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98 Degrees- Eat to the Beat Epcot 2019

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Daily Pop - Season 2019 - Nick & Vanessa Lachey (PICS)

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DAILY POP -- Episode 190429 -- Pictured: (l-r) Nick and Vanessa Lachey participate in a game on set with Daily Pop Co-Host Carissa Culiner -- (Photo by: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Daily Pop - Season 2019 : News Photo
Daily Pop - Season 2019 : News Photo
Daily Pop - Season 2019 : News Photo

Daily Pop - Season 2019 : News Photo

Under The Stars 2019 - 98 Degrees (PICS)


Under The Stars 2019 : News Photo
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Mike Hammer Celebrity Poker Tournament (PICS)


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 26: Comedian/magician Mike Hammer (L) and singer Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees attend the Mike Hammer Celebrity Poker Tournament benefiting U.S. Vets at Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel on May 26, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)
Mike Hammer Celebrity Poker Tournament : News Photo

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98 Degrees Performs At PNE Amphitheatre (PICS)

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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - AUGUST 20: Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees performs on stage during Summer Night Concerts at PNE Amphitheatre on August 20, 2019 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

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Monday, October 7, 2019

Nick Lachey Talks Helping Others, Eight Years Of Marriage, And Yes, 98 Degrees


Nick Lachey joins Between Bells to discuss his partnership with Subway and Feeding America to help combat food insecurity, his eighth anniversary with wife Vanessa Lachey, and of course, 98 Degrees.

ROCK YOUR SCHOOL RETURNS 9.19.19 - Nick Lachey

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Let’s show the world what education looks like in our schools. More importantly, let’s show our students that school is a place they WANTto be each and every day!
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Nick Lachey Shares His Parenthood Dos and Don'ts: PDA in Front of Kids 'Is Important'


It’s OK to kiss in front of your kids — and to drink wine before they go to bed! Nick Lachey shared his best parenting tips exclusively with Us Weekly.

“[PDA is] important,” the 98 Degrees member, 45, told Us on Wednesday, September 18, while promoting his Subway Feeding America partnership. “I think it’s to create that image and that perception of being in love still. It’s important for kids to see that affection. I think it all started there, and it needs to end there. So I’m a big believer in showing your kids what it means to be respectful and loving to each other. I think it’s a big part of a healthy upbringing.”
Nick Lachey Shares His Parenthood Dos Donts
Nick Lachey vists the AMI studio in New York City.
The Kentucky native, who shares Camden, 7, Brooklyn, 4, and Phoenix, 2, with his wifeVanessa Lachey, added, “Alone time is harder and harder to come by when you have three, but also equally important. Not in front of the kids, but equally important.”
When it comes to meltdowns, the Newlywed alum advises parents to “try no to” reveal too much of their emotions in front of their children.
Nick Lachey Shares His Parenthood Dos Donts
Vanessa Lachey and Nick Lachey with their children, Camden, Phoenix and Brooklyn at Disneyland. Courtesy of Vanessa Lachey/Instagram
“My dad was a very openly sensitive guy and not afraid to cry,” Nick explained to Us. “I always appreciated that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with teaching your kids to be in touch with their emotions, but at the same time, you want to be Dad. Like, you’ve got to be in charge. As I tell my kids, ‘Daddy’s always right, and Daddy’s number one job is to protect you. So you have to always listen.’ Being sensitive but strong at the same time, I think, is a nice combination if you can pull it off.”
Volume 90%
He and the former Miss Teen USA, 38, wed in 2011. Nick was formerly married to Jessica Simpson from 2002 to 2006.
Watch the video above for more of the “What’s Left of Me” singer’s thoughts on eating ice cream before dinner, wearing matching family outfits and more!
Nick also gushed about his Subway partnership, telling Us, “So much produce gets thrown out every year because it doesn’t appear pretty, but it’s still perfectly good and good to use. People can go to, adopt an ugly vegetable, and for every dollar they pledge, it goes directly to feeding Americans. We will match that donation to try and raise funds and awareness for trying to get more fresh produce to people who need it.”

Nick Lachey and Subway encourage families to love those ugly vegetables

by Cristine Struble

Nick Lachey and Subway want vegetables, no matter their appearance, to be centerstage on every family’s plate and they are helping Feeding America do that.

Can you love an ugly vegetable? Nick Lachey and Subway think that beauty, great taste and good nutrition is in the eye of the beholder. When it comes to nutrition, appearance doesn’t matter. Whether it is gnarly carrot or a slightly misshapened tomato, those ugly vegetables are still good for you and your family.
Food waste continues to be a huge problem. Unfortunately, many people overlook or discard those ugly vegetables. When so many people cannot afford or have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, those ugly vegetables need their moment to shine.
Recently, Subway and Nick Lachey have partnered to support and raise awareness for Feeding America. Through the Ugly Veggie Rescue, anyone can adopt one of these misshapened veggies. Funds raised will benefit Feeding America.
According to Feeding America, millions of Americans do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This nutrition gap impacts a huge cross section of the country. From creating healthy eating habits at a young age or supporting good nutrition throughout their lives, giving everyone the opportunity to have fresh, nutritious food is an attainable goal.
Nick Lachey, Subway
Subway has always been a leader in offering fresh, good for you, affordable food choices. Through this partnership with Feeding America, the goal is to make more people aware and hopefully spark a permanent change.
Through the Ugly Veggie Rescue, anyone can “adopt” one of these 13 ugly veggies. Each one has a name, like Ava the avocado, Clare the carrot and Tom the tomato. While these veggies might not be the picture perfect veggie from a magazine, they are pretty cute and they definitely have some personality.
To be clear, a donation doesn’t get you this particular vegetable. It is a way to support the cause. Even for just a $1, anyone can put their support behind Tom and his friends, more importantly put their support behind Feeding America and their purpose of helping bring food to those in need.
And, when people adopt one of these veggies, Subway will match that donation towards Feeding America. So, one person’s good deed sparks another good deed. Hopefully, it will spark a change in people’s perceptions, choices and actions.
As part of the Ugly Veggie Rescue initiative, FoodSided had the opportunity to chat with Nick Lachey. He shared some of his opinions about hunger in America, the Ugly Veggie Rescue program and some fun events in his future.
Below is a transcript of that interview.
Cristine Struble: One of the biggest myths about hunger in America is that it a homeless issue. With working parents often struggle with food security, how can people become more aware of the food security issue that faces many families?
Nick Lachey: Subway recently conducted a survey to understand exactly how people view hunger in America and how they want to help. Subway found that 91% of people would love to help combat food insecurity in America, but a majority of them feel like they don’t have enough time. Subway and Feeding America’s Ugly Veggie program is meant to give consumers a quick and easy way to make an impact. All you have to do is go to and “adopt” and Ugly Veggie of your own. With your adoption, you can make a donation as small as $1, which will be donated to Feeding America.
CS: It is believed that 72 billions of pounds of good food goes to waste each year, how can rescuing food help combat the hunger issue in the U.S.?
NL: Ugly Veggies get a bad rep for how they look. But when it comes down to it, these veggies taste just as good and are just as nutritious as their more attractive counterparts. To throw away perfectly good and healthy food when so many Americans -1 in 9 according to Feeding America- are facing food insecurity is ludicrous
CS: How are you and Subway using your platform to make it easy for families to make a difference via Feeding America?
NL: We want families to realize how easy it is to make a difference. We also want people to know they can make an impact in a way that’s fun and creative. With this program, we’re also asking people to question everyday habits- such as letting perfectly good, “ugly” produce go to waste, and evaluate where they can change their behavior and make a difference. This program is more than just donating money to Feeding America. We hope to raise awareness around the fact that billions of pounds of food go to waste every year.
CS: As a parent, how do you educate your children and family about smart food choices, from eating well to preventing food waste?
NL: I found that the easiest way to teach your kids most anything is by example. So, it’s helpful when kids see their parents leading a healthy, nutritious lifestyle and eating healthy vegetables, and kids often in turn, will mirror that and it’s important to start those lessons early.
CS: When you’re on tour, how do you make smart eating choices for you and your family?
NL: Eating healthy on tour is always a challenge because you’re usually ordering out. It’s always a priority of mine to eat healthy no matter where I am. I’m a huge believer in the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, not just for me but for my family. I’ve gotten to a point where I have places that I know are going to give me a healthy meal
CS: In addition to your partnership with Subway, what’s next for you?
NL: I’m excited about a new show, called America’s Most Musical Family that I’m hosting for Nickelodeon, which premiers November 1st, and I’m still preforming with 98 Degrees. We have a handful of shows still between now and the end of the year and other shows already lined up for next year. So I’m excited to be hopefully in a city near you soon.
FoodSided would like to thank Nick Lachey for speaking with us and Subway for facilitating this interview.
Are you ready to make a difference? An ugly veggie is waiting for your support. More importantly, Feeding America is ready to make a difference in many people’s lives. Whether you give a money or make smarter food waste choices, everyone is connected in this food issues. Isn’t it time to start making a difference?

Niick Lachey reveals how he and his brother, Drew, leaned on each other at height of boy band fame

By Jessica Napoli

Nick Lachey is no stranger to the limelight.
He's been singing and dancing since the mid-90s -- along with his brother Drew Lachey -- in the boy band 98 Degrees. But before he started selling out concerts, the 45-year-old musician and TV personality was just a normal kid born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio.
Luckily, Nick and Drew had each other to lean on throughout all the ups and downs in Hollywood.
"You know, we're super close so it was awesome to be able to share all these experiences with somebody who is your best friend," Nick told Fox News last week in a phone call. "For us, it was super meaningful."
Nick, who is promoting his Subway Feeding America partnership to bring awareness to kids who are battling hunger across the United States, added: "We had each other's back for sure" during the height of their fame.
He admitted the hardest part about growing up on a stage in front of people was the loss of privacy but the positives about being able to "live your dream" outweighed the negative aspects of fame. "I'm always going to try to just be me and be natural and always be kind," he added.
Nick now shares son Camden, 7, daughter Brooklyn, 4, and son Phoenix, 2, with his wife, Vanessa Lachey, and even though his kids are growing up in a more privileged way than he did, he makes sure to keep them grounded.
Nick Lachey is working with Subway's Feeding America to provide fresh vegetables for local food banks and pantries.
Nick Lachey is working with Subway's Feeding America to provide fresh vegetables for local food banks and pantries. (Subway)
"As they get older I think community service is a really important thing and that [having] perspective is huge," Nick explained. "So [my kids] need to know that they're very lucky and very blessed. It's important [to us] that they understand not everyone has these opportunities and has the life that they do.
And what if Nick's kids approach him and his wife about pursuing a career in music? The singer confessed he can't be a "hypocrite."
"But who knows... I think as a parent the best you can do is support whatever their interests are... whatever that it is that excites them," he said, "It is kind of cool when you see [your child] get excited [about a career] and you see [your child] into the same kinds of things that you are."
Nick would offer plenty of advice though -- "I kind of know the pitfalls of business."
"You [can] try and shield your kids from whatever pain you can and whatever problems," he continued, but ultimately, "I absolutely would support it."

Nick Lachey Says His Son Camden, 7, Loves Singing but 'Unfortunately, Has His Dad's Dance Moves'

By Hanna Flanagan 

Image result for nick lachey & camden

"You never want to force your kids to do what you do, but it's nice when they naturally gravitate to the same passions that you have," says Nick Lachey

Does Nick Lachey‘s son have boy-band potential?
The 98 Degrees singer, 45, brought his oldest child, Camden John, on stage during a concert for his seventh birthday on Sept. 12 — and he soaked up the spotlight.
“After he heard the crowd cheering for us in the dressing room, he said, ‘Can we do that again? That was really fun,’ ” Lachey, who has teamed up with Subway and Feeding America to fight food insecurity with the Ugly Veggies campaign, tells PEOPLE. “I think he got a little bit of the stage bug, if you will.”
While Lachey — who also shares son Phoenix Robert, 2½, and daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth, 4½, with wife Vanessa — won’t push his kids to pursue one hobby over another, he admits that Camden is already a passionate performer.
“Cam, especially, really loves music and singing,” the Feeding America partner says. “You never want to force your kids to do what you do, but it’s nice when they naturally gravitate to the same passions that you have.
Lachey adds with a laugh, “[Camden], unfortunately, has his dad’s dance moves, so I’m not sure dancing is in his future.”
The “Because of You” artist posted a video of the sweet moment in which he and brother Drew Lachey sang “Happy Birthday” at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, Washington, where 98 Degrees performed alongside Boyz II Men.

“A special moment for all of us,” he captioned the Instagram clip. “Thank you to everyone who helped make Camden’s 7th birthday one he will never forget. Happy birthday kid!! 🎈”
2019 marks the first year all three of the Lachey children are enrolled in school. And their mom had a plan.
“I’m going to get their bags packed the night before. I’m going to get all of their essentials for school and the next size up, so when they size out of that they’re ready to go,” Vanessa, 38, told PEOPLE last month. “I’m going to have their lunches packed the night before, we’re going to have gas in the car, we’re going to be ready.”
Why? “So when you wake up, you can just be present and ask them if they’re excited about school, if they’re ready for their day,” explained the Top Chef Junior host. “Just enjoy the moments that go by way too fast.”
And Camden, who just started first grade, “is my little sports guy,” Vanessa shared. “You name it, he does it. He wants to try everything. He’s so active. He does not stop.”
From now through Oct. 18, you can visit and “adopt” an oddly shaped — yet nutritious — “ugly” veggie for as little as $1 to help provide fresh produce to families in need.

Nickelodeon Sets Premiere Date for ‘America’s Most Musical Family,’ Hits High Notes With First-Look Trailer (Exclusive Video)


Host Nick Lachey is joined by judges Ciara, Debbie Gibson and David Dobrik on new musical competition series

The hunt for “America’s Most Musical Family” is officially on, with Nickelodeon announcing the premiere date for its new competition series on Wednesday.
“America’s Most Musical Family” will debut on the network on Friday, Nov. 1 at 7 p.m., TheWrap has exclusively learned, along with getting a first look at the show’s trailer.
Nickelodeon also announced the 30 family bands who’ll take center stage in front of host Nick Lachey, and celebrity judges Ciara, Debbie Gibson and David Dobrik.
“I am looking for the family that’s going to bring it,” Ciara tells Lachey in the preview clip — and bring it they do, from siblings a capella to parents playing back-up instruments for their talented kids.
According to the Nickelodeon, Season 1 will spotlight five family bands ready to battle it out with their very own take on hit songs: Nashville, Tennessee’s eight-member group The Rees Family (“Walking on Sunshine”); New Jersey’s band of brothers, Wanmor, whose father is Wanya from Boyz II Men (“It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”); From Rancho Santa Margarita, California, harmonizing sisters and human beatbox brother Juat Sibs (“Honeymoon Avenue”); Brother and sister duo Juna N Joey from West Palm Beach, Florida (“Beautiful Crazy”); and San Jacinto, California’s sibling quartet The Mitchells (“We Got the Beat”).
The winning family of the inaugural season will get a recording contract with Republic Records and a chance to win a $250,000 cash prize in partnership with Capri Sun 100% Juice.
“We are thrilled to welcome Nick Lachey and our incredibly talented judges – Ciara, David Dobrik and Debbie Gibson – to Nickelodeon,” Rob Bagshaw, executive vice president of Unscripted Content, said in a statement Wednesday. “But ultimately, this competition for all ages is about celebrating exceptionally talented families. We’re in for a spectacular show.”
Image result for america's most musical family

Nick Lachey Vows to Never Do Another Reality Show With His Family After ‘Newlyweds’ With Ex Jessica Simpson


Image result for nick lachey concert photo

Chances of a Newlyweds reboot was unlikely for obvious reasons, but Nick Lachey has no plans to return to a family-centric reality show with his wife, Vanessa Lachey, either.

“No, that would not be in the cards,” the 45-year-old musician told Us Weekly on Wednesday, September 18, while discussing his partnership with Subway. “It’s funny, I had this conversation with somebody the other day. With social media, I feel like it’s kind of the new, the new wave of reality, but it’s one that you can kind of govern yourself. So I think that’s kind of a perfect mix for where I’m at in life. Having been there and done that, I don’t think there’s any chance you’ll ever see that happen again. You know who I am.”
The 98 Degrees vocalist and ex Jessica Simpson starred on MTV’s Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica for three seasons from 2003 to 2005. Less than a year after the show wrapped, the duo announced their split. Their divorce was finalized in 2006.
The “I Wanna Love you Forever” songstress, who married Eric Johnson in 2014, announced in July that her upcoming memoir will address their former reality show.
Topics covered will rage from “her popular television show Newlyweds, to a very public divorce, starring on the big screen and topping the Billboard charts, finding new love, raising a family, and running a successful business empire,” the press release read. (Simpson, 39, and Johnson, 40, are parents of Maxwell, 7, Ace, 6, and Birdie, 5 months.)
Nick, for his part, married Vanessa in 2011. They also share three children: Camden, 7, Brooklyn, 4, and Phoenix, 2.
The Ohio native did make a brief return to reality TV with his brother and bandmate, Drew Lachey, in 2015. The two men documented their efforts to open a bar in their hometown of Cincinnati on A&E’s Lachey’s: Raising the Bar.
“I did one with my brother, you know. But not one that’s based on my relationship, or my family,” he explained to Us on Wednesday. “And certainly not … I wouldn’t want to put my kids out there like that I don’t think that’s necessarily fair, not fair to them.”
Alongside his wife, the “What’s Left of Me” singer also appeared on season 25 of Dancing With the Stars. While Nick and partner Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated during week six of the show, Vanessa and Maks Chmerkovskiy lasted an additional week
“That was one of those things — I’m glad I did it. I’m glad I checked it off the list, and I can look back and say, ‘I have no regrets,’ [but] it was not one of the fonder moments in my life,” Nick told Us of DWTS. “If you enjoy dancing, it’s a great time. But for me it was just like, man, I never felt more uncomfortable in my life than being out there being judged at doing something that I don’t even doing. So it was a hard process.”