Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meet Nick Lachey


October 28, 2009

Hi everybody! You may remember me best from my days performing with the boy band 98 Degrees, and since then life has been full of surprises including a solo career and a really cool new reverse auction website I've founded called Most recently, I've been putting the finishing touches on my next album "Coming Up For Air" and will be hanging with Rachael on her show as often as she'll have me! Rachael is spunky and has a great spirit - it's just the kind of energy I love to be around. There may be things that can get you down every now and then, but we can all laugh and enjoy life for at least an hour out of the day! I have lots of adventures coming up and promise to share them with you ... I'm up for anything as long as I get to be myself and have fun with you guys. So check back here for updates and backstage videos, including this one where I'm transformed into the king of rock 'n roll for Halloween!