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A little Nick Lachey stalking, anyone?

Note i do not know these girls. I just thought it was a cute blog & since it has to do with Nick I am sharing it!! Enjoy!!
My friend, Andy, called me after school on Friday to tell me that an inside source told him Nick Lachey was golfing with Matt Leinart at the Ocotillo golf course! (Turns out his "inside" source was one of the caddies!) His friend also said Josh Duhamel was with them, which makes sense because Fergie has a show in Tempe tomorrow night. So as soon as Jaimi got home, I shoved her into the car and we hauled butt down to Ocotillo!

We parked ourselves in the parking lot next to Matt's black Navigator and waited for them to come out. (Yes, I have been informed by two different guys that this is a little creepy but it was all in the name of celebrity stalking! ) I know it's hard to believe but Jaimi and I didn't actually want to embarrass ourselves so we devised a "fool-proof" plan.

Stalking in the car :) Poor Roxy!
Matt's Navigator! (Creepy picture through the bushes, huh?)

Here's how it was supposed to go down. As soon as we saw them coming, we were going to exit the car, nonchalantly of course, and act like we were walking into the clubhouse. Then we were going to act like we were surprised to see them and ask them if we could take a picture of them.

Here's how it actually went down. We saw Nick and Matt coming, screamed, threw Roxy in the backseat, and jumped out of the car! I tried to act like I was looking at something on my shoe (??) and Jaimi acted like she was looking at something on her phone. (In retrospect, her plan was probably a little more believable!) Then we "casually" blurted out "Oh my gosh! Nick Lachey! We love you!" The sad thing is, this was actually the second time I have told him that!

Matt Leinart was kind of a jerk but Nick was super nice and took a picture with us. As we were taking the picture, Jaimi's phone started ringing the "Cyclone" song and they started dancing! So funny! For the record, Josh Duhamel was nowhere in sight, which was sad because we were REALLY wanting to meet him.

Thank you, Andy, for calling me with good information! And I thought you could only celebrity stalk in California!!

STARS' BAD BET *nick lachey*

March 28, 2008 -- WILMER Valderrama, Nick Lachey and Nicky Hilton can't be too happy these days with their Las Vegas venture. The trio invested in the Company American Bistro at the Luxor. But word is the eatery - owned by Pure Management Group, which is being investigated by the IRS - is not doing well. An insider said, "Word is it's closing due to lack of money and poor business practices. It has lost two chefs in less than five months." A rep for the company said, "Absolutely not. Company was closed Tuesday and Wednesday as we trained new chefs on a new menu." The eatery reopened last night - "all is on track."

Dancing With the Stars 6: Dancers Out on the Town

by Lynn on March 28th, 2008
Here are some photos of some of the past and present Dancing With the Stars dancers out having fun on March 24. Pictured are Cheryl Burke, Christián de la Fuente, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tony Dovolani, Drew Lachey, Jane Seymour, Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas. Christián de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke
Photo by Steve Buckely/
Drew LacheyDrew Lachey

Paley Festival: 'Dancing With the Stars' steps out

Drewlachey_dancewar_240 Since Dancing With the Stars is all about teaching celebrities a new skill, it's appropriate that the show's panel at the Paley Festival is a learning experience for the audience as well as the current competitors on the show.

Among the panelists on Friday night (March 21) are the stars Christian de la Fuente, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Kristi Yamaguchi, Drew Lachey and Jane Seymour; pro dancers Cheryl Burke, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough; judges Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli; hosts Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris and executive producer Conrad Green.

Hard Work

Several times during the night, newcomer Winokur has to stop proceedings and remind the previous seasons' competitors not to scare her with tales of how harrowing the process is. Among the horror stories are dislocated shoulders (Mark Ballas), pulling the muscles in the rib cage (Seymour) and not being able to move the neck (Lachey).

"Again," says Winokur, indicating herself. "Still just starting the show."

"The hernia check wasn't so bad," jokes Lachey, "and then the colonic at the end."

The rigorous workout and stress isn't all bad though. It also contributes to the stars' slimmer figures.

"I drank so much beer on that show and still lost weight," says Lachey, to which Bergeron adds, "That explains why you were always leaving to pee."

"You can eat pie," continues Lachey. "You can eat cake. You can eat a gallon of ice cream --"

At this point Winokur interrupts, "Clearly I've been doing it wrong."

Cherylburke_dancingwiththestars6_24 Partnering

Green says that pairing the stars with the professionals is partly practical when it comes to height, but it really comes down to chemistry. Not only do they have to exhibit some sort of chemistry on the dance floor, but they also have to get along with each other for three months if they make it to the finals.

The pros also feel responsible for each of their celebrities beyond just teaching them the right moves.

"I think the first show is the scariest," says Burke, who had partnered two DWTS winners. "You don't know how they'll perform live or handle pressure."

Adds Derek Hough, "Give them things to think about. We're like therapists. We're there to take care of them."

The pros also try to cover for their partners' mistakes, whether it's performing fancy footwork around them or even dancing right up to the judges' desk so their feet aren't visible to the judges.

Some things, however, are not done with the celebrity's comfort in mind, namely the wardrobe. The pro is usually the person who dictates what the star will wear. Lachey complains about Burke wanting his pants to always be tighter and the "elastric straps that go between your legs to hold your shirt down." Some of the stars don't mind at all though. Champion Helio Castroneves apparently "wanted the sparkles."

Juliannehough_dancingwiththestars6_ Hough Enough

That night, Julianne Hough and brother Derek finally put it on the record that there is no sibling rivalry on the show.

"No, but everyone wants there to be," says Julianne, who has also partnered two stars for back-to-back wins.

"She let me keep the second trophy," jokes her brother.

Derek Hough also calls attention to the fall during a dance with him and Jennie Garth, wondering why it didn't make it to the Top 10 memorable moments mentioned earlier in the evening. He blames the fall on a wardrobe miscalculation because they had always rehearsed in other clothes, but the dress had extra material.

"We didn't account for the dress. It was not my fault," he insists.

His sister, who led Apolo Anton Ohno and then Castroneves to victory, assesses each of her partners, including current partner Adam Carolla.

"Apolo was the easiest because he was an Olympic athlete. If I said, 'Jump,' he'd say 'How high?'" she says. "As far as Helio, he was always talking and had an opinion about everhthing. Adam is funny. I have the most fun with him. It's hard to get through to him because I can't get a word in edgewise."

Who's your favorite dancer/pro? Who has the best chance of winning this season?

Lachey and choir sing tonight


OAKLEY -- Tickets for the Team Cincinnati community concert with Nick Lachey will be available from 4:30 p.m. today until the 6 p.m. event .

Team Cincinnati will be joined by Kenny Smith and Peace & Serenity, a local community choir. The tickets ($10) can be purchased at Crossroads Community Church, 3500 Madison Road.

Tickets are $10 each; children 2 and under are free.


The concert benefits Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and Lachey will present a $250,000 donation.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Cheryl Burke & Drew Lachey Rumor Video

Its amazing what you can find on Youtube. Listen to what the guy says AFTER he interviews Cheryl. No wonder rumors start!! :(

Nick Lachey leaving the Ontario Airport March 27/2008

Nick Lachey leaving the Ontario Airport March 27/2008
This is a video on TMZ it cannot be posted in the blog or here due to copyright reasons.
But follow the link! To funny listen to everyone around him say who's that guy?? lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Leaving Katsuya.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Leaving Katsuya in Hollywood.03-26-08.

Nick And Vanessa Out For Sushi



Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo went out for sushi last night at Katsuya. That place is definitely happenin with the celebs.

I really like these two together. I think they both got it right this time, they just seem to really fit together.

Nick is looking thinner, yet buffer…NICE!

Jackie Warner of Bravo’s Work Out Will Host ''Tan for a Cause'' -Jeff Timmons

Celebrity Mixer Event Paired With REALITY CARES & SUNSTYLE Tanning
Sunday, March 30
Benefits Stoked Mentoring
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jackie Warner of Bravo's
Work Out will host an exclusive event with REALITY CARES and SUNSTYLE
to bring together reality stars from today's hottest shows on Sunday,
March 30 from 2 - 5 p.m. Guests include Deborah Gibson, Derek Hough
and Mark Ballas (Dancing with the Stars), Rib Hillis (Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition), Janice Dickinson, JP Calderon, CC Fontana
and Desiree Bick (The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), Rebecca
Cardon, Brian Peeler, Erika Jacobson, Jesse Jordan and Jesse Brune
(Work Out), Robin `Helga' Coleman (American Gladiators), Paris Hilton
(Paris Hilton's My New BFF), Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye), Reichen
Lehmkuhl, Tian Kitchen and Kynt & Vyxsin (The Amazing Race), Erika
Landin and James Rhine (Big Brother), Alex Quinn (E!'s Filthy Rich),
Jennifer Murphy, Nick Warnock and Kristen Kirchner (The Apprentice),
Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) and celebrities from Project Runway, The
Bachelor, American Idol, and, among others, at the
swank SUNSTYLE tanning studio on Robertson Blvd. Proceeds help raise
awareness for Stoked Mentoring, a non-profit charity organization
that develops innovative mentoring programs for "at risk" youth.
SUNSTYLE, LA's hottest celebrity tanning studio, features the latest
Ergoline equipment. Come "Get Your Tan On" while sipping cocktails,
mingling with your favorite reality stars and rocking to the beats of
DJ Derek Monteiro. Sponsors for this unique event include Beige
Tuesday Night Supper Club, Lotus Vodka, Piper Sonoma, Red Bull, and
Carpe Diem Water. Visit for more information.
About Reality Cares
REALITY CARES was founded with the support of members of the
television industry to respond to some of the most critical issues
facing the world today. They help raise awareness and funds for
important causes such as AIDS research and education, disaster
relief, creative arts, drunk driving, and much more.
About Stoked Mentoring
Stoked Mentoring is a unique non-profit organization that develops
innovative mentoring programs exposing "at risk" youth and their
mentors to action sports as a means to develop and foster resiliency,
determination and success. Through hands-on partnerships with social
service agencies, Stoked presents and oversees several programs
yearly, including Snow Mentor, Skate Mentor and Surf Mentor. Stoked
Mentoring, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization with 501(c)
(3) tax exempt status.
Media and Press contacts:
Suzanne DeFosset or Nicole DeFosset, 310-860-1001

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo: Dinner Date


They’ve been together for awhile now, and have weathered some pretty nasty storms. And Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo look like they’re stronger than ever.

Last night the former “Newlywed” and his former MTV Veejay girl were spotted treating themselves to a romantic dinner at the uber-trendy Katsuya restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

As they left the celebrity-popular restaurant, it almost appeared as if Nick was a bit tipsy, looking bewildered and almost sleepy. Let’s hope it was just a few bad photos, as he definitely hopped into the driver’s seat and drove home.

And if you happen to be in Cincinnati, Ohio this upcoming weekend, stop by Crossroads Church in Oakley. Mr. Lachey will be presenting a $250,000 check from Team Cincinnati (the money they won on NBC’s “Clash of the Choirs”wink to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

"Dancing With Stars" Dances with Truth

So you think all those performances on "Dancing with the Stars" are arranged by the professional dancers, like Cheryl Burke? Think again, people.

Our spies -- and they're unimpeachable -- tell us many of the routines are arranged by outside choreographers, especially when it comes to the "younger, less experienced" professional dancers, like Burke, Kym Johnson, Derek Hough, and his sis, Julianne.

The show makes it appear as if the professional partners create all the moves for the celeb contestants -- but that's just not the case. All that rehearsal video is a little deceptive -- we're just sayin'.

One source says, "Cheryl Burke is the worst" when it comes to arranging her own material. She relies heavily on outside help.

BTdubs, we shot video of Cheryl Burke with one of the professional choreographers -- Wendy Johnson -- outside an L.A. restaurant. We're told Wendy worked on the dance that won Drew Lachey the cheesy trophy.

For the record, Cheryl's rep says any insinuation that she gets outside help is a "blatant lie," adding that Wendy Johnson is a good friend of Cheryl's -- she's known her since she was 11 or 12-years-old. Also, the rep says, Cheryl "spends Tuesday night choreographing her routines in her apartment."

An ABC source says it's not against the rules for the dancers to use outside help.

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke's Barroom Meeting

This crap is so ridiculous!! I somehow ended up with a free subscription & I was reading the article from last week. Its SO far fetched. You can see where there trying to create a scandel & failing miserably....Read on

A week after Star broke the shocking news that Drew Lachey was cheating with his former Dancing with the Stars partner, Cheryl Burke, he and his wife Lea put on a public show of togetherness during a March 22 shopping trip in California. But did Lea know that Drew and Cheryl were together the night before at the Cat & Fiddle English-style pub in Hollywood? "It was clear to anyone that they have something going on," a source who was at the bar tells Star. "When Cheryl arrived, she walked right up to Drew, tapped him on the shoulder and went to the bar. They were playing coy at first, sitting at separate tables. But how could it be a coincidence that they were at the same bar at the same time? "Finally, Drew followed Cheryl up to the bar. They got extremely close. I'm sure he could feel her breath as she whispered in his ear. It was very intimate. You'd have thought they'd keep things quiet since the news of their affair broke, but that wasn't the case." Drew and Cheryl continue to deny that they are romantically involved. For more on Drew and Lea's family outing, as well as Matthew Lawrence's reaction to Drew and Cheryl being exposed as undercover lovers, pick up the new issue of Star — on newsstands tomorrow. Are you still fans of Drew and Cheryl? Talk back.

Monday, March 24, 2008

'Dancing with the Stars' Burke and Lachey deny, deny, deny


"Dancing with the Stars" partners and season champions Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey are denying any sexual affair and set the record straight regarding reports they did the business. “It’s horrible when people write about you that isn’t true,” Burke comments to Extra.

Reports claim that Burke’s then boyfriend, Matthew Lawrence, caught her in the act with the married Lachey during the "Dancing with the Stars" tour.

Lachey blasts back, “I think there should be a new rule, if you are going to call somebody out in a magazine. You should have to put your name on it.”

Although the duo denies having an affair, Burke has learned to deal with these accusations.

She declares, “Dancing is a close sport and it's a sensual thing. Rumors, rumors, rumors. People love that. The tabloids love that. What can you do? You know, you just kind of have to keep living your life.”

Cheryl Burke & Drew Lachey: On the Record about those 'Affair' Rumors!


Jeff Timmons may write a book, album to have a release date soon


Jeff Timmons News

Jeff Timmons is set to write a book about his life experinces, the book will be an exclusive look into his life from the start of 98 Degrees and all the moments that have brought him to his current point in his career. Talks are in the works now, we will let you know how and when you might get a chance to grab this book.

www. myspace. com/jefftimmons

Jeff has also put the final touches on his new album, a release date will be set in the weeks to come.

Drew Lachey & family picks up decorations for Isabella's birthday

Dancing With the Stars winner and 98* alum Drew Lachey, 31, his wife Lea, and their daughter Isabella Claire picked up balloons and flowers on Saturday, perhaps in preparation of Isabella's second birthday -- which is today -- and the Easter holiday.

Drew Lachey celebrating daughter's birthday with an Easter egg hunt

Dance War's Drew Lachey and his wife, Lea, had to make special plans for daughter Isabella Claire's second birthday. The little girl's birthday just happened to fall on Easter this year, so the couple made sure to celebrate both. The 31-year-old Dancing with the Stars winner stated,

Easter is actually my daughter’s birthday so we’re having a birthday Easter egg hunt. It’s going to be a fun day.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tickets available to see Team Cincinnati

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Nick Lachey and the Cincinnati community will join together for a celebratory concert performed by the Team Cincinnati Choir on March 30 at 6 p.m. at Crossroads in Oakley.

Last December, Team Cincinnati, led by Lachey, took home the top prize on the NBC reality competition "Clash of the Choirs." Their victory brought home $250,000 for Cincinnati Children's.

"We are so pleased to celebrate the Team Cincinnati Choir and the amazing gift these talented singers and Nick brought to Cincinnati Children's," said Jim Anderson, president and CEO of Cincinnati Children's.

"The choir's win helped us purchase much needed equipment to provide the best possible care to our community's most fragile infants. And they showed the nation just how talented and generous our Cincinnati community really is."

The concert will include performances by Kenny Smith and Peace & Serenity, a community choir, and the Team Cincinnati Choir. Lachey will be on hand to cheer on his choir and to formally present Cincinnati Children's with a check.

Tickets are $10 each; children under age 2 are free.

Tickets may be purchased at Crossroads the day of the concert, open at 4:30 p.m. This is a general admission (open seating) event and seating is limited.

Proceeds from the event will support the Regional Center for Newborn Intensive Care (RCNIC) and the Transport Team at Cincinnati Children's.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call 221-KIDS (5437) or visit

Crossroads is at 3500 Madison Road in Oakley.

Lachey bringing 'Choirs' prize home


The long anticipated “thank you” concert by Team Cincinnati from NBC’s “Clash of the Choirs” will be 6 p.m. March 30 at Crossroads church in Oakley.

Choir director Nick Lachey will present the $250,000 check won by his singers on the TV show to Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

However, Lachey will neither sing nor direct the choir, says Amy Caruso, hospital spokeswoman.

All but three of the 20 singers will perform, says Ellen Schnier, 25, a choir member from North College Hill.

“We’re so happy to be able to finally do this. We’ve been talking about this concert since we got back from New York on Dec. 22,” Schnier says. “We particularly wanted to show our appreciation to Children’s Hospital, the city and everyone who voted for us.”

Viewers voted Cincinnati No. 1 on the four-night live TV show over choirs from Philadelphia, Houston, Oklahoma City and New Haven, Conn.

Only 3,200 tickets are available for the Crossroads show, Caruso says.

General admission tickets are $10 each, with children under 2 free. Tickets may be ordered at, or by calling 513-221-5437.

Tickets purchased online must be picked up after 4:30 p.m. March 30 at Crossroads, 3500 Madison Road.

Choir member Kenny Smith, and his Peace & Serenity gospel choir, also will perform at the event. Concert proceeds will benefit the same two hospital divisions which will receive the “Clash” prize money – the transport team and the Regional Center for Newborn Intensive Care.

Cheryl and Drew Deny Cheating Allegations

March 22, 2008

Cheryl Burke and Drew Lachey are staunchly denying a tabloid story that says they went from the ballroom to the bedroom.

The sensationalistic Star Magazine report claims the stunning dance pro and married former 98 Degrees band member had an affair after they were partners on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

But when OK! caught up with them at the William S. Paley Television Festival in Hollywood—where they appeared on a panel celebrating the hit reality show--both said the story was pure fiction. Drew tells OK! “It’s nonsense. Anybody that knows me -- and those are the people I care about—they all know that it’s nonsense. I’m trying to keep it in perspective. As long as my wife knows that it’s nonsense, I could really care less. Life is too short to worry about what other people think about you. I know in my heart what happened.”

But the DWTS season two winner and Dance War host, who has been married to wife Lea, the mother of their daughter Isabella, since 2000, admitted the scrutiny has been tough saying, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it hurts and it affects me.”

However, Drew is looking forward to a special time this weekend with his wife and daughter, who is turning 2. “Easter is actually my daughter’s birthday so we’re having a birthday Easter egg hunt," he explains. "It’s going to be a fun day.”

Career wise, Drew is hoping his show Dance War gets picked up for another season and added, “I’m starting a production company, trying to move behind the scenes as well because you never see a producer being talked about, do you? I’m on the wrong side of things.”

Meanwhile, Cheryl, who led him to victory on DWTS in 2005, tells OK! “Drew and I have been friends for a couple of years, same with the whole Lachey family and it’s just completely absurd, what they’re saying about the whole thing. It’s a shame that people have to sell magazines by selling stories that are not true.

“I’m going to try to ignore it. I’m busy,” said Cheryl, who is currently training her season six partner, actor Cristian de la Fuente. “I’m working, doing something I love to do. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands to sit home and feel sorry for myself.”

By: Carole Glines

World Renowned Vegas Gaming Expert Picks Drew Lachey and Jamie Little as Favorites in 2008 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race


atatouille Producer Brad Lewis, Prison Break's William Fichtner, The Closer's Raymond Cruz and Soap Star Daniel Goddard Among the Top-Seeded Celebrities Also Tapped by Handicapper Anthony Curtis to Surprise in Prestigious Grand- Prix-Style Race on April 19 

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Drew Lachey, the smooth- stepping second-season winner of Dancing With the Stars, and NASCAR pit reporter Jamie Little are among Las Vegas gaming expert Anthony Curtis' celebrity picks to give the pros some heat in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race on Saturday, April 19, part of the 34th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.

(Logo: )

Curtis, president of and one of the world's most recognized and quoted gambling authorities, has sized-up how the stars of film, television and sports will fare in this historic, 10-lap race for charity, which is conducted in race-ready Scion tCs on a 1.97-mile street circuit through the downtown streets of Long Beach in Southern California. He offers his expert predictions solely for entertainment purposes exclusively on and . [There will be no actual wagering on the outcome of the race.]

"The Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race is one of the world's longest-running, most successful celebrity racing events, and it's hard not to get fully immersed in all the captivating, fast-paced action," said Curtis. "Every fan has his or her favorite, and of course it's interesting to see if the 'long-shots' can pull off an upset."

Here's the morning-line on how Curtis sees the field of 18, fresh off their four days of drivers' training at an undisclosed location in the California desert.

Stars of Entertainment, Sports and Media:
-- Drew Lachey (7-1) Young, athletic and possesses major celebrity-
challenge chops, having won the second Dancing With the Stars. Plus,
the street says he's been hanging out with NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson
(consecutive winner of the last two NEXTEL - now Sprint - Cup
championships). Drew's the fave among the celebrity drivers.
-- Jamie Little (8-1) A serious racing pedigree that only starts with her
day job as ESPN/ABC pit reporter for the NASCAR Nationwide and Sprint
Cup Series (lots of racing connections here). And she's had glowing
training reviews. Jamie's a serious threat.
-- Brad Lewis (12-1) "Antz"? "Ratatouille"? As a producer/director of
family fare, this guy looks safe, right? No way! Word is he has
motorcycle racing experience and burned it up in training. Brad's
right up there with Drew and Jamie in my book.
-- William Fichtner (18-1) Prison Break's FBI special agent Alexander
Mahone has raced in this event before and his experience is big.
Track-moles report that William has skeeelz.
-- Raymond Cruz (22-1) Unknown and difficult to rate. Judging by his
roles as Det. Sanchez on TNT's The Closer and as Tuco in the critically
acclaimed AMC series Breaking Bad, he seems tough enough on TV...but
that's not the track. Good reports coming in from spies, though. Give
him a puncher's chance.
-- Daniel Goddard (23-1) He's got the soap-star good looks as leading man
Cane Ashby on The Young and the Restless and plenty of enthusiasm - but
maybe too much of the latter. Rumor has it that he'll be a contender
if he can keep his adrenaline in check.
-- Nancy Lieberman (24-1) As an Olympic Medalist, collegiate and WNBA
professional basketball player and coach; here's that tall thing again
(see John Salley). But this Basketball Hall of Famer has earned her
relatively short odds among the celebs.
-- John Salley (35-1) A world-class athlete with real racing chops (he
raced in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race last year) - but this dude's 7-
feet tall. There's not much in auto racing's history to support a big-
man advantage, let alone NBA-sized big.
-- Eric Dickerson (45-1) He's famous for wearing his racer-like visor on
the field, but that's as close as this Pro Football Hall of Famer will
get to being comfortable behind the wheel. NFL superstars are more
used to being driven than driving - and mostly in longer vehicles (like
buses and limos).
-- Wilmer Valderrama (60-1) That '70s Show? Fez? Scion driver?
Despite good training reports and hard work, meet this year's long

Professional Category:
-- Mike Skinner (3-1) The NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Champion won
the Pro category in this race last year. He's the one to beat!
-- Tony Pedregon (4-1) This NHRA Funny Car Champion showed true grit,
emerging from a spectacular crash earlier this year. He's got our
respect - and short odds.
-- Marty Nothstein (5-1) Professional cyclist, Olympic Gold and Silver
Medalist and 34-time U.S. Nationals Champion with titles in seven
different events. Can you say "competitive"?
-- Whit Bazemore (6-1) Two-time NHRA U.S. Nationals Funny Car winner.
Maybe this race will get him some well-deserved attention from a
potential sponsor.
-- Beccy Gordon (11-1) Don't count out this professional off-road
racer, NASCAR spokesmodel and ESPN pit-reporter. With virtually a
lifetime of motorsports experience growing up in a family of dedicated
drivers, she's got winning in her blood.
-- Sarena Traver (14-1) Grand-Am race car driver and fine jewelry
designer (who garnered a spot by bidding $80,000 in the Boys and Girls
charity auction). Brass and class. Let's see how she does.

Rounding Out the Field:
-- Bud Gordon (22-1) He's not just the General Manager of Quality Toyota
of Corona, Calif.; he's got racing experience. Bud's participated in
this race as a dealer three previous times....he's looking good.
-- Craig Barto (30-1) A genuinely nice guy - and a generous one, too.
He won his spot by being the second $80,000 high bidder in the Boys and
Girls Club charity auction - let's see if he can translate that
competitive spirit to the track.

"Anthony Curtis understands the dynamic transformation the drivers go through, from 'celebrity' to 'race car driver', and his predictions are meant to be entertaining," said Les Unger, Toyota's national motorsports manager. "The excitement and competition is fierce. Stars sign up thinking the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race is a friendly rivalry for a good cause - which it is - but it attracts 'the fast and the famous' because it also offers the genuine challenge of high-speed auto racing."

Toyota will donate $5,000 to "Racing for Kids" in the name of each celebrity racer, and another $5,000 to the winning racer's charity of choice. Racing for Kids is a non-profit program benefiting children's hospitals in Long Beach and Orange County, Calif.

Finally, a $15,000 donation is made in conjunction with the 11th annual "PEOPLE Pole Award." Sponsored by PEOPLE magazine, the award honors the pole-position winner of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race qualifying session on Friday, April 18. On behalf of the race and its participants, Toyota has donated close to $1.6 million to various children's organizations since 1991.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Celebrity odds are provided for entertainment purposes only. Wagering on the outcome of the race is neither encouraged nor implied.

ABOUT ANTHONY CURTIS: Anthony Curtis is one of the world's most recognized and quoted gambling authorities. The president of, he has appeared as a casino expert on "Dateline NBC," "48 Hours," A&E, E! Entertainment, Discovery, The Travel Channel, The Food Channel, The Learning Channel, and has been the subject of articles in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Arthur Frommers' Budget Travel and Discover magazine. Curtis is author of Bargain City-Booking, Betting and Beating the New Las Vegas and The Art of Gambling Through The Ages. Considered one of the world's foremost experts in tournament play, Curtis' top tournament wins include $76,000 World Matchplay Blackjack Championship, $125,000 Atlantic City Craps Championship, $50,000 Las Vegas Keno Championship, and $60,000 Las Vegas Blackjack Championship." mime-type="application/octet-stream"/>
AP Archive:
PRN Photo Desk,

Toyota Motorsports

Burke Won’t Open Her Trap On Drew

Read More/Video:

Cheryl Burke was tight-lipped about her alleged loose ones last night.TMZ tried to get her to open up for Drew Lachey questions outside WeHo hotspot Foxtail, but his “Dancing”/rumored hook-up partner kept her mouth shut. For the record, her rep says…

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sabrina Bryan dancing with Drew Lachey

Sabrina dances with Drew Lachey on the Columbus, OH Tour date

Drew Lachey Affair "Couldn't Be Further From the Truth"


A rep for Drew Lachey is denying a report that he had an affair with his former Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl Burke.

Star magazine claims that he cheated on his wife Lea, but his rep tells, "the story is Star is completely false. It couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Lachey and wife Lea, welcomed a daughter, Isabella, in 2006.

Burke and Lachey won the second season of the ABC hit.

Dancing Couple Caught Cheating! *Drew Lachey*

Dancing with the Stars has been rocked by a major sex scandal involving two of its most popular contestants — married dad Drew Lachey and his partner Cheryl Burke.

The Season Two champion couple had an affair during the show's nationwide tour which ended last month, insiders tell Star.

"They didn't go very far to cover it up," one tour insider says. "Cheryl was constantly draped all over Drew. They held hands, had their legs intertwined and were always touching inappropriately."

Cheryl's then-boyfriend Matthew Lawrence discovered his girlfriend was cheating when he walked in on the pair, catching them in the act, according to several sources!

Now insiders fear that Drew, father of a 2-year-old girl, could find his marriage to high-school sweetheart, Lea, wrecked.

"Drew Had To Be Restrained"
Sources say Matthew found his girlfriend cheating when he went to retrieve something from her dressing room as the tour hit Jacksonville, Fla. on January 22, an eight-week-long Star investigation uncovered. They say he ran out screaming after seeing Cheryl and Drew having oral sex.

The insiders say that the next day, as tour members prepared to get on the bus to leave town, Drew had to be restrained as he ranted at Matthew and his brother, Joey in the parking lot. "If you talk about this, I'll bury you Matt. I'll bury you Joey. I'm serious I will hurt you," he screamed.

While Matthew told Star, "There are too many things going on. I can't talk about it," lawyers for both Drew and Cheryl are strongly denying any affair between the two.

Drew Lachey & Cheryl Burke Cheating Scandal

Ok first off I DO not believe any of this ever happened! I'm very surprised that this Scandal was never started when they were dancing thou. But why now? Whats the reason for bringing something like this up?
The weirdest thing about this, is this. Before I ever read anything about this on the net this morning I was watching *The Cutting Edge 3* last night and the guy was talking about how close the partners are and how things are stared in the public eye because of it....Weird.
Anywayz, I am going to post the articles here. Just because it's in the public eye. But I DO NOT stand by the rumors in anyway!

Nick Lachey Shows His Daddy Side!


Nick Lachey is lookin' more and more like he's ready to be a daddy.

The former reality television star and his pal Matt Leinart, quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, hit the Lakers game at the Staples Center last night in L.A. with Leinart’s adorable 18-month-old son, Cole.

And get this: Lachey paid more more attention to the kid than the game! The blond, curly-haired toddler sat on Nick's lap while he played hand games and made the chubby-cheeked cutie laugh with silly poses and goofy faces.

Leinart did get to hold his son for a little bit—when Lachey left their third-row seats to buy some McDonald's grub for the crew.

Other stars in attendance to see the Lakers beat the Toronto Raptors 117-108 were Mena Suvari, Brett Ratner, Marlon Wayans and courtside regular Jack Nicholson.

NIck Lachey & Vanessa Celebrate St. Pattys day

This is from a blog of a person that celebrated St. Patty's Day with them. Kudos to albertroh on the Nickfantic forum for finding this!!

So as you all know last night was St. Patty's Day and I did the typical thing and hung out with friends from work. Well, through happenstance a friend of a friend of a friend is friends with Nick Lachey and sure enough he showed up to hang out with us. It was a strange mix of normals like us and Nick Lachey, along with his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. Overall, it was quite the event.

He's a cool guy (i think, we really didn't chat that much), he has a big nose, and he's short, which makes him cool with me considering im a cool guy with a big nose and short stature. He's a bit more in shape than me, but I think we would make good work out partners maybe if we did something easy like yoga.

The funny thing is that at one point in my life I was completely obsessed with "What's Left of Me" by Mr. Lachey. A completely ridiculous song whose dance remix is awesome to work out with. I actually almost downloaded it as my ringtone. Could you imagine that? If my phone went off right next to Nick Lachey with his cheesey dance song as my ringtone? How awkward! It's like when I started working at Jake G's management company and had to quickly run home and change my Myspace layout so that nobody could find out that I am obsessed. Some sort of 20-something pervert who puts up pictures of his coworker's clients and remembers their addresses. OK I don't remember his address, but still, I play back in my head every moment of the 15 minutes we spent together in his manager's office.

This of course is all spilling forth as I sit in my HGTV cubicle-esque office and try to figure out what Hungarian people are saying as they search for a house in Budapest. Ah, life in the fast lane.

Really, that's all that I have to say.

Luck O' The Chris

P.S.Oh, but it looks like we made Perez:

Is Your One-in-a-Million Pooch Picture Perfect?


Posted : Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:02:28 GMT
Author : Purina
Category : PressRelease

Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) Brand and 'Dancing with the Stars' Winner Drew Lachey Invite Dog Owners Nationwide to 'Picture Your Dog in Times Square'

ST. LOUIS, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Is your dog a natural in front of the camera? Do you share Fido's photogenic features with all your friends? Now you can share your unique dog's mug with people everywhere when it is showcased on the digital displays in New York's Times Square and simulcast on the internet.
The Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) brand invites dog lovers to visit between March 17 and April 28 and follow the instructions to register and upload a photo of their one-in-a-million dog. Then, on June 19, uploaded photos will be featured on the Reuters/NASDAQ Digital Tower Billboards in Times Square, giving each pooch face time in one of America's most famous intersections. The digital displays will be simulcast on the Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) virtual online dog park at so you don't need to be in the Big Apple to see your dog's photo in Times Square.
Bright Lights, Big Canine
Those who register with Long Live Your Dog, create a home page for their dog, and upload an original photo will also have a chance to win a trip to New York City to see his or her dog's image featured on the big screen in person. The trip includes a five-day, four-night getaway with one guest and their picture-perfect pooch. Visit to learn more.
A Message From Drew to You
To help raise awareness for the unique promotion, Drew Lachey, "Dancing with the Stars" winner and host of "Dance War," and his German Shepherd, Luka, are helping to get the word out through a personalized voice message. Dog lovers can visit to send friends, family and co-workers messages from Drew Lachey inviting them to upload their dog's photo. Phone messages from Drew can be customized with dogs' names, descriptions, hometowns and the sender's and recipient's names. The end result is a tailored voice mail message from Drew Lachey to join Luka on the big screen in Times Square.
"Everyone thinks their dog is one-in-a-million, and this is a chance to show them off to the world. I'm very excited to be involved with a program that helps showcase so many unique dogs," Lachey said. "In fact, I have already uploaded a photo of Luka to the Web site so his loveable mug will be visible for millions to see. I'd love to see all the dogs in America featured along with him, so I'm doing my part by personally inviting them."
From Virtual Parks to Local Reality
The Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) brand will help support real-life dog parks nationwide with its grant program. Up to $40,000 in grants will go towards maintenance and upkeep of dog-friendly areas, including dog parks and other off-leash designated areas.
"With dog ownership numbers increasing, dog parks are becoming such an integral part of every community," said Daynique Smith, brand manager for Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) brand Dog Food. "People love to spend time with their special dogs, and we want to do our part to provide assistance to community dog parks to sustain and upgrade their facilities."
To be considered for a grant, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements, submit an application containing 500 words or less explaining how the funding will be used and include a photo of the park facilities to be upgraded or maintained. Grant applications will be accepted via U.S. mail at Purina Dog Chow Grant Program, 2M, Nestle Purina PetCare, Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, MO 63164. All applications must be submitted or postmarked between March 17 and April 28, 2008. Limit one application per dog park. The recipients will be announced online on June 19, 2008.
For more information on the "Picture Your Dog in Times Square" event and the Purina(R) Dog Chow(R) Grant Program, or to send a personalized voice message from Drew Lachey, please visit or
Nestle Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. A premiere global manufacturer of pet products, Nestle Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestle S.A., the world's largest food company.

CONTACT: Josh Rangel: 312.729.4168 GolinHarris or Kerry Lyman: 314.982.2094 Nestle Purina PetCare Company

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SCPA may hit MTV *Nick Lachey*


Nick Lachey's love for his alma mater could result in a prime-time MTV series showcasing School for Creative & Performing Arts students.

MTV completed shooting a pilot March 1 featuring 12-14 juniors and seniors, says Isidore Rudnick, SCPA artistic director.

The cable network's executives should decide "in the next several months" whether to make an unscripted musical drama series at the school, says David French, MTV vice president. French described the show as a reality TV version of "Fame," the 1980s movie and TV series.


Lachey, 34, a 1992 SCPA graduate who starred in MTV's "Newlyweds" reality series, proposed the concept to MTV, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Last spring he sought permission from SCPA and Cincinnati Public Schools officials to produce a short video outlining his pitch to MTV, Rudnick says.

The show "will blend performances by the students with the narrative about what takes place in the school," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Tony DiSanto, MTV executive vice president for series development and programming, told the trade publication that the show may depict students "breaking out into dance in the cafeteria" or practicing a musical instrument as the soundtrack for a scene.

"The stories and relationships are all set to music that's organic in what's going on in the school and also performed by the kids," DiSanto said. "This is a genre-busting, creative experiment that I'm really excited about."

Lachey, who grew up in College Hill, is an executive producer with Marc Platt (producer of the "Legally Blonde" movies), Russell Heldt ("Real World") and Colton Gramm, Lachey's manager.

He conceived the series "to help get the word out about the unique programs and the incredibly talented students we have at SCPA," Rudnick said. "He wants to help us to do that not only on a local level but on a regional level and a national level, which we greatly appreciate."

According to the school district's contract with MTV, the schools will be paid $10,000 for the pilot, and $10,000 for each episode if the show goes to series. MTV has options for five additional seasons, according to the contract.

Production planning began here in early January, weeks after Lachey led Cincinnati singers to victory on NBC's "Clash of the Choirs."

MTV asked the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission in January for help obtaining equipment, crews and hotel rooms, says Kristen J. Erwin, film commission executive director. The commission also assisted producers in securing permission to shoot at the school and in some students' homes, Erwin says.

"We were thrilled to help them. Based on the premise, it sounds very exciting for Cincinnati," Erwin says.

MTV crews visited SCPA two times, shooting certain students' stories and also footage of the larger school community during the day, Rudnick says.

Jenna Atkinson, president of the SCPA parents' organization, says the TV production "could be an extremely big deal" for the school.

Rudnick says some parents were concerned about how a reality show might reflect on the school, considering the bawdy storylines common in the genre. But MTV officials met with parents, assured them the show would narrowly focus on students' academic and artistic pursuits, and also not disrupt the school's educational mission.

The contract stipulates that MTV "will not intentionally broadcast" students consuming drugs or alcohol, fighting, using any dangerous weapons, or intimidating or harassing SCPA students or staff.

"The whole idea is to document their experience - these are all juniors and seniors - as they get ready to pursue a career in the arts, or go to college in the arts field. How they're preparing for that, and you know, get a sense of their background, where they're coming from, paint a picture of an artistically gifted junior or senior, in order to take that next step," Rudnick says.



Not sure who these guys are, you can follow the source for there webpage, but is a recent pic of Jeff so I figured I would post it here. He sure does love his Ed Hardy clothes!!

'Team Cincinnati' to promote city


Nick Lachey and "Team Cincinnati" head into the recording studio for the first time today to support tourism in Cincinnati.

"Team Cincinnati" will record "Flight of the Bumblebee," one of the songs the group sang on the television show "Clash of the Choirs" at Sound Images studio at Sixth and Main streets.

Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network will feature the song in its seasonal marketing campaign and radio spots beginning March 31.

2008 Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race Training Day *Drew Lachey*

Yesterday was training day at Willow Springs Raceway for the upcoming Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race to be held in Long Beach, CA on April 19. A very good cause ,"Racing for Kids" is the main beneficiary of this event as Toyota donates $5000 for each of the 18 racers to "Racing for Kids" a non-profit program benifitting children's hospitals in Long Beach and Orange County, California. It's the 10th consecutive year I will be covering this event for Toyota.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nick Lachey is at the game


Posted by Ryan Divish @ 12:40:40 pm

Tacoma Rainiers owner and celebrity Nick Lachey is at the game and sitting in one of the luxury suites. Rainiers fans will be happy to know that he's sporting his authentic Rainiers No. 14 jersey.

Ok I just talked with Nick and he's also sporting a Rainiers visor ... it wasn't anything too serious.... here's his comments ...

* I think we're going to continue to look at trying to make improvements to the stadium and make the experience there better for everybody. I just read an interesting article that they're working on developing the land around the stadium. That's really appealing to us on our end, becuase it creates a whole entertainment complex there, condos and everything I'm reading about, that's always good for the stadium.

* We're just going to continue to look at ways to improve it. Hopefully we can get some state money for that and make some more improvements there.

* I think it's going in the right direction. I don't deal with it on a day to day basis, but I think we made some improvements last year with party decks and they seemed to be a big hit, and obviously we're still looking at ways of making the expereience for the fans, becuase that's what it comes down to, make the stadium more comfortable.

* I've said this from day one we're committed to Tacoma and trying to make everything work there as best we can. But as far as I know from what I've heard, we're on a good path.

* I got so busy last year I only got the chance to get up there at one time. that's why I'm down here today to see the facilities here and to see some of the guys that are ultimately going to end up in Tacoma for at least a lttle bit this yaer.

* I said from day one I like to be involved, but at the same time I also like to defer to those people that do this for a living and know what they're doing and trust those people with taking care of the team.

* Hopefully, I'll get up there three or four times this year.