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98 Degrees star Jeff Timmons dishes on new show at Green Valley Ranch

Get 'Wired' - 98 Degrees Jeff Timmons Interview with Wzra Tv

Jeff Timmons 98 degrees Chippendales Las Vegas

Jeff Timmons is ready to get ‘Wired’ at Green Valley Ranch’s Ovation

Jeff Timmons rehearses for his new show “Wired” with singer Tymara Walker at Ovation Lounge inside Green Valley Ranch Casino in Henderson on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. Timmons was a founding member of the pop group 98 Degrees.Image

Jeff Timmons is the founder and lead singer of 98 Degrees, but he probably didn’t expect to live in a desert city that is regularly hotter than 98 degrees in the summer.
Since guest hosting Chippendales at the Rio in spring 2011 in a hit engagement that was extended, the 39-year-old Ohio native has settled in Summerlin with new wife Amanda Rose and children from a previous marriage, and he couldn’t be happier.
Timmons has become a Las Vegas nightlife and event regular. Along with the Chippendales gig, he has co-hosted the 2011 Miss USA Pageant arrivals ceremony at Planet Hollywood, tapped the keg at Hofbrauhaus and appeared on numerous red carpets. And he’s been interviewed by Sun Editor at Large John Katsilometes and Tricia McCrone on “Kats With the Dish.”
Tonight at 11, Timmons kicks off “Wired,” a nightclub experience with dance, Top 40, hip-hop and -- of course -- 98 Degrees music, at Ovation Lounge at Green Valley Ranch, that is set to run every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. 98 Degrees fans have another reason to celebrate: “Wired” is free (for those ages 21 and older).
Timmons took a break from rehearsals to chat before his premiere tonight.
Don Chareunsy: What’s the inspiration behind “Wired” at Ovation in Green Valley Ranch?
Jeff Timmons: I love Las Vegas. What started out as a four-week stint in Chippendales turned into my family moving to Summerlin. People are really great here, and I wanted to do music this summer, put a band together and perform music that I love. Las Vegas doesn’t have a club with a hip-hop, R&B and jam band atmosphere, so I’d like to offer that a few nights a week.
D.C.: Anything in the show that might surprise your fans, like hip-hop?
J.T.: I don’t think so! 98 Degrees was signed to Motown, so we were an urban group heavily influenced by hip hop. And we love everything from New Kids on the Block to Heavy D and the Boyz to Chris Brown. It’s going to be a high-energy night of fun.
D.C.: You moved here with your family about a year ago, correct? What do you think of Las Vegas so far?
J.T.: I love it! We lived at the Rio for a month during Chippendales, and the slot machines and smoke can be a bit much. But we live in Summerlin now 20 minutes away from the Strip. It’s like Colorado; it’s beautiful and clean.
D.C.: What has been a highlight?
J.T.: I’m divorced and remarried, and, on a personal level, my daughter from a previous marriage is here now, and that means a lot to me as a father. And, professionally, being here has given me a ton of opportunities hosting shows, performing and creating. My whole life has changed, and this resurgence in my career, a second chance for my career, is amazing.
D.C.: It doesn’t sound like you’re leaving Las Vegas soon. Anything on your bucket list here?
J.T.: I’d like to create a show on the Strip. I’ve talked with a few production teams. I’d like to produce, be a part of a headline show on the Strip … and I think it’s going to happen!
D.C.: What has been the most surprising thing about living and working in Las Vegas?
J.T.: When people visit Las Vegas, they blow it all out in a couple days, and then they’re fried after spending all their money and drinking and partying too much. There is a sense of normalcy here; it slows down when you get away from the Strip. When you’re on the Strip, it’s 0 to 60! When I’m home, it’s all about my family and kids, I can coach a football team and write music.
D.C.: In a recent interview with my colleague John Katsilometes, you talked about a new album and a holiday show on the Strip. Any updates?
J.T.: That is one of those exciting opportunities here … a holiday show, and we’re still putting it together. I have a single I hope to release in August or September. I have a hundred songs for a new album, and I’d like to shoot a video locally here in Las Vegas. The Nevada Film Commission has approved it. I have an affinity for Las Vegas, as it has meant great personal and professional changes.
D.C.: Will there be a 98 Degrees reunion? You’ve gone on record saying that you want it to happen.
J.T.: It is going to happen -- on Aug. 18 at the MixTape music festival in Hershey, Pa., with New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, the Wanted, the Fray, Kelly Clarkson and more. They’re expecting about 70,000 people, so it’s huge.
D.C.: What’s the one 98 Degrees hit that you will never tire of performing?
J.T.: “Invisible Man.” It was our first song on the radio, and it put us on the map. It’s a great song with a classic vibe.
D.C.: You’re in excellent shape; obviously that was part of the reason you were chosen to be a guest host of Chippendales. How was your experience?
J.T.: I loved it; I absolutely loved it. I had the most fun in my entire career doing that gig. They are the greatest guys and really fun to hang out with. And I got myself in shape for that; I didn’t look like that before the show! I will always consider hosting and producing a nightlife Las Vegas gig. And I love that Chippendales caters to women -- to drink and have fun. The girls’ reactions are priceless.
D.C.: Tell me something that very few people know about you.
J.T.: I never sleep! I sleep maybe two hours a day because I’m an insomniac and a workaholic. And I think a lot of people don’t realize that I write and produce music. Writing music is a big passion of mine.
D.C.: Any final words on “Wired”? Do you still get nervous before a performance?
J.T.: Absolutely! I am going out of my mind before this performance. This show is a crazy workload for me. It’s two hours of music, singing, coordinating a band, choosing the right members. Ken Logan, my music director, is a godsend. It’s about getting the right people; I have an incredible female vocalist in this show. I get incredibly nervous before everything.
D.C.: Final question: Being an Ohio native, was LeBron James’ first NBA championship with the Miami Heat bittersweet for you?
J.T.: Of course! That is the perfect word -- bittersweet. In my perfect world, he would’ve won it with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron is a rare species, and you want to see someone with that skill set succeed. I’m still happy for the guy.

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98 Degrees Reuniting at MixTape: 10 Demands From a Super-Fan

By Kate Ward , Staff
ALTI'd tell you to quit playing games with my heart, 98 Degrees, but I wouldn't dare after Backstreet Boys uttered the words. (I am nothing but faithful.) After all, back in March, you teased me with a possible reunion tour before Nick Lachey said "I Do(n't)" to the idea on Twitter. And now, just three months later, you confirm that you will indeed reunite, but only for "Una Noche" in August at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, Penn. Oh, 98 Degrees, how you tease me with your brief re-emergence and easy punnery!

Of course, I'm holding out hope that reviving the sweet memory of dressing in similar hues will bring out the band's desire to take their show on the road. And it seems Drew Lachey himself is not entirely closed off to the possibility. Talking with Ryan Seacrest Wednesday, Lachey told the radio host: "This music festival right here just kind of seemed like the right time to get back together and do a show and kick the tires and see how it feels."

Be still, my Kangol-loving heart. But since the men have yet to grab their gelly roll pens to sign on for a full-on tour, we'll have to settle for their MixTape performance. And since us Generation Y children are a demanding demographic that has managed to will '90s nostalgia into existence, I have some requests for the Lachey brothers, Jeff Timmons, and Justin Jeffre. So, without further ado, here are 10 things we need to see during 98 Degrees' reunion at the MixTape festival, which will also host Kelly ClarksonCarly Rae JepsenLL Cool JDJ Pauly DNKOTBSB, and, did I mention, will be the BEST FESTIVAL EVER TO HIT EARTH. 

1. 98 Degrees styled by House of Deréon. I dream about a costume wardrobe that's a mix of Destiny's Child with just a little touch of 98 Degrees' cohesive style — this would make me smile. (Also, why isn't O-Town locked in for MixTape?) But if there's anything that 98 Degrees' patented mix-and-match-and-match-some-more wardrobe, it was a few sequins. After all, after chasing a bedazzled trophy on Dancing With the Stars, isn't Drew going through sequin withdrawal?
2. Shirtlessness. Plenty of shirtlessness. Remember what I just said about 98 Degrees' wardrobe? Well, I take it back. I want to see 98 Degrees styled by no one other than the big man upstairs. Nick, Drew, and Jeff, it's been far too long since I was embarrassed to focus on your abdominal area in Teen People for longer than 10 seconds when my parents were in the room. And Justin, it's been far too long since I've been awed by the creative ways you manage to keep your shirt on in photo shoots. I don't care that it's been 14 years, several babies, and numerous reality show appearances since you rose onto the scene via 98 Degrees and Rising, I won't be satisfied until every last one of you continues to gain my affection by losing your shirts. AsJeff Timmons for pointers!
3. 98NKOTBSB. As much as I would love to see 98 NKOTBSB bands, that is not what this means. Instead, MixTape has no choice but to present fans with a super-hybrid version of the hybrid boy band. New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys discovered a mint when they realized the power of '90s resurgence — why not cash in with another addition? I know, I know. 98 Degrees is a threateningly handsome and talented bunch. But it's worth it for a mash-up of "Quit Playing Games (With My True To Your Heart)." Plus, these boys have skills. See above.    

4. A Carly Rae Jepsen/Justin Jeffre meme. If memes existed in 1998, Jeffre would be aching for one. The baritone had long been labeled the 98 Degrees outcast, purely for his preference for clothing. I've mentioned it before, but one of my favorite games to play in the '90s was "Where Is Justin Jeffre?" Take a look at these photos to see if you can spot him:
5. Dance moves. 98 Degrees is mostly known as an S&M group (Stand and Model), but I would hope more than a decade in the industry would have taught them a move or two. And, if they were to so be inspired by lesser boy bands like 'NSYNC (yes, I said it), that would be fine too

6. A Michael Jackson medley. This one's for serious, friends. Having broken my Walkman listening to the band's "She's Out of My Life" cover more times than I tied and untied my Doc Martens, I have no choice but to demand a follow-up following the King of Pop's 2009 death. And as much as I loved their "Man in the Mirror" at Jackson's 30-years-as-a-solo-artist celebration in 2001, I demand that 98 Degrees, yes, "Beat It." 

7. Cameos. Lots of cameos. Speaking of legends, 98 Degrees scored a hit with their Mariah Carey-supported "Thank God I Found You," and a fan favorite with the Stevie Wonder-headlining "True To Your Heart." If Mariah and Stevie cannot appear live, I will accept the tunes being bolstered by the talents of Joe and Mulan.

8. A Recreation of the "I Do (Cherish You)" video. But please force Ali Landry to eat Doritos andHarvey Walden to scream in Dustin Diamond's face.

9. The announcement of another Christmas album. Because This Gift has been played so often in my house on Christmas, Mannheim Steamroller (or, more accurately, my Dad) threatens to steamroll over it. Please, 98 Degrees, add some variety to my holiday! Plus: The spoken verse portion of "Silent Night" is not nearly long enough to fill space during Christmas dinner.  
10. A performance of "The Hardest Thing" while the band holds a Furby, drinks Surge, eats Tastetations, dons frosted tips, and tells us they will, in fact, go on a reunion tour. Because, clearly, I need this so bad.

98 Degrees' Jeff Timmons Talks (On-Camera?) Reunion, '90s Nostalgia, and More!

SOURCE By Kelly Schremph , Staff
ALTIf you were a young girl growing up in the '90s, chances are you probably owned every boy band paraphernalia known to man. CDs, backpacks, posters, concert stubs — you name it, girls had it (it was years before I ever saw the actual wallpaper in my bedroom). And chances are, one of those famous boy bands was none other than the contemporary adult group known as 98 Degrees, which featured four main vocalists:Nick and Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre, and Jeff Timmons. So it's a safe bet that you likely squealed hearing that the four men would be heating up the state once again for una noche at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, Penn., this August.

News about this one night event spread like wildfire, leaving fans hoping and praying that a full-fledged reunion is underway like rumors earlier this year had suggested. But Timmons tells that's not exactly the case. "We actually had a tour mapped out for the summer time," Timmons says. "It was a different tour. At the last minute, without a doubt, everyone wanted to do it, but for whatever reason we just didn’t feel it was right, and I’m sure that fueled the rumors." 
Even without a full-out tour, though, the guys definitely wanted to reunite in some capacity, and Timmons felt MixTape presented the perfect opportunity. "We had to get on the same page about what we wanted to do, whether it’s one thing or a big thing," he says. "Finally we decided, 'You know what? Let’s give it a shot.' MixTape Festival is supposed to be amazing, huge, and if there’s any time to get back together, this would be the time. This feels right, and we’re all very excited about it." As are the entire female population, no doubt.

Though fans may not be able to look forward to a tour, they can anticipate at least one new song — and perhaps even a reality show somewhere down the line. "I’ve just been getting my personal life on track and making sure that I can be a dad, but I never left music. I’ve always been producing and writing music," Timmons tells us. "Now that my kids are little bit older...I have the opportunity to get back into my career. And as far as reality television, we might be bringing a reality TV show out here to Vegas with my family and everything I’m doing here. So there’s the possibility that will happen." This could even include a behind-the-scenes look at the band's upcoming MixTape reunion. "I’m sure it would be included if we do the one out here, that would be part of it," Timmons says. "You never know. A lot of opportunities are opening up since we made the announcement, so there are things out there for us, and I’m just excited about the whole chance."

And as much as fans might be excited at the chance to see those ridiculous photo shoot outfits of the past at MixTape, don't expect them to make a modern comeback anytime soon. When asked about his most embarrassing outfit he ever had to wear for a photo op, Timmons assures us that the list is quite long. "Have you seen our pictures," he says. "We wore everything from jumpsuits, fireman outfits, bulletproof vests, silver suits. I could go on and on. They’re all quite embarrassing." And of course the photographers were always angling for them to take their shirts off (we thank them for that, by the way). "We did it once, then it was over. Then everybody wanted us to it every time," Timmons says. "The label wanted us to do it, they thought it was a marketable thing. Looking back, it really was. We had a fireman poster where a couple of us had our shirts off, and it was the highest-selling posters of that era." And according to Timmons, it's still a common request even to this day. "People still ask me today to take my shirt off," he says.

Timmons still has fond memories, though, despite the many fashion mishaps. And some of their songs are still very near and dear to his heart. "I think my favorite song of our group would be the first one we ever released, called 'Invisible Man,” Timmons shares, while also recalling a song he wasn't too particularly fond of back then called "Can I Touch You There." "It was a little racy...that was my least favorite at the time. Now I really like it. I like all the songs, they have a special meaning to them, and each experience recording has a memorable, you know, some things that are very memorable about them."

But Timmons has had a pretty busy schedule outside of 98 Degrees. For one, he continues to work on his solo career. "I’ve been working on a record for a long time. I’ve got 100 songs, we’re trying to narrow it down and figure out what we’re gonna put out," he says. And starting June 29, Timmons will kickstart his new Las Vegas show WIRED, which will feature Timmons performing with a live band, plus an array of surprise celebrity guests and rotating musical acts.

And then, of course, there was that temporary stint as a Chippendale, which he describes as being "the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career." In fact, after seeing some of the moves shown in Magic Mike, Timmons is almost positive that some of the routines were stolen right from a Chippendales live show. "I spoke to some of the folks from the media here locally and they said yeah, some of the routines and songs they chose are down to a science with the Chippendales." No complaints here (amiright, ladies?).

While big things continue to be on the horizon for Timmons, he continues to hope a new 98 Degrees album is somewhere in his future. "I would love to do that. I think that would be the whole point of getting back together outside of this show," Timmons says. "We would definitely have to break new music into the mix and I think that would have to be a requirement we would all want to be a part of." And even though no big reunion tour has officially been booked, Timmons advises his fans to never say never. After all, "You never know what can happen."

n addition to discussing his professional history (and future), Timmons graciously participated in one of's quizzes, regarding his favorite '90s pop culture phenomena, including TV shows, music, and even Nintendo 64!

If you had to choose between the movies Austin Powers and American Pie, which would it be?
I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, but I’ve never seen the Austin Powers movies all the way through, any of them, so I’d have to go with the American Pie. I’ve only seen the first one of those.

Nintendo 64, or Playstation?
Playstation, no doubt.

Weakest Link or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Who Wants To Be A Millionare.

Britney Spears or Christina Auguilera? 
Depends on what you’re trying to go for.

What’s your thought process for that?
If you’re going for vocals, you’ve got to go with Christina, if you’re going for sexiness, you’ve got to go with Britney.

Deep Impact or Armageddon?
Deep Impact. I don’t even know what that is. I haven’t seen either one of those movies. I was watching kids movies all the time. I’ll go with Armageddon, that has Liv Tyler in it, so I’ll go with that one.

Did you ever watch Friends at all?
No, never, not one episode, I’ve never seen one.

I own all 10 seasons, I used to love that show. Rachel or Monica — that’s Jennifer Aniston or Courteney Cox?
I’ll go with Jennifer Aniston.

As far as hair, frosted tips or the Caesar cut?
Geez, wow, both of those are so bad! I pick neither, can I pick neither on that one?

Pick the lesser of two evils on that.
The lesser of two evils, although I never sported them, I’ll go with the frosted tips.

Ricky Martin or Marc Anthony?
Ricky Martin’s way cooler.

Boy Meets World or Full House?
I’ll have to go with Boy Meets World on that one.

The Tamagachi or Gigapet? Do you remember those?
I remember the – is that the little egg that your program, or something like that?

They were those digital pets. The Tamagachi was more of an alien, the Gigapet was more of a cat.
I’ll go with the Gigapet.

TGIF or Snick?

I used to love those Friday nights, watching those shows.
Jeff Timmons: We got to host, those TGIF on Disney, so I had to pick that one.

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98 Degrees MTV Most Wanted Hits Tour Xtreme Concert Storm 2 11/17/99

98 Degrees Channel V Australia

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'Stars Earn Stripes': A preview


Among the new television shows slated to begin in the fall season is a new reality competition show that can only be described as taking “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” times 10. Eight celebrities will be paired with military or law enforcement personnel for “Stars Earn Stripes”.
Retired Army General Wesley Clark and former “Dancing with the Stars” host Samantha Harris will co-host the new show that will put the celebrities through military exercises used in actual missions.
Premiering Monday, August 13, “Stars Earn Stripes” contestants will compete each week for military and veteran charities and a chance to advance in the competition. One team will be eliminated each week.
Scheduled to compete on “Stars Earn Stripes” are champion boxer Laila Ali, actorDean Cain, actor and former football player Terry Crews, singer Nick Lachey, Todd Palin (Sarah’s husband), actor Dolvett Quince, champion skier Picabo Street, and actress Eve Torres.
Laila Ali is competing for the Military Child Education Coalition
Dean Cain is competing for the Wounded Warrior Project
Terry Crews is competing for The Pat Tillman Foundation
Nick Lachey is competing for The Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation
Todd Palin is competing for Armed Services YMCA Alaska
Dolvett Quince is competing for Got Your 6
Picabo Street is competing for Hiring Our Heroes
Eve Torres is competing for the USO
“Stars Earn Stripes” is the brainchild of “Law & Order” executive producer Dick Wolf, “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett, and David Hurwitz of “Fear Factor”.

Nick P&G Cincy Event 6/21

Thanks goes to Shane at Nickfantic for finding all of these! =)





Nick interview on FM97 WLAN

Damian talks with Nick about the 98 Degrees reunion, his thoughts on the new band boy era and is he scared about being a dad???

98 Degrees Reunion Summer! (VIDEO)

98 Degrees Reunion Summer! (VIDEO)

98 Degrees guys are finally getting back together!
After a few Twitter-based rumors this spring that left the door open for a long-awaited runion, Nick Lachey and brother Drew told Ryan Seacrest that they’ll perform together – for only one night – at the Summer Mixtape Fest! The event is happening on August 18 at Hershey, PA.
98 Degrees will join headliners Kelly Clarkson, New Kids on the Block, Carly Rae Jepsen, DJ Pauly D, and more!
As far as a full-blown reunion goes, the Lachey brothers put things in perspective for the fans… “Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better for your ego than standing up on stage and having thousands of girls screaming for you. It does become kind of addictive and we always had a blast touring together and making music together, but we are four grown men now.”
They also added that each one of them remains “open” to a reunion, and that they’ve “missed” performing together over the years.
Alright PopStop nation, you know what that means! Make It Pop or make it stop for a full-blown 98 Degreesreunion?

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Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees was at Jersey Boys last night, suggesting a perfectly viable late career path for former boy-banders: Out-of-state productions of successful Broadway shows. It’s got to be a better play then hosting The Price is Right at Bally’s, doesn’t it? We have to think J.C. Chasez could have to be at the very least a credible Carl Perkins in Million Dollar Quartet, right? Eventually, the whole enterprise can swallow itself with an O-Town musical. Actually, scratch that. We’re going to start working right now on an O-Town musical. We are literally like the Zero Mostel of fake Broadway productions.

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Get ready to get Wired with Jeff Timmons

Written by  Carla J. Zvosec

Jeff Timmons, an Ohio native and founder of the American boy band 98 Degrees, opens his new high-energy show, Wired, at Ovation Lounge inside Green Valley Ranch Resort on June 29.-------- Courtesy of Station Casinos

American boy band 98 Degrees founding member brings high-energy nightclub experience to Green Valley Ranch Resort in Henderson

Long past his days of performing as a member of a successful American boy band that went platinum with every album it released, 39-year-old Jeff Timmons, founder of the Grammy-nominated 98 Degrees, is now set to kickoff his very own show, Wired, in Henderson.
Beginning June 29, on Friday and Saturday nights, Timmons will entertain crowds at the Ovation Lounge inside Green Valley Ranch Resort, where he will perform with a live band and host some surprise musical celebrity guests.
When asked whether he anticipates his guests will join in the Wired performances, Timmons responded, "Some artists just want to go and relax when they're not working, and then some can't resist the temptation to get up and do a song or two.
"So I think we'll have a mixed bag, in regards to that."
The show will present an energetic blend of dance, hip-hop, top 40 and, of course, some 98 Degrees music. It also will feature rotating musical acts yet to be named.
"We're thrilled and honored to welcome Jeff Timmons to the Station Casinos family," said Judy Alberti, vice president of entertainment. "Jeff is one of the music industry's most gifted artists, and Wired will be unlike any other live interactive nightclub experience in Las Vegas."
According to Timmons, the show is a little different than what people in Las Vegas traditionally have seen from him.
Last spring, Timmons appeared in a monthlong guest run with The Chippendales at the Rio hotel-casino, which he described as being more of a hosting, emceeing kind of thing, and when he performed, it was to track. He also did a couple of club shows and appearances in Vegas, which also were to track.
"The whole premise behind Wired is it's a high-energy show ... with a hot band—and all of the band members now reside in Las Vegas, so it's a collection of local talent—(playing) all kinds of music: current music, music from the past, some of my new music.
"We're trying to kind of dub it as 'the party before you go to the party.' People can come, enjoy the music from 11 to 1 at night, then go to the clubs after that."
And although unable to reveal any of the special guest musical artists who may be on hand during any given performance of Wired, because keeping it a secret is part of the show, Timmons said, "They're all esteemed and well-known artists, and we're excited to have that surprise element to it."
"It reminds me of a show in New York when 98 Degrees first got signed," recalled Timmons. "There was a local hot band that used to play in a small club theater, and everybody and anybody would go to see this band, because they were so good and had such great music.
"That's kind of what we're trying to start here."
But it's not just established talent that Timmons hopes to draw to the show. According to the pop rocker, the show has a variety of new up-an-coming artists, who've not been discovered yet, lined up to perform, too.
"It'll be the first time they'll actually get up in front of this kind of crowd and get that attention and exposure," said Timmons. "We hope that adds sort of a different twist to the show."
Timmons said the show is taking auditions all the time, and that he wants to give everybody a fair shot at the opportunity.
"People are welcome to email me on my website," he added. "There's some information there where they can submit audition videos and MP3s and things like that. We're leaving it wide open; we want it just to be cool and fair ... and be something different."
Wired is scheduled to run for six weeks at the Ovation Lounge but could be extended if all goes well with the show.
"We're going to see how it goes for the first six weekends, until Aug. 4, and who knows what will happen after that?" said Timmons.
"Of course, we want people to come from all over, but we really want the local support," explained Timmons. "I know a lot of the locals don't like to go to the Strip and be a part of all the touristy stuff; they want to have some entertainment for themselves, and we want to provide (that)."
As for the room he'll be performing in for the next six weeks, Timmons described Ovation as a beautiful theater, and he fell in love with it the first time he went there.
"I just love the way it sounded in there ... and the lighting. It looks like a really well-put-together, expensive theater, and it's a classy place," he said.
"It's such a beautiful venue; I might just stay there, you never know!"
Wired performs at 11 p.m. and is open to adults 21 years of age and older. The show is free of charge, and entry is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information about the show, visit

Jeff Timmons **Wired**

It’s Official: 98 Degrees Is Reuniting!


We hate to say we told you so, but we did! As RumorFix EXCLUSIVELY reported months ago, 98 Degrees is reuniting. Ryan Seacrest confirmed via his radio show on Wednesday morning that the 90s boy band is getting back together.

Drew and Nick Lachey appeared on the radio show saying they are reuniting for one performance at the Summer Mixtape Festival in Hershey, PA on August 18. Will there be a full tour? Drew says it’s a possibility if everyone’s schedules allow for it.
RumorFix first broke the story back in April. At the time, several other websites that do not break news or have their own exclusive content, tried to call us out on our story saying we were wrong, but we stuck by our report.
That being said, we can’t wait to see these guys performing together again!
RumorFix, the only website truly busting bad dish.

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98 Degrees To Reunite For 1 Show: Here Are 10 Vintage Pics To Get You Excited

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Jeff Timmons, Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre of 98 Degrees
Nick and Drew Lachey called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this morning to announce that 98 Degrees would be reuniting this summer … for just one show, on August 18 at the Summer Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Disappointed that it’s just for one show? Or, um, disappointed that this is 98 Degrees reuniting and not ‘NSYNC. Aw, these guys can’t catch a break, even more than a decade after they formed in the shadow of those other beloved boy bands. But then again, maybe it’s time to give the Lachey brothers, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons another chance at your teen-girl screams. After all, they probably aren’t content to rest on their laurels, so they’ll be trying harder. And that Nick has aged quite nicely, wouldn’t you say? You keep making those movies, Justin Timberlake. Continue your mindmeld with the New KidsBackstreet Boys, we’d like to celebrate the very hotness of the “Thank God I Found You” singers.

6/15/12 Show with 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons Podcast

Go HERE to listen to the PODCAST

Jeff Timmons Goes 'On Air with Robert & CC' at PBR Rock Bar in Las Vegas


Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan
The official high last Friday was '99 degrees' when Jeff Timmons went On Air with Robert & CC at PBR Rock Bar but that didn’t stop the 98 Degrees founding member to stop by to talk about his new show, WIRED which starts June 29 at Green Valley Ranch (Pictured above: Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan - Photo credit: Aaron Garcia). 
Christina "CC" Christensen, Jeff Timmons, Robert Blasi and Ken Logan
Photo credit: Aaron Garcia.
Jeff shared with listeners to be on the look out for his new book which will highlight all of his road tour experiences and also stated to not be shocked if 98 degrees launches another tour run. At one point Robert tried to point blame at Nick Lachey for canceling the 2012 tour in the final hour. Jeff quickly killed that speculation when he said it wasn’t right for everyone at the time.
Jeff Timmons is "On Air with Robert & CC" at PBR Rock Bar in Las VegasPhoto credit: Aaron Garcia.
For those of you wondering how the name 98 degrees came about Jeff gave Hook Jaw Net Radio listeners an exclusive answer. “The standard interview answer that we gave in all of our interviews was that we wanted a name that was hot just like our music and passion but the truth is our manager at the time had a really hot girlfriend from New York and she suggested the name so we’re like….SOLD….we started this group to meet girls, a girl named our group and that’s the true story” said Jeff Timmons.
Ken Logan, the music director for Wired, also attended the interview and posed for photos with Robert & CC\
.Co-host Christina "CC" Christensen with Ken Logan and Jeff Timmons
Photo credit: Aaron Garcia.
These exclusive responses are something to expect from Robert & CC’s show and something else that remains constant is the homework they put into the guests. Jeff Timmons really said it best “You guys really do your research!” Jeff stayed to play Flip Cup with Robert & CC and even joined the party inside PBR RockBar while mingling with fans.
You can listen to this interview at and visit Jeff Timmons' web site at
On Air with Robert & CC is a weekly program that broadcasts live from PBR Rock Bar & Grill with high profile guest interviews every Friday. 'On Air with Robert & CC' is hosted by Robert Blasi and Christina "CC" Christensen.
Jeff Timmons (center) with co-hosts Christina "CC" Christensen and Robert Blasi
Jeff Timmons outside PBR Rock Bar & Grill at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas
Christina "CC" Christensen and Jeff Timmons
Jeff Timmons and Robert Blasi

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98 Degrees Is Back: Nick Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons Reunite for One Show!


Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons, Nick Lachey, 98 Degrees

Can you feel your temperature rising? Seriously, are you running a fever yet? Because 98 Degrees is back!
Nick LacheyDrew LacheyJustin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons are reuniting for one night only as part of the Summer Mixtape Festival. Brothers Nick and Drew shared the exciting boy-band news Wednesday morning on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM show.
"We're very excited about the opportunity, and we've been toying around with the idea for a couple years of, 'If we got back together, when would be the right scenario,' and this music festival right here just kind of seemed like the right time to get back together and do a show and kick the tires and see how it feels," Drew, 35, said.  
Nick, 38, explained why he quashed rumors of a 98 Degrees reunion earlier this year…
"I didn't say we weren't going to do it, but there was some speculation about a full tour happening this summer and our fans have been kind of eager to see us get back together," said the dad-to-be, who is expecting his first child with wife Vanessa. "I just wanted to make sure that they understood that a full tour wasn't happening this summer, but obviously very excited to announce that we're doing this big festival in Hershey in August. So, that will be our one and only appearance."
Nick tweeted excitedly about the group's news. "Felt like 2001 all over again!" he wrote. "Can't wait for August 18 in Hershey. Be there. #98degrees"
The Hershey, Pa., show will be the group's first full reunion since they split in 2002. (Visit for tickets and info.)


Nick Lachey Confirms 98 Degrees' Reunion This Summer

The singer also revealed that the MixTape Festival gig in August will be their only show so far before they schedule anything bigger.

Nick Lachey
boyband 98 Degrees are reuniting after all. The rumor of their reunion has started since March when the band's official site was suddenly updated. Although Nick later denied it, he also tweeted "#neversaynever". 

Nick told Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday, June 20, "I think we've all been lucky in the 11 years since we last performed together to go on and do stuff individually. Drew [Lachey] was the winner of 'Dancing With the Stars' season 2, and I've gone and done some solo stuff. But there really is nothing like coming together as a unit, as a group, as a band, on the stage, and I think we all miss that." 

Nick continued, "We all miss the rush of being onstage together, performing together, and certainly the fans have kind of been clamoring for it, so it just felt right. We always said we were not broken up, we were just taking a break, and now it just seemed like the right time to put everything back together." 

Nick wanted to clarify that the band have not scheduled a full tour this summer. Their comeback show will be held at the MixTape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in August. "So that will be our one and only appearance," the singer said, adding the festival would be the right platform to decide where to go from there. 

MixTape Festival will also present The WantedNew Kids On The Blockand Backstreet Boys