, moving on to host the Miss U.S.A. pageant, performing in the Broadway company of Monty Python's Spamalot, and the musical Rent.

St. Thomas' O'Shaughnessy Education Center (2115 Summit Ave., St. Paul) will host the event, which is scheduled for Tuesday, March 31 with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are free. For more info, check out www.stthomas.edu.

Taking The Stage | Ep. 1 | Dance Off

The Definition: "Disturbia"

Taking The Stage | Extended Performances | Ep. 1

Nick Lachey is 'Taking the Stage' on MTV


Leather_jacket Nick Lachey is a busy man these days. His new single Patience is out now. He recently filmed an appearance on an upcoming episode of the CW drama One Tree Hill. And he's going back to high school — literally — for the new MTV reality series Taking the Stage, which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. The series, conceptualized by Lachey, follows five high schoolers attending the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati, Ohio — alma mater of both Lachey and his brother (and former 98 Degrees bandmate), Drew, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker and Carmen Electra. The 10-episode series is a combination of high school drama, singing and dancing, according to our Reyhaneh Fathieh. She describes it as The Hills meets American Idol meets America’s Best Dance Crew. Nick Lachey took time out of his increasingly hectic schedule to chat with Reyhaneh about the new show, so click read more for her report.

Photo by Olaf Heine

Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson's current beau, isn't Lachey's pick for the best quarterback in the NFL. Instead, the singer — Simpson's ex-husband and A-list sports fanatic — gives that award to the Colts' starting QB, Peyton Manning. Lachey actually had football ambitions of his own back in the day, but admits he had “no clue what [he] was doing” as a walk-on at tailback for the University of Southern California.

His most recent position, though, is that of executive producer for Taking the Stage, starring a host of talented youngsters from his Ohio high school. But, since SCPA is no jock school, Lachey says his football obsession almost prevented him from enrolling and pursuing music all together. “There were no sports at the school, and I had every intention of playing football. But my brother auditioned for the performing arts school, and my family was making a big to-do about how he was going to be a star. Honestly, it was pure jealousy that made me want to audition for the school myself and prove that I’m talented, too."

The former boy-band member’s efforts to prove himself as an artist continue with his next solo album, Coming Up for Air, out in May. Lachey, now a 35-year-old divorcee, says the new music reflects his own maturity. “I’m in the 'I guess it’s time to grow up' phase. I’d like to see a family and kids happen sooner than later,” he says. If you’re betting on Lachey’s future children’s hair color, put your money down on brunette. “I’ve covered both [blonde and brunette],” says Lachey, who was married to famous blonde Simpson and is now dating a beautiful brunette, Vanessa Minnillo. “I’m more of a brunette guy, to be honest with you. It’s right up my alley.”

Taking the Stage Facebook Page


Nick Live from Atlantis 02/2009


2009 Super Bowl Red Carpet Video

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Out Of Retirement!!!!

Okay loyal readers as my NK girl's would say. I realized something tonight & I have to blog about it before finally going to bed. It's going here because needless to say my friends would think that I have finally lost it if I posted this on my myspace or facebook page! LoL...

But what I realized was this...I was sorta excited with the hype of NKOTB's possible return last year. Watched them in times square on the tv, got the cd (had to) but I think I was pretty much still in denile about how I really felt about the guys! lol...So Here I am saying it now. And yes I'm yelling it. It's my blog! lol....

I'M OFFICAILLY OUT OF RETIREMENT & AM NOW A BLOCKHEAD AGAIN...whew as soon as they hit the stage tonight I knew I was done. Thinking that I saw them open 21 years ago for Tiffany is just crazy!!!

That's always the first step to admitting that you have finally lost it. I get free tickets tonight & realized that there going to be an hour away from me again on Tuesday & STILL HAVE GOOD SEATS LEFT!!! On the floor possibly close to where they dance on the Piano...Do I shell out that $75.00 or do I shell out the $45.00 and still have bleacher seats that are good?? Hmmm. Either way Hell yeah this girl is going, I have the Fever!!!

Then I find out after spending an hour at the bus that I just missed DONNIE FUCKING WAHLBERG by mere minutes!! OH HELL NO...Won't happen again. My Ass will stand at that bus all night in PA! LoL...

So there you have it. Out of retirement & back into the Blockhead world. Between them & 98 degrees I'm gonna be broke but a Happy little girl. And considering its now 4am and I am still bouncing off the walls I guess I should go to bed & have Happy little DONNIE Dreams... *sigh* I HEART HIM!!!! :)

So I hope you people out there in 98land do not mind. But when the NK fever hits & I need to blog about it. Bear with me cause its going here in this blog as well!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Like Boys that wear Abercrombie & Fitch!

HaHa sorry I heard LFO on the radio today & just had to start this blog with that song!! :) I'm heading to see NKOTB in Baltimore tomorrow thanks to my girl's at In search of NKOTB and a friend of there in Baltimore tomorrow...
So there will probably be no updates until at least Saturday or maybe Sunday. I think I'm heading back to work sooner then expected as well. So the updates here may slow up a little. But no worries, I'll try not to be too much of a slacker!!
Have a good one & enjoy everything that was just posted as well

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Nick Video

Ladies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSF


Ladies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSF
Ladies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSF
Ladies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSF
Ladies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSFLadies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSFLadies First w/ Nick Lachey @ TempleSF

IRISH I was in Mexico Pt. 2

thanks Shane

Nick Lachey Welcomes Break From Jessica Simpson Media Scrutiny


By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
Mar 17, 2009

Nick Lachey's relationship with Vanessa Minnillo has certainly been the topic of tabloids at times, but the musician, for the most part, has had a break from media scrutiny since his much-publicized marriage to Jessica Simpson. He admits it's been a welcomed difference. "It's been a nice change to be a little more private and to have a little more privacy. I realize that the tables can turn very quickly, so I just keep working hard," Lachey tells us in between filming his guest spot on "One Tree Hill."
Nick Lachey Welcomes Break From Jessica Simpson Media Scrutiny (Image: WENN)
Nick Lachey Welcomes Break From Jessica Simpson Media Scrutiny (Image: WENN)

"You learn early on in this business that public intrigue is a big part of it. There are certain aspects of your life that are going to be more looked at and scrutinized than they were before. It comes with the territory. I've just learned to live my life as best I can and not worry too much about it."


Besides promoting his album "Coming Up For Air," which releases in May, Lachey has been hard at work behind the scenes with the new MTV show "Taking the Stage." The show, premiering March 19, documents the lives of students at Lachey's former high school, Cincinnati's School for the Creative and Performing Arts. "I describe it as a reality show version of 'Fame.' It's the antithesis of 'Laguna Beach,'" he adds. "It's a very urban school with an eclectic student body. It's just a very unique school setting, and the only thing that really matters is talent."

Lachey, who serves as executive producer on the show, says the project ended up being very near and dear to his heart. "I had such a positive experience at that school. It's why I'm in this business to begin with," he notes. "I just thought this would be a great way for me to give back and help the school by raising money for them and raising the level of exposure for them."

The Scott & Erica Morning Show w/ Nick

Nick Lachey
Scott and Erica chat with Nick Lachey about his new music and upcoming tour.
Download the PODCAST

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Sue at the Kentucky Derby *Nick*

A sneak peek clip from the upcoming episode 5 of our mtv series. Sue was rating people's hats at the Kentucky Derby. Watch on Sunday night at 10:30 EST as the team travels from the Kentucky Derby to Washington DC!

Watch "How's Your News?" Sunday Nights at 10:30pm on MTV.

Sue at the Kentucky Derby from How's Your News? on Vimeo.

Another Excert from the OTH blog


Wow! What a crazy 12 hours. Heather and I left early when we heard they were filming at TRIC and Nick Lachey was there. We were there right after 4 although most people had been there since 7am! However, we got pretty lucky. We got pictures with Nick Lachey, Allison/Lauren (Jamie’s teacher), Hilarie, Chad, James, Lee, Antwon, Vaughn and Kate Voegele. We also saw Sophia and Joy and they briefly came over but had already taken pictures earlier in the day. Lisa was also there but we just saw her walking back and forth and she had been out to take pictures earlier. I also saw Cullen. I saw some pictures of fans with Austin but I didn’t see him :(. Oh and also Missy(?)/Brooke. So what a day!!!

As for filming info:

  • I was told they were filming Lucas and Peyton’s wedding reception.
  • There was a white stretch limo parked out front.
  • All the guy were in suits.
  • James’ tux had a white rose
  • There were lots of extras. Everyone was dressed up in suits/summer dresses.
  • We didn’t see any scenes filmed since it was at TRIC except for one. Nathan is standing outside of TRIC in a bay area and looks like he’s thinking about something, maybe upset and then Mouth comes up and talks to him and then walks away again. Not really interesting I guess but it’s the only one we saw.
  • I was told Chad had a ring on.
  • I was told Austin had a black eye.
  • Oddly missing from the reception was Sam, Dan and Deb

As for the fans, we got to meet a few people which was really a lot of fun. Since filming was taking place, Heather and I decided to stick it out at TRIC and skipped the dinner. I heard of two different groups going there but not finding one another. For anyone in Wilmy, we’re thinking of going out tomorrow night so email/text me.

Some pictures are up but I have lots more to add. Will do more tomorrow…it’s after 2 and we have to be up for more filming at TRIC tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I heard Jamie fell down the stairs at TRIC and had a bump on his head and had to leave :(. Poor guy, get better!

From the One Tree Hill Blog

If you look back on this blog, you will find pictures from these girls. I found this finally while i was surfing in the late hours of insomnia! lol..Anyways. I'm glad i found this blog cause I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE One Tree Hill fan & I am so happy that Nick is going to appear. Note: they do say Nick's fake tan...but considering he was just in what the Bahamas? If I am right not to long ago. I'm figuring its real. The lucky dude! lol..
Anyways, Enough of my babble on to the Blog!!

Filming Report 3/13

Watching filming at TRIC today was rough. It was FREEZING today and nothing was happening outside. We got there about 9:30. and stayed on and off until about 6, breaking for lunch and afternoon ice cream at Kilwin’s which led to an impromptu visit to the River Court and….meeting with Mark Schwahn!! More on that later though.

As for filming, I have almost no information. Everyone was in their reception clothes again and the extras were back. One other small thing Heather and I noticed were a handful of lilies being carried from set to a car that we assumed was the florist since we saw a bucket of lilies in the trunk (wow, that sounds so stalkerish). I can only assume they were for decoration but seeing the history of the lily on the show, I thought it was cool. I did ask Kate if she sang today and she said yes but didn’t want to give anything else away.

Oh one more little bit of information I heard was the some people ran into Chad and Kenzie eating at the Brewery today and they were extremely nice and Chad talked to them for about 20 minutes. I also heard things going back and forth that maybe Chad and Hilarie WERE filming today but we left before the crew was all packed up and I also heard earlier than Chad, Hil, James and Joy weren’t filming at TRIC. So who knows on that end.

Kate Voegele came over after she was done and did a ton of autographs, pictures and even video. She was super sweet and even told me my jacket was pretty :). While Heather and I were at lunch at Reel Cafe we were told Stephen and Allison (who is Lauren, Jamie’s teacher) came over to greet fans. We also saw Austin, Sophia, Jackson, Cullen, Vaughn and Antwon during the day. Sophia and Jackson’s little brother had the cutest moment when he ran up to her and jumped in her arms. You can see her carrying him in some of the pictures. Jackson and his brother were also cute playing with one of the crew members, trying to step on his feet. Oh and also very cute was Jackson had his picture taken with Austin by his mom/aunt (not sure which).

Just for the record, Austin, if you read this, we were DYING to get a picture with you. So sad you left with only a wave to the crowd :(. But you’re still cute so we forgive you :)

And let me interject here that Nick Lachey is HOT. We loved one fans comment: “His fake tan is delicious.” Actually that smile is delicious! Well, to be brutally honest, the entire cast is drop dead gorgeous. Everyone is even skinnier, smaller and more gorgeous than they look on TV! We’ve of course seen them before but seeing almost the entire cast in one trip and all dressed up was a little much for my inner fangirl.

Meeting Mark

You guys know I was dying to meet Mark…it was on “the list” when we left. Heather and I decide to get some ice cream this afternoon at Kilwin’s. We’re sitting on Market in my car facing across to the RiverCourt and notice a white van. It doesn’t appear there is filming but it definitely meant something was up.

When we got there, there was a group of 5 or 6 people with some sort of lens/camera looking out over the RiverCourt and downtown Wilmington. And THEN a white van pulls up and out steps Mark. OMG. We do a little fangirl scream b/c omg, we were the only fans there and there stands MARK who we’ve been dying to see. So random!

He joins the group and they work on whatever scene they were working on. They walk down to the water line and face Market street and point and talk and do whatever they do. My gut said it was some sort of scene for the finale since we know Mark is directing. So Heather and I have squated on the picnic bench there and when they move to go back towards the parking lot, we call him over and say we want a picture when he is done. He says he can do it right then. We tell him we’ve been wanting to get his picture the whole trip. We mention we run this site and he thanks us for our work. We tell him thanks for all their work on the show that we love it. And then Heather and I go scream in the car. LOL. Yes, we turn into fangirls when we arrive in Wilmington.

We love you, Mark :)


(Heather, Mark and Amy)

That one turned out so well and it’s one I wanted so much I had to post here! More pictures are being uploaded here.

One Tree Hill fans meet in Wilmington


(Im GOING 2 keep checking this blog for updates & pics!! i love One Tree Hill, so I will be on it!!)

One Tree Hill fans meet in Wilmington: To some, One Tree Hill is just a fictional place on TV. But to others - perhaps the die hard fans - the places seen on the CW’s show are real. Fans who created the site OneTreeHillBlog.com made the trip to Wilmington to find the real locations for the sets of their favorite TV show – and they met some stars along their journey.

Amy and Heather, fans who created a blog dedicated to the show, planned a trip Thursday through Saturday to tour the studio and other locations where One Tree Hill is filmed. They also found where the show was being filmed Thursday. Here’s an excerpt from their blog:

“Wow! What a crazy 12 hours. Heather and I left early when we heard they were filming at TRIC and Nick Lachey was there. We were there right after 4 although most people had been there since 7am! However, we got pretty lucky. We got pictures with Nick Lachey, Allison/Lauren (Jamie’s teacher), Hilarie, Chad, James, Lee, Antwon, Vaughn and Kate Voegele. We also saw Sophia and Joy, and they briefly came over but had already taken pictures earlier in the day.”

101.9 FM WTMX I Wish I Was In Mexico Podcast & pics


Link to PodCast he come's halfway in

Nick to attend Matt Leinhart Golf Classic on 4/18

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Monday, March 16th, 2009 by magenta


Andy Roddick Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis (pictured right), Nick Lachey, Wilmer Valderrama and Andy Roddick (pictured left) are just some of the famous faces supporting the Matt Leinhart Foundation Golf Classic.

The first annual celebrity golf tournament will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, and will include an exclusive pairings party on the evening before the game.

The Matt Leinhart Foundation Golf Classic, on April 17, will benefit the Banner Children’s Hospital.

5 minutes with Nick


Interview on left-hand side of the page. Thanks to casey at nickfanatic

Monday, March 16, 2009

Nick at k-fest

101.9 FM WTMX I Wish I Was In Mexico Podcast

Thanks to Shane at nickfanatic

Scroll down to the menu with this link to the 3/11 podcast from the Eric & Kathy Morning Show on 101.9FM's The Mix to listen to Nick calling in the show talking about the upcoming I Wish I Was In Mexico event!


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Nick Fan photos on the set of One Tree Hill