Monday, November 30, 2009

Jeff & Jim Brickman 12/30/04

Maybe I should start this out as the Pittsburgh trip from Hell! LOL....My cousin Lisa and I started out for Pittsburgh at 9am in the morning! The Jim Brickman Concert did not start until 8pm but I had a whole day of shopping in front of me!!
So we got to the Monroeville Mall where I exceeded to buy and buy and buy at Abercrombie and Fitch! It's not a wonder that I have no money. I wanted to go to the Waterfront as well. But I forgot that it was the first exit after you leave the Tunnel and I ended up in Downtown Pittsburgh! Now I go to Pittsburgh all the time, but I don't know the Downtown area as well & it's nothing but Ramps, Streets and Mazes!! Talk about confusing!! If I ever go back I now know my way around! I had just got done saying that I had never seen Three Rivers Stadium. Well guess what? I ended up right beside it when I got lost!! lol. So we finally find the right ramp that would take us back to the Waterfront. But there is a Traffic accident ahead of us and what would normally take 4 minutes took us 45!! So were at the Waterfront and we got to a few stores but it was getting late & I really wanted to find the Bendedum Center before it got dark. I had gotten directions off of Map Quest before we left! And instead they got us even more lost! So I call the Center and the girl could not tell me how to get there either because she doesn't drive! Who the heck does not drive in Pittsburgh? The City's not that big!! But anyway's, she finally tells me that I need to head Downtown! You guessed it. Right back down to where we had gotten lost earlier in the day!! Good Grief. But we got lost finding our way back because it was now dark and the street signs were practically Inviable!
Finally we are back in Downtown Pittsburgh! We park in the nearest parking Garage I could find and venture out onto the streets! Starved because we had put off eating all day. But we had to watch our funds, we had to buy our Tickets yet! Yes I had put it off until this day! So anyway we choose Mcdonalds! Blech, I know but it was cheap and fast. So the next thing I know there is some guy yelling at me "Hey I like your walk" I am trying to ignore him but he was not about to stop until I acknowledged his presence. So I kinda said thanks and went on my way. We shoved the food down our throats cause I just wanted outta there! LoL...So we get up to leave and this guy starts saying shit again, were trying ignore him & Lisa is laughing so hard that she drops her Coke & it explodes everywhere! We just turned around and bolted right out the door. Not long after that another guy approaches me with a Pink Rose and was saying shit about my ass as well. That is the last time I will ever where my Frankie B's in the city again! But remember Pink Rose!!
So we head to the Bendedum Center to purchase our Tickets and as it turns out we could have had FRONT ROW! See how I say Could Have? Well since it was the freaking Holiday my Insurance Company took my money out of my account 1 day early and my Debit Card was denied! Talk about embarrassing! But we did have enough for the Balcony Seats so we took those instead! They were still pretty good seats because we were looking down on them for once instead of being even! So it gave the show a whole new perspective. We were surrounded by OLD PEOPLE everywhere!! lol. And when the show started the couple in front of us kept leaning in and hugging and kissing like a couple of Teenagers!! Please go to the back of the building!!
The show was great! Although I did not see much of a difference between last years show & this years. But still seeing Jeff running around in that Santa Hat and trying to Dance made my night! Especially since he's playing Santa and it's now December 30th!
We had bought our VIP passes earlier that night and I think we were left with about $12.00 between the two of us to get home. But it was worth it. Well Jim's Tour Manager proved to be every bit as rude as she was last year. I mean yeah last year we were not legit and we had to try & get around her but this year I had actually paid. So this time we were waiting to see them and she checks for passes but not ours, figures. I had let Lisa have the 8x10 photo of Jim so that she could show the ladies at the office who she went to see. So when we got to Jim he signs her photo & says to you have anything for me to sign and I am like oh shit....ummmm well yeah, I had Jeff's calendar so I said can you sign this. It was just one of the months at the back of the calendar that did not have Jeff's picture. Would you believe that the Tour Manager started to protest that? So I turned and was like what he can't sign this? Then what is he supposed to sign? So then she shuts up and says go ahead!! I really think he needs to get someone else new here! But who I am?
So finally we get to Jeff and he grins and says as usual "I know you don't I?" My only reply was oh my god here we go again!!! And started laughing. "Well I mean I know I know you and you travel all of the time but I feel bad because I cannot remember your name!" I said it's Susan. "Well I Promise next time I see you I will remember it! Because you are Ribbin me about it!" Ribbin? What the hell is that, Ohio talk?? LOL But then again everytime he see's me, either my Hair color or style changes so its not a wonder!! lol....So Lisa gets her picture taken with him and then we talk a little more. And then it's my turn, and I do not like my picture. Which I will post later because my hair looks horrible! But he looks good so I guess it's okay! And then I bust out the Calender for him to sign. I only brought the whole thing because Lisa had nothing for him to sign, And he cringes! Well Anne is laughing at him and asking him what his problem was. He replied that he could not stand the calendar!! hehe....little late for that considering the year was almost over! And I said I want you to sign every month!! Which he was actually agreeing to until I said no I am just kidding. I want you to sign December because it is my special month! "Why's that?" Because its my Birthday Month. "Well when's your Birthday?" so I looked at Lisa and was like what time is it? It was 11:15 so I turned and said it's in 45 minutes even though I will spend the next two hours of it driving home! "Happy Birthday, wait a minute where are you from again?!!" And I said MD, that's right you had to drive from somewhere to see this show last year!" And he started to sign Happy Birthday Susan right on the 31st. but we got to talking about other things & I think he almost forgot to sign his name! *giggles* So I was like I have to ask you something before we go. "What's that" I was just wondering why there are pictures of you humping some girl at the Philly show floating around the Internet? He kinda looked at me funny and said "Well yeah that was Anne!" and I said well no that was my friend Heather! "Huh? Oh wait that was the girl that said my hug was not big enough! Tell her to post that picture everywhere! I mean there are naked pictures of me on the Intranet as well. Well no there not me, but they are there!! At least that one was legit!" I had to laugh at him! There were all of these older people around and he's talking about being naked on the Internet! *giggles* But as usual the Tour Manager was bustling us along even though there were only probably about 4 people left behind us. So as we were leaving he yells "Thanks for the card Sweetie" and when he turned around to leave he had a Pink Rose hanging out of his back pocket! Guess that guy gave it to someone else outside & she gave it to Jeff! *giggles*
So there you have it! My latest Jeff story! When's the 2005 Tour start????