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Chris Rich and Jeff doing dances from the guys former groups.

Jeff Timmons snipit in Dallas

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees performing at the Movin 107.5 Back to Old School Bash. Dallas, TX House of Blues.

Jeff Timmons-Smash

Thanks to Janet, Bob & Mickie for yet another awesome video of Jeff!! :P

Jeff Timmons in Dallas talkin' bout stuff!

Thanks to my girl Mickie..... :)

Justin Jeffre’s Council Campaign Quietly Collects Surprising Endorsements

The Cincinnati Beacon
Monday, September 24, 2007

Posted by Media Release

Justin Jeffre’s city council campaign has quietly earned a diverse and noteworthy collection of endorsements.

Bill Joiner, a Democratic activist who has been a vocal opponent of Jeff Berding, has endorsed Jeffre. “I have been a loyal Democrat for many years because I believe in traditional Democratic values,” explained Joiner. “I recognize that not every Democrat lives up to those values, and there are others who are not Democrats but who, despite their party labels, embrace those Democratic values. I believe Justin Jeffre is one of those persons, and I am happy to endorse his candidacy for City Council.”

Former Democratic mayor of Forest Park and candidate for County Commission, Stephanie Dumas, has endorsed Jeffre, too. “His creativity, energy and willingness to seek innovative solutions makes him an ideal candidate to move Cincinnati forward,” said Dumas. “Justin truly has a heart for the people.”

These come in addition to the support of organizations like the Southwest Ohio Green Party, and CincyLatino.

Other Democrats have started to follow suit. Jenny Edwards , an active Democrat living in the West End, has also endorsed Jeffre. “I’ve had opportunity to get to know Justin working with major Democratic campaigns and issues; in one instance, he was the opposition. Endorsing him is easy as he lives and walks the talk of Democratic values,” said Edwards.

Other area progressives have lined up behind Jeffre, including Georgine Getty and Dan LaBotz.

“As an advocate and media watchdog, Justin Jeffre has always been a friend to those who need him: young people, poor people, people without meaningful access to local government, working families and people hungry for thoughtful information on difficult subjects (and not just glossy sound bites),” said Georgine Getty. “He is not afraid to speak truth to power, in fact, he thrives on it.”

“We need to turn away from the corporate-dominated politics that serve big business but neglect our communities,” said Dan LaBotz. “We need to go green with planned and sustainable development, we need to overcome the city’s legacy of racism and discrimination. We need city politicians who think in terms of the larger political context. For all of these reasons, I urge Cincinnatians to vote for Jeffre for City Council.”

While area PACs are rolling out their endorsements of incumbents and big money candidates—indicating, perhaps, the desire for some kind of exchange-rate to accompany endorsements—Jeffre’s campaign is building upon a network of dedicated activists determined to change the face of Cincinnati’s political landscape.

“I am proud to be supported by such a diverse group of hardworking and dedicated individuals,” said Jeffre.

Other endorsements include celebrity Nick Lachey, UC Historian Mark Lause, and former Green candidate for Ohio Governor and election-rights activist Bob Fitrakis.

Update: Pamela Smitherman has endorsed Justin Jeffre. “I endorse Justin Jeffre because he supports issues that directly impact the average citizen, such as recycling, keeping health clinics open, maintaining the 1.5% budget allotment for human services, and keeping recreation centers and pools open for community use.” said Smitherman. “He does not support the jail tax. He is against corporate welfare which takes resources away that can be used for a larger portion of the city’s population. I suggest people closely compare what we have on council now and what Justin Jeffre has to offer.”

Lachey Fills Harris' Dancing Shoes

Lachey Fills Harris' Dancing Shoes

by Natalie Finn
Tue, 25 Sep 2007 03:52:11 PM PDT

He already knows the ins and outs of the ballroom, after all.

After helping Tom Bergeron kick off season five Monday night, season-two champ Drew Lachey will continue to fill in for Dancing with the Stars cohost Samantha Harris for the extent of her maternity leave, E! News has confirmed.

Harris gave birth to daughter Josselyn Sydney Hess early Sunday morning in Los Angeles, the first child for her and husband Michael.

So, about a day and a half before showtime, Lachey got the call and promptly stepped into Harris' shoes (albeit not her usual heels), conducting backstage interviews and urging viewers to vote for their favorite contestants.

While Lachey didn't miss a beat, being on the other side of the microphone did make him long for his dancing days—for about a minute.

"Then I remember how my back hurt and my knees hurt by the time it was over, and I’m happy with my new job," the former boy bander told People backstage. "I’m all dressed up [with] somewhere to go for once."

Monday saw the premiere of Dancing with the Stars' new three-night format, with the men and women competing on separate shows, followed by a results show on Wednesday.

It was the women who took a turn around the floor first, doing either the fox-trot or the cha-cha.

Female faces (and legs, hands, carriage and charisma) to watch this season include Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan, who wowed the judges with her cha-cha and scored a 27 her first time out of the gate; Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, whose girl power was on full display en route to earning a 24; and former Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman and Bond girl Jane Seymour, who at 56 is going to be giving those younger gals a run for that disco ball trophy. She also scored a 24.

Rounding out the pack were Marie Osmond, Jennie Garth and Sports Illustrated cover girl Josie Maran, whose 16 was the lowest score of the night.

The ABC hoofers dominated the ratings, finishing as Monday's most watched show with 21.2 million viewers. The season premiere was up 1 million viewers over last September's opener.

The men—Vegas legend Wayne Newton, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., race car driver Helio Castroneves, model Albert Reed, billionaire Mark Cuban and soap star Cameron Mathison—strut their stuff Tuesday.

Drew & Cheryl in Orlando

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Message from Momma D

This message was posted by Mamma D!

Don’t forget to catch the SURESHOT : Mission ManBand Marathon on Sept 28th on VH1…. Also for those of you who has not seen the extra on Mission:Manband check it out on log onto V-Spot… Its HILARIOUS ! (Rich should be a stand up comedian for real!!!) LOLOL..

Keep you ears and eyes open for sureshot.. They could be coming to a town near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep Supporting the boys. They are awesome!!!!!!!!. . Their new sound is NEEDED!!!

Also Jeff Timmons is working on his 2nd CD.. Its scheduled to be release in NOV.. (we will keep you posted)!

Keep up with Houston Artist up and coming Male Pop star Bobby Soloman Smith ( his is AWESOME a True Talent, with an amazing voice…

Keeping to love people!!!!!!!!!!

Dianna "mama d" Liner
Liner Entertainment Group

MMB on Tyra Banks Show

Friday, September 21, 2007
Time: Check your local station

Theres a commercial there as well!! :)

Tyra Banks Show
Episode Detail: Tori Spelling and Mission: Man Band - Tyra Banks
Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott; Chris Kirkpatrick, Jeff Timmons and Rich Cronin of “Mission: Man Band.”

Tyra speaks with former "boy band" members Chris Kirkpatrick of "'N Sync," Jeff Timmons of "98 Degrees" and Rich Cronin of "LFO," who have joined together to form a new band on VH1's "Mission: Man Band," in search of their lost glory. The guys open up about the rise and fall of their fame that included drugs, groupies and one's battle with leukemia. Plus, Tyra gets a lesson in the basic boy band dance steps and gives the guys some new steps for their next video.

Another Night With Jeff

Crusin around the web I found another Blog on Movin 107.5 night at the beginning of the month!
They posted pics & of course were gonna share! :) Enjoy and thanks gos here:

Those of you who invited to the Movin’ 107.5 Back to the Old School party missed out! It was pretty nostalgic - P.M. Dawn, Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees, All-4-One, and Jordan Knight all did sets. It’s kind of funny to see how not-so-big-a-deal these guys are now…P.M. Dawn had a CD player on stage with them that was hooked up to the speaker system so they could manually control their backgrounds when they sang/rapped their songs. Oh wells…it was still cool. Things I learned:

  • I don’t really even remember who P.M. Dawn was.
  • The guys from 98 Degrees were buff back then, and the guy that was here still is.
  • All-4-One got OLD.
  • Jordan Knight still has it.

Also, even if you’re a semi-washed up singer, there’s still no shortage of girls trying to play graba$$ with you. Most of us normal guys are trying to find just one! ;P Still kinda crazy to be 10 feet away from these guys I spent a good amount of my teenybopper life listening to. Last time I saw Jordan Knight I had escaped my post running a fundraiser concession stand at an *NSYNC concert hoping to catch the dance break to “Give It To You”. Haha. Anyways, check the pics here!

Auditions for New ABC Primetime Show

Auditions for New ABC Primetime Show

new york city dance auditions
Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann
Hosted by: Drew Lachey

Seeking ALL types of amateur dancers & singers.
If you are 18 years of age or older come and show us what you’ve got!!!

“Dancing With The Stars” judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli will put their reputations on the line as they battle it out across the dance floor to create the ultimate group on a NEW ABC PRIMETIME TV SERIES hosted by Drew Lachey.

Central Park – Wollman Ice Rink
5th Ave & 60th Street
New York, NY 10021
Entrance: Central Park East Drive

Please check our website for updates & application/release
Or email us at:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Oh boy! It’s a Battle of the Man Bands!

Oh boy! It’s a Battle of the Man Bands!

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Sunday, September 9, 2007 -

Kingston homey Rich Cronin, late of LFO, former ’N Syncer Chris Kirkpatrick, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd are getting a second chance at fame and fortune thanks to their new VH1 reality show, “Mission: Man Band.”

But an L.A. group called the Man Band claims the cable network stole its name.

“With this show coming out, we can’t play a venue in L.A. without people expecting those (expletive) clowns,” complained Man Bander Tony Vitale, aka Man O’War, in an e-mail to the Track. “I mean, they should be expecting THESE (expletive) clowns!”

The Man Band has taken its case to MySpace [website] and YouTube and the group’s plight even has made VH1’s “Best Week Ever” show, which leads some to suspect their campaign is a hoax - and may even be a network promo for the “Mission: Man Band” show.

“It’s not a publicity stunt,” swore Chris Lee, aka Man Lee. “We really want them to stop.”

Chris told us that the group, which started in Savannah, Ga., when the members were in college, applied for a trademark back in 2005. He said they’ve hired an attorney who contacted VH1 on their behalf, to no avail.

But a network spokeswoman said the cable channel is sure there is no issue with the name, pointing out that the reality-show band is actually called SureShot, not Man Band.

The show follows the four aforementioned ex-boybanders as they attempt to make career comebacks with SureShot. It debuted two weeks ago and has already made Entertainment Weekly’s “Must List.”

Cronin, whose LFO career was sidelined while he battled leukemia, has a message posted on Man Band’s MySpace site giving props to the L.A. group.

“We bow down to the Man Band,” said Cronin. “We are Man Band fans.”

File Under: Man’s World.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nick's Videos

It's been quite awhile since we have heard anything out of Mr. Lachey. So I figured I would post two of his videos so we could relive the past for awhile!! :)


Movin 107.5 Back To Old School Concert

So this past weekend was the Movin 107.5 *Back to Old School* concert at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX. I really wanted to be there, but funds were lacking & I am hoping for things to happen closer to home later this Fall. Although several of my friends were in attendance! Hopefully they will let me share some of there pics from the show!! They were even lucky enough to get onstage & backstage!!
Here are some of the pics that I found here:

Mission Manband Epi 5 Highlights

Mission Manband Highlights epi 5







Mission Man Band Epi 5 extras!

Mission Man Band Epi 5 extras!


















Click here to get your own player.

On April 2007 Jeff and Victoria recorded their duet "Head Over Heels" at California Sound Studios and had a blast doing it!
About Victoria: This 15 year old Connecticut native began singing at the age of 8 under the advice of a friend who said it would help her asthma. Who could have known that this simple act would uncover such a big, beautiful voice with a 4+ octave range! She has performed locally for several years now, stunning audiences with her mature sound, and has been honored by the Connecticut Association of Public Schools for Excellence in the Performing Arts.
About Tom Callahan: Tom Callahan & Associates is a full service music consulting firm. TCA has thrived in a rapidly evolving music environment, developing the infrastructure and team to meet new and unique challenges that artists, labels, managers and producers face in developing their product.

A Man Evolving Outside of the Box

“It was an overnight success for us; from having nothing…to being on national tours…to having top ten singles…to traveling all around the world. Then all of a sudden the DJs weren’t feeling our music and were making fun of the ‘boy band’ thing. That is basically the end of 98 Degrees.” This is how Jeff Timmons described to VH1 the rise and fall of 98 Degrees - the R & B musical group that he founded over ten years ago.

After September 11, 2001, Jeff Timmons and the other 98 Degree members, composed of two brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, and Justin Jeffre all decided to pursue individual careers. Jeff says, “The timing was perfect, especially with a second child on the way. I was looking forward to just being home with my family, and taking a break from the hectic and chaotic tour life from over the past couple of years and returning back to the studio…but this time to learn it from the business side of the music industry.”

Jeff is a fan of all types of music and will take on challenging projects that he believes will help him develop and expose his additional musical talents. Now ten years later at the age of 34, Jeff says that he is the same person inside but is eager to learn other things in life. “Producing allows me to become fulfilled creatively while being in one place…instead of being on tour.”

More importantly, Jeff expresses that he is a happy guy who loves to make other people happy. He adds, “I like to know as much as I can about whatever I’m doing and then think outside the box.”

In thinking “outside the box,” Jeff was approached with an opportunity to be part of a new band. MISSION: Man Band, currently airing on VH1 (check local listings), joins together four former yet very diverse “boy band” members and places them in the lavish and spacious home of Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC). Included in the mix are Bryan Abrams (Color Me Badd) and Rich Cronin (LFO). After the first three episodes it became evident that Jeff was unwilling and had apprehensions about continuing to participate in the TV reality show. Jeff initially said, “I didn’t want to be apart of it at first… but later I saw that I was completely wrong. It ended up being one of the best experiences of my life and it really tested me. It took me out of my comfort zone…which is what I truly needed at the time. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” When asked about his first impressions of Chris, Bryan and Rich, his response was, “I immediately could see why they all sold so many records. Brilliant!”

What can we expect next from Jeff Timmons? Jeff says that he plans to stay busy. He has a solo album that will be released in late September or by early October. He also will continue to produce and perfect a model for non-traditional record distributions.

We often hear that we are what we make in life because of our life experiences. When asked about this statement, Jeff replies: “I would say that everything you are or experience in life is a result of your own actions. You create everything that happens in your life…consciously or subconsciously, good and bad situations alike. A lot of people don’t like that and want to point fingers at the world or the universe, God, or whatever…but ultimately you are where you’re suppose to be because of your choices.”

Jeff Timmons was a boy who truly became a man who is still evolving!

Friday, September 7, 2007


BANG Showbiz
Sept. 7, 2007 08:20 AM
Nick Lachey is set to open his own restaurant.

The former 'Newlyweds' star is going into business with Nicky Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama to open an American-style restaurant at Las Vegas' Luxor Hotel and Casino.

A source said, "It's going to be called the Company American Bistro.

"Nicky and Wilmer will be Nick's co-owners but the whole project is in partnership with Pure Management Group.

"They're opening in October."

Nicky, the younger sister of Paris Hilton, is a successful business woman and already owns her own chain of hotels.

Actor Valderrama, 27, is a notorious party boy who has previously dated Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan.

Lachey, 33, is a former boyband singer and ex-husband of Jessica Simpson. He is currently dating TV presenter and aspiring actress Vanessa Minnillo.

Nick is the latest in a long line of celebrities to open his own eatery.

Justin Timberlake's newly-launched New York restaurant 'Southern Hospitality' offers traditional Memphis-style recipes "like Mamma used to make."

Thursday, September 6, 2007

2 Manband Eps back to back Monday Night

2 Manband Eps back to back Monday Night
Thanks to Heather of there are TWO manband episodes BACK TO BACK on monday.
Last Chance is the one where they play the mansion. Then there's I love New York--the guys going to New York
to do interviews with record labels. Although if theyre showing two--the last one must be the season finale :(
Say it aint so! Wonder if theres a marathon on Sunday?

Drew & Nick at the airport

Nick & Vanessa at LAX *pics*

pics thanks to Popsugar

Sureshot *Work That Out*

Pretty kool that the guys can make fun of themselves here! :) It actually kinda reminds me of an early 80's video, Menudo style! LoL....Don't ask me why I couldn't tell ya. Watch it for yourself!! What do you think??

V & S Multi Makes a Splash on

V & S Multi Makes a Splash on
VH-1’s “Mission: Man Band”

When VH-1 came knocking, executive producer Patrick Stein and director Carl Verna, co-founders of Orlando-based production company V & S Multi, knew they were staring at a golden opportunity.

The music network wanted them to produce the first ever video for Sureshot, a pop group made up of former boy band legends Chris Kirkpatrick (N*SYNC), Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) Rich Cronin (LFO) and Bryan Abrams (Color Me Badd). The video would be featured in an episode of the VH-1 series Mission: Man Band which is documenting the now grown men’s effort to make it back to the top of the pop charts. The episode would also include behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the video.

For Stein and Verna, who previously teamed up for videos by such artists as Sisqo, Dope and Ment2B, it was a chance to showcase their skills before a national audience. There was just one catch: they had to shoot, edit and deliver the video in just 36 hours.

Naturally, they said “yes.” “We got the job on a Thursday and had to shoot it on Friday,” recalled Stein. “VH-1 needed the rough cut early the next day and a final that night to be ready for a public screening on Monday.”

Stein and Verna quickly met with the band members at Kirkpatrick’s Florida home. The group had a rough idea for the video, involving being chased by an evil wizard. “They wanted to do something completely different, something goofy and a little quirky,” said Verna, “like Saturday Night Live’s Digital Shorts.”

With the clock already ticking, Verna and Stein took the band (and a VH-1 documentary crew) on a mad dash to a costume shop, then returned to their production offices where Verna began drawing up storyboards and weaving the band’s ideas into a coherent narrative. Early the next morning, they found themselves on a sound stage at Full Sail Production School where Verna teaches filmmaking. “We shot on a stage they call ‘Candy Land,’” said Verna, who acted as his own DP and camera operator. “It has a cartoony atmosphere that was perfect for this script. We shot for 14 hours and then went into an all-night editing session.”

Stein and Verna turned in a rough cut the next day. Both the band and the network loved it, so it was back to V and S’s production facilities for final editing. What should have been a routine procedure, suddenly took a bizarre turn when there was a neighborhood power outage. “We ended up finishing the video in my car on a laptop computer powered through an AC adapter,” Stein recalled. John Macintosh did the editing and James Owens was the post production supervisor.

In the finished video the ‘evil wizard’ is bent on wiping out all the boy bands in the universe. The band goes to incredible lengths to foil the plot with its various members appearing alternately as Abraham Lincoln, Emperor Nero, a Viking and Elvis. In one scene, the band appears underwater, in another, they are in a jungle pursued by toy dinosaurs. The wizard turns Kirkpatrick into a bat, Timmons into a tab of Alka Seltzer, Cronin into a pineapple and Abrams into a baseball bat. In the end, the wizard himself blows up in a puff of smoke.

Not bad for a day and a half’s worth of work. “There were performance shots as well where we camped it up and had fun,” noted Verna. “The band is dressed in a hip hop wardrobe with oversized chains and foil on their teeth.” The quality of the finished product pins a happy ending on this episode of Mission: Man Band and Stein and Verna come off looking like heroes.

Stein and Verna currently have plans to produce their own reality series featuring rap star Sisqo. They are also currently producing The Girls of Stare Magazine for inHD’s MOJO block and are in pre-production for a comedy feature Action News 5, which begins shooting in October. Additionally, they have just completed a music video for up-and-coming hip hop artist BEDO on KDS Urban Records.

For more information visit

Council Candidate Justin Jeffre meets with Todd Portune, Joins NAACP on Steps of the Courthouse

Council Candidate Justin Jeffre meets with Todd Portune, Joins NAACP on Steps of the Courthouse

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Posted by Media Release

Hamilton County Commission President Todd Portune met this afternoon with Justin Jeffre and other members of the Southwest Ohio Green Party, attempting to gain the support of progressives for his nearly billion dollar jail proposal.

"I appreciate Commissioner Portune taking time to sit down with us,” said Jeffre. “But I am still waiting to see a real comprehensive plan that addresses the racial disparity in our justice system. And I also want to call on City Council to repeal their Draconian marijuana ordinance. Portune reaffirmed, at our meeting, his desire to see that ordinance repealed. I’m disappointed David Pepper has not followed Portune’s lead on that issue.”

Though the Southwest Ohio Green Party has not voted on an official statement, Jeffre said he continues to oppose the jail plan. That’s why he joined Christopher Smitherman and the NAACP on the steps of the Courthouse for a press conference this afternoon.

“Portune and Pepper have said that 300 prisoners need to be released early due to a lack of jail space,” said Jeffre. “I am behind the NAACP in asking that they make Levonn Smith their first early release.”

In a press statement issued last week, Smitherman claimed that Levonn Smith’s situation is an example of a broken criminal justice system.

“We keep being told about a great need for new jail beds, but I don’t think Levonn Smith is an example of a threat to our community,” explained Jeffre. “This is why so many people oppose the nearly billion dollar jail. We must work towards the equal application of justice.”

Monday, September 3, 2007

Jeff Timmons Canton, Ohio 5/24/07

OMG I know these videos are from this past spring. But I had Sooooo much fun that night with my girls in Ohio. I just had to share! LOL....Thanks go's out to Mickie for catching this amazing night on Film. And Kudo's to my good friend Jeff for being the great guy that he is!! I'll continue to support him & his career for years to come, just because of that reason!! :)

And the next video if you look very closely you'll see a Blond & a Brunette on the side of the stage! That's Me *Suzi* and *Corinne* up on the stage as usual. It never fails!! This was at the Afterparty at the Bar in Canton. Needless to say losta Beer flowed that night & it was Sooo much fun, I cannot wait to do it again... So I ask this question....Um Jeff whens the next show???

Celebrity must be a strange thing.

Celebrity must be a strange thing.
Last night I was at the swanky Cincinnati nightclub Bang to support my good friend Justin Jeffre's run for city council. Jeffre, perhaps most famous for his role in the popular music group 98 Degrees, called in his old friend Nick Lachey to drum up some support (and money) for his campaign.

Let me back up before a make a point here… Living in the Midwest "celebrity" is a rare thing to come by. Justin is recognized and fawned over by his old fans from time to time, but other than those aging boy-band fans I don't see the interaction between celebrity and "normal person" in my daily life.

Last night was an entirely different story. The setting was so not Cincinnati: Soft red lights, velvet ropes and girls dressed in their most expensive, least covering clothing and the constant drone of house music in the background to make it more "LAish."

Eventually Lachey arrived to support his friend and band mate. The "classy" looking girls flocked quickly armed with their camera phones and digital cameras.

And the whole time poor Nick had to act like he was happy to be posing in picture. A fresh new smile for every girl (actually grown women) with her 10-year-old star crushes… It must be tiresome.

Now I know most people consider me a pretty big celebrity, but I don't usually have to deal with that kind of attention. If I did I'd go crazy. Or not. Who really knows? Maybe it's just a small price to pay for the love of a nation?

Or maybe celebrity isn't actually all it's cracked up to be.

What always surprises me most is the way women (and men) treat celebrities like higher beings. It's a shame that people think so little of their everyday friends, lovers and companions that they get giddy over a stranger they heard on a CD when they were 13 or 14. Why don't you have that excitement for the woman who makes you dinner every night? Why not the man who buys you flowers on Valentine's Day… or even just because?

Like usual, just some thoughts… But let me leave you with this. Put down people magazine. Tear down the Justin Timberlake poster from your wall. Start appreciating the real people in your life. Start appreciating yourself. There are people who deserve your excitement and giddiness more than strangers.

Nick Lachey: “I have never supported George W. Bush.”

Nick Lachey: “I have never supported George W. Bush.”
Sunday, September 02, 2007

Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

Recently, critics have wondered about Nick Lachey’s politics now that he has come out in support of Justin Jeffre’s campaign for Cincinnati City Council. In 2004, People Magazine claimed that Lachey had come out in support of George W. Bush. According to Lachey, nothing could be further from the truth.

"I wonder why anyone would believe People Magazine when trying to find out about politics,” said Lachey, when asked about the story from 2004. “I have never been a Republican, and I have never supported the Republican Party.”

In the interests of total clarity and specificity, we asked Lachey to speak on the particular topic of George W. Bush. “I have never supported George W. Bush,” he said.

Lachey went on to say that he totally supports Justin Jeffre is his campaign for Cincinnati City Council. “Justin has a great passion for this City,” said Lachey. “I’d love to see Justin able to use that passion for improving Cincinnati.”

Lachey was in town this weekend to support Jeffre at a campaign kickoff at Club Bang downtown. The event was a total success, drawing a large crowd of Jeffre supporters. His campaign earned a large group of new volunteers, and yard sign locations, which will be a huge benefit as the campaign moves into high gear next week.

Nick Lachey Helps Raise Money For Local Schools

Nick Lachey Helps Raise Money For Local Schools

Reported by: Laura Hornsby
Last Update: 9/02 9:24 pm
There was at least one big star on the riverfront Sunday afternoon who was giving out some big money.

Cincinnati's own Nick Lachey teamed up with Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions and other sponsors to raise $150,000 for Purcell Marian High School's practice field and the School For the Creative and Performing Arts, Lachey's alma mater.

"I think going to that school is the reason I'm in show business to begin with," Lachey said on Sunday. "And it really is the reason I have such a passion for music and for performing, so I can't say enough great things about my experience at SCPA."

Lachey is staying in town for Riverfest and the Cincinnati Bell WEBN fireworks, although he didn't say where he's be viewing the show.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

*Work That Out*

2nd. Track from Sureshot! Thanks goe's to Jeff Timmons Podcast

Click here to get your own player.

Manband 4 Extras







Tacoma Rainiers Celebrity Game (Aug. 27)

Thanks go's to

Jimmie Johnson Charity Event (Aug. 29)

Jimmie Johnson Charity Event (Aug. 29)

A moment with ... Nick Lachey, Tacoma Rainiers co-owner

A moment with ... Nick Lachey, Tacoma Rainiers co-owner


With piercing blue eyes, rippling pectorals and swoon-worthy vocals, Nick Lachey was easily welcomed into fame as a lead-vocalist for the late-1990s boy band, 98 degrees. The pop singer's popularity further soared from his 2003-2005 MTV reality series, The Newlyweds, with ex-wife Jessica Simpson.

That was then.


The 33-year-old continues his music career going solo, and has another leading lady -- TV personality Vanessa Minnillo. But his most recent venture has gained the singer recognition on a new field in Tacoma.

Last year Lachey became a part owner of the Tacoma Rainiers. Although he's been too busy recording his new album to travel much to the Pacific Northwest, he visited Cheney Stadium Saturday for a charity softball tournament and to watch the Rainiers take on the Portland Beavers.

How did you get involved with the Tacoma Rainiers?

About two or three years ago, I was involved with a group that was trying to buy the Cincinnati Reds, which is my hometown. And we didn't get the team, but obviously it kind of sparked that interest in me. The Rainiers were up for sale and... it was a good opportunity.

What do you think of Tacoma?

I think Tacoma is on the rise, honestly. Obviously it's a little bit in the shadow of Seattle, but I think Tacoma's redefining itself right now. You see a downtown, new restaurants, new bars and things that are going in.

Did you play sports as a kid?

Yeah, when I was a real little kid. I went to a performing arts high school so we didn't have sports where I went to school, it was more like a singing thing. But, when I was a little leaguer (I played).

Had you always imagined sports would be a part of your future?

Not at all. I mean, I always loved it, always had a passion for it and in college I actually majored in athletic training. But, especially on an ownership level, I never really envisioned that for myself. But, it's been a lot of fun. I'm glad we decided to do it.

Why did you choose to invest in baseball?

Again, I was initially interested in the Reds because that's where I'm from and that's always kind of been my dream on the homeboy level. There's so many opportunities in baseball. Unlike football where you have the NFL and then that's it, in baseball you have major league baseball and then you have the AAA baseball and AA baseball. It's a great opportunity to be involved in baseball even if it's not at the major league level. Really it was the best sport to be a part of, and it's a sport I love.

Why did you choose to invest in a minor league team?

It really comes down to the opportunity. It's not that often that teams come up for sale. And, the one thing I did learn through the Cincinnati Reds experience is that you can get a lot of experience in the minor leagues and learn a lot about ownership and a lot about running a team and that can only help you in the future if you're going to go after a major league team.

Do you expect to get involved with other sports in the future?

I don't have any real plans for that, but you never know. I love the baseball experience and I like the long season and coming out to the park. It's always been part of my favorite summer memories. I'm very happy being a baseball owner as it is and we'll see if it goes anywhere else.

What's in store for the new album and when can fans expect to see it?

The single should come out at the end of this year and the album probably February or March of next year. I feel really good about where it is and I feel really good about the music and the people I've been working with. Hopefully there will be a nice collaboration in there, or two, that I've been working on.

How do you balance your music career with owning a baseball team?

When it comes to running a baseball team, that's something I'm trying to learn more about, it's not something I really claim to be an expert in. (I'm) letting the people who do this for a living and know what they're doing do their jobs and I'll try and try and support them as much as I can from the outside. And, at the same time, do what I know how to do, which is sing. In the future maybe the opportunity will be there to take a more hands-on approach, but right now the best thing to do is let the experienced people do that stuff.

Do you think you'd ever drop music and completely focus on sports?

Sports, I can't imagine it ever not being a passion for me and not being something I love. But you never know where the future's going to go and where you're going to end up.

Nick Lachey gives his take on T-town

Nick Lachey gives his take on T-town

BRENT CHAMPACO; The News Tribune
Published: August 25th, 2007 08:53 PM

Ah, to be a celebrity who owns a minor league baseball team. Singing sessions in Los Angeles one day, signing autographs and playing the Cheney Stadium outfield the next.

Trying to snag Nick Lachey for a quick word was tough, but the Rainiers co-owner and heartthrob took time after today’s celebrity softball game to chat with the News Tribune.

The singer and native of Ohio got a Northwest welcoming of summer rain during his visit, so we wouldn’t have blamed him if he was in a sour mood.

Lachey, however, turned out to be a true dignitary, offering nothing but sunshiney things to say about our neck of the woods:

So Nick, what do you think about your 1-for-3 performance Saturday against such athletes as Richard Karn, Stacy Fuson and Chris Judd?

We made a semi-valiant comeback. I didn’t play particularly well.

Would you ever consider putting on a Rainiers uniform and inserting yourself into the team’s lineup?

Absolutely no chance, whatsoever. Being out there with those guys, I realized how old and over-the-hill my athletic skills are.

You sported your own cool-looking jersey, identical to the one worn by your main squeeze, Vanessa Minnillo. What’s the deal?

We ran out of jerseys. Don’t read too much into that.

You’ve been to Tacoma a few times. What do you think of the place?

The fans are great. I’ve learned there’s a lot of loyal, loyal fans who have been with the team for years.

So what are your plans for your weekend stay in the South Sound?

Tonight, we’re going go experience everything Tacoma has to offer.

After this, it’s back to L.A. What tales will you share of Tacoma?

This is the most beautiful part of the country, in my mind.

You own a local team and have a large vacation home in Cheney Stadium. Would you ever consider getting a part-time residence here?

It’s a beautiful area. I certainly wouldn’t rule that out.

Nick Spending More Time in Tacoma?

After Saturdays Celebrity Softball, Nick Lachey revealed that he may consider spending a lot more time in Tacoma

'' You own a local team and have a large vacation home in Cheney Stadium. Would you ever consider getting a part-time residence here? ''

Nick :'' It's a beautiful area. I certainly wouldn't rule that out.''

Nick also noted how he beautiful he throught the area was, and how loyal he'd found the fans of the Rainiers to be.

Nick & Vanessa in Laguna

Hanging out over the weekend in Laguna Beach

Justin Jeffre for City Council, 2007

Justin Jeffre for City Council, 2007

Live, and In Person: The Dean! (And Nick Lachey, Supporting Justin Jeffre for Council)

Live, and In Person: The Dean! (And Nick Lachey, Supporting Justin Jeffre for Council)
Posted by The Dean of Cincinnati

This Saturday, from 7-9pm at Club Bang downtown (314 W. 4th St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202), you will all have the opportunity to meet the one and the only Dean of Cincinnati!

By the way, national celebrity Nick Lachey will be there, too.

Both of us will be supporting our friend, Justin Jeffre, who is running for Cincinnati City Council as an endorsed Green candidate.

So stop by with your $20 donation to get in, and enjoy some spirits with your humble Dean, Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre, and others!

'Dancing with the Stars' champ Drew Lachey waltzes into new host job

'Dancing with the Stars' champ Drew Lachey waltzes into new host job

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Drew Lachey, a "Dancing with the Stars" champion and former 98 Degrees boy-band member, is moving to the role of host for another talent contest, "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann."

Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, judges for ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," will be featured in the six-week series airing later this season, the network announced.

Open auditions will be held this month in New York, Nashville and the Los Angeles area for amateur performers who can dance and sing. The contestants will work with Tonioli and Inaba to form "the ultimate dance team," with viewers picking the winning group, ABC said Thursday.

Lachey was the second-season winner on "Dancing with the Stars," which returns Sept. 24 with celebrities including billionaire Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner Mark Cuban, actress Jennie Garth and singer Marie Osmond.