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Nick Lachey gets in the picture

Nick Lachey jumped at the chance to help mentor aspiring actors and singers on High School Musical: Get in the Picture. (ABC)

Kat Angus, Dose

Published: Monday, July 21

It's pretty much impossible to avoid High School Musical these days - although who would want to? Combine Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens with impossibly catchy musical numbers and suddenly, you find you've spent your entire weekend in your living room, learning the steps to "We're All in This Together!"

ABC is doing its part to support High School Musical's ubiquity with this Sunday's premiere of High School Musical: Get in the Picture, a competitive reality show in which recruiters scour America for the best undiscovered singers and dancers. Twelve finalists will compete for a chance to star in a music video that will air in the highly anticipated High School Musical 3: Senior Year, due out in October.

We had the chance to talk to host Nick Lachey about his background in theatre, how the young contestants dealt with the pressure and what he thinks about the High School Musical phenomenon.

How did you get involved with High School Musical: Get in the Picture to begin with?
ABC were apparently looking for a host - they reached out to me to see if I was interested in doing it. Once I heard what the premise of it was, having to do with the performing arts, it really appealed to me, for the reason that I went to a performing arts high school. I felt that I had really gone through a lot of these experiences that they're going to go through. It was a good show for me to be a part of because I could bring something different to the table, so I jumped at it.

You're trying to recruit people who otherwise may not be involved in acting, like the football star or a member of the chess club. Did you find a lot of hidden talents that you weren't expecting?
Well, we weren't excluding people who were used to performing, but yeah, we encouraged anyone to come out and do this. I think it's illustrated in the theme of High School Musical as well - Troy wasn't necessarily into performing and was a basketball jock and he found his love for performing and found out something about himself. So we try to carry that theme over to our show a little bit. There were a couple of great examples of people who weren't necessarily polished performers. They knew they loved to sing and were interested in doing it, but up until this point, they were playing football or doing other things, but we encouraged everyone to come out and be themselves - just go for it, see what happens. I think they were surprised in themselves with what they were capable of as performers.

How many people auditioned?
Oh, man. We had two open calls, one in Southern California and one in Florida and then we had six scouts who went around the country and found some talent in more obscure places. All told, we had thousands of kids come out and audition.

What specifically were you looking for?
I think it was a combination of a lot of things, talent, obviously, being one of them. Singing ability, dancing ability. Charisma was a big part of it. When I was there at the open calls and auditions and trying to talk to kids and encourage them and give them some advice, one of the things I continued to harp on was, "You're all here because you love to perform and you have talent but what's going to set you apart from the other 2,000 other kids here who have talent? There has to be something in you, in your personality and charisma, that's magnetic. So go in there and don't hold anything back; be yourself and see what happens."

Do you mentor the kids at all, or do you work in a strict capacity of a host?
A big part of me wanting to do the show was to act as a mentor and be a part of it in that capacity. Clearly, as host, you kind of navigate the audience through the show they're watching, but the most exciting part of my role for me was the mentoring, just trying to be, in some small part, an inspiration to them. Having been where they are and gone through those things at their age and having gone on to be in this business for 11 years, hopefully I was at least somewhat inspiration to some of them. Some of them had even heard of me before! Even more than that, though, it was just to give them advice. I've been through quite a bit and experienced quite a bit, so I was there to give them guidance and support them, encourage them.

And the winner of the show gets to appear in a music video for High School Musical 3?
They get a recording contract with Disney Records and a talent holding deal with Disney in addition to starring in the music video that will air during the end credits of High School Musical 3.

Why wasn't the prize an actual role in the movie?
I think timing was the biggest thing. I mean, we still don't know who the winner is now; we're still working on the show, and -

And they're already filming the movie.

Was there any reason they didn't start the show earlier, then?
Not that I know of, but maybe the idea just didn't come to them soon enough. I don't know - timing-wise, it just didn't sync up well enough [to give the winner a role in the film]. Clearly, that would have been great, though.

Once you've narrowed the field down to 12 contestants, how are they eliminated?
They're not exactly eliminated, either, which is another thing that appealed to me. There's only one grand prize winner at the end and they get their holding deal and recording contract and all that, but the other 11, as we go through the process, move into the chorus. So they're still a part of the performing arts school and they're still a part of the music video, just as a supporting chorus. I think it's a great attitude to have with this kind of thing, because these kids are obviously putting a lot of themselves on the line and they're there because they love to perform. I'm a big fan of trying to uplift and support that instead of tearing it down and getting a cheap laugh at some poor kid's expense. And for them, they're continuing to learn as the process goes on - they're all going to come away from this as better performers and much better people, for that matter. It's an exciting scenario.

Were there any clashes between the finalists?
You know what? I was surprised by how well they got along, after being thrown into this situation and being immersed in this environment for five weeks. I think they really learned to support each other. Obviously, they understand that there can only be one winner but I think they handled the failure and supporting the people who moved to the chorus - they handled all that really well as a group. It was impressive.

What do you think of the whole High School Musical phenomenon? Were you into it from the beginning or had you completely missed it?
I certainly was aware of it prior to being involved with the show but once I agreed to do the show I went back and watched the movies. I became much more immersed in the whole thing and I think they deserve all the credit in the world. I think the shows and the movies have done a great job of capturing a teen spirit, which is why they've been so successful. There's a real joy that they've done a great job of harnessing.

Will any of the cast members from High School Musical make any appearances on the show?
Oh... maybe. I'd say that there's a pretty strong likelihood that that happens.

High School Musical: Get in the Picture debuts Sunday, July 20 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV and ABC.

Drew on MYFOX NY


By Ernio Hernandez
22 Jul 2008

Drew Lachey — currently appearing in Monty Python's Spamalot on Broadway — fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.

Full given name: Andrew John Lachey
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Zodiac sign: Leo
Special skills: ??? If you find that I have any, let me know.
First Broadway show ever saw: Don't laugh......Cats.
If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be? Original Damn Yankees (I am a huge sports fan)
Current show you have been recommending to friends: Jersey Boys
Favorite show tune: "Luck Be a Lady" (Sinatra's version)
One CD you couldn't live without: Prince – "The Hits"
Last book you read: "Happy Baby, Healthy Baby." My daughter now sleeps 13 hours.
Must-see TV show: "Sports Center"
Last good movie you saw: "Iron Man"
Favorite board game: Monopoly
Performer you would drop everything to go see: Sade (saw her concert outside during a thunderstorm and it was perfection).
Pop culture guilty pleasure: Dip n Stix. Nothing better then raw sugar.
Favorite post-show meal: Slice of cheese, slice of pepperoni and a beer after a show
How you got your Equity card: Doing Rent in 2004
Worst onstage mishap: Went to jump on a table while doing Rent and missed it. I busted open my shin, broke my glasses and I almost fell into the audience.
Worst costume ever: Right now as Mayor of Finland.
Cats or dogs? DOGS! I hate cats.
Favorite cereal: Capt. Crunch
Who would play you in the movie? Have to be someone short. Maybe Mini Me.
Worst job you ever had: Midnight shift at Jerry's deli in L.A.
TV or commercial gig you most enjoyed: Hosting "Dancing with the Stars." Loved working with Tom Bergeron.
Leading man role you've been dying to play: Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys (in a lower key!!)

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HSM: Behind the Scenes

Nick Lachey singing -I Can't Hate You Anymore

Nick Lachey sound check for concert @ Wild Adventures

Nick *whats left of Me*

I have no idea where this video was shot at...but I SOOOOO love this song!! :)

Nick Lachey Makes A Fan's Day


After we posted Nick Lachey's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, we got an e-mail from Kristin P., a fan that flew all the way from the East coast to see the sexy crooner on the show.

"I was actually at the show in the Green Room and it was makeup that made him look orange, in person he is the hottest man alive and the most sincere and genuinely nice guy I have ever met," Kristin wrote.

Nick opted not to go into the Green Room, and instead went straight from makeup to the stage with Kimmel. It doesn't surprise us that the orange tint was a result of on-set makeup...are those the same people that pluck Jimmy's eyebrows into endangered status?

Kristin and her sister Alexis got the chance to talk to Nick Lachey after the show. "He was just a total doll," Kristen says. "Vanessa [Minnillo] is a lucky girl, I hope she realizes that...He was just a totally nice guy, it made my day!"

Yes, us folks from Ohio tend to be super-nice...and it's great to hear that Nick's celebrity status hasn't changed his kind character! We've always liked the guy.

Nick Lachey host of High School Musical reality show had time for fans

July 15 2008 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Nick Lachey host of ABC's new High School Musical reality show had time for fans when he was leaving TV studios at Hollywood

Nick Lachey as pitchman for Utah

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Once he's done hosting ABC's "High School Musical: Get in the Picture," Nick Lachey might have a career ahead of him as a spokesman for the Utah Travel Council.

Lachey, a veteran of the boy band 98 Degrees and star of MTV's "Newlyweds" with then-wife Jessica Simpson, spent several weeks in the state while the reality/competition show was being filmed at Murray High School. And while show biz types who don't live in Utah are prone to making some rather sweeping, unflattering generalizations about the state, Lachey was having none of it.

"You know what? Utah, and I say this honestly, gets a bum rap," he said. "There's a lot of impressions of what Utah's like and what Salt Lake City's like, and I can honestly say that we had the best time there. The people there were genuine and very warm and welcoming.

"We had a blast!"

And he didn't know he was talking to the television critic from the Deseret News until AFTER he'd made that observation.

"High School Musical: Get in the Picture," which premieres Sunday at 7 p.m. on Ch. 4, continues Utah's link to the hugely successful Disney franchise. The first two TV movies were filmed here; the third movie — which will be released theatrically — is in production in Salt Lake City.

Thousands of teenagers turned out at open calls in Southern California and Florida, and talent scouts found other kids across the country. After the pool of hopefuls was whittled down to a dozen, Lachey, the finalists and the production team descended on Murray High School, where they "set up a performing arts school, essentially."

(There was still "a banner or two" hanging in the hallways urging people to support "American Idol" finalist David Archuleta. And Murray High actually is much more prominently featured in "Get in the Picture" than it was on "Idol" when Archuleta returned home for his big celebration.)

"Every day (the finalists) went to class, they learned, they were faced with challenges — things we set up to really push them to go above and beyond where they wanted to go, quite frankly." Lachey said. "But in the end I think it made them better performers and, honestly, probably better people, too. They learned a lot."

The prize awaiting the winner of "Get In the Picture" is a chance to be "High School Musical 3." Well, in the credits, anyway — the winner will star in a music video that will play while the end credits roll.

He or she will also get a talent holding deal with Disney as well as a recording contract with Disney Records.

"But I think, more than that, they've got their foot in the door of probably the most successful franchise out right now," Lachey said. "And the opportunity to step into a huge franchise in 'High School Musical.'"

It's a franchise he admits he wasn't altogether familiar with when he was approached about hosting the show. He hadn't seen the first two "High School Musical" movies, but he was impressed when he went back and watched them.

"You could see right away why it's been so successful. They do such a great job of capturing a moment in life that none of us will ever see again," Lachey said."As a teenager who loved performing, I would have jumped at the opportunity. I just don't remember, when I was a teenager — many, many, many years ago — things like this happening,"

(Well, not THAT many years ago. Lachey is 34.) The idea behind "Get In the Picture" is familiar to Lachey, who attended a performing arts high school in Cincinnati when he was growing up.

"Having gone through those experiences and the challenges that come along with those rehearsals and performing at that age, I felt like I could add kind of a unique perspective to this particular show," he said. "It seemed like the perfect fit for me."

And it turned out to be an "awesome" experience for him. (Except for the finale, the entire series has already been filmed.) "Each and every day I worked with the kids. And, to me, that was the most rewarding part because I was blown away by truly how talented these kids are," Lachey said. "And just how hard they worked.

In addition to being the host, I viewed my role as being a mentor to these kids. Someone they could come to and get advice and find support. To be a big brother figure and try to steer them in the right direction when I could."

His primary message was "Be yourself. Part of what makes 'High School Musical' so great is it's not about one type of performer, one type of person, black or white, male or female. It's about kids who love performing.

"I used to say, 'What's going to make you stand out from the others? That's your personality. That's your charisma. That's the spirit that every one of you has. So, be true to that and really tap into that. Make that a part of your performance.'"

And he urged all the kids to keep on working even if they were eliminated from "Get In the Picture."

"You can't always succeed, especially in this performance business," he said. "Only one person's going to get the lead. It's what you learn in that moment of failure. It's what you take with you to your next audition, that's going to define you as a performer and as a professional.

"You know, 98 Degrees, we didn't get it right out of the box. We had to work pretty hard at it."

Lachey himself has just finished recording a new CD, which will be released in November. The first single, "All in My Head," will be out in September. He's looking at touring, probably in 2009.

"So I'm getting ready to perform again myself," he said. "But I had a lot of fun with these kids."

High School Musical host Nick Lachey gets real with SheKnows


Nick Lachey is wading into reality television waters again for High School Musical, but will not do another Newlyweds!

Nick tells SheKnows about HSMHost Nick Lachey gets back into Reality TV with "High School Musical: Get in the Picture", premiering this Sunday, but don't expect to see him and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo open their home to cameras anytime soon.

"I don't know where that talk came from," shrugs Lachey, whose marriage to Jessica Simpson crashed and burned shortly after their groundbreaking show Newlyweds ended. "I would never do that kind of show again. It's way too intrusive. I learned some valuable lessons through that experience, but none that I'd want to revisit over again."

He feels quite different about his upcoming HSM reality show, in which kids compete to star in a video for the end credits of Disney's "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" and receive a talent hold agreement with ABC and a two-single recording contract with Walt Disney Records.

"I have no part in the decision of who stays or goes and I don't envy the judges," he previews. "That's a tough decision they have to make each and every week. I'm just the host and then a bit of a big brother figure. I try to be a support system for the kids."

As for his own support system? Lachey was all ears when little brother Drew offered some advice. "We're very much involved in each others lives and obviously, he'd hosted a show before I had, but the only advice he gave to me was to be myself," Lachey recalls. "Hosting is an extension of yourself. That's what he brought to the table on Dancing with the Stars and Dance War, and that's what I trying to bring to this show. Be myself, have fun with it and be genuine."

At the same time, fans will be happy to hear that the crooner is busy in the studio, wrapping up his next album. "Music will always be my first love," he shares. "It's where I started and what I'll always come back to, but hosting always intrigued me and this opportunity has been great for me. I've learned a lot and found I enjoy this process. I enjoy being myself, frankly, and hopefully that's what people appreciate."

Enroll for HSM summer session by tuning into ABC, Sunday, July 20 at 8pm EST.

Team Cincinnati will sing at Macy's

By John Kiesewetter • • July 20, 2008

Nick Lachey's Team Cincinnati singers will perform (without Lachey) before their biggest area audience when they appear at Macy's Music Festival Saturday.


Seven months after their national TV exposure on NBC's "Clash of the Choirs," the vocalists will be on stage at Paul Brown Stadium in a lineup including Frankie Beverly & Maze, Jill Scott, KEM and J. Holiday.

The group will premiere several new songs at the stadium, says Chuck Merk, choir member and a Lakota West High School teacher.

Since winning NBC's live reality competition in December, the choir has performed throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and recorded a Cincinnati tourism commercial. The $250,000 prize from NBC was presented to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center at a "thank you" concert March 30 at Crossroads church in Oakley.

The singers recorded a background track in June for a song, "Til The World Stands Still," on Lachey's new CD, which is to be released this fall.

By end of summer, Team Cincinnati leaders plan open auditions to replace some singers, Merk says.

"With a few group members moving away in the fall, we are looking to fill a few spots in the group, and also have a few alternates ready to perform," he says.

The group may be contacted by e-mailing, or through

Fast times and 'High School Musical' *Nick Lachey*

By John Kiesewetter • • July 20, 2008

He helped a Cincinnati chorus win NBC's "Clash of the Choirs" contest in December.


Now, Nick Lachey is returning to TV to help aspiring young singers in ABC's "High School Musical: Get In The Picture," which debuts today. And he's trying to get MTV to produce a series showcasing students at his alma mater, Cincinnati's School for Creative & Performing Arts.

And he's preparing to promote a new single later this month from his new album, due out this fall.

"It's been pretty hectic this year," says Lachey, 34, the singer, songwriter, reality TV star, producer and recently installed spokesman for Cincinnati Bell's Fusion WiFi service.

"I'm having a great time. This is all good stuff, and it started with 'Clash of the Choirs.' "

Lachey enjoys assisting talented young performers, something he says he appreciated from knowledgable people while attending SCPA.

"I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now if it wasn't for that school. If I can give any kids an opportunity, I'm happy to do it," says the former 98° band member.

Lachey took a few minutes to talk about his projects from Salt Lake City, where ABC is producing his reality show and "High School Musical: Senior Year."

With "High School Musical: Get In The Picture," Lachey hosts ABC's answer to "American Idol" this summer, a talent search for performers ages 16-24, inspired by Disney's blockbuster teen movies.

Hoping it could be as popular as "Idol," ABC executives have scheduled two episodes a week, at 8-9 p.m. today and Monday (Channels 9, 22). Like "Idol," the show starts with thousands attending open auditions in Orlando, Fla., and near Los Angeles.

Eventually six judges ("the faculty") select a dozen finalists who advance to a summer music training program in Salt Lake City. Lachey, who is not a judge, says he provides "a support system" for participants.

In a new twist on reality competition shows, the eliminated finalists aren't sent home. They remain on the show by moving to the chorus, "so they continue to develop their talents and learn more things each week," he says.

"I see a lot of myself in these kids. The passion they have for performing reminds me of the days of old, (when I was) trying to get a recording contract," says Lachey, who dropped out of Miami University in the early 1990s and moved to Los Angeles to start his professional singing career.

ABC's winner will star in a music video in the end credits for "HSM: Senior Year" in theaters this fall, and receive a Walt Disney Records recording contract.

MTV's SCPA show

No decision has been made by MTV on Lachey's proposal to film a "Fame"-style reality series about SCPA students, says Lachey, a 1992 SCPA graduate.

MTV completed shooting a pilot in March featuring 12-14 seniors and juniors. But casting directors returned this summer looking for more SCPA students to star in the show, "because a lot of the cast we had in place graduated. We need to cast it again to make a presentation (for MTV)," he says.

"MTV remains committed to doing it, but it's not a definite go," says Lachey, who starred in MTV's "Newlyweds" reality series (2003-05) with Jessica Simpson, his wife at the time. (MTV's spokesman says "the show is still in development.")

If the network approves the project, filming could start at the school in fall for shows that likely would air "after the first of the year," Lachey says. Ten to 12 episodes could be shot here, he says.

The show would blend performances by the students with the narrative about SCPA school life. Teachers also would be part of the show, Lachey says. He is an executive producer with Marc Platt (from the "Legally Blonde" movies), Russell Heldt ("Real World") and Colton Gramm, Lachey's manager.

Lachey pitched the series to MTV a year ago. "It's been a longer process than I or anyone could have envisioned," he says.

No title yet for CD

After his TV show debuts, Lachey will launch a media blitz for a new single, to be released at the end of July.

For now, he's not saying much about the song ("it could be one of two") or album ("it's not yet titled").

This we know: It includes Team Cincinnati, which Lachey led to victory on "Clash of the Choirs," singing background on one song, as he had promised the singers in December.

They sing "Til The World Stands Still," co-written by Lachey and arranged by Steve Zegree, the Western Michigan University jazz professor who arranged Team Cincinnati songs for the NBC show. The 20 singers and Zegree recorded the song here June 14 without Lachey.

The CD should be released in late September or early October, Lachey says.

Cincinnati Bell commercial features Nick Lachey

TV viewers will see lots of Nick Lachey on ABC -- and other channels here -- as the spokesman for Cincinnati Bell Fusion WiFi.

A new TV commercial features Lachey being chased by fans near a house by the School for Creative & Performing Arts, through Fountain Square, across the pedestrian bridge over Interstate 71 by the Greyhound Bus station and in an alley behind the Aronoff Center.

It was shot June 17 by WonderGroup of Cincinnati.

Lachey, a 1992 SCPA graduate, also will appear in radio, print, online and in-store promotions through December for the combined wireless and WiFi service, says Lisa McLaughlin, Cincinnati Bell spokeswoman.

"Nick is a Cincinnati guy, and they felt he connected well with the target audience," she says.

The campaign is aimed at "technology-savvy consumers (like Nick) who want the latest and greatest" products and service, and tweens and teens who often influence their parents' buying decisions, she says.

The commercial will air during the premiere of Lachey's "High School Musical: Get In The Picture" (8 p.m. today, Channels 9, 22).

HSM Fans Don't Get in the Picture *Nick Lachey*

Nick Lachey, High School Musical: Get in the Picture

Guess not too many people are planning to stay for the end credits of High School Musical 3.

High School Musical: Get in the Picture, the new ABC reality show that promises to cast its winner in a music video to play during HSM3's aforementioned crawl, failed its first—and second—ratings tests.

Sunday's inaugural episode placed 69th in Nielsen Media Research's latest weekly rankings. It finished fourth, or last, in its time slot behind nonstellar broadcast competition led by CBS' Big Brother (33rd place, 5.7 million). Its 4 million viewers were more fitting for an umpteenth HSM rerun on Disney Channel than a broadcast premiere.

In an otherwise solid summer for ABC, HSM: Get in the Picture's premiere was the network's second worst, after the gone and forgotten Dance Machine.

Monday's follow-up fared even worse, averaging an estimated 3.2 million viewers, and making NBC's typically scrawny American Gladiators (5.1 million) look pumped by comparison. (Monday's numbers will be reflected in next week's rankings.)

As corporate synergy would have it, the Nick Lachey-hosted series debuted just as ABC parent company Disney was unveiling its teaser trailer for HSM 3: Senior Year, due out in theaters Oct. 24.

Yes, the Wildcats are all in this together. At least for the next several weeks.

Here are the week's other rating highlights:

  • HSM: Get in the Picture aside, this summer has been about good ratings more than bad. Even baseball got in the swing of things. The 2008 All-Star Game (first place, 14.5 million) scored Fox its biggest midsummer audience since 2002. In cable, ESPN ruled with coverage of the Josh Hamilton show, otherwise known as the Home Run Derby (9.1 million).

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Interview w/ Stephen Collins

©2008 Bruce Glikas for
Stephen Collins with Spamalot
co-star Drew Lachey
Did you rehearse with Drew Lachey [as Patsy, King Arthur's coconut-clacking servant]?
Yes, and I love working with him. Apparently, this is the first time they've put an Arthur and a Patsy in together, and it turned out to be a wonderful, unexpected bonus for all of us. Drew has a great attitude. There's no fuss, there's no ego, and he's got great nstincts. It's a strange relationship, if you look at the script. They barely speak to each other, and yet they're always onstage together. There are a lot of what I would call Jack Benny takes, where somebody says something completely confusing or stupid and the only person I can react to is Drew, even though he's my slave. Sometimes you develop a real bond with someone onstage, and that's happened here.

SPAMALOT, Live on Stage with Killer Rabbits, Nitwit Knights, Stephen Collins & Marin Mazzie (plus a bit of ye olde Fish Slapping Dance)


In Monty Python’s Spamalot, a doltish King Arthur (Stephen Collins) leads his newly recruited Knights of the Round Table ("we dance when we're able") on a quest for the Holy Grail, which takes them to a Vegas-like Camelot, a forest with the shrieky Knights Who Say "Ni!," a castle guarded by a taunting Frenchman ("I blow my nose at you!"), and the strange land of Broadway (embodied by the Shubert Theatre, where Spamalot is in its fourth year).

Along the way, water nymphs become cheerleading Laker Girls, a creaky cartful of corpses turns into a jaunty chorus, enormous­­­ cartoon feet herald the arrival of a cranky God (voiced by John Cleese) and a giant wooden rabbit on wheels precedes the appearance of a homicidal, sock puppet rabbit.

Inspired by the 1974 cult film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," Spamalot is the addled brainchild of Python Eric Idle, who wrote the musical’s book and lyrics and collaborated on the music with John Du Prez. When it debuted in 2005, it won a trio of Tony Awards, including Best Musical and, a Best Director trophy for the estimable Mike Nichols.

"I always love when Mike comes to talk to us," said Marin Mazzie, who plays the Lady of the Lake, the "watery wench" who bestows the sword Excalibur upon Arthur. "He's an actor, he's a comedian, so he knows how to play this stuff. He tells us that we're playing reality, not parody. If you play reality, it's funny. If you play parody, not so funny." And Spamalot is nothing if not funny: silly funny, cleverly funny, deliriously over-the-top funny.

Castwise, Collins, an Emmy-winner for “7th Heaven,” and Drew Lachey (“Dancing with the Stars”), who plays Arthur’s coconut-clacking sidekick, Patsy, are among the show’s latest arrivals. Mazzie recently rejoined the New York company after a stint with the London cast and, paradoxically, an appearance as Guenevere in the New York Philharmonic's concert version of Camelot at Lincoln Center. The New York Times said her "singing was luminous" and "her portrayal grew stronger as the story grew darker."

In Spamalot, Mazzie’s luminous voice veers down a much zanier path, particularly during the Lady of the Lake’s hissy fit of a number delivered after spending too much time in the wings.

"Whatever happened to my part?" she sings, creating a diva's divine madness with her vocal dexterity. "It was exciting at the start. Now we're halfway through Act Two. And I've had nothing yet to do."

Mazzie, a three-time Tony nominee (for Kiss Me, Kate, Ragtime and Passion), said that her decision to go the full Monty was prompted by a desire to do something different on Broadway. "I hadn't done anything so out there," she said. "And it gave me a chance to work with Mike."

She now holds the distinction of playing opposite three Spamalot King Arthurs (Collins, Jonathan Hadary and Peter Davison). "Each one brings his own personality, strengths and sense of humor to the character," she said. "And nothing is added to accommodate each new king. Sometimes it seems like we're making it up, but we're tightly scripted."

She also knows how the New York and London audiences react to the story of a legendary British monarch whom Idle has turned into a winsome fool.“New York audiences are much more vocal and boisterous, but the London audiences love it just as much, if not more,” she said, adding, “The British get everything -- there’s continuous tittering going on. It’s their culture. The Python guys are staples there. Many people here know ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus,’ but many don't. But you don't have to know Python to appreciate the show.”

Monty Python’s Spamalot is currently playing (emphasis on “play”) at the Sam S. Shubert Theatre,
225 W. 44th St. For reservations (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) call 212-239-6200. [Note: If you plan on
seeing the Fish Slapping Dance, I urge you to arrive on time: it comes early in the show and, sadly, does not reprise.]

Gambling hit comes to A-Channel, ASN


The new celebrity reality series Wanna Bet?, which premieres on Monday, July 21 at 9 pm on A-Channel and 10 pm on ASN, is based on the hugely successful German TV hit Wetten Das, which ran for 24 seasons.

Hosted by British comedy sensations Ant and Dec (Britain's Got Talent), the show includes a celebrity panel betting on the success, or failure, of ordinary people performing extreme challenges, such as licking a CD blindfolded and identifying the group.

Celebrity panelists announced so far include Drew Lachey (Dancing With the Stars, pictured) and Sherri Shepherd (The View). The celebrity who correctly guesses the outcome wins money for a selected charity. The show is executive produced by Philip Gurin (The Singing Bee, The Weakest Link) and Mark Jansen (The Weakest Link).

Spamalot revisited


Nick Lachey on Jimmy Kimmel Live 7-16-08

Nick Lachey & Vanessa at the Crown 07/16/08


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Drew Lachey Opens on Broadway in Spamalot (Photos)


Drew Lachey Opens on Broadway in Spamalot (Photos)

Drew Lacey and Stephen Collins debut in Spamalot at Shubert Theatre

Drew Lachey joined the Broadway company of Monty Python’s Spamalot on June 24, 2008. The actor was the second season champ on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. He will play the role of Patsy, Arthur’s trusted manservant at the Shubert Theatre in New York City.

The production tells the tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Roundtable who are on a quest from God for the Holy Grail with a short stop in dazzling Camelot.

The show has had a three year run, with celebrities stepping into various roles for limited duration. Clay Aiken of American Idol fame, recently did a three month stint in the production. Lachey made his Broadway debut in Rent.

Check out opening night photos below.

Drew Lachey at Shubert TheatreDrew Lachey and his wife Lea Lachey in front of Shubert Theatre on BroadwayDrew Lachey plays the role of Patsy in Spamalot on BroadwayDrew Lachey on opening night SpamalotLea and Drew LacheyDrew Lachey in Spamalot opening night

Stephen Collins and Drew Lachey in Chicago


Jeff Timmons (7-4-08) *Because of You* pt. 2

Jeff Timmons (7-4-08) *Because of You*

Jeff Timmons (7-4-08) *Invisable Man*

My ALL TIME fave song!~

Jeff Timmons (7-4-08) *I DO*

"Find Your Grail," Broadway in Bryant Park, July 10, 2008 *Drew Lachey*

Spamalot's Broadway in Bryant Park performance featuring Stephen Collins, Drew Lachey and Marin Mazzie. (They opened the show and they were still having problems with the sound system.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ET's Exclusive Sneak Peek of 'HSM:Get In the Picture"

A Five-Minute Sneak Peek of the HSM: Get In The Picture Airs Saturday, June 21 During ABC's "Camp Rock" Telecast, 8:00-11:00 p.m., ET
The series follows some young talented teenagers that will ultimately participate in a summer music program to hone their skills, and one talented newcomer will become a part of "High School Musical" history.
The winner will literally "get in the picture" when that person stars in a music video shown in the end credits of the feature film, Disney's "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," opening October 24.
The winner will also receive an exclusive talent hold agreement with ABC and a recording contract for two singles with Walt Disney Records, one of which will be a version of the song from the music video.
Hosted by Nick Lachey, the television series debuts on ABC on Sunday, July 20 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) and runs Sundays and Mondays (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) for three weeks, then continues Mondays at 8:00 p.m., ET through mid-September.

Nick Lachey - Fall In Love (Live)

High School Musical Get in the Picture

11.06.06 - Nick Lachey - Crave of the best videos i have seen of Crave yet!! Enjoy

Live performance of 'Crave' at the San Jose Civic Auditorium.

Rent - What You Own (Drew Lachey & Jeremy Kushnier)

2008 06-18 Spamalot - Drew Lachey - Stephen Collins - Mario

Wilmer Valderama & Drew Lachey on Cars

I dont think this one has been posted yet...

Rent - Rent (Drew Lachey & Jeremy Kushnier)

Nick & Vanessa Spams A Lot!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo attended the Broadway show Spamalot to support his brother Drew on Saturday night in New York City. The couple looked super duper cute as they wore matching ensembles. I wonder who initiated that idea. Before the show, the lovebirds enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Gramercy Park Hotel - dinner and a show.

Drew Lachey Tapes “Grilling With The Stars” segment on Regis & Kelly

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Former Boy Banders Equals One Sanjaya

I DO NOT agree wuth this one bit....If you feel the same head over to TMZ & tell them what you think!!

Ever wonder what 98 Degrees Jeff Timmons and LFO's Rich Cronin do for money nowadays?

We're told Timmons and Cronin are headlining the Plymouth Rox Summer Fest in Mass. for the combined price tag of $8000 (plus travel) -- that's how much Sanjaya costs!

If that isn't enough, someone will have the opportunity to be serenaded by Jeff Timmons on stage -- if you win, just close your eyes and think it's Nick Lachey.

Drew Lachey, Lemenager and [title of show] Stars to Launch "Broadway in Bryant Park" Series July 10


By Ernio Hernandez
08 Jul 2008

Drew Lachey

Spamalot's Drew Lachey, Chicago's Nancy Lemenager and the full cast of [title of show] will kick off the "Broadway in Bryant Park" summer series July 10.

Radio station 106.7 Lite FM presents the midday series, which highlights current and upcoming musicals on and Off-Broadway. The performances will launch July 10 at the midtown park and continue Thursdays, 12:30 PM-1:30 PM on The Lawn.

Scheduled to perform July 10 are Monty Python's Spamalot's Stephen Collins, Drew Lachey, Jenny Hill and Bradley Dean; Stomp's Jason Mills, Sean Edwards, Marivaldo Dos Santos, Joell Jackson, Joe Russomano, Brad Holland, Yako Miyamoto and Fritz Opare; Russian on the Side's Mark Nadler; [title of show]'s Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Susan Blackwell, Heidi Blickenstaff and musical director Larry Pressgrove; and Chicago's Nancy Lemenager, Donna Marie Asbury, Michelle DeJean, Eric Jordan and more.

The seventh annual series line-up (subject to change) follows:

  • July 10 - Chicago, Monty Python's Spamalot, Russian on the Side, [title of show] and Stomp
  • July 17 - Avenue Q, The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia!, In the Heights and Pure Country
  • July 24 - The Lion King, Passing Strange, Hairspray, Godspell and A Catered Affair
  • July 31 - The Little Mermaid, Altar Boyz, Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy, Jump and A Tale of Two Cities
  • Aug. 7 - Spring Awakening, Gypsy, Xanadu, Mary Poppins and Wicked
  • Aug. 14 - Grease, Young Frankenstein, Rent, Legally Blonde and 13

    Bryant Park is located just behind the New York Public Library on Sixth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    For more on "Broadway in Bryant Park," visit

  • Tuesday, July 8, 2008

    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Jump for July 4th


    Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo return from their July 4th weekend, landing at LAX with her dog Wookie on Sunday.

    High School Musical: Get in the Picture, hosted by Nick Lachey, is a reality competition series that will pick one talented teen to star in a music video that will play at the end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. He or she also will win a talent agreement with ABC and a Walt Disney Records recording contract for two singles.

    HSM: Get in the Picture premieres on Sunday, July 20th from 8-9 p.m. on ABC. The show airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. for three weeks, then continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. through mid-September.

    nick lachey vanessa minnillo july4 lax 07