Wednesday, February 27, 2013

98 Degrees Arthur Ashe Kids Day

98 Degrees Radio Music Awards

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Drew & Leah Lachey on Oprah

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Jeff Timmons & Justin Jeffre on Mtv 100

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Men of the Strip - Bridal Show at the Rio


Men of the Strip @ Lily Fashion Show


98 Degrees Mtv Rock n Jock *My Everything*

Jeff Timmons & Drew Lachey Much Music Interviews

98 Degrees Home for the Holidays 2000

Monday, February 25, 2013

98 Degrees Disney 2 Hour Tour

Mtv Trl Video music Awards 2000

98 Degrees Road to Summer Music Mania 2000

98 Degrees Revelation New CD Interview

98 Degrees on Live with Regis *Una Noche*

98 Degrees Live at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson on The View

Jeff Timmons, Jessica Simpson YM magazine shoot

98 Degrees Mickey Mouse Commercials

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Disney Concert

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Disney News Clip

Mtv New Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees

98 Degrees, Christina Aguilera, Nsync on Fox Family

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simspon on Fox Family

Thursday, February 21, 2013

98 Degrees announce their first album in 10 years

Korina Lopez, USA TODAY

The former boy band goes '2.0' on new release

On May 7, former boy band 98 Degrees turns up the heat with their first album in more than a decade, aptly called 2.0.
"We are really excited to bring our fans new music and get out on the road," said new dad Nick Lachey in a news release. "This is a long time coming."
Moms who are hoping to introduce their daughters to the music of their youth can get it done in one fell swoop. 98 Degrees join their former boy band colleagues New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men on the Package tour. It will cover 47 dates and kicks off in 98 days on May 28 in Connecticut, wrapping up Aug. 4 in Indiana. Tickets are on sale now.
Now that these guys are well past "new" or "boys," do you think they should update their names? Suggestions?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

98 Degrees Twitter Chat-- 2/20/13 pt2

Dina--  Are y'all performing new music or old hits? I still have all my original 97 Degrees CDs 

98 Degrees--  Both. Have to do the fan favorites-Drew

Anna Marie Silva-  how was it being back 2gether as a group w/new tour & album coming out soon? u did great on dwts

98 Degrees--  It feels awesome_drew

Crystal-Are you planning to bring the family? I can def see and Leah going boy band crazy like the rest of us 

98 Degrees--   Family has to be out there-Drew

Jennifer--  any chance of just a 98 degrees tour after the tour with nkotb and boyz II men? 

98 Degrees--  Maybe. Have to see if I get tire of Nick before then. lol-drew

Shauna--  How are you physically preparing for the road? 

98 Degrees--  Cardio, cardio and cardio-Drew

Amanda Elizabeth--  out of all the albums,what is your favorite one?

98 Degrees--  The Christmas record-Drew

Angela Franco--  What was it like to be back in the studio after a decade?

98 Degrees--  Strange at first but then we got back in the groove -Drew

Gwen Jane Zone--   Which song from 2.0 are you excited to perform live?

98 Degrees--  There are a couple that are going to be great to perform live-Drew

Julianna Stephanie- I have to ask Drew but what does your DWTS family think of  ? 

98 Degrees--  They are excited. Already asking for tickets-Drew

Shauna--  How did it feel to be back on the stage again after 10 years at last summer's MixTape? 

98 Degrees--  Performing live is my favorite thing in the world-Drew

Nazia--  Hi Drew!! Can I get a shout out from u plz!! Shhhhh u R my favorite ;) x

98 Degrees--  SHOUT OUT! Did you hear me-Drew

Amy--   Backstreet Boys or NSync? honest and don't say neither ;p 

98 Degrees-  NSYNC. They are friends of ours-Drew

Irmontes--  Drew what are your top 3 favorite things about being on tour? 

98 Degrees--  Fans, performing live and room service-Drew

Jessica Key--  what are you most looking forward to? New Album? Upcoming tour? Everything? 

98 Degrees--  It is all fantastic. Can't wait-Drew

Julianna Stephanie--  What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention whether at a concert or smaller event?

98 Degrees--  Use your imagination. LOL-Drew

Leigha cat--  So turning 21 was good for me, I turn 21 and you guys suddenly answer my wishes by putting out new music! AWESOME.

98 Degrees- Happy Birthday-Drew

Shauna--  How does your wife deal with all of these crazy, screaming women?  God bless her! I couldn't do it.

98 Degrees- She has been around since it all began. She gets it-Drew

Maggie--  What is one thing you look most forward to about ?? 

98 Degrees-- @ Getting back in front of you guys-Drew

Emmie Leigh--  how much are you singing on this album, Drew?

98 Degrees--  Everybody has their times to shine on this record-Drew

Maggie--  Who would you say is your BIGGEST inspiration? 

98 Degrees- Mr. Wonder, Boyz II Men

Amanda Elizabeth- where is a city/place you hope to visit in your career?

98 Degrees- South America-Drew

98 Degrees-- OK guys. My time is up. Get ready for Justin. Thanks and see you on the road- Drew

                   -- Hey all, this is Justin signing on. I'm ready to get my tweet on!
                   -- We'll have a lot of surprises coming for you all. We'll be touring,but we'll also being doing                    some promo stuff. So excited bout this record

98 Degrees--  We still have to decide what our favorite NKOTB and Boyz II Men song is. So many good ones to choose from,

Karen-- Will you guys be headlining a tour after your album? 

98 Degrees--  We plan on touring all summer.The way the package tour is selling it could go for a long time. Its a blast with the dirtydozen

Nickfanatic- @98offical  what record label are you guys with?

98 Degrees-- @NickFanatic_com The label is E1 and we are glad we have a new label. Looking forward to working with them

98 Degrees-Oops I guess I'm supposed to be putting Justin after each post. I'm still new to the twitterverse LOL!

                  --  Can't explain all the numbers but it adds up to some hot music!

Kaylee--  Which group are you most excited about collaborating with on ?

98 Degrees--  We are excited about working with both groups. Grew up liking them both and modeled our group after Boyz II Men!

Kaylee--  You will be singing I Do (Cherish You) this tour, right? :)

98 Degrees--  We will be doing all of the hits. It wouldn't be a 98 Degrees show without singing I Do. Many people got married to it

Michelle Lauren-- what's one of your favorite songs to sing live? 

98 Degrees- I'm not sure which song I like singing the most. Depends on what the ladies are feeling.Looking forward to singing new ones

98 Degrees-- I've never done one of these tweet chats. Its cool!. We will have to do this more often! Gotta go now. Cant wait to chat on the road!

                    --Thanks for all your support! You inspire us. Signing off now. Love you guys!!! Justin Please follow me at 

98 Degrees Twitter Chat-- 2/20/13 pt1

98 degrees-- Jeff is starting us off with today's chat ask your questions now using #98May7

Beerbabesuzi-- @98official Sooo We have Twenty.. And Ten and now 2.0 explanation for all of the numbers? ;) #98may7 This HAS to be asked!!

98 Degrees-- @BeerBabeSuzi 2.0 A new and improved version of #98Degrees!

Kat1025-- @98official Will a lot of the new music be in the show? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Kat1025 I think a combo of new and classics! - Jeff

Penny70-- @98official what artist is inspiring you these days? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @penny70 I am personally inspired by Bruno Mars - Jeff

Veligandux-- Hi Guys! Will you ever come back to see us UK fans???? (I love NICK) #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Veligandux I hope we will have the opportunity #98May7 - Jeff

Michelle Lauren-- @98official #98May7 what's your favorite song to sing live?

98 Degrees-@michellexlauren I love Invisible Man #98May7 - Jeff

Chuck Zamzow-- are you guys planning on doing any smaller a solo Indian Casino Tour after The Package Tour is over? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @chuckzamzow I hope we do! #98May7 - Jeff'

Yerdua4-- @98official Are planning to come back in Europe with your new album ?? Or with the package tour?? We miss yooouuu #98May7

98 Degrees--@yerdua4 I ran into @DonnieWahlberg in Vegas, and we talked about it. #98May7 - Jeff

Kristen Rich-- @98official Hey Jeff! Are you going to be bringing any of your Chippendales moves to @ThePackageTour ? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @kristenmrich @ThePackageTour Have seen my Chippendales moves? I think we'll leave those in #Vegas #98May7 - Jeff

Katie-- @98official can you please try to fit in a a stop in Denver? Pretty please? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @EllisFan14 We love the Mile High city. I hope so! #98May7 - Jeff
Annette Spenser-- #98May7 What makes you guys most excited about the new album and can't wait for your fans to hear?
98 Degrees-- @AMKS0517 We've got some new, contemporary sounds. #98May7 - Jeff

MirBunny-- @98official will you guys ever do a reality show? I would love to see you guys on tv! I was so excited when Mission Man Band was on #98May7

98 Degrees-- @mirbunny Mission Manband was a blast. Maybe there is some reality in our future pans. You never know. #98May7 - Jeff

Gwen Jane Zone- @98official #98May7 When will the first single from 2.0 be released?

98 Degrees-- We've got some good new tunes. I hope this song called 'Microphone' comes out first. We'll see. #98May7 - Jeff

Gwen jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 Will there be a South East Asian tour in the works?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone You know how we feel about SE Asia. We LOVE it there. #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Tanay-- @98official Will there be a song with just your voices accompanied by piano on the album?#98May7

98 Degrees- @Tanay_J I think we definitely will incorporate that vibe onto this album.#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Alyssa-@98official how old were you when you realized you wanted to be a singer? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @aformichelli I was in college. About 20-21.#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Colleen-@98official #98May7 what's the chances u will add a show to winnipeg Manitoba Canada . Need to see the show :(((((

98 Degrees-- @colleenp77 Love our Canadian fans. They are adding new shows daily, so we'll see! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Abby Masuda-@98official is the album be in stores #98may7

98 Degrees--abigail_masuda Yes, Abby! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Tiffany-- @98official How do u feel about having fans that are younger like myself, I will be 21 #Aug2nd #98May7

98 Degrees-- @tiffydachica We are flattered for sure! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Michelle Lauren-@98official will you only be singing old songs on tour or new ones too? #98May7 so excited

98 Degrees-@michellexlauren A little of both! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Jill-- @98official can you give us a sneak peak of your favorite track?! ;)#98May7

98 degrees@JKsJill They are still being mixed and mastered. maybe soon! v

Michelle Lauren-- @98official I'm coming three times to see you guys, can I get a follow? #98May7
98 Degrees-- @michellexlauren Gotcha! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Kelly-- @98official Jeff you should bring me on stage in dc 6/14 and sing "because of you" to me since it'll be my 25th bday?! 😘😎😊 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly Ok, we'll try, you little vixen!#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@MickiePho Thanks, Mickie! We love ya! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Jamie-- @98official Hey Jeff. It's Jaime from NK Airplay... any way you think we could interview all four of you sometime soon?

98 Degrees-- @DDUBsLadyJ I can ask! You can get me, at least! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Joanna-- @98official will u guys be singing" u r my everything"? I have tickets for Nashville show!! :)#98may7

98 Degrees-@sabellajoannar Probably! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@BeerBabeSuzi @Amanda_Timmons You are the best! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@89_laurac Can't wait to see ya!

Halley Ayers-- @98official what can we expect during the VIP m&g during the tour?!#98May7

98 Degrees-- @NCComet86 Lotsa love ! ;P #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

LisaLisa98-- @98official when are u guys coming back to #Hawaii?? ;)@jefftimmons98 cc @chazico @le96744 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @jefftimmons98 @chazico@le96744 Not soon enough! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official which producers were you most excited to work with?#98may7

98 Degrees--@julianna12o7 I hope to work with Bruno Mars and his guys!

@atlautismmom @jefftimmons98 @NickSLachey Not sure we'll have time in our set for that! ;)

Tara--@NickSLachey We send questions to @98official ?

98 Degrees-- @TaraMac_21 @NickSLachey yep-nick

Tiffany-- @98official Have u ever visited #BuffaloNY We could totally do@SpotcoffeeHQ What places have u toured that u can't wait to go back?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @tiffydachica @SpotcoffeeHQ Yep. we love @shyguyshawn#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98
98 Degrees--@tiffydachica @SpotcoffeeHQ been to buffalo a lot over the years!! great fans there. -nick

Julianna Stephanie--  @98official Were the voices easily distributed throughout the album or do Nick and Drew have more solo parts?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 everyone is singing on this record...sounding great.-nick

Okay! I'm out! Thanks for the great questions! Love you all! #98May7- Jeff @jefftimmons98 I think @NickSLachey is up next! Peace!

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official Are the songs on the album more upbeat or slow tempo-ed? If upbeat, will we see some sweet dance moves?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 a little more upbeat, but still very 98 degrees-nick

Beth Hersch-- @98official What is your favorite thing about touring? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @bhersch meeting our fans-nick

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official If you had a chance to collaborate with any other boyband, who would they be? Excluding Nkotb & B2M.

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 new edition-nick

Amanda-- @98official are you coming to Massachusetts? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @CassPiamyheroes yep, 2 nights in boston-nick

Beth Hersch-- @98official #98May7 Are you excited to sing new songs for your long time fans?

98 Degrees-- @bhersch very! it's a new chapter that we can't wait to share with you guys-nick

Melly D-- @98official person you'd love to have lunch with, dead or alive?

98 Degrees-- @ETownMelly abraham lincoln-nick

Jenn Stough-@98official Will any of your new songs be released before the album?! #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough yes, single in march-nick

Jenn Stough-- @98official Are you planning any other tours following the package tour? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough hope so!-nick

Krystal-- @98official What was your main inspiration for the new album? #98May7

98 Degrees-@Krys04 just getting back together again and singing-nick

Patricia-- @Krys04 just getting back together again and singing-nick

98 Degrees-- @lovelovelove343 a good mix of old and new-nick

Kristen Rich-- @98official Hey Nick! Will Camden be joining you in the studio this time around? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @kristenmrich absolutely-nick

Marielle-- @98official Any plans to visit Europe? :) #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Girly_Elle none yet-nick

Lisa Lisa 98-- @98official @NickSLachey When is the new single coming out and is it a ballad? #98May7 #HawaiiMissesU ;)

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @NickSLachey comes out in march. you'll just have to wait and see-nick

Nick Fanatic-- #98may7 @98official @nickslachey will you guys be doing smaller appearances/autograph signings to promote the album?

98 Degrees-@NickFanatic_com @NickSLachey i'm sure we will-nick

Michelle Lauren-- @98official What is your favorite song to sing live? #98May7
98 Degrees-- @michellexlauren hard to pick just one-nick

Jessica Talbot-- @98official what's the city you are most excited to visit during your upcoming tour? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @jtalbot925 always fun to play your hometown, so cincy!-nick

Anne Marie Silva-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 what kind of sound is your new album like? & are u excited to tour with the new kids & boyz 2 men?

98 Degrees-- @JoeyMacsGirl34 @NickSLachey the sound is evolved. very excited to tour with those guys-nick

Anne Marie Silva-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 what kind of sound is your new album like? & are u excited to tour with the new kids & boyz 2 men?
98 Degrees-- @JoeyMacsGirl34 @NickSLachey the sound is evolved. very excited to tour with those guys-nick

Jill-- @98official what was it like being back in the studio together after such long break & Was there a "re-getting to know you" period? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @JKsJill like riding a bike-nick

Ellie Bobick-- @98official What's the best thing about releasing a new album after some time off?? #98may7

98 Degrees-@Ellie_Bobick a chance to come back together fresh with new life experiences to draw from-nick

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 What can people expect from the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone HITS-nick

Alicia-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 If I paid for the meet and greet for one of your concerts can I get an individual pic with you to!?

98 Degrees-- @xoMSAliciaxo @NickSLachey for sure-nick

Julianna Stephannie- @98official Rumors are that you guys will be serenading some of your fans. Is this true? #98may7
98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 we always have-nick

I love ali-- @98official can you tell us the name of your favorite song from the new album? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @is2cullens impossible things-nick

Tara-- @98official Are you releasing any tracks to radio before the album release date? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @TaraMac_21 yep-nick

Jennifer-- @98official what made you guys decide to come back together #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenwahlberg we missed singing together-nick

Kelly-- @98official will you guys headline your tour after the cd is out?! Btw, love you nick! 😘 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly we'll see-nick

Lisa Lisa98-- @98official Does @JustinJeffre1 have a solo part on this 2.0 album?? Wait is he gonna tweet? Maybe I should ask him ;)#98May7

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @JustinJeffre1 yep-nick

Amanda-- @98official what is the most craziest thing that has ever happened to you while on tour? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @CassPiamyheroes too many things too pick just one-nick

Troy-- #98may7 any plans on coming to Hawaii? @98official
98 Degrees-- @troytaka god, i hope so-nick

98 Degrees-- @chazico latest, greatest version of 98 degrees-nick

Maggie-- @98official Who would you like to do a duet with? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @DdubsMagPie boys 2 men-nick

Eddie-- @98official COME TO IRELAND ON THE TOUR??? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @divadaz nothing planned yet-nick

Heidi-- @98official will you sing any of your solo songs?@NickSLachey

98 Degrees-- @HeidiCole1 @NickSLachey not sure. should i?-nick

98 Degrees-- i'm done guys......thanks for hanging our with me. see you on the road-nick

                            -- Now it is my turn - Drew

Liz-- @98official how is this album in comparison to your previous music? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @Lizzidoll There is a natural growth but so far I am loving it #98may7

Sarah-- @98official How does it feel to be back again making music together? Does the sound change bc u guys all have families now? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @SarahR36 The sound doesn't but the meaning to some songs does-Drew

Ellie-- @98official where is your favorite place you ever performed at?!#98may7

98 Degrees-- @Ellie_Bobick Every place has a special place but Broadway is right up there-Drew

Maggie-- @98official Who would you like to do a duet with? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @DdubsMagPie Robin Thicke is up there- Drew

Jennifer-- @98official what made you guys decide to come back together#98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenwahlberg Missed their smiling faces-Drew

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 How many tracks will there be on the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone Probably around 10-Drew

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 Who inspired you guys for the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone There is lots of great music out right now-Drew

Kelly-- @98official drew, can you make my 25th bday the best ever, and bring me on stage in dc?! πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜ŽI would never forget it #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly Have to wait and see-Drew

Jenn Stough-- @98official Out of all of your songs, which is your favorite?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough O Holy Night on the Christmas record has to be one of them-Drew

Leigha Cat-- @98official What's the name of your favorite song on the new album? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @PixiePaparazzi Microphone or Impossible Things-Drew

Amanda Elizabeth-- @98official do you have a favorite song on the new album?#98may7

98 Degrees-- @otownfan I like them all for different reasons-Drew