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Jeff Timmons goes shirtless for Chippendales


April Corbin

Mon, May 16, 2011

I may owe Chippendales an apology. Or they owe me a thank you. I’m not really sure.
See, back in February, I criticized the long-running male revue because its first-ever featured star—Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Jersey Shore fame—failed to appear onstage in the iconic black-and-white bowtie and cuffs. Some muffled words and a flash of abs does not a guest star make—making the promised “Ultimate Girls Night Out” less than ultimate.

Enter Jeff Timmons.

The former 98 Degrees member signed on as Chippendales second guest star, and he delivered what the gorilla juicehead could not. During the sold-out grand opening of his monthlong stint, he went shirtless by ripping his white tank top off, sported the iconic (half) outfit and performed a medley of his boy-band hits, which, for all those *NSync fans like myself who weren’t paying attention, were “Because of You,” “The Hardest Thing,” “I Do (Cherish You)” and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche).” For anyone who showed up early enough, he also pulled at the heartstrings by appearing on the red carpet with his young son—both of them in the Chipppendales getup.

Ultimate? Now we’re getting there.

Timmons stopped just short of showing the man-ass I requested back in February, but I will take what I can get. After all, good man-ass is difficult to find.

Former 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons takes it off for Chippendales


Damian Grass - Celebrity News Service Reporter

Las Vegas, NV, United States (AHN Entertainment) - Former 98 Degrees boy band member Jeff Timmons is turning up the heat in Las Vegas as a Chippendales dancer.

The 38-year-old singer made his debut Thursday night and showed off his muscles at The Rio Hotel and Casino as musical guest star and MC during a month-long stint, reports TooFAB.

Before stripping down on stage, Timmons hit the red carpet with his wife Amanda and their son Ashten, who tried to emulate his dad by wearing the signature Chippendales bow ties and cuffs.

Pictures of the opening night showed Timmons ripping his T-shirt off, singing for a woman on stage and enjoying a lap dance himself in front of the crowd by an unidentified woman.

Timmons isn't the only celebrity who has been invited to strip down to almost nothing at the show.

Other stars such as singer Jon Secada and "Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro have also become perfect male dancers at the alluring night spot.

Timmons will be performing with the boys for four weeks.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Backstage Report: Drew Lachey and Warren Sapp Handicap the Finale

by Deborah Starr Seibel

Now that the Disney Kid has beaten the Karate Kid, all bets are off. With Tuesday night's elimination of Ralph Macchio, it'll be Chelsea Kane, Kirstie Alley and Hines Ward in next week's Dancing With the Stars finale. But even show insiders are at a loss, trying to figure out who will ultimately sashay home with the prize.

"I gotta believe it's gonna be either Chelsea or Hines," says second season champ Drew Lachey, one of those rare birds who maintains the physical conditioning required to come back to this show and do what he did Tuesday night: Reunite with his pro partner, Cheryl Burke, and dance. "Chelsea and Hines are the strongest dancers and can do more in the freestyle."

But even Lachey is hedging his bets, because he is, after all, not including Alley — a well-loved comedian and a sympathetic Everywoman struggling with weight issues — as a potential winner. "That's the big X-factor," he says, "Kirstie's fan base. But she and Maks (Maksim Chmerkovskiy) are really gonna have to bring it, athletically, to compete with the other two."

Warren Sapp, Season 7 runner-up, isn't buying that at all. "I love her," he says of Alley. "Hines is my boy, but I just love Kirstie because she doesn't care! She lets go! You can see the confidence coming out of her pores!"

True enough, as Alley, standing only a few feet away, jokes with an interviewer at exactly that moment that her game plan next week is "to beat Hines Wards' ass." She admits only that he's an appealing dancer. "He's a frickin' dreamboat," she says, in mock frustration.

Sapp looks at her with admiration. He's totally up to speed with the show, even though he says he has to make up stories to break away from his football buddies to watch on Monday nights. Is it so difficult, even now, after so many football greats have competed on the show? Sapp laughs and shakes his head, yes. "Real men don't dance and don't talk about dancing," he says. "But I love this."

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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minillo on Dinner Date

98 Degrees Star Strips It All Off

CBS Las Vegas Morning News Talks with Jeff Timmons on Chippendales

Jeff Timmons' FIRST night at Chippendales!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Opening Night Performance With Jeff Timmons From 98 Degrees At Chippendales

Theres 47 pics HERE that I cannot use on this site... Check em out!!

Opening Night Performance With Jeff Timmons From 98 Degrees At Chippendales


Jeff Timmons Spins For Charity

98 Degrees Stud -- Topless Chippendales Debut

Go HERE to watch the video on TMZ

A message from Jeff Timmons... From The Chippendales

Jeff Timmons (Chippendales Musical Guest Star) on ABC 13's THE MORNING BLEND

98 Degrees Star Jeff Timmons Strips for Chippendales!

Former 98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons made his Chippendales debut last night -- and while he didn't quite strip down to a thong, he still showed off some of the goods!

98 Degrees Singer Gets a Rush at Chippendales

May 13th, 2011 6:18 pm / Author: Valerie Nome
Jeff Timmons is in for a thrill when 400 women rush the stage Thursday during his debut performance at Chippendales inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

It’s a feeling he hasn’t experienced since his multi-platinum boy band 98 Degrees last performed together in 2001.

“I was nervous,” the singer, 38, tells me. “I didn’t know how people were going to receive it, but everybody loved it. It was crazy – the women rushed the stage. I haven’t had that happen for a long time. The whole audience crowded up towards the front. They’re originally seated there, so I came to the front of the stage and I was like ‘OK, good, this is good!’”

Despite feeling reluctant to undress last month (“I don’t know if I’m in the shape I was in the 98 Degrees days,” he confessed.), Jeff is in the spirit now.

“I took my shirt off,” he says. “We did that in the group anyways. Now I was a little nervous because compared to those guys, I’m not big and giant and ripped like those guys, but that’s part of their thing to do these tear-away t-shirts and get the crowd going. I was like ‘I’ll do it.’ The crowd loved it. They thought it was cool. It was funny. I had a ton of fun doing it.”

To prepare for taking his top off, Jeff has given up his bad habits and adopted good ones.

“I stopped drinking beer – no more alcohol,” he says. “Back to lifting heavy weights and working out in the gym, cardio and P90X.”

He adds, “I want to be in good shape and I’ve always tried to be in good shape. All of us in the group did. I’m doing P90X some days. I’m doing heavy weights other days and lots and lots of cardio. I’m mixing it up to confuse my body and it’s definitely confused!”

How has giving up alcohol changed his body?

“I would drink beer occasionally in the studio when I’m working on music and now I don’t do that anymore,” Jeff says. “Even if you drink once a week socially, you can definitely see a difference in your body as far as holding water and body fat when you stop and cease from drinking altogether.”

For Jeff, who emcees the show and performs a medley of songs, the highlight is showing off his musicality.

“The crowd was familiar with the 98 Degrees songs, but when I sang one of my new songs, Emotional High, they’ve never heard it before, and they got up out of their seats and started jamming and dancing to it. Afterwards, I got a lot of compliments about the song. I think that was gratification.”

Still, becoming part of Chippendales took some coaxing from his old manager, Mike Caprio, who represents Chippendales.

“He approached me about doing Chippendales and, of course, I was like, ‘Hell no, I’m not doing the Chippendales!’ I’m not a male stripper, but he coaxed me and enticed me to come check out the show. Those guys are not male strippers. It’s a multi-million dollar production. It’s at the Rio in a $10,000,000 facility. Those guys are singers and choreographed dancers. I was impressed with the entertainment level that that show provided.”

Wait … they’re not strippers?

“The guys take their shirts off and they’re big old muscle-y guys,” he says. “That whole thing’s involved with it still, but they’re not doing lap dances and getting single dollar bills in their g-strings. It’s a seriously well-put-together show. You know how Vegas is now. You’ve got to have serious entertainment, and that’s what goes on with that show at the Rio.”

One source of encouragement is his wife Amanda, who cheers him on to go for the Chippendales gig and attends the debut performance.

“She said, ‘You should think about doing it.’ She actually encouraged me to do the gig and I think for her, she thought it was something that’s a good opportunity for me. She’s a fan of my music and for me, it’s a good way for me to get the new music out there and show people a different dimension as far as the entertainment factor of me as a solo artist.”

Despite his growing contentment with the all-male revue, he doesn’t see himself growing so comfortable that he would bare all in the pages of a men’s magazine.

“They put some photos from my first solo album, Whisper That Way, in Playgirl. I would never do Playgirl naked. There’s no way! I’m way too shy for that. There’s no way!”

Hm, he doesn’t want to embarrass his family?

“No, it’s more about myself,” he confesses. “I think I have so much support with my family and everybody knows how the entertainment business goes. I think that for me, I’m very private about my private parts. I’m shy about that stuff. I’m even shy about taking my shirt off. They had us taking our shirts off in every photo shoot for 98 Degrees.”

Thanks to the Chippendales gig, one bonus is the month he will spend in Sin City.

“I like Las Vegas, but I don’t gamble too much,” he says. “I like to go and see the shows there. I went with my wife. Recently we went to see Peepshow. I like to go there and socialize. I have a lot of friends in Vegas, so for me it’s a good time to get away from the family and go out there and enjoy time on my own. We always have a fun time when we’re in Vegas.”

Another bonus? He’s staying at the Rio.

“It’s a beautiful suite,” Jeff says. “They’re taking care of me for this. It’s new for them. They’ve never had a celebrity guest go in there and they’re trying to revamp the image of what people think the Chippendales are all about and if you go see the show, it’s totally different than what you expect.”

He continues, “The Rio is awesome! It’s a beautiful casino. It’s got three or four pools and the staff is accommodating. It’s an enjoyable time. It’s fantastic.”

Former 98 Degrees Member Makes Sexy Chippendales Debut


Jeff Timmons, the former 98 degrees singer made his debut at Chippendales in Las Vegas. Chippendales is best known for its male erotic dancing and striptease performances. The news of Timmons joining Chippendales came as a shock for some when it was announced back in April. Timmons was not the most well-known member of the group, overshadowed by Nick and Drew Lachey. So it is understandable that the singer would join Chippendales once the checks stopped coming in.

Timmons can be seen stripping his shirt off while the crowd lets out a huge cheer. The crowd is filled with seas upon seas of women screaming for Timmons. Arguably the band's name has not been relevant since the "Thank God I Found You" collaboration with Mariah Carey and Joe. 98 degrees is no longer touring and making records so going to seeing Timmons at Chippendales in Las Vegas may be the next best thing.

Turning up the heat on a pop star’s Vegas favorites


Calling all boy band groupies! Jeff Timmons, former member of 98 Degrees, is spending one month in Las Vegas guest starring in the sizzling hot show at the Rio, Chippendales. Timmons begins a guest engagement Thurs.-Sun. May 12 through June 5 in the famous male revue where six-packs reign and grown women scream for more. Timmons acts as an emcee and performs some of 98 Degrees’ beloved hits. He recently chatted with Las Vegas Magazine’s Emma Trotter on what he loves about Las Vegas.

Tao. That’s probably my favorite place to eat here.

Rain and Pure, and sometimes I go to Ghostbar, VooDoo Lounge and the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip.

Chippendales, The Show
The show is a multimillion-dollar production. It’s not that connotation that it’s a strip show and people put dollar bills in—the guys are so talented, they sing, they dance, it’s choreographed.

I’m a night owl and one of the cool parts of Vegas is it never shuts down. There’s always something to do here. I will just hang out and have drinks and conversation, and not really have a whole lot of responsibility. I blow off steam. Gamble a little bit, have some drinks, have some fun, laugh, don’t worry about any of the businesses I’m working on, let my kids have fun at the pool wherever we are at and go shopping.

I’ve seen Blue Man Group, which I thought was incredible. Carrot Top is funny as hell; he’s awesome. I have seen Barry Manilow here. A lot of people don’t know how well the shows are produced here, too.

Great outdoors
A couple of my friends have places in Lake Mead. They have boats, so we go hang out sometimes. Lake Mead is really nice and beautiful.

CityCenter has good shopping at Crystals, and at Tom Ford there. And any Louis Vuitton. The kids and my wife love to shop.

Suite life
I stay at the Palms quite a bit, and Rio and Hard Rock, most of the trendier, younger kind of hip spots. The best suite I ever had was at Bellagio. It was crazy; it was really nice. We presented here for an awards show and they put me in this huge room with a Jacuzzi in the middle, and marble—and I was by myself!

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SCPA Discusses New Lachey TV Show

Written by jkiesewetter

In case you didn’t see Jessica Brown’s story today, Drew Lachey explained his proposed “Glee”-style reality TV show about the revived musical theater major at the School for Creative & Performing Arts to the school’s governing board yesterday. Here’s a link to her story in which he said creative control would be retained by his Flying Pigs Production (which he owns with brother Nick), and would not be relinquished to any network. MTV had creative control over Nick’s “Taking the Stage” in 2009-2010. Parents also complained about how MTV cameras disrupted class work.

“If the show happens, we heard about the concerns … with the last show. I will do anything within my power to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Drew said.

“We’re not going to try to go to MTV and do a show like ‘Jersey Shore’ or a ‘Desperate Housewives of CPS.’ We want this to be a positive thing for Cincinnati. We don’t want to capitalize on the negative. There are network homes for what we want to do. There are people who want good TV.”

Is another SPCA reality TV show a good idea? Would you watch?

Jeff Bday Bash at Aura



JEFF TIMMONS of 98 Degrees~ Live in concert "ROCK CANCER"

See THIS Facebook page for details....

Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees LIVE in concert at "Rock Cancer" June 25th in Preservation Plaza located in the heart of the "Iowa Great Lakes". Join us for this fun event in NW Iowa, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. The relay for life team "Real Live Women" have an amazing event planned you won't want to miss! See you in Arnolds Park, IA for a great cause to support & an evening to remember! Jeff Timmons will headline the concert with some great opening acts such as Rhythmicure.
Stay tuned for upcoming details! There will be a very special VIP package available that will include a meet & greet with Jeff. Contact or with any questions. SAVE the Date & plan to come!

Jeff Timmons
founding member of the multi-platinum group 98 Degrees

(7) Top 10 Hits including “Because of You, I Do, and The Hardest Thing”

Appeared on VH1’s Mission Man Band and MTV’s Made
New solo album and single coming this summer!
Only Midwest Appearance in 2011

Singer Jeff Timmons Performing With Chippendales

Jeff Timmons bridges 98 Degrees, hoops and Chippendales


Jeff Timmons, whose tattoo reflects the name of his former band, not the temperature in the photo studio.

Across the table sat Jeff Timmons, a founding member of 98 Degrees and, for a time, a guest star of the adult male production Chippendales at the Rio.

Yet somehow, the conversation started not with how and why Timmons decided to spend some of his on-the-clock time with a bunch of oily dancers donning leather trou.

Instead, the ’90s era pop sensation bemoaned LeBron James’ inflammatory exit from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. This conversation started without warning because Timmons hails from Canton, Ohio, and Tricia McCrone is from Cleveland. And McCrone is in play here because she co-hosts “Kats With the Dish,” which gives her a suitable platform to ask a member of 98 Degrees about NBA free agency.

Thus, two-thirds of those in the conversation had an interest in how and why James left the Cavaliers and signed with the Heat last off season, and McCrone swiftly asked Timmons if he is still a fan of the Cavs.

“I was, I was. But I am not,” Timmons said. When asked about James, he said, “I am disappointed in LeBron James. … I am in the entertainment business, and at the end of the day, fans think that you owe them something specifically, and you do -- great entertainment. But the way he left was very arrogant, in the way he presented it.”

Timmons, who said he understood James’ desire to win an NBA title with a better cast of players, also assessed James’ performance in last year’s NBA playoffs by saying, “He quit. He quit.” Never mind that James and the Heat just whipped the Celtics 4-1 to advance to the Eastern Conference finals of the NBA playoffs.

As the sports talk indicates, it was a pretty freewheeling, lacking-in-focus, interview segment, which you can link to at We did get around to why Timmons is onstage with Chippendales beginning Thursday and running through June 5. We learned that Timmons is not actually applying the body oil and dancing with the troupe, but he’s slotted in the show to sing to the largely female audience and add some star propulsion to the 9-year-old Las Vegas production. The first three years were spent at Club Rio, then the show moved to its own theater at the Flamingo Road parking garage entrance to the casino.

Timmons will sing 98 Degrees’ hits (the band has sold 15 million albums, so there is plenty to pluck from), uncork some of his own new solo material and also emcee the show.

“I would never have thought of doing this in a million years,” said Timmons, who assigns responsibility (or, maybe, blame, depending on if he is buried under an avalanche of women during the performance) on Chippendales PR man Michael Caprio. “A lot of people might not remember me from 98 Degrees, and I have my own material out there. It might be a good way to get my name back out there. … It’s a multimillion-dollar production, I checked it out, and the elements that I would be providing would bring another sort of entertainment to a show that is already entertaining for a lot of fans who hit my demographic already.”

Which is, mostly, amped-up women.

“I’m really looking forward to the opportunity,” Timmons said. He might well be the one performer to take this team to the next level, something LeBron James himself would certainly understand.

interview :: Jeff Timmons

Ron Matthew Inawat

From boy band to solo artist to Vegas Strip sensation, interviews gay-friendly 98 Degrees teen idol, Jeff Timmons

Surround yourself with folks you trust. Believe in yourself 100% and ignore the haters."

Jeff Timmons, former member of the multi-platinum selling group 98 DEGREES, joins Vegas' all-male stripping dance troupe, the Chippendales, for a limited engagement this season.

photo credit:
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Starting tomorrow, Timmons will be performing as guest emcee and vocalist for the Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel and Casino through June 5th.

The straight, yet gay-friendly, Timmons said his gay fans were "just as awesome and respectful as my straight fans" during an interview in 2003 with recently spoke with the former teen idol about his journey from boy band superstar to "Las Vegas Strip" sensation:

RM: (Ron Matthew Inawat) What has your fan reaction been like since the news came out that you were joining the Chippendales?

JT: (Jeff Timmons) Surprisingly everything has been great! I thought I'd get killed with people saying it's cheesy, but the Chippendales brand is so well known, that it's been well received.

RM: When our readers go to see a Chippendales show, what type of performance should they expect to experience?

JT: Well, obviously I don't look like those guys. They're shredded hulks. But - I will be emceeing, singing, and who knows? Maybe I will flash a little skinnie skin.

RM: Yes, I heard through the grapevine that there may be collars and cuffs in store during the show!

Can you tell us the titles of a few song favorites we'll hear during the show?

JT: I will be performing a few 98 Degrees hits and a new song. Can't spoil the surprise!

RM: You've accomplished so much as an artist in the music industry. Is there a larger dream you have yet to accomplish?

JT: Wow, thank you. I have a lot of major goals and aspirations. I would love to win a Grammy. Write and produce for major artists. Work with Christina Aguilerra.

RM: Where do you get your musical inspiration from? And which of your tracks to date is the most "special" to you?

JT: I love Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Joe, The Eagles, Journey, and many more. All of them inspire me. I love one of my new tunes called "It Factor." Folks can get it free at

RM: What advice would you give for younger entertainers heading into the entertainment industry? What life lessons in entertainment would be worth sharing to those just starting out?

JT: Learn as much as you can about the BUSINESS side. It is the Music BUSINESS for a reason. Surround yourself with folks you trust. Believe in yourself 100% and ignore the haters.

RM: In an interview with, you welcomed your gay following. You said that sexual orientation has never been something that intimidated you and that you were raised never to discriminate against people: "I'm just happy to have people liking music. If I have a huge gay following I'm totally cool with that. 98 Degrees had a big gay following. We would go overseas to places like Germany and go to a club that was an exclusively gay club. It's all about getting in front of your fan base and performing. I've never had a problem with it. I've embraced it. I grew up in a small town. Not everyone has an open mind about things like that. I was raised a certain way, and if I behaved any differently my parents would kick my butt."

Your parents were obviously a great influence on how you've turned out. (Thank you Jeff Timmons' parents!) In a time where bullying and teen suicide hits the media waves frequently, it's more important than ever to have straight allies like you - especially those who are idolized by many teens and young people.

What positive message would you give to young people who are going through those trials and unsure about whether things will get better?

JT: Again, thank you!

I would say keep your "faith." I am not advocating a specific faith or religion, just your own faith. Believe that GOD or the universe will make things better, and if you do, it will.

RM: So, tell us a secret that you've never ever shared in a previous interview.

JT: There was a very dark time in my life where I lost my faith. The second I got it back everything turned around for me. Life has not been roses for me because I am a celebrity. It has been a test, but ultimately I've been blessed.

RM: We just have to ask: If you were born a gay man, who would be your first man date? and why?

JT: Strangely, no one comes to mind.....

RM: Everyone on the net has seen your shirtless photos and it's evident you do some working out - so what's the most important aspect to your workout regimen?

JT: I've stepped it up for the Chipps. It's P90X, Atkins diet, and heavy free weights. I still fucking can't hang with these cats!

RM: So, If we were to see your life on the big screen, which actor would you like to play the part of Jeff Timmons in a biographical movie?

JT: It would have to be someone neurotic. I don't really know.

RM: Is there a special cause or charity you'd like to mention that's close to your heart?

JT: I have several, but my new favorite is Camp Kessem, a charity for kids with terminally ill parents.

RM: Is there an upcoming album we can expect to see? What do fans have to look forward to on the album?

JT: I am releasing my whole album for free with videos for each song. We are releasing the song in magazines and websites. You will be able to scan a QR code with you phone's camera and download the music right off of the page. Cool stuff!

RM: Thanks for taking the time to chat with, Jeff. Have a great time with the Chippendales!

Drew Lachey


Drew Lachey

The governing board of the School for Creative & Performing Arts is holding a special meeting Wednesday with local celebrity Drew Lachey.

The board - the Local School Decision Making Committee - wants to learn more about a proposal by Drew and his wife Lea to revive the musical theater program at the school. Drew Lachey has also proposed a spin-off reality show about the revival project.

In documents obtained by the Enquirer he calls it "the reality version of Glee."

The meeting takes place at 4:30 p.m. at the school, 108 W. Central Parkway, Downtown.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Celebrities Hit the Red Carpet

Written by Mario Anderson

People are in town to watch the Kentucky Derby, but also here to see all the celebrities make their way on the red carpet.

"it's amazing. If you've never been. And, we've been to big events, but there's nothing like the derby. Nothing like the derby," says celebrity TV chef, Guy Fieri.

"there's nothing like Kentucky, baby! There is nothing like Kentucky. That's the bottom line. This is my town baby," adds country music star Eddie Montgomery

One by one, stars from throughout the entertainment world dressed to impress as they made their way to witness the most exciting two minutes in all of sports

"i'm just so excited to people watch and see some of my friends and have good times with my girlfriends that are here. So, I'm looking forward to it," explains TV sports broadcaster Erin Andrews

"well everyone looks fabulous. I was just like whew, oh my gosh, so fancy,'' explains TV personality, Martha Stewart

"that has been one of the greatest things. Watching people's hats like match or correlate and I already want to come back next year. So i'm already taking notes and getting ideas," explains reality TV star Kate Gosselin

"it's so fun and love that the guys are getting into it too, like yourself. Look at you, purple and white, purples a good color on you, I think," mentions supermodel Nikki Taylor

While fashion was on the mind for some of the celebs, others, focused on which horse to place their bets on

"I guess you have a few extra dollars to spend out here, don't you?, compared to last year," says NBA star Patrick Patterson

"i come in 100% expecting to lose my money and every year, pretty much, that's what exactly happens. So ya know, it is, what it is. It's part of the experience," explains popstar Nick Lachey

"let me tell ya, I bet on Big Brown years ago. I called it. I called it and I said anything big and brown was going to win," adds Actress Tichena Arnold

And, many of the celebrities who attended this year's derby, say they plan on coming back in 2012 to watch next year's race

Nick And Vanessa Arriving On A Flight At LAX

Theres 21 pictures.. all basically the same. If you wanna see more... Follow the source! =)

Nick Lachey Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. The couple was in Kentucky to watch the 137th Kentucky Derby Horse Race.
Nick Lachey Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. The couple was in Kentucky to watch the 137th Kentucky Derby Horse Race.
Nick Lachey Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. The couple was in Kentucky to watch the 137th Kentucky Derby Horse Race.
Lmao look at the dudes expression beside them! Hillarious!!
Nick Lachey Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. The couple was in Kentucky to watch the 137th Kentucky Derby Horse Race.
Nick Lachey Celebrity couple Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arriving on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. The couple was in Kentucky to watch the 137th Kentucky Derby Horse Race.
Nick Lachey Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo make their way through LAX. At the oversized baggage claim, NIck grabs what looks to be a large instrument case.
Nick Lachey Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo make their way through LAX. At the oversized baggage claim, NIck grabs what looks to be a large instrument case.
Nick Lachey Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo make their way through LAX. At the oversized baggage claim, NIck grabs what looks to be a large instrument case.
Nick Lachey Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo make their way through LAX. At the oversized baggage claim, NIck grabs what looks to be a large instrument case.

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Drew Dancing with the Stars 2011

The "Other" Jeff Timmons **VIDEO**


Yeah I have ABSOLUTELY NO words...


Since Jeff is the new Chippendales' Musical Guest and Emcee - Val wanted a shirtless photo:

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees is now the SPECIAL MUSICAL GUEST STAR and EMCEE at CHIPPENDALES in Las Vegas



(Thursday - Sunday nights)



Or call: (702) 777-7776

NYC March of Dimes Run 5/1 *Nick* Updated...


Vanessa Minnillo has a laugh playing with her phone with Nick Lachey in Madison Square Park, New York.

Players for the Planet Electronic Waste Collection Event


WHAS11 from the Derby Eve Barnstable Brown Party

Barnstable Brown Gala

Barnstable Brown Gala
Barnstable Brown Gala