Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi HO Hi hO were off to Ohio w/ Jeff 1/14/07

Yeah yeah yeah.....that's the title to this Blog! LOL....And yesterday my friends, was the Roadtrip from hell....But at the end, turned into the MOST AMAZING night ever!!

I met soooo many people yesterday that I thought I would never meet & thanks to you guys is what made the day Sooo much more enjoyable! Alot of shit is happening in my life right now that's totally out of my control. And I really needed a good night like this to really get me outta the mood I have been in lately. It sux. But what can you do? You can't stop someone from leaving. You have to just let go & let fate happen right??

So yeah back to yesterday. The day started out totally miserable. Honestly I am not gonna lie. There were several times when I just wanted to turn my car around & go home. But I had made a promise to Corrine I would be there & this time I was not gonna back out for nothing! Besides what the hell is here at home anyway?? I need to get out meet new people. See new places & have experiences like I did last night. The OLD me.

It was raining SOO hard when I got to Garrett County, thank god the Fog stayed away. I had to pick up Rose at Burger King but when I got there I found out that she was actually 10 miles up the road at Mcdonalds instead. That's Mapquest for ya. So I go to Mcdonalds. But mind you, I have only talked to Rose once, and have never met her in person! LOL..So I had Noooo idea what I was in for! Lmao....Rose thak you for turning out to be a kool person! :) I pick her up & were off to Ohio!! Which I was on the phone so I took a couple of wrong turns or Sooo I thought and I'm sooo tired anyway that instead of saying Ohio it kept coming out HO OHIO. Lmao. Then I started sing Hi HO Hi hO were off to Ohio...Hence the title of this letter....What do you expect?? It's pouring down rain, I'm tired & nearly delerious & I am only 2 hours into this drive!!

So we drive & drive & drive and Mapquest says to take 250 which I did because on the Atlas it looked like a short cut. But Ummm no, I think it really took us much much longer!! But we finally get there some 4 hours later...I'm pretty damn sure the last time I made this trip It only took me 3.5 hours to get there. Damn mapquest!! Never again....So once were there I get this Brilliant idea that I need to go to the Mall. Which you know me. I can sniff a mall out anywhere! I drove us straight to it. It was a pretty small mall. But there was alot of stores there that I could do some SERIOUS damage at. But I was here to see Jeff & Jeff only. nOt spend all of my money!! lol...So I get to the Mall and call Corinne. Her & Morgan are still an hour away. So we head to the food court, where I preceed to plow my way thru a Sbarros Strombolli! YuMMMMy!!! We left the Mall shortly thereafter when I discover a Gabriel Brothers! WhoooooHooooo!! (For those of you that do not know, this store is Amazing!!!!) Then Corinne calls so we ventured back to the Mall.....Now I have never met her before either. But I have talked to her Soooo much over the last 9 years that I felt like I already new her in person. I'm wandering around the Mall looking for a Tall Blonde!! Lmao....For some reason I thought she was really tall. So were talking to each other on our cell phones and I see a Tiny Blonde on a cell, I was like Ummmm I think I see you! :) I was right. So she introduces herself & Morgan to Rose & I and our Jeff adventure begins!!

We get back to the Hotel. Corinnes hotel room. I had cancelled ours the day before because our plans were sooo screwed up that I didn't want to waste yet again more money this winter on something that I didn't think was actually gonna happen! But it did thank god! We freshen up & that did alot of good because it was still pouring down rain. Thank God for make-up cause the hair was just not happenin! lmao....

There was a HUGE line out from with people screaming for the camera's & for Jeff. That was such a good feeling. And thank god for the pre-tickets cause that got us inside & out of the rain!! Oh yeah I forgot to mention that we met Neecee in the elevator. I never really talked to her before. But after seeing someones name on all of the Boards, she stood out! :) Probably the same way I do. But that's a good thing!! She was in line with her Partner-n-crime as well. About that time the Birthday girl Mickie comes strollin in with her cousin, so we all introduce ourseleves as were walking in the auditorium. We get inside & see June down front. So we run over so Corinne can say Hello & I can finally meet June as well. Like I said this was a day that I really knew noone in person accept Jeff. LoL....So it was a very surreal Experience!! :)

Well I got back to sit down & Jeff comes strollin down the isle talking to everyone. And would you believe that I walked right past the man & didn't even realize it was him?? LOL...He wasnt very close but still. I cannot believe I did that. I had to laugh at myself!! So there was a bunch of acts on before Jeannie Ortega & Jeff came on. So we all just basically sat around and talked for a few hours!! Jeannie Ortega has an amazing voice! You should really check her out if you have not already!!

Then it was time for Jeff WITH a LIVE BAND!! Yep I said it! LIVE BAND!! I am soooo happy that things are going well for him! That man has worked hard to get where he is & he deserves it!! Well we were all piled up against the stage like a little bunch of teenagers!! lol..There were alot of teenagers there so we just blended ourselves in. But being short I didn't have a very good view. Except for when he got really close.....Well all of the sudden he busts out *DRINK'S IN THE LOBBY, SEX ON THE BEACH!!!* Well June, Corinne & I all look at each other & yell Sex on the Beach. It's an old Inside Joke from Jeff's Board!! But we had soooo much fun with it last Summer. VH1 was there filming his new Reality TV show for those of you that are reading & do not know. So there was a camera filming everything! :) Jeff comes off the stage & starts making his way thru a sea of girls that wont let go of him!! Poor Guy! Well he spots me & Corinne & all of the sudden he slides right up on me & starts dancin and singing with me. Ummm yeah I was in shock!! LoL....So much so that I didn't start dancing right away!! *giggles* But then I snapped back to me & was like ummm dance!! lol....I look up & there was a camera right in my face!! Yet another sureal moment!!

He sang *I Do* & *Whisper That Way* and my all time Fave *Invisable Man* Then the finale came he puts on a Sombreo, pulls everyone up on the stage and starts Singing *Una Noche* Well there was SOOOOO many people on the stage that Jeff jumps in front of us. I was getting pushed off the stage and I almost fall onto Jeff! LoL....Now that would have been a classic Kodak Moment.

Concert over...Back to the Hotel Room to freshen up once more. Have a few drinks & were off to BW3!!! Such an amazing night. Jeff was in the back talking to everyone and taking pics. So we make our way back, to talk to him & tell him what an awesome show he put on. I guess it was kinda weird for him to see me Corinne & June all 3 together for once! It won't be the last time either!! I promise you that. I didn't get the usual *I know you don't I?* Lmao....I was expecting it. Instead I get *Hey girl, how have you been?* Um THUD!! And Yeah!! lol....I was like Oh so you know who I am this year?? lol...I HAD to say it!! He said something else and then thanked us for coming out & showing our support. Which of course I always will.....

Then it was more & more drinks....I can still taste those Mudslides that June was making last night. lol....I had to get up & drive a 8am this morning. Because Corinne let us stay with her. Thank god. Because I would have never made it home. But let me tell you. It was another 5 hours today cause I had to drop off Rose in Somerset & she laughed at me the whole way cause I think I was possibly still drunk!! Hey I only had a stomboli yesterday.

So there you go!! Another Jefftrip!! And this may have just been the best one yet!! I had sooo much fun meeting all of you guys in person. FINALLY after all of these years, And many thanks gos to Jeff & Freddy for making that happen!!

If anyone is reading this that has not seen Jeff in person yet. If you get the chance you REALLY need to check him out!! He's an amazing person. With a really big heart! He loves his Fans and it shows!! He has not let us down once in the last 9.5 years. And has gotten me thru alot of shit in life & never even knew it. HIs shows are Fun and the man never stops!! LOL...and if you cant see him live. Well then checkout his Reality show along with Chris Kirkpatrick, Bryan Abrems & Rich Cronin...called Band of Men....On VH1 this Spring!!!!