Monday, November 21, 2016

Nick Lachey on his honeydo list (pics)


My work here is never done': Nick Lachey on his #honeydo list by wife Vanessa including carrying a wheelbarrow full of stones and trying to fall a tree that appears to be falling already, without falling the tree...

Nick & Vanessa out to Breakfast (Pics)


Nick's Faces are always so priceless =)

Coming along: The 35-year-old's  baby bump was evident even from beneath her large grey cardigan
Casual couple: The pair, who are expecting their third child, were both dressed down for the outingOut and about: On Monday, Vanessa Lachey and her husband Nick Lachey were spotted heading to breakfast at Jinky's Cafe in Sherman Oaks

A 98 Degrees residency on the Strip? Jeff Timmons is working on it



**Jeff Timmons is here. having just wrapped a tour with 98 Degrees. With his boy-band contemporaries Backstreet Boyshaving landed an 18-show residency at Axis beginning in March, Timmons has been exploring some shows for 98 Degrees on the Strip.
“I am really close friends with those guys (in Backstreet) and have been talking about it,” Timmons after he ran the course. “I don’t know that we’d do 18 dates, but a shorter residency is possible. There is some talk about us doing that.”
Timmons is also still pushing his male revue, “Men of the Strip,” which he premiered in March 2014 at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. He’s hoping for a 2017 opening for that show, which would compete with another new male revue, “Magic Mike Live,” in development at the Hard Rock Hotel.
What we are seeing with this oiled-down, muscled-up productions is a sub-trend in VegasVille: As many different styles of productions open and close, male revues continue to do solid business — led by “Chippendales” at the Rio and “Thunder from Down Under” at Excalibur.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hot or not? Nick Lachey rates his own Throwback Thursday pictures

Looking back at the 1990s, it's obvious some fashion trends have changed (for the better). Nick Lachey, a guest co-host on The Take, tells TODAY he did not make all of his wardrobe decisions during his days in chart-topping boy band 98 Degrees. Now he revisits the era to rate his '90s outfits as "hot" (literally, in one case) or "not."


Nick Lachey to be voice of Cincinnati Bell Connector


You soon will hear Nick Lachey's voice when you ride the Cincinnati streetcar.
The Cincinnati native is now the official voice of the Cincinnati Bell Connector.
His voice will provide station and landmark information to Cincinnati Bell Connector riders along the 3.6-mile loop route from Second Street to Henry Street. His voice will be heard by the end of the year.
Lachey grew up in Cincinnati, and attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts. He and his brother Drew own Lachey’s Bar with in Over-the-Rhine.
“As a native Cincinnatian and someone who went to school in OTR for many years, I am honored to be a part of the Cincinnati Bell Connector and the role that it will play in the revitalization of this great neighborhood,” Lachey said.