Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anyone going to see Jeff in Florida this week??

Just wondering if anyone reading this blog, is planning on Going to the Blue Martini to see Jeff this week? I wanted to go but flights didn't work out.
So what I was thinking is this.. Alot of ppl are on twitter now-a-days. If your not. You should be. At this moment Nick is NOT on twitter....BUT JEFF is! :) Hes very interactive with his fans. So get a twitter and follow him here @JeffTimmons98 I promise you, you will NOT be sorry!
But if you are on twitter & you are planning on attending the Blue Martini show, either leave me a comment here at the blog. Or let me know on @StillLovin98Deg and I can hook you up with other Jeff Fans that will be there that night as well.
Its always great to get to know other Fans that have the same interests!!!