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[Podcast] Nick Lachey on Q102 - Jeff & Jenn

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Nick Lachey's Q102 Jeff & Jenn's in-studio appearance - Click on the November 20th podcast. 

He talks about being a dad, Drew on DWTS, being on Stars Earn Stripes, possible big 98 degrees tour news, and what he's doing with Procter & Gamble...

Drew Lachey's daughter Isabella Claire who arguably stole the show


Calling the six-year-old his 'secret weapon,' Drew bought her on to help out with his and pro Anna Trebunskaya's performance to Crazy in Love. 
'Its really exciting because I get to finally dance with my daddy in front of a thousand of people,' Isabella had said before the performance, with daddy Drew adding: 'This is going to make so many memories,' Drew said.
Stealing the show: Drew Lachey's daughter Isabella joined in with his final dance, much to the audience's delight
She's a hit! Drew described the six year old as his 'secret weapon' as he took to the floor with Anna Trebunskaya for a dance to Beyonce

'How many people actually get to dance with their daughters on Dancing With The Stars?'

Random DWTS pictures Finale

News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…
News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…
News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…

Drew.. Isabella & Anna on DWTS

News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…
News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…
News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…News Photo: Episode 1510A In the two hour Season Finale…

Anna Trebunskaya & Drew & Isabella Lachey - DWTS Season 15 Finale

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Random Fun Photos

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Nick Lachey's Fantasy Football Struggles


Like so many other fantasy owners, Nick Lachey is middling in mediocrity.
The singer and Cincinnati native is in two leagues, and he’s stuck in the middle in both.
"It’s not a fantastic year," Lachey told ThePostGame, "but not a catastrophic one either."
Lachey, a huge Bengals fan, says he has been accused before of "drafting with my heart and not my head," so lately he’s tried to change that. Despite several solid fantasy weapons on the Bengals offense, including quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green, this year the only Cincinnati player on either of his rosters is place kicker Mike Nugent.
Despite the dearth of Cincinnati players on his roster, Lachey can’t help but sympathize with the Bengals.
"Like the Bengals, I've just got to make it to the postseason," Lachey said, "then anything can happen."

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Chat with Nick Lachey


Welcome to SportsNation! On Tuesday, musician, actor, and big Cincinnati sports fan, Nick Lachey stops by to chat about how he's sending an NFL fan to the Super Bowl.
Lachey, @NickSLachey, as a member of the boyband 98 Degrees and as a solo artist, sold over 10 million albums. In addition to his musical career, he is also an actor and TV personality. A native of Cincinnati, he is a big Reds, Bengals and University of Cincinnati fan.
Lachey is teaming up with Tide for the "Show Us Your Colors" NFL sweepstakes. The team whose fans upload the most pictures to Tide's Facebook page receives a $15,000 donation to the charity of choice. And any fan who uploads a photo enters the drawing for the chance at a trip for two to Super Bowl XLVII.

Nick is here!
Chris (Denver)

Nick, you've got the new baby now, so how much Tide do you have stocked up at your house?
Nick Lachey
  (1:01 PM)

We have a lot of Tide at the house. As any parent knows, kids go through clothes pretty quick. The laundry machine is going all the time.
Ava (DC)

So, will you be joining the winner of the sweepstakes on the trip to the Super Bowl?
Nick Lachey
  (1:02 PM)

I actually hope to be at the Super Bowl myself, I'm not sure if we'll be going down together! It's definitely a campaign worth being a part of.
Alex (SF)

Do you think the Bengals have taken a step forward or backward this year? They've been inconsistent.
Nick Lachey
  (1:03 PM)

I think it's a step forward. Last year we had a really soft schedule, and even though we made the playoffs, it wasn't a convincing run. I think we're moving in the right direction.
Derek (Chicago)

Since Cincinnati doesn't have an NBA team, where do your basketball rooting interests lie?
Nick Lachey
  (1:03 PM)

I am proud to say now, since they're good now, that I'm a Clippers fan since 1992. I went to school nearby and have been a fan since.
Kevin (GA)

How did you get hooked up with this Tide promotion?
Nick Lachey
  (1:04 PM)

I think they knew I'm a huge sports fan. It was sort of a no-brainer. For me, it was extra special when my son was born and putting him in his first Bengals onsie and that was the picture I uploaded. It's all about celebrating your team and the colors. I fit right into that.
Tyler (LA)

What did you think about the REds this season? Things sure look promising!
Nick Lachey
  (1:05 PM)

It was a disappionting way to end the season, but all in all a good year. The things are in place and the next five years or so should be really good.
Lyle (Miami)

Nick, I've recently seen a photo circulating of you and your son wearing Bengals jerseys.....why would you do that to your son?
Nick Lachey
  (1:06 PM)

Ultimately, he'll have to make his own choices of who he will be a fan of. I will let him make that decision when the time comes, but until then, misery loves company.
Will (Texas)

Are you going to be uploading your Show Us Your Colors pictures?
Nick Lachey
  (1:06 PM)

That was such a cool shot with his first game, I don't know if I can top it. Maybe I'll upload one of myself or with the wife. It's a great way to be creative. Have fun with it.
Geno Atkins (Cinncinnatti)

Who is your favorite athlete today? All time favorite?
Nick Lachey
  (1:07 PM)

Since you're a Cincinnati guy, I'll keep it local. I'm a huge Joey Votto fan, but with the Bengals, I like AJ Green. All time, I have to go with Pete Rose.
Erin (RI)

what's been the best part of becoming a dad?
Nick Lachey
  (1:08 PM)

So hard to pick just one thing. It's the opportunity to watch a life grow up in front of your eyes each and every day. To watch the changes right in front of you.
Ryan (San Diego)

When's the next time we can see you on a TV show or in a movie?
Nick Lachey
  (1:08 PM)

I'm getting ready to do a new show with NBC. I can't share the details of it, but you'll see me pop up on the TV again.
Chris (NYC)

what was Stripes like?
Nick Lachey
  (1:09 PM)

Intense, in one word. It gave me a real appreciation for what our Armed Services men and women do every day.
Ron (OH)

Nick, what are your thoughts on the next big thing in boxing, Cincy's own Adrien Broner?
Nick Lachey
  (1:09 PM)

I think he's an absolute animal. I got a chance to see his fight on Saturday. I think he is the next big thing in boxing. I'm excited to have a contender coming out of Cincinnati.
Geno Atkins (Cinncinnatti)

Do you have my jersey yet?
Nick Lachey
  (1:10 PM)

I've got one hanging in my closet. Congrats on the good year!
Tommy (Madison, WI)

Any new singles or albums coming out?
Nick Lachey
  (1:10 PM)

I just finished a lulaby album that I finished for Camden my son. That will be coming out in February.
Shane (Arkansas)

What is your favorite hat/cap of all time to wear?
Nick Lachey
  (1:11 PM)

Oooh...all time it's the classic Reds hat. The red with the white C.
Rick (Jacksonville)

What type of detergent do you wash your sports jerseys in?
Nick Lachey
  (1:11 PM)

Tide. 100%. High efficiency. Cold water. Tide.
Will (NC)

best game to watch?
Nick Lachey
  (1:12 PM)

Wow....I've been really fortunate to go to a lot of big games. I've been to a Game 7 and the Super Bowl. Those two stand out as being the coolest to be at.
Alex (SF)

bweing a big sports nut, you use your celebrity to get free tickets?
Nick Lachey
  (1:13 PM)

Shamelessly, yes.
Nick Lachey
  (1:14 PM)

I encourage everyone to post a shot of you in your teams colors on the Tide "Show Us Your Colors" Facebook page to enter yourself into the competition for Super Bowl tickets.
  (1:14 PM)

Thanks Nick!

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Nick Lachey at the Airport in LA

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey at the Airport in LA
Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey at the Airport in LA

Nick Lachey Grabs Some Lunch

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Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Grabs Some Lunch
Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Grabs Some LunchNick Lachey - Nick Lachey Grabs Some LunchNick Lachey - Nick Lachey Grabs Some Lunch

Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey Dress Baby as Turkey

Vanessa Minillo and Nick Lachey Dress Baby as Turkey

Anyone who has become a parent can attest to the excitement of spending that first holiday with your new child.  So often, people share silly (but adorable) pictures of their little one all dressed up for the occasion and famous mommies and daddies are no different.
For Thanksgiving, yesterday, Nick Lachey and his wife spent the day enjoying their 10-week-old son, Camden, and, not only did they really get into the festivities but, of course, they documented and shared the milestone with their fans.
Minillo tweeted a sweet little picture of Camden wearing a turkey costume along with the message: "Oh no! My turkey is making a run for it.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”  So cute!
The new mom bragged earlier about being organized ahead of time for the big meal and even made  pumpkin bars using a Paula Deen recipe.  Yum!
Her husband really summed it up when he told his own Twitter followers: "not a hard year to find things to be thankful for! I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful family. Hope you all are enjoying yours!"
A beautiful baby and a homemade meal by his wife…  some might say he has it all!

Nick Lachey dishes about 98 Degrees, son and love for Cincinnati

Undated: Nick Lachey in sixth grade.
Nick Lachey is 39 and holding – holding his newborn son Camden and changing the little guy’s diapers.The singer and TV host took a break from his duties as a first-time father on Tuesday. He was in town promoting an online campaign for Tide at Paul Brown Stadium, and he talked about life as a dad, the Bengals, the reformation of his band 98 Degrees and the possibility of raising a family in Cincinnati with his wife, Vanessa Minnillo.Undated: Nick Lachey in the sixth grade.
Question: Does the prospect of turning 40 change your outlook on life?
Answer: I try not to look ahead to 40, but sadly it’s now within the year. I don’t feel like I’m that old, as if 40 is that old anymore. It doesn’t affect me.
Q: You became a father for the first time in September. How has that changed your life?
A: A hundred percent. I think it’s impossible for something like that not to change your mentality and your perspective. It really does put everything in its proper place. You realize what’s important and realize what’s less important, so it’s been great to be a dad.

Q: What’s something that’s now more important and something that’s now less important?

A: Your family becomes that much more important. That life that you’re now responsible for is the most important thing. And all of those things that you selfishly did before, the going out, whatever it is, you can’t do anymore. Those are sacrifices you’re happy to make, because it’s all about this little guy. You go from a selfish mentality to a much more selfless mentality, and that just comes with being a parent.

Q: Do you have everyday parenting duties, or is it impossible to maintain a routine when you’re in show business?\

A: Anyone who works, it’s challenging to find a balance between doing your parenting and doing your work. Vanessa and I share the responsibility. Obviously she’s more in the food department at this point than I am, and I’m in the post-food changing department. We share the responsibility as much as we can and try to give each other breaks when we can.
1987: Nick Lachey and classmate Jay Goodlett, now a dancer with the Cincinnati Ballet, in a performance of "Little Mary Sunshine" at the School for Creative and Performing Arts during the 1987-1988 school year.1990: Nick Lachey, center, at the College Hill LaRosa's.
Q: Where are you guys living?
A: We’re between Cincinnati and L.A., for now. He was born in L.A.

Q: How often are you in Cincinnati as a family?\

A: She obviously couldn’t fly being pregnant and since his birth we haven’t really flown but we’re planning on spending a lot of time here. Our end game is to move here and to raise him here. As he gets older I’m sure we’ll spend more and more time here in Cincinnati.

Q: Is that an easy sell to your wife, to raise your son in Cincinnati?

A: Yeah, I don’t think either one of us envision raising our kids in L.A. It’s not the upbringing we had and I think we see something different for them than raising them there. So this being my home, where my family is, it’s kind of the logical place. I grew up here and loved growing up here. It was a great place to be a kid and to raise a family, so yeah, I think we’re both excited about coming back here and raising our family here.

Q: So you’re not one-and-done?

A: No, no, no. We’ll definitely have more. I don’t know how many more, but we’ll have more.

Q: Does Vanessa favor motherhood, a life in show business, or does she want to find a way to balance both?

A: Obviously she loves what she does. She’s a great host. But motherhood is something that really does suit her, and something that she’s been excited about for a long time. She’s a natural at it. Where that goes, and how that balance works for her moving forward, I think time will tell. I don’t see her necessarily wanting to give up her career entirely, but at the same time I think that between the two, motherhood is much more important to her than her show-business career.

Q: What is Tide’s Show Us Your Colors campaign?

A: It’s a great campaign we have going on right now. We’re encouraging people to upload pictures of them in their team’s colors – for me obviously it’s the Bengals – to upload a picture that represents when your colors were most meaningful. For me the picture I put up was of Camden in his Bengals onesie the first time I sat down to watch a Bengals game with him. Football can be a family thing. There are a lot of family memories and traditions that happen surrounding the NFL, so we’re encouraging people to celebrate that. Take a picture of something that represents that for you and your family and post it on Tide’s Facebook page. And you’re actually automatically entered for a chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl by doing that.
Nov. 1999: Justin Jeffre, far left, Nick Lachey, center, Jeff Timmons, kneeling lower right and Drew Lachey, kneeling far right) with members of LP Outsyders.March 2000: 98 Degrees' vocalist Nick Lachey, smiles during a break from working on a song in a recording studio in Sheffield, Ala.Sept. 2004: Singer Nick Lachey watches the action from the front row as the New York Jets take on the Cincinnati Bengals at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Jets defeated the Bengals 31-24.
Q: Do you think it’s fair to make your son a Bengals fan?
A: That’s a good question (laughs). I’m gonna let him make his own decisions. He can pick his own team, but he’ll know his dad is a Bengals fan. If he wants to become something else that’s on him. He’s allowed to make his own decisions, but I’m gonna steer him in that direction
Q: As a Cubs fan from Chicago, I sort of understand why people in Cincinnati continue to root for the Bengals. But when does rational thought come into play, and why should people root when this team has bad management and will never be a consistent winner until there are significant changes?
A: Excellent, excellent question. I think that the fan base has reached the point of not just settling for the status quo – the year-in, year-out, mediocrity-will-do mentality. I think that you’ve seen the fan base let their voice be heard a little bit. And I encourage them to continue to do that. There’s no reason why the Bengals can’t be and shouldn’t be a perennial contender. So I think the fans deserve that. They should expect it. They should demand it. And the only way they can really speak is with their money and with their pocketbooks. And I think they’ve done that. I think that hopefully the management here has heard that and changes are coming.

Q: How did the 98 Degrees show in Pennsylvania go in August?

A: It was awesome. We kind of viewed that show as a chance after 11 years to get back together and see how it felt. We had a blast. There were a few achy body parts that weren’t there 11 years ago, but it was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed being together and performing again.

Q: Why did you want to get the band back together, as opposed to doing solo stuff?

A: I was fortunate enough to have a successful solo tour and solo record, and it was great, but there’s something special about being on stage with your brothers. You develop this camaraderie and this unity. And it’s a little lonely for solo artists sometimes. Really, it comes down to fun. We thought it would be fun. We waited a long time to do it. We thought the time was right to get back together and have some fun with it.
Sept. 2005: Nick Lachey arrives at club Purgatory in Over-the-Rhine for the 98 Degrees reunion.
Dec. 2005: Continental Lounge owners Josh Heuser, Essa Naser and Scott Sheridan with Nick Lachey (center) cutting the ribbon at The Continental Lounge.
Q: Drew (Lachey, Nick’s brother and bandmate) told the Enquirer in August that the band would get together in a L.A. studio in October, while he was on “Dancing with the Stars” to record an album. Did that happen?
A: It’s actually happening in a couple weeks, but yeah, Drew was on “Dancing with the Stars.” We kind of had to take a backseat to that for a while. We are getting in the studio in the beginning of December and starting to work on a new record. Exciting stuff.

Q: Where are you in the process right now? Are you recording demos?

A: It’s the sort of song-selection process. Once we kind of nail down five, six, seven songs we’ll go in and start knocking them out.

Q: Any idea when something might be released?

A: Next year. We’re planning on touring next year. We’re planning on releasing new music next year, probably late spring I would think.

Q: I heard you guys were rehearsing at your old high school (School for Creative and Performing Arts) earlier this year. Is that true?

A: We were. Well, our old high school, which is now in a new building. The new old high school. Kind of a full-circle moment, you know, come back and work out the dance moves there. We put the stage show together, all the choreography, all the moves, and all the intro-outro stuff.

Q: Any plans to do more rehearsing in Cincinnati?

A: It wouldn’t surprise me. Three of the four of us live here for the most part, so it always makes sense to work here when we can.

Q: What are the touring plans for next year?

A: We’re looking at doing a tour next summer, probably starting late May.

Q: Now that you’re on the brink of 40, do you think people can start calling 98 Degrees an R&B vocal group, or will you always be called a boy band?

A: I would hope we’re not a boy band any longer. I think we’re a vocal group. Man band just doesn’t feel right either. Vocal group sounds much better.
Nov. 2008: Nick Lachey took the stage on Fountain Square with his choir to kick off the holiday season in downtown Cincinnati.Dec. 2010: Nick Lachey talks to friends during the Cincinnati and Miami basketball game in the second half.
Q: I heard that you’re working on a solo album of lullabies. Can you talk about that?
A: Yeah, I’m just finishing up a lullaby record, obviously inspired by Camden being born, so I’m very excited to have that come out. It will be out in February next year. It’s an interesting project because it’s done through Fisher Price, so it’s actually gonna be in the baby department of stores, so it’s not a traditional record deal, so to speak. It’s a neat opportunity to get into the actual places where moms are shopping.

Q: I want to ask you about Justin (Jeffre of 98 Degrees). He’s a fascinating dude. He recently became editor of the local newspaper Streetvibes, and his politics are to the left of what people consider the left. Have you guys as a band ever asked him to temper his political activism because you were afraid it could hurt your bottom line?

A: No. We all support each other. We don’t necessarily share the same views obviously. But we all support each other in whatever we believe in. I don’t think that’s ever been an issue.

Q: So when you backed him in his run for mayor of Cincinnati (2005), it wasn’t necessarily you supporting his platform, it was you supporting him as a friend.

A: One hundred percent. I support him like a brother. I went to school with him. I’ve known him my whole life. He’s obviously very close to me. He’ll always have my support as a person.
July 2011. Nick Lachey, right, sings the National Anthem prior to the start of  the inaugural Quaker State 400 NASCAR  Sprint Cup race held at Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, Ky.

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Vanessa & Nick Lachey Celebrate Their Birthdays With 'Beautiful Gift' Baby Camden


Vanessa Lachey is one proud mama!
Nick Lachey and his wifey Vanessa both celebrated their birthdays on Friday, but Vanessa took to twitter to thank her man for the one gift she’s most grateful for— their new son Camden.
“Today I share my Birthday with my heart & my best friend,@NickSLachey,” Vanessa tweeted on Nov. 9. “Thank U for giving me the most Beautiful gift!”
Her sweet message to Nick was accompanied by a precious black-and-white photo of the Wipeout host holding her now 2-month-old baby.
But Vanessa isn’t the only one completely in love with the little one!
"Thank you @VanessaLachey for sharing this day with me and blessing me with such a beautiful family," Nick tweeted back. "Can't think of a better partner in life!"
The new dad hasn’t exactly been shy when it comes to showing off his new partner-in-crime, often tweeting photos of Camden John on twitter and sharing musings of fatherhood with his fans.
"Camden is easily the most amazing thing that has happened in my life,” he tweeted of his first child. “Vanessa Lachey and I are truly blessed.”
In a recent interview, the beauty also admits that though she shares a mother-son bond with their babe, Nick is all about daddy duty!
“I get to nurse him, but whenever I’m not nursing, Nick wants him,” she admits. “He just can’t get enough. He changes diapers, he does half the chores in the house, (and) he does laundry. I can’t complain!”

Nick Lachey Gives Today Two Thumbs Up!

Where Do they find the names for these pictures?? LoL as always follow the link there is more pictures there =)

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Gives Today Two Thumbs Up!Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Gives Today Two Thumbs Up!Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Gives Today Two Thumbs Up!
Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Gives Today Two Thumbs Up!