Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grab Free Jeff Timmons Music


Jeff Timmons

Jeff Timmons

Former 98 DEGREES bandmember JEFF TIMMONS checks in with ALL ACCESS to tell us, "I've been locked away in the studio all weekend. Check out my website at www.jefftimmons.com. There people can sign up to get my new album for free. I'm lucky enough to be pushing a little over 400,000 sign ups so far. Nearly halfway to my goal of 1 million sign-ups. The name of the album is called 'Emotional High.' It is the name of a single of mine that was leaked in Europe this past summer and became a hit there."

"I'm excited about the campaign, and am giving my work away for free because it is a way to excite old fans, and generate new fans," he continued. "My old group 98 DEGREES hasn't been out in quite some time, so I want to create excitement for my new stuff by giving it away. People can be introduced to my music and style without investing money."

You can check out the unmixed version of the song "Emotional High" on myspace.com/jefftimmons.