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Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arrive at the LAX

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo arrive at the LAX nightclub at the Luxor Hotel & Casino for their birthday party in Las Vegas on Wednesday Nov. 14, 2007. Lachey and Minnillo share the same birthday. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

Fans find reality has its limits

Getting her book signed by pop star Nick Lachey was the highlight of the day for Lexi Radlove, 10, of Anderson Township. She also got a photo with him.

Nick Lachey brought his reality television show to Fountain Square on Saturday, but "reality" was in short supply.

The TV crew herded spectators into a receiving line, asked onlookers to sign consent forms and told some customers at Graeter's to leave the ice cream shop before Lachey arrived to tape a segment of his show.

"They're staging reality," said Jeri Hamrick of Symmes Township.


Hamrick, 29, brought her 5-year-old son, Conner, to see Lachey because she'd tried out last week to be on his show, "Clash of the Choirs." The show pits choirs from several cities, each led by a pop star, against one another in weekly contests.

Lachey, who is leading Cincinnati's choir, was on Fountain Square to promote the show and record some of his interactions with hometown fans.

His fans were thrilled to see him, but not so thrilled with the two-hour wait and the sometimes aggressive staging by his crew.

When Hamrick tried to get into Graeter's to see Lachey, a crew member turned her and Conner away.

"I'm sorry. We can't allow minors," she was told.

Two girls, also too young to get inside, stood by the shop's windows holding hand-written "I love Nick" signs.

Greg Perry, who wore a scarlet Ohio State football jersey, was inside celebrating the Buckeyes' win over Michigan with a sundae when crew members told him he'd have to leave if he didn't take it off. The crew was worried about licensing issues if the cameras caught the jersey on film.

Perry, who was visiting Cincinnati from Toledo, refused and had to finish his Buckeye Blitz sundae outside.

"We thought maybe the president was here," Perry joked as he watched Lachey eat ice cream inside. "But it's someone more important."

After a half hour or so at Graeter's, Lachey's crew touched up his makeup and organized the receiving line outside for the last shot of the day.

Lachey then spent 10 minutes or so shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans, some of whom had waited more than two hours to see him.

"Hi, how you doing?" he asked cheerfully.

Most seemed to be just fine. Once they snapped their pictures and got Lachey to sign his name, everyone seemed ready to forgive any inconvenience.

Lexi Radlove, 10, started to cry when a crew member announced there would be no more photos with Lachey. But when Lachey got to her in line, he signed her autograph book and let her mom take a photo with her camera phone.

"Was it worth the wait?" her mom asked. Lexi nodded enthusiastically.

Michelle Lightfoot, who was posing for wedding photos on the square, didn't mind, either.

In the most unscripted moment of the day, Lightfoot ditched her husband-to-be to jump in line for a photo with Lachey.

"C'mon," she said, "who doesn't want to take a picture with Nick Lachey in a wedding dress?"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nick Lachey: ‘This Has Been a Year of Rebuilding’


Nick Lachey is celebrating a birthday, a new restaurant and a solid relationship with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. But it wasn’t always that way.

“I don’t think you can get much worse than the year before [2006],” Nick confessed last night at his Sin City restaurant, Company American Bistro. “The last year has been good. Been in the studio working on a new album. I’m excited to get that out in 2008.”

Nick and Vanessa headed to Vegas to toast the restaurant’s opening, as well as their birthdays. Nick turned 34 and Vanessa turned 27 on Nov. 9.

He continued, “2007 has been a rebuilding year for me. Music, studio, learning things about who I am as a man. I think it’s exciting. Any time you learn and grow it’s an exciting time.”

Inspiration for his last album came from his very-public split with Jessica Simpson last year. But Nick says it’s hard to say whether hardship brings out the best in him.

“It’s hard to compare one phase of you life to another,” he said. “There have been some great albums that come out of heartbreaking times – my last album.”

He added, “As an artist it’s our responsibility to draw on whatever we are going through.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Drew Lachey: Vanessa Is "One of the Guys"

Though she’s a former beauty pageant queen, Miss Teen USA 1998 Vanessa Minnillo isn’t all that girly.

“She’s just one of the guys basically,” Drew Lachey, brother of her boyfriend, Nick, tells OK! of Vanessa’s best quality.

Good thing since Nick, a co-owner of minor leaguers Tacoma Rainiers, is a major sports buff. Her tomboyish quality is what makes it easy to chill out with her, Drew says. “You can sit down and watch sports with her.”

As for his own relationship, Drew, 31, has been married to high-school sweetheart Lea Dellecave, mom to their daughter Isabella, 19 months, for seven years and offers some marriage advice for long-term success.

“Never take her for granted,” he says. “Work on it every day. Keep open lines of communication.”

Nick Lachey seeks local choir singers for television 'Clash'

CINCINNATI — Television network NBC will host a four-night musical event called "Clash of the Choirs," in which five celebrity artists will assemble an amateur choir and prepare it to compete "live in studio for the title of America's best choir," according to Pop singer Nick Lachey will be in Cincinnati from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday seeking locals to be part of his choir, competing against celebrities such as Michael Bolton, Blake Shelton and others. The show will air Dec. 17-20 on NBC with judging by home viewers. Auditions will be at Walnut Hills High School in the Arts and Science Wing. The school is located at 3250 Victory parkway.

Q102 Interview *nick*

click here to listen to
Jeff & Jenn's Interview w/ Nick Lachey

Cincinnati's Q102 blog: Jeff and I spoke with Nick Lachey today about his new project, "Clash of the Choirs." The best part about the interview was that today 's Nick's birthday and I got to tell him Happy Birthday like twice. It was great. Nick said he's doing well and is on vacation. He actually been to all of the Bengals' games this year and he said Drew's daughter Isabella is doing great! It was so great to talk to him.


It’s another day at the El San Juan Hotel. As usual, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo look tres fantastique.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lachey to lead choir clash


Nick Lachey is heading home to lead Cincinnati’s “Clash of the Choirs” ensemble for NBC’s four-night prime-time holiday special.

Lachey, a 1992 School for Creative and Performing Arts School graduate, will perform with about two dozen local singers selected from auditions this weekend, NBC announced Tuesday. Lachey will not attend the auditions.

NBC also has changed the venues and times for Saturday’s open casting call. Instead of 10 a.m. at SCPA, auditions will begin 9 a.m. at the Walnut Hills High School arts and sciences wing, 3250 Victory Parkway.


Auditions by appointment Friday – which are all booked – also will be at Walnut Hills High School.

Singers must be at least 18 and prepared to sing 16 bars a cappella, says Jonathan Tanzman, casting director. Singers also should bring an application which will be posted by early Wednesday at, he says.

At least the first 300 will be seen Saturday, says Amber James, NBC spokeswoman. Auditions close at 6 p.m.

Lachey’s chorus will be competing these four celebrity choirs from other cities: Patti LaBelle, Philadelphia; Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child), Houston; Michael Bolton, New Haven, Conn.; and country singer Blake Shelton, Oklahoma City.

“Clash of the Choirs” will air Dec. 17-20 on Channels 5, 2. Viewers will vote to determine America’s best choir.

'Dancing' tour returns in January (ohio)

'Dancing' tour returns in January

"Dancing With The Stars," the touring version of ABC's hit show, will return to U.S. Bank Arena on Jan. 17.

This third version of the national tour will feature an ensemble of the show’s competitors - including season five’s Wayne Newton with Cheryl Burke, season three’s Joey Lawrence with Edyta Sliwinska and Monique Coleman with Alec Mazo, as well as professional dancers Derek Hough, Brian Fortuna, Kym Johnson & Mark Ballas.

Drew Lachey, the Cincinnati-born singer who achieved fame with the boy band 98 degrees, is billed as "special guest star."


Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 a m.

Tickets will be available at the U.S. Bank Arena Box Office, at all Ticketmaster locations including select Kroger stores, by calling 513-562-4949 or at

Nick & Vanessa: "Happy Birthday to Us!"

Nick & Vanessa: "Happy Birthday to Us!"

For adorable twosome Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Nov. 9 is a doubly big day, as it's not just his birthday, but hers too!

“I like to think I’m a gentleman about it and try to think of her,” Nick, who'll be celebrating birthday #34, tells OK! about his feelings on sharing his special day. “It's her day as much as mine.”

To get a head start on the birthday bash, NickNessa jetted off with some friends for a whirlwind weekend of “great weather and dinners” at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino in Puerto Rico, which is where OK! had the chance to chat with them.

In terms of his birthday wish-list, Nick's desires are pretty down-to-earth, saying he hopes his brother, Drew, will get him a leaf blower while Vanessa is on her own to figure out what the singer wants. As for what the singer will surprise his girlfriend of a year and a half with, Nick will only say, “I already have it and actually asked if she wanted it tonight, but she said, ‘No, I want to wait.’ ”

Looking at his plans for the year ahead, it will certainly be a busy one for Nick. “I’m in the studio trying to wrap up my album,” he said at the El Canto Beach Club presented by NYC club Tenjune. “I also have some TV projects that I am producing. I am excited about that and trying to branch out.”

The first single off Nick's upcoming CD will be released in early 2008 and he already has 30 demos that need to be cut down for the final list of songs. “The last album was very specific to the time in my life,” Nick explains. “This one is much more broad, and it is not about one specific moment in my life.”

Maybe he can sing about how great his birthday celebration was!

By Alisandra Puliti

The Bar Biz Buzz (Justin)

The Bar Biz Buzz

You would think after the Bearcats and the Buckeyes, even Miami, the high school teams every one would enjoy this weekend. Then come the Bengals and back to reality for today.
We look to Tuesday and across the board on every issue, I believe a NO vote across the board is imperative. Every issue that gets voted down will always find unallocated funds to pull out of whatever dilemma their finances put them in!
Thee feel good theory of making everyone healthy, safe, insured and proud to be a free country is a scary utopian dream.
The more you five to let the government control your every day life is so irresponsible.
DO NOT ALLOW yourself to succumb to the system. This is the reason small business has been reduced to a pawn in the Big Program.
I have personal reasons to support three candidates for City Council and I would hope my personal reasons will spur you to also support those who do and will support our industry.
Vice Mayor Dave Crowley has proved over and again that he is our industry support and always will. Vote Crowley.
With continuous contact with Brian Garry on our issues a visionary with old school reasoning.
Last but not least Justin Jeffre covers all bases when it comes to vision, projection of necessary programs and an individual that is sincere, down to earth and prod to be a Cincinnatian. Justin is caring in his nature, so much that myself 20 years his elder feels comfortable with his leadership qualities and personal feel for our city.
I’m expecting a meeting Thursday on our legislation. I’ll let everyone know ASAP.
In the interim lest build our membership, let’s tackle and handle the present unfair law.
Please do not take to heart so many innuendos’ that are circulating.
You have the e-mail address. You have the phone numbers but you also the ability to step up to the plate for your self survival.
I’ll be open phone all day today for any and all questions.

Your Prez

Pat Carroll
P. S. Early Salute to all Veterans always keep our people in your thoughts and prayers!
Christmas music on November 5th sucks!

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Jeffre, Salsa, Pizza and The Stomp

Jeffre, Salsa, Pizza and The Stomp

Cincinnati City Council candidate Justin Jeffre's celebrating early - tonight, 7-10 p.m., at The Mad Frog, 1 E. McMillan, Mount Auburn. Free salsa lessons starting at 9 p.m., before the band Tropicoso starts at 10 p.m.

We know Jeffre can move, being that he used to be in the band 98 Degrees. So this might be pretty interesting - the party announcement says he'll unveil a new dance called the Jail Tax Stomp. As he has campaigned for council, he also has been urging voters to oppose the tax increase that would build a new Hamilton County jail.

We'll get back to you on what time the Stomp is actually happening.

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Cover story: In the Nick of time

Cover story: In the Nick of time

Tuesday, November 06 2007
Nick Lachey gives up the good life and goes solo. Nick Lachey has fulfilled every man’s fantasy: he’s been a member of a world famous boy band, with millions of screaming female fans in every corner of the world. He also managed to bag himself hot blonde sex-bomb Amazonian mega-babe Jessica Simpson.

Not bad for someone who’s just hit 32 years old. And the strangest thing about the whole experience is not that it actually happened – but that Lachey actually walked away from it all.

Lachey shot to fame back in 98º back in 1997, when their debut self titled album hit the big time, and subsequent tracks like Invisible Man, Was It Something I Didn’t Say, I Do (Cherish You), The Hardest Thing shot the four boys (Lachey, Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons) straight up the charts.

Fast forward almost a decade later, and the 98º boys went their separate ways to concentrate on solo endeavours.

After his much-publicised break up with Simpson (ironically, just after they ended their long running reality show The Newlyweds), Lachey took time out to recuperate and return to real life. His success with 98º led him to release two solo albums, the fi rst of which (Soulo) was overshadowed by the hype of The Newlyweds and didn’t fare too well.

But his latest effort, What’s Left Of Me, on the other hand, has launched Lachey back into the solo spotlight. The album debuted at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Album charts, and the fi rst single, What’s Left Of Me, shot straight to the No. 1 spot on

There has been speculation that the album is a reflection of his recent divorce and his still strong feelings towards Simpson. But Lachey realises that wearing your heart on your sleeve is a cathartic way of dealing with the break up.

Plus, there’s nothing like a little emotional turmoil to inspire a complete 12-track album. Lachey just kicked off a worldwide promotion tour for What’s Left Of Me, where he will cover the US, Europe and Asia.

Buzz managed to pin Lachey down in Tokyo and got him to spill the beans on life after reality TV, Simpson's buffalo wings fiasco and a possible 98º reunion: How’s japan treating you? Japan’s lovely. I love coming here. Everyone’s so polite and welcoming; I always get treated so nicely.

What’s the response been like in Japan to What’s Left Of Me? When you don’t travel, you have no idea of people’s reaction to your music, so I didn’t know that it went over so well here. We visited Asia a lot during 98º time, and spent a lot of time in this part of the world, so we’ve always known Asian fans are really great to us.

Based on your experiences on the show, how real was reality tv? I wouldn’t really say it was completely real.

I’d describe the show as being a series of snapshots of reality – which, you have to remember, was edited all for your entertainment pleasure! The world needs to know – did she really think buffalo had wings? Ha, ha! i’d rather not say! i can’t! you’re going to have to ask her that! You’ve got your first big solo tour coming up, how excited are you? I love performing, and it’s been fi ve years since I’ve last performed on stage – so I’m really excited about the tour. It’s going to be entertaining, energetic, it’s going to be great, I can’t wait to get started.

How different is what’s left of me to soulo? It’s very different. My life has changed so much since Soulo, as has my music writing style and my preferences. Also, the things that inspired me while I was writing both albums are so different – so naturally, the two solo albums will also sound different.

The album title and second single i can’t hate you anymore are quite telling. is it difficult to wear your heart on your sleeve like that? No matter what’s happening around me, I just tried to make this the best album I could. And I’ve always said that you have to be honest in your music. To a certain extent, the album was inspired by my life, but at the same time, I tell my listeners to not take things too literally. But, it’s been great to use this album as an emotional release.

The Newlyweds lasted about three years – is it difficult to go back to real life as opposed to reality TV? It’s been a relief to get out of reality TV and get back to real life! Everything is so different on reality TV; it’s a different perspective on the world around you, and on those You’re hitting about 25 cities in about a month. how are you going to manage that? By travelling a lot! Seriously though, we’re even thinking of expanding the amount of places we’re hitting, so it’s going to be quite a gruelling schedule. During tours like this, I just try to take care of myself. Before shows, I take time out to warm up, like an athlete before a game. I have to remember that if I blow out my voice, there’s no more tour, so it’s important to remember to take it easy too.

Do you forsee a 98º reunion? I do, yes. We’re not sure when, but we have talked about doing it for some time now, and it will be happening at some point. We’ve all had a lot of time off, so I think it’s time to get back to where we all were together.

Life after divorce – do your priorities need adjusting after something like that? Your entire life becomes an adjustment.

I’m lucky I had my music career that I could throw myself into, and focus on that. So that’s driven me a little, it makes it easier to adjust to the change.

Journeys School Aid Concert. Jeff

Journeys School Aid Concert

Friday, November 2, 2007

B5, Danny Wood, Jeff Timmons and other top 40 musical acts will rock the house at the Germain Arena starting in January for the Journeys Academy School Aid Concert Series.'

MTV’s Derrick Kosinski, of Road Rules, will host the concert, which is a first-ever fund-raiser for the small, Naples-based, special education school.

“We have not raised a penny in fund-raising,” administrator Larry Christopher said.

The school, which was founded in 1999, caters to students with specific learning disabilities such as AD/HD, autism, gifted, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, Aspergers, output disorders, and deficits in reading, math and writing. Most of the money to run the school is provided by private donations.

“They’ve got some really good teachers,” parent Cheri Boedeker said. Her daughter Brenna, 13, has been a student at Journeys Academy for four years on a scholarship. “They know that every child has a disability and they work with that disability. They take their strengths and they work with that.”

Licensed psychologist Dr. Loren Hoffman established the school with one student and one tutor. By the time the school had more than 10 students, it broadened out to form the academy. Now the academy has about 40 students, with a waiting list of interested pupils.

“I’d work two jobs; three jobs to keep my daughter there,” Boedeker said.

The school’s mission is to design a learning environment that prepares students for life’s challenges and independent functioning in society. At Journeys Academy classrooms are built one student at a time, matching the learning profiles of each student.

“When you can be yourself, learning happens,” Christopher said.

Each classroom has no more than about six students to each teacher and students receive individualized instruction and daily social skills.

“We want to be the very best of our kind,” Christopher said.

Journeys has seven classrooms, ranging from elementary school level to high school level. The academy wants to expand its walls to accommodate a growing waiting list, but first on their list of priorities is starting up a teacher endowment.

“We have to bring them up to a living wage,” Christopher said.

The second priority of fund-raising is to increase scholarship funds for future and current students.

“The concert is just going to open up all kinds of doors,” Hoffman said. “The key is keeping good teachers.”

Corporate sponsorships are available, as well as individual ticket sales.

“The concert will unite the school. They’ll know it’s for them,” Hoffman said.

Contact Journeys Academy Administrator Larry Christopher at 593-5535.

Pepa's B-Day at Brava Nightclub (Nov. 2) pt. 3

Pepa's B-Day at Brava Nightclub (Nov. 2) pt. 2

Pepa's B-Day at Brava Nightclub (Nov. 2)


Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey @ pool party in Puerto Rico

Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey @ pool party in Puerto Rico

celebrating there birthdays together in Puerto Rico. Looks like they were having a Blast!! Happy Birthday guys!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

VooShaDay with Jeff

Interveiw with jeff timmons about his role in VooShaDay

Walt Disney World Christmas Day parade taping

Walt Disney World Christmas Day parade taping

Before I could tell you about it, they were gone. It took less than 6 hours on Thursday for passholder tickets for the taping of the Walt Disney World Christmas Day parade to be snapped up. I knew they went quickly because I hadn't been able to secure reservations in past years. But 6 hours? Unbelieveable.

Earlier this week, a note appeared on the passholder Web site, indicating that in November we would be able to submit requests for the Nov. 30 taping of celebrity performances on the castle stage in the Magic Kingdom. That especially interested me because of the expected performers: 'High School Musical' stars, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey, Josh Groban, Harlem Boys Choir and Whitney Houston. The lineup has not been confirmed by Disney, but I did find it on an online source that has been accurate in the past.

If you were not one of the lucky ones and you want to see the taping, you still can.

The Magic Kingdom is open 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. that day, which means you can arrive an hour after those with reserved tickets. Also, the following day, Dec. 1, Disney will be taping the Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin segments. The park opens at 9 a.m. that day as well.

Be forewarned: It might not be worth your while. My family went last year without tickets and it was incredibly difficult to navigate Main Street. Cast members were firm in not allowing anyone inside the ropes who didn't have a wristband, which meant we couldn't see much over the crowd of spectators that were a dozen or more deep.

Much as my husband and I thought we made a mistake going that day, my children would disagree. In the afternoon, we had a short, unobstructed view of Corbin Bleu, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel practicing for the taping.

Nick Videos

Just an assortment of videos that I found of Nick on the net. Enjoy!!

His Famous Axe Commercial

Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey still dating

Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey still dating

Vanessa Minnillo has revealed her romance with Nick Lachey is still on.

The beauty made the claim after gossips asked about her breakup.

Image Splash
“Oh, is that the new rumor?” Minnillo asked Us October 8 at the L.A. launch of Bongo’s spring collection. “No, sorry. We are still very much together!”

“He’s very supportive,” she gushes of the singer, 33, who’s at work on a new CD. “That makes him very great.”

The next night during dinner at Fabrocini’s in L.A.’s Bel Air neighborhood Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey showcased their love : “Nick reached his hand across the table and took her hand in his,” says a witness of the duo. “She was telling a story and he was cracking up!”

Vanessa and Nick Battle Over Reality Show

Vanessa and Nick Battle Over Reality Show

There’s nothing like a Starbuck’s with your sweetie to chase away the blues. And for Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey they may just need it.

There are reports that Vanessa is desperately trying to get her man to agree to a reality show deal. But the 98 Degrees singer says he’s learned from his past.

Nick was once a permanent fixture on MTV, due to the success of “Newlyweds” with his ex-wife Jessica Simpson. And he’s not interested in giving it another go.

Lachey told press, “God if I learned anything, I learned that if you want to screw up a perfectly good relationship, just let cameras follow you around 24/7. No way I’m going down that road again.”

Despite Nick’s disapproval, Vanessa is still rumored to be pursuing her own reality show. We’ll keep you posted.

Justin Jeffre at Christ Church Forum

Christ Church in Downtown Cincinnati always has the best political forums. Here is an excerpt from their non-incumbent forum for City Council.

Former Boy-Banders Regroup

You heard it here first — Joey Fatone’s got a brand-new band!

Yes, the former ‘N Syncer is regrouping, this time with some other guys who know a few moves or two.

“I’ve been working on a project with Drew Lachey, Joey Lawrence and Joey McIntyre doing like old school tunes,” Joey reveals to OK!. “It’s kind of like a Rat Pack thing. We’re calling it The Fellas.”

The four, of course, are all alums of Dancing With the Stars and each has pop music experience in their lengthy resumes. Joey F.’s is by far the most recognizable with his seven-year-long stint in ‘N Sync. It’s been six years since the band’s last album and three years since their last performance, so will they ever reunite?

“You never know,” the 30-year-old says. “It’s all about timing, about finding the time to say, can we do it? Is it possible? Is it feasible to do it with everybody time-wise? Everybody’s doing their own thing now, you got J.C. [Chasez] with his own album out, Justin [Timberlake] touring, Lance [Bass] doing Hairspray on Broadway and Chris [Kirkpatrick] doing the VH1 Man Band show so it’s really finding the time to say, can we do it? Is it possible?”

Since everyone’s booked in the immediate future, “[Maybe] one day, it’s like, ‘Hey, I’m free in the year 2010. Let’s do it!’ You never know.”

For now, Joey is keeping busy hosting The Singing Bee on NBC. And don’t think he doesn’t bring the office home with him. The notorious goofball loves watching the episodes at home and critiquing himself.

Jeffre’s voter van is a mobile campaign office

Jeffre’s voter van is a mobile campaign office

In what has to be one of the funniest - and largest - pieces of Cincinnati City Council candidate campaign attention-grabbers ever, former 98 Degrees band member Justin Jeffre has bought a former bookmobile and turned it into his mobile campaign headquarters.

Jeffre, who is endorsed by the Green Party and unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2005, happened into the RV-sized circa 1970s former library-on-wheels courtesy of the Cincinnati Public Schools, who sold it to him for a little more than $500. All it needed was the brake line repaired, but, beyond that, it runs fine, Jeffre said, who lets his father drive it.

He had the big white vehicle - which he calls his “mobile command communications unit,” or MCU - parked Saturday afternoon at Bellevue Park on Ohio Avenue in Clifton Heights. His buddy, former band mate and Cincinnati-native Nick Lachey (who I missed) christened the bus with a bottle of Christian Moerlein’s OTR Ale. Lachey spent about a half-hour there with his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo, Jeffre said.

The bus’s trim has been painted Jeffre-campaign green, been adorned with vinyl wrap stickers of Jeffre’s face, campaign signs and stickers, a big red cross with “neighborhood rescue” written next to it, plus a wire can-sounding sound system that was playing The Who’s “Magic Bus” and making frog sounds. Plans include adding a green emergency vehicle-type light bar (think “mall cop”).

Jeffre plans to take the bus around to all of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods and tout his campaign’s platform. One of the campaign’s workers said Jeffre’s voter van makes fellow candidate Mitch Painter’s very recognizable and ubiquitous ice cream truck look like a “bitch mobile.”

Still awaiting word about when and where Jeffre’s whistle-stop tour will be next. Jeffre said the campaign would be releasing that soon.

Next to former Cincinnati City Councilman, Hamilton County Commissioner and current Congressman Steve Chabot’s famous holding-a-sign-and-waving-on-a-highway-overpass stunt that propelled him onto Council in the mid-1980s and former Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell’s “Tarbell, What The Hell!” buttons, I think this ranks pretty high for way-to-go, you-can’t-ignore-me retail politicking.

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Chris and Jeff were on XL106.7


Christmas Parade Taping 2007

Here is the list with who will be where:

Regis Philbin (WDW)
Kelly Ripa (WDW)
Ryan Seacrest (DLR)
High School Musical Performance w/ HSM Stars (WDW)
Justin Bartha (Segment)
Miley Cyrus (DLR)
Billy Ray Cyrus (WDW)
Jonas Brothers (WDW)
Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey (WDW)
Michael Buble (DLR)
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony (DLR)
Mana (DLR)
Carlos Santana (DLR)
Carrie Underwood (DLR)
Josh Groban (WDW)
Harlem Boys Choir (WDW)
Whitney Houston (WDW)

Nick & Vanessa Starbucks (Oct. 30, 2007)

Starbucks (Oct. 30, 2007)
Follow the link for better views