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98 Degrees Sing About Oral Sex in Raunchy New Song "Microphone"

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98 Degrees Sing About Oral Sex in Raunchy New Song "Microphone"

Once upon a time, not so long ago but in another era completely, Nick Lachey and his 98 Degrees bandmates were just a group of earnest, twenty-something hunks who wanted to "cherish you." Now that they're all grown up, however, they have a few other, more adult ideas in mind. One month after announcing their upcoming album 2.0, the "boy" banders have released a new, very sexually suggestive single, "Microphone."
The song, a bass-heavy dance track, finds the four guys -- Lachey, 39, his younger brother Drew, 36,Jeff Timmons, 39, and Justin Jeffre -- using not-so-subtle innuendo to refer to their assets and various sex acts. One verse asks the object of the singer's affection to "put this [microphone] in your hands / and hold it up to your lips." "We can be a two-piece band," Lachey croons, "and make some hits while you sing in this microphone."

The chorus, meanwhile, includes lines like: "Hey lady, grab the microphone / and say 'do-re-mi-fa-so-oh-oh-oh' / yeah, baby, you're wound up and ready to blow / like 'do-re-mi-fa-so-oh-oh-oh.'"
98 Degrees rose to fame in the late 1990s, during the heyday of boy bands like N Sync and The Backstreet Boys. They went "on hiatus" in 2002 to pursue other opportunities -- Lachey didNewlyweds with ex-wife Jessica Simpson and released solo albums in 2003 and 2006 -- but they reunited in 2012 to perform at a music festival in Pennsylvania.
In January 2013, they announced that they were reuniting again, this time for a summer tour with fellow '90s groups New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. The tour begins on May 31, 2013.
"We are really excited to bring our fans new music and get out on the road," Lachey said in a release about the tour. "This is a long time coming."

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Viva Glam Magazine Celebrates The Launch Of Their April Issue

News Photo: Singer Jeff Timmons and Men of the Strip…
News Photo: Singer Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees arrives for…News Photo: Singer Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees arrives for…
News Photo: Singer Jeff Timmons and Men Of The Strip…News Photo: Singer Jeff Timmons attends the Viva Glam Magazine…

17th Annual Los Angeles County "Race For The Cure"

News Photo: The Men of the Strip with Jeff Timmons…News Photo: Jeff Timmons atttends the 17th annual Los Angeles…News Photo: Jeff Timmons attends the 17th Annual Los Angeles…News Photo: Jeff Timmons atttends the 17th annual Los Angeles…

Jeff Timmons on 98 Degrees "Microphone", on "Men of the Strip" Interview

Nick Lachey and Reds fan team up to parody 'Dust in the Wind'

By: WCPO Digital Staff

Click the link above to hear the song

nick lachey

CINCINNATI - Who hasn’t heard the song, “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas? A true Reds fan teamed up with Cincinnatian and pop-singer Nick Lachey to create a parody of the song, entitled “Dusty Please Win.”
Josh Sneed told Lachey of his Reds-friendly version of the song, and he agreed to record it with him. The project was put on hold after Lachey became a new father as this past Reds season was winding down.
The two decided to record the song in the offseason and released it just before Opening Day 2013.
The song can be downloaded for $1.00 at , and all proceeds will benefit the Reds Community Fund.
You can listen to the parody by hitting play below (mobile and tablet users go to a browser version of

Nick Lachey and Josh Sneed getting us ready for Reds Opening Day!


Comedian Josh Sneed and Nick Lachey collaborated recently by recording a fun Red’s Opening Day mantra called “Dusty Please Win!” You’ll be laughing and singing along. It is available for download for only $1 at All proceeds benefit the Red’s Community Fund.
dusty please win download, nick lachey, josh sneed, dusty please win, dust in the wind parody reds song, cincinnati

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Red Carpet Confidential: ‘DWTS’ Winner Drew Lachey Reveals His Top Pick & Advice For Snagging The Mirror Ball Trophy

By Valerie Nome

Drew Lachey

Singers unite!
Drew Lachey reveals he will be rooting forAmerican Idol finalist turned country croonerKellie Pickler when Dancing With The Starsbegins tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.
“I think she’s going to be a lot of fun to watch,” the season two winner and DWTS All-Starscontestant, 36, tells me when he hosts The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. “She’s got a lot of spunk, great personality, great sense of humor. She’s got a good partner [Derek Hough], so I think she’s going to be the one to watch.”
Hm, what advice would he give Kellie and fellow contestants like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump, country singerWynonna Judd and Olympian Aly Raisman?
“Stretch,” he says. “That’s the biggest advice. Every dance, I think I pulled a different muscle. It’s harder than people give it credit for. You don’t want to be walking out there with a gimpy groin or a bad hammy.”
He continues, “Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun, and go out there and be yourself. Give it your best and have fun. It’s a fun show. Enjoy it!”
For the 98 Degrees singer, the Mirror Ball trophy he scored with partner Cheryl Burke continues to be a draw.
“I keep it as far away from my kids as possible, because chunks of mirror fall off,” he explains. “It’s a choking hazard for my kids. [laughs] No, it’s in my office, up on the shelf. I’ve found that every time someone comes over to the house, they want to see it, so I’ve got to keep it out. It’s a conversation piece.”

Nick ESPN Videos

Nick Lachey Believes Cincinnati Bengals Are Team to Beat in AFC North Next Season


When it comes to the Cincinnati BengalsNick Lachey knows his stuff as he’s remained a fan of his favorite team over the years–despite all of the seasons of heartbreak in which the team was the laughing stock of the league. The 98 Degrees member was recently a guest on First Take in which he was asked his opinion on the Bengals heading into the 2013 season and after two consecutive playoff appearances–Lachey believes Cincinnati is the team to beat in the AFC North this season.
As crazy as it sounds–Lachey may be right.
Nobody gave the Bengals much of a shot over the last two seasons, but they’ve managed to reach the playoffs in each of the last two seasons thanks to a steller defense along with the emergence of Andy Dalton and A.J. Green on offense. Even if they failed to make it past Wild Card Weekend both seasons, 2013 may finally be the year of the Bengals in the AFC North considering the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens may be going through some adjustments of their own after all of the key players lost this offseason.
While the defense should remain near the top of the league assuming their key players stay healthy, Dalton and Green seem like the type of players that are only going to get better with more experience–which has set the bar high for next season.
When compared to other celebrities who just jump on the bandwagon for whatever team seems to be the most popular, Lachey has always been praised for his knowledge not only as a Bengals fan, but a sports fan in general. So if Lachey strongly believes the Bengals will win the AFC North next season–we should probably listen to him.
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98 Degrees debut new track Microphone



98 Degrees debut new track Microphone

The recently reunited 98 Degrees have unveiled their first new track in over a decade.
Microphone, released 2nd April, has debuted online and follows the announcement that the band are to hit the road for a tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. The track is taken from forthcoming album 2.0 which is due for release on 7th May.
All four original members – Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre – have returned to give the group another shot at chart success.
The track is an uptempo number that recalls the band’s heyday and reminds you of the group’s impressive harmonies. Take a listen to the track below. Do you think it’s a worthy single?

Jeff & Men of the Strip Race for the Cure Video

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Ice-T Throws Coco A Surprise Party -- JEFF

Jeff Timmons - Ice-T Throws Coco A Surprise PartyJeff Timmons - Ice-T Throws Coco A Surprise PartyJeff Timmons - Ice-T Throws Coco A Surprise Party

Jeff Timmons at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek


Jeff Timmons attends The Knockouts Burlesque Show at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek - Coconut Creek, Florida, United States - Friday 15th March 2013

News Photo: Jeff Timmons poses for a portrait after The…
News Photo: Jeff Timmons poses for a portrait after The…News Photo: Jeff Timmons poses for a portrait after The…
News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during The Knockouts Burlesque Show…
News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during The Knockouts Burlesque Show…
News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during rehearsal for The Knockouts…News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during rehearsal for The Knockouts…News Photo: Jeff Timmons poses for a portrait during rehearsal…News Photo: Jeff Timmons poses for a portrait during rehearsal…News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during rehearsal for The Knockouts…News Photo: Jeff Timmons performs during rehearsal for The Knockouts…

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Mtv Rock N Jock Football Game

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Mtv Teen Vogue Party w/ Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey at the Spike TV Party Playboy Mansion 2003

Nick Lachey Soulo Album & Shut Up Video Synopsis 6/20/03

Nick Lachey Shocking Moments in History

Nick Lachey on Live with Regis & Kelly *This I Swear*

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Newlyweds Interview

Nick Lachey on Access Hollywood Road Trip

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Drew Lachey heats up The Pool After Dark to '98 Degrees'


Drew Lachey is looking forward to 98 Degrees going on tour and a new album in the very near futureWere you a fan of the boy bands back in the 90s? If you were, you probably know the name of Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees. Even if you don’t, you may have watched him win the mirror ball trophy on Season 2 of “Dancing With the Stars” and compete again in the all-star season. Drew is gearing up for a new album and new tour. He recently took time out of his busy schedule to speak with while hosting a party at The Pool After Dark, located in Harrah’s Resort, Atlantic City, N.J.
I have to say that Drew Lachey was very personable; in fact, he couldn't have been nicer. He was like immediate family. And speaking of family, I asked him how Isabella was doing. Isabella is Drew’s 6-year-old daughter who appeared with dad on the finale of last season’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and no less talented than her old man, I might add.

I asked Drew which was his favorite 98 Degrees song from the “old” days. He said it was a hard choice and that he liked a lot of them, but he really liked some of the work the band did on their Christmas album. You could see the wheels turning as he thought hard. He said that “Heaven’s Missing an Angel” and “She’s Out of my Life” are favorites.
We talked about what he’d been doing since 98 Degreesdropped off the public’s radar some years ago. Drew has been busy! He's performed on Broadway, worked in some indie productions and tripped the light fantastic on two seasons of “Dancing With the Stars,” to name a few. But his first response was the best: “Raising kids.” Drew is a hands-on dad to his two little ones.
If you saw Drew Lachey on “Dancing With the Stars,” you saw a lot of wild jumping and hot hip-hop moves. I asked him where he learned to do that. He said he doesn’t really know, although he did say that “it looks more impressive than it is.” Drew said he took a ballet class when he was in fifth grade, but other than that. . . he just does it.
Then I asked him about the Package Tour, where 98 Degrees is getting back together to go out on the road with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men, two of the other famous boy bands of that era. The tour kicks off on May 30. You could really see his face brighten. Drew is excited to get back to the music and looking very much forward to this tour.
There is also a new album coming out. Drew, Nick, Justin and Jeff are in the studio working on newmusic, which has the band fired up and fans of 98 Degrees eagerly awaiting the release of "2.0" on May 7.
My time with Drew Lachey was quickly coming to a close. His fans were clamoring for him to get into the hottest night club in Atlantic City, The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s. Drew was the host for the Saturday night party and he was definitely ready to rock.

Drew Lachey on 98 Degrees' upcoming reunion tour and his 'Dancing with the Stars' favorites

By Whitney Ullman/ 
Drew Lachey
Atlantic City, NJ: Pop Singer, Drew Lachey hosted at The Pool After Dark, Harrah's Atlantic City and a surprise appearance by Rapper/ DJ Sisqo on Saturday March 2, 2013 in Atlantic City, NJ. (Photo by Tom Briglia/PhotoGraphics for CET )

Dancing with the Stars winner Drew Lachey hosted Harrah's Pool After Dark in Atlantic City last weekend, where he sat down to talk to about his future plans with boy band 98 Degrees, and the secret to his long-lasting marriage.

NJ.Com: How does it feel to be back in Atlantic City?
Drew Lachey: I love Atlantic City. I hosted a show at Bally's a couple years ago, and Dancing with the Stars came here on tour, so I've been here a bunch and love it! You have the New York and Philly crowds all meeting here, so it's just a really cool vibe and everyone just comes here to have fun.

What's your favorite place to eat in Atlantic City?
Lachey: I just ate at Dos Caminos [in Harrahs], that was really good. Johnny Rockets is always good, too.

Tell us about the 98 Degrees Reunion.
Lachey: We are going on tour this summer with the New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men starting May 30th and going until the end of August. We plan to perform in Philly, New York, Atlantic City and all around the region. We are actually in the studio now recording.

Do you have any plans for a reality show?
Lachey: No, no plans right now but you never know, you just have to take a look at what's presented to you.

Who are you current favorites on Dancing with the Stars?
Lachey: I have a bunch of favorites for different reasons. As far as guys go, probably Derek and Mark because they are younger and incorporate a lot of different styles into the dances. For women, obviously my partner Cheryl and my other partner Anna, who isn't on this season.

You and your wife Lea are childhood sweethearts and still have a strong relationship. What is your secret?
Lachey: Be with the right person. You have to be partners. One person can't take more importance than anyone else. It's just something you have to work at and enjoy and ultimately just marry the right person.

What's the most expensive gift you've received?
Lachey: On my opening night of Rent on Broadway, Nick and my wife Lea gave me a really nice diamond watch.

If your life was a song, what would the title be?
Lachey: [without hesitation] Crazy!

What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?
Lachey: Don't take life so seriously. Be smart, stay humble and have fun. It's a tough business to get into, so the best advice I could tell anyone is to work hard and stay humble because whoever you meet on the way up, you are gonna meet them on the way back down too. And you never know when that person is going to get promoted. Relationships last forever. So just stay humble.

Drew Lachey at The Pool After Dark - March 2, 2013Drew Lachey at The Pool After Dark - March 2, 2013

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Is Nick Lachey the Best Dad Ever?

By Aaron Rasmussen

Nick Lachey and son Camden

Nick Lachey is releasing a new album with his old group 98 Degrees this May. In the meantime, he's been busy recording A Father's Lullaby, a musical tribute to his five-month-old son, Camden.
The proud papa, who's married to Vanessa Lachey, sings eight classic songs on the album, like "You Are My Sunshine", and he's co-written four original tracks. A Father's Lullaby comes out March 13 on iTunes and Amazon.
Nick admits when Vanessa gave birth to Camden, their lives were turned upside down—in a good way! “Everything changes,” Nick recently told OK!. “Your priorities change, your schedules change, your experiences change in the house, the way the dog acts changes, but it’s all stuff you’re excited to see change. Those are the changes that you want to have in life, so it’s been exciting to go through all of those.”
How do you think Nick's new lullaby album will sound? Tell us in the comments section or on Twitter @OKMagazine.

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