Thursday, November 19, 2009

11/10 2 Deep Zone with Nick Lachey and Andrew Hawkins: Thoughts and Suggestions?


This week’s show discussed the Bengal’s season up to this point and their upcoming game with the Pittsburg Steelers, the Nationally ranked Cincinnati Bearcats football team, and had special guests Nick Lachey and Artrell’s brother, Andrew Hawkins. Now that you have heard what the guys in the studio have to say about the latest football talk, what do you as a listener have to say? What questions do you have for the guys? Who would you like to hear from on the show? Any topics are up for discussion and Artrell and the guys would like to hear what you have to say!

Thanks to Leslie at Nickfanatic for this

• Nick Lachey phoned into 2 Deep Zone yesterday along with interviewer Artrell Hawkin's brother Andrew discussing the Bengals & Bearcats seasons.
Listen to the podcast @ (Just click on the link '11/10/09' just above the video clips on the right side. Nick is on between 21 mins and 31 mins.)