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JC catches up with Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees (VIDEO)

Jeff Timmons at JoJo Siwa's Sweet 16 Birthday Party at W Hotel in Hollywood

How Freakin Adorable is this?

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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - December 7, 2018 - 98 Degrees


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Criss Angel Grand Opening At Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino - Jeff Timmons


Criss Angel Grand Opening At Planet Hollywood Resort & CasinoCriss Angel Grand Opening At Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2 - Nick Lachey

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Nick Lachey performs onstage during the Wellness Your Way Festival at Duke Energy Convention Center on October 5, 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2
Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2
Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2
Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2

Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2
Wellness Your Way Festival - Day 2

JBL Fest 2018 - JBL Sound Splash - Nick & Vanessa Lachey (PICS)


JBL Fest 2018 - JBL Sound Splash - Hosted By Olivia Culpo With Performances by Pitbull

Why Nick Lachey Prefers to Leave Wife Vanessa and Their Children Home While He's Out on Tour


"It's important to work and it's important for your kids to see you work," Nick Lachey tells PEOPLE
There’s nothing Nick Lachey loves more than daddy duty.
However, when career duties call, the 98 Degrees singer, 45, has found the “formula that’s worked the best for everybody,” including his wife Vanessaand their three children (Phoenix Robert, 2, Brooklyn Elisabeth, 4, and Camden John, 6) when it comes to packing up his life and hitting the road — solo.
“The first time that I went on tour with 98 Degrees — maybe five years ago now, when we toured with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men — I brought the family out, and at that point Camden was the only kid we had,” Lachey tells PEOPLE about the comparably trouble-free task of traveling with one child, at the time.
“We’ve found it’s really easier to not bring them out and let the kids have their routine,” he adds. “Now [Camden’s] in school, and the kids have sports practice and in the summertime they have camps.”
“So it’s just easier to let them be in their routine, and then for us to go and do five or six shows in a row and then shoot home to see the kids for a couple days on our days off.”
Though Lachey finds it important to unplug from technology during family time, he relies on the “smart era” to be a part of his children’s nightly routine when he’s not able to be in their presence.
“Nobody likes to be away from their kids — it’s not the ideal scenario — but we have to do it sometimes,” says Lachey, who relies on Caribu, an interactive video and reading application that gives him the ability to engage with his children while on the job.
“Reading books is a huge part [of our routine],” he continues, revealing his children’s favorite stories include characters from Thomas & FriendsSesame Street and Barbie. “I could get off stage on the east coast and read Brooklyn her bedtime story.”
“Cam is just starting kindergarten and learning how to write and make his letters, so literally with the app I’d be able to come off a day and work out letters with him and teach him how to write his letters and help him do his homework,” Lachey adds.
nd whether it’s saying “goodnight” or being the first face they see when they wake up, Lachey says any type of “one-on-one” time is “pretty special.”
“I’m typically the one that wakes up with them and gets the day started, so my time with them in the morning is really important,” he says of his favorite time with his children. “Nighttime also — the whole bedtime routine.”
“Just because it’s Daddy time in the morning, it’s really special,” he adds. “I usually take Cam and Brooklyn to school when I’m not working, so that one-on-one time you get with them is pretty special.”
While Vanessa previously opened up about Phoenix’s respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) diagnosis that left him hospitalized shortly after his birth after being born 10 weeks prematurely, the dad of three says the greatest milestone of all is simply “watching them grow.”
“They’re becoming little people and developing personalities,” he says. “They’re all so different, which is the fun part about watching them evolve and seeing who they’re going to become.”
“I’m loving watching their interactions — to watch Camden and Brooklyn play with each other and conspire together, [and] the relationships that they have with each other is very cool to watch evolve,” he says, adding the family’s “big” milestone was Camden starting kindergarten last year, which he found “more intimidating to us than it is to him.”
lthough trying to find his balance as a devoted dad and a traveling entertainer may be the hardest thing he’ll ever have to do, Lachey can only hope his “sacrifices” are a leading example for his children’s futures.
“It’s important to work and it’s important for your kids to see you work,” he tells PEOPLE. “Fortunately, I’m someone who loves what I do — I don’t want to stop doing that — but with that comes certain sacrifices that are just innate to the business.”
“Touring is what I do and being away, unfortunately, is just a part of what we do as entertainers, so it’s important to do that and to show your kids that example, but at the same time you don’t want to be an absentee parent,” he continues.
“It’s finding the balance — being gone enough to still do what you do and not feel like you’re giving up on what you love, but at the same time being there for your kids.”
While making every choice in life with his children at the forefront of his mind, the responsibilities that come with fatherhood are things Lachey would never wish to do without.
“Every decision you make, you’re shaping a young life, so I never want to make the wrong choice,” he says of facing hard parenting moments nearly every day. “You just have to trust your instincts and gut as a parent, and trust you’re doing the right thing.”
“It’s a big responsibility, but at the same time it’s [something] I would [never] trade in the world,” he adds. “It’s the most amazing experience ever.”

#DadGoals: Nick Lachey Shares How He Keeps Close To His Kids While On Tour


ick Lachey is 100 percent devoted to being a dad. That means that when the 45-year-old singer is on the road, touring solo or with band 98 Degrees, he has to find a way to be present for kids Phoenix Robert, 2, Brooklyn Elisabeth, 4, and Camden John, 6, with wife Vanessa. He does so with children’s reading app, Caribu (essentially FaceTime meets Kindle), which allows parents, extended family and others to read and draw with children when they aren’t together. Here, Nick talks about the importance of family, offers his parenting tips and discusses #dadgoals.

How do you stay connected with your family when you’re on tour?

Well, it used to just be a lot of FaceTime, but now Caribu has changed that. It’s taken the convenience and connection of FaceTime and made it even better.

Why is Caribu such a game changer for you as a parent?

It’s a total game changer. My kids are at the age where they get bored with simply doing FaceTime very quickly. With Caribu, they are engaged and focused. I get to enjoy spending time with them doing things that we would be doing if I was able to be home with them…….reading together, drawing together, even coloring. Nothing beats being home with them in person, but Caribu has made being gone not feel so distant!

What do you read to your kids? Do you have a favorite book? What is it and why?

Phoenix loves the Sesame Street books on Caribu. Brooklyn is at the age where she is starting to get into Barbie, so those books are a home run for her. On Caribu, I have been using the drawing book a lot with Camden because we can practice writing his letters together. He is learning all of that in Kindergarten right now, so it’s been nice to be able to do that with him

What are some of the most important parenting tips you can share?

Being a parent is the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life. It is also the most rewarding by far. My best advice would be patience, patience, patience…….

What is a family tradition you and Vanessa have made together?

We spend time at the end of every day with the kids reading before bed and then talking about our day. We always ask them what their favorite part of the day was as well as their least favorite. It’s become a tradition and a great way to talk about their experiences, feelings, and emotions

Do you have plans to further expand your family? Why or why not?

We are totally content with the three wonderful kids we have right now. I don’t think any more kids are in the cards for us!!

What’s next for you project-wise this year?

I am doing shows with 98 Degrees throughout the year as well as continuing to work on my solo music. I also have a couple TV projects in the works which I hope to be able to share more about later this year.

Do you have any goals for 2019? Why or why not? If yes, what are they?

As I get older, my goals of staying in shape become harder and harder to achieve, but I still try!! Other than getting back into shape, my goal would be to spend as much time with my family as I possibly can. These moments are simply too special to 

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Super Bowl 2019: 'DWTS' Alums Nick and Vanessa Lachey Cheer on LA Rams


Nick and Vanessa Lachey may have come to the Golden Coast later in life, but the couple is definitely cheering on the Los Angeles Rams as they square off against the New England Patriotsin Sunday's Super Bowl LIII.

Nick Lachey Vanessa Lachey Super Bowl

The Dancing With the Stars alums showed their Rams pride on Instagram ahead of the big game, posing in sports gear and showcasing their enthusiasm with spunky poses.
"Let’s Go RAMS!!!" Vanessa captioned the photo. "[Nick Lachey] has been a [Rams] fan since 1984 when he first saw them play. Now they’re here in our town!!! ANNNDDD they have one of our Favorite Bengals (and people) [Andrew Whitworth]!!! Let’s do THIS!"
She added in a relatable post script, "PS, I’m sooooo comfortable cause my jeans come up 2 inches above my belly button! Haha! Holdin in ALL of the FOOD!"
The couple, who wed in 2011, share three kids together — Camden, 6, Pheonix, 2, and Brooklyn, 4 — and dated on and off for five years prior to tying the knot.
In a recent interview, Vanessa told Us Weekly that the key to her relationship's longevity is continuing to put in the work.
"I see it as a working marriage, and don't mean like a job working, but we have to constantly work at it," the TV personality said. "I was just telling my girlfriend last night: We don't settle or run; we go head-on with the problem. We communicate, we talk things through and we listen to the other person. We both know exactly what we want out of life and that's each other, so we're gonna make it work."
She added that the many years they spent together before forming their own family is another benefit for the couple. "We had set a foundation," the former Total Request Live host said, referring to their five-year relationship prior to walking down the aisle. "We traveled the world. I got to go to album release parties and concerts. And now I get to be a mom and raise little people!"
That doesn't mean that being parents to three little ones isn't tough. Vanessa told PopCulture.com over the holidays that while the couple feels "especially grateful" around the holidays, their 'dream gift' would be "a mommy and daddy day where we could sleep in and catch up around the house."
"That sounds perfect!" she mused.

Nick Lachey Knows a Way You Can Win $1 Million While Watching the Westminster Dog Show


Kelli Bender

Dog lovers have a chance to win big money if they correctly choose all the canine winners from this year's Westminster Dog Show

Usually it’s a dog who walks away the big winner from New York City’s Westminster Dog Show, but Nick Lachey has a way humans can win too.
The 98 Degrees frontman has partnered with Purina Pro Plan for the $1 Million Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Bracket Challenge. To take part, all dog lovers have to do is fill out a bracket — much like March Madness — picking out which canines they think will be top dog in each of Westminster’s seven groups and the overall winner of Best in Show.
If you select all the canine champs correctly, you could win $1 million. Just make sure you get all your selections in before the Westminster Dog Show starts on Feb. 11.
Fans can tune in to FS1 on Feb. 11 and 12 at 7:30 p.m. ET to follow along with all the fluffy action from the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and see how their bracket fares
For those who are new to the dog show world, check out Lachey’s picks above for a little guidance.
Once you feel confident about your choices, you can enter the contest at Purina Pro Plan’s website.

Westminster Dog Show 2019: Nick Lachey talks 'Bark-etology,' 98 Degrees, Cincinnati sports


What is Nick Lachey up to these days? The 98 Degrees frontman is a dog lover and sports superfan who is plugged in to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this time each year, working as the spokesperseon for Purina Pro Plan's $1 million bracket challenge.
As the 2019 "Barketologist," Lachey is encouraging dog and sports fans alike to fill out a bracket and tune into the dog show Feb. 11-12 for a chance to win $1 million. The winning bracket needs to correctly predict the breed in all seven categories - something that hasn't happened in the challenge's four-year history - and pick the winner of Best in Show.
Sporting News had the opportunity to catch up with Lachey to discuss his partnership with Purina Pro Plan, bracket strategy for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, his Yorki Poo named Wookie, 98 Degrees and Cincinnati sports.
Note: Portions of the interview have been edited for brevity and clarity.
Sporting News: Why did you team up with Purina Pro Plan for the $1 million bracket challenge?
Nick Lachey: I think it's just a great way for more fans to get more involved with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which happens to be every year around this time. This is the fourth year that Purina has done the Pro Plan Bracket Challenge. If you go to proplanbracket.com, you can select your own bracket.
Basically, you're picking a winner from all seven of the groups represented in the show and you also pick your best of show choice. If you get them all right, you have the chance to win a million dollars. If you like to have a little more stake in the game, especially for those who lost a little something on Sunday in the Super Bowl, you have a chance to make up some loses here.
I'm a sports fan across the board. I obviously love dogs as well. I've had a dog for 11 years now. It's just a great way as a sports fan to be involved in the dog show and the whole experience of it.
SN: You're a "barketologist." What does that mean?
NL: It's really one of my favorite things I've heard over the last year, being a "barketologist." Obviously a bracketologist during the basketball season for March Madness is the person who is the expert of bracketology, but I'm the expert barketologist.
SN: So you're an expert in dogs now?
NL: I've been an expert in dogs for years but this is the only time I've been able to unleash my wisdom on the world.
SN: Walk me through your bracket strategy. I see you went with the Siberian usky to win the whole thing … what was your reasoning behind that?
NL: Well, let's start with the German Shepherd because it is actually one of the most popular picks in the bracket. A lot of people like the German Shepherd. I personally chose the German Shepherd because my brother's first dog was a German Shepherd named Luca and he was like my first nephew. I have a special place in my heart for him.
I actually took a personal approach to my bracket. Another example: I picked the Siberian husky because I had a Siberian growing up named Igloo. She was my favorite dog and we literally, all through high school, I'd take her running, so that's why I picked the husky for the working group, as well as best in show. A Siberian black's only win as the best in show was in 1980 so I'm hoping it's time for the Siberian to come back around.
In the toy category, the Yorkshire Terrier, my dog now, Wookie, is half Yorkie, half poodle. He's ineligible to compete in this competition because he's not purebread or I'm sure he'd win it, but that's why I went with the Yorkie there.
In the sporting category, the Labrador retriever. I had a lab right before Wookie, a yellow lab, so I went with the lab there. Funny enough, the lab has never won. As popular as labs are, it's never won the sporting category. It's overdue, well overdue.
In the non-sporting, I picked that dog (Xoloitzcuintli) because I couldn't say its name and I just wanted to hear an announcer attempt to say its name if it won the category. It's a Mexican breed of dog ... we'll see what happens there. I just try to take a personal approach with my picks. I think it's a great way for people to have fun. It doesn't cost anything to enter, you've got nothing to lose and it's a great way to follow along and see what happens.
SN: What about this challenge excites you and why should others go on and pick a bracket for themselves?
NL: I think it's fun. It's a chance to watch along the last couple rounds of the dog show Feb. 11-12, 7:30 ET, FS1). It's just a great way to follow along and watch your bracket unfold and, God-willing, someone will be lucky enough to walk away with $1 million if they get them all right. It's the perfect combination for people who love dogs, as I do, obviously, and it's a spectacle to see this unfold in the dog show every year. But this is a great way with the brackets to put a little stake in the game as well and up the ante - and have fun. It's really about having fun.
SN: The dog show is prestigious going into its 143th years, but it's also hosted at Madison Square Garden, one of the world's most famous arenas. What are you most looking forward to?
NL: The Garden is a special, special place. I think it's a great combination of both things. As you said, the competition has been around so long and has become a staple of the New York landscape this time of year and in the dog world. To have such an iconic event at MSG is only appropriate. MSG is such a special place. I've had the honor to play there myself a few times and there's just something that is extra special about being in that building. I'm looking forward to both.
SN: Tell me a little bit about your pup, Wookie
NL: Wookie, I like to refer to him as our first born. Vanessa and I got him when we were first dating ... he literally was our first child. It's cool to see them become a part of your landscape, you know? The kids love him and play with him, and chase him and harass him and do all things that kids do with dogs. He's definitely a part of the family. He's in every Christmas card we take every year, he's in every family photo, he's part of our brood.
SN: Why Wookie? Big Star Wars fan?
NL: I'm a big Star Wars fan ... when he was a puppy especially, he looked a lot like Chewbacca the Wookie, so that's definitely where he got his name from.
SN: Obedience or agility - which portion of the show would Wookie do best in?
NL: He's definitely strong in the agility category, although he's fairly obedient for a dog. He just turned 11 and so his hearing and eyesight is starting to go a little bit; he's not the performer he once was. ... You wouldn't believe he's 11.
SN: Which 98 Degrees song would you pick as Wookie's warm-up music if he were going to be in a dog show?
NL: "Una Noche" because he's just got one night to pull this thing off.
SN: What's next for 98 Degrees?
NL: We were on tour. We toured this past fall and we toured the year before that as well. We're actually going out and doing a handful of shows this year as well. We are still very much together and love performing together and making music, so we're still very much in the mix.
SN: Do you and Vanessa have any other pets?
NL: We don't, no. Wookie is our lone pet representative right now. We have three kids - 6, 4 and 2 years old. Things, as you could imagine, are a little crazy at our house as it is. We didn't want to introduce another curve ball into the mix but I can say without any question we will have more dogs in the future. We are definitely dog people.
SN: As a big Cincinnati Bearcats fan, are you excited about this year's team? They just cracked the AP Top 25.
NL: Yeah! You've done your research, I like it. I was wondering when they were going to crack the Top 25. It's a younger team, it's one of those teams we can see getting better throughout the year and I think by the time the tournament rolls around they are really going to have hit a stride. I think they could make some noise. It's not the most talented team we've ever had but I like the way they are coming together.
SN: Any bold predictions for the Reds or Bengals ahead of next season?
NL: My bold prediction is that the Reds will be much improved. We've made some significant offseason moves. We've got Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp and Sonny Gray so I think we've got a chance to be much, much better than we've been the last couple of years, although we finished in last place so there's nowhere to go but up ... I think the Cubs could have an off year, I think the Cardinals are on the way out and I think it's time for the Reds to have their dominance yet again.
As far as the Bengals, a lot of people panicked after the Super Bowl that we're not getting the offensive guru we thought we were but I'm not really concerned about that. We still have a lot of talented pieces there and I think we'll be much improved next year. I'm also an optimist, so ...
SN: Which career highlight is the most memorable?
NL: I've been very, very blessed to do a lot of stuff. I think one of the coolest moments in my career, it happened pretty early on, was a chance to work with Stevie Wonder and record with him and to perform live with him. He's somebody that is obviously a legend in music, but specifically somebody that I really loved and looked up to. Any time you get to meet an idol like that and work alongside of them, that's a pretty awesome thing. So I'll go with that.

Vanessa Lachey Reveals Nick Had 'Never Cooked for Me Until Last Year'—Why That Doesn't Bother Her


After first falling for each other on the set of his “What’s Left of Me” music video in 2006, Nick and Vanessa Lachey are still happy in love—just look at their PDA-filled Instagram photos for proof. But after seven years of marriage and three kids, Vanessa says that Valentine’s Day has “completely evolved” for them.
No longer caught up in dinner reservations and fancy nights out, Vanessa tells PEOPLE that they prefer to spend Valentine’s Day in the kitchen with their kids. 
“I love when me and my kids get to cook for Nick,” says Vanessa, who partnered up with Bob Evans Farms to create Valentine’s Day dishes to make at home. “It makes it a full family affair and it’s so satisfying for me.”
She says that it was actually Curtis Stone, her co-host and the head judge onTop Chef Junior, who suggested bringing her kids into the kitchen. “He was like, ‘If you put them in the living room or the playroom you’re going to be cleaning up a mess of toys or markers—which is fine,’” she shares. “‘But if you’re cooking, you can clean up the mess that they make with you. You’re still cleaning up a mess, but you can be together, and they can be exploring the kitchen and understanding ingredients.’”
Ever since then, she’s been focused on including her three junior chefs—Phoenix Robert, 2, Brooklyn Elisabeth, 4 and Camden John, 6—in the kitchen as much as possible.
Her husband on the other hand isn’t as willing to get creative on his own behind the stove. 
“[Nick] loves to clean the kitchen, which is probably my favorite thing about him,” Vanessa says. “He’s like, ‘If you cook, I’ll clean.’ That’s definitely a deal we have in the Lachey house that I’m very excited we established very early on. I cook and he’ll do the dishes; if I grocery shop, he’ll put them away. It’s a really good deal.”
Vanessa admits that while Nick makes breakfast for the kids, he “never cooked for me until Mother’s Day this past year,” she says. “It was awesome. He made all my favorites.”
That said, Vanessa says Nick does cook the meat for the family. “He’s so cute, he’s good at it, but he’s always looking at his phone for directions, wanting to learn,” she says. “And he’s always unsure. Every time I cut into the meat he’s like, ‘Is it done enough? Is it done enough? I can put it back on.'”Vanessa will even have Nick cook the steak for the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner she has planned for the two of them once the kids go to sleep.
“Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we can’t get dressed up,” she says, “and open a bottle of wine and light some candles.”

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An interview with Nick Lachey


98 degrees

Nick Lachey has been a television host, a reality TV star, a dance contest competitor, an actor, a teen heartthrob (with 98 Degrees) and a solo artist.
Wearing many hats suits him well.
“I’d like to think I’m kind of hard to label,” Lachey says. “I enjoy being diversified and I certainly enjoy hosting and I enjoy music, obviously. I still perform as a solo artist, and I clearly love what I do with the guys (in 98 Degrees). So I’ve always approached my career as not trying to put any kind of label on it or define it. As long as the projects are interesting and something I enjoy doing, just keep on working.”
But now, 22 years after he first came to notoriety as frontman of 98 Degrees, that group seems to be taking a central role in Lachey’s career once again. And come 9 p.m. this Saturday, Dec. 15, they’ll take the stage at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa’s Music Box Theater for a special Christmas-themed performance.
The group came together in 1996 in Los Angeles as a vocal quartet featuring four Ohio natives — lead singer Lachey, his brother, Drew, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons. Initially 98 Degrees was marketed as a boy band, riding what was then a major trend in pop music.
Though 98 Degrees never achieved the mega-stardom of peers like the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, the group was ultimately successful nonetheless. After notching a gold album with their self-titled debut, their second album, 1998’s “98 Degrees and Rising,” sold over 4 million copies and the 2000 album “Revelation” was a double-platinum hit. In all, the group has sold 10 million albums.
But in 2001 the group went on an extended hiatus that lasted more than a decade. Each of the members took on their own projects, with the Lachey brothers achieving enough success that 98 Degrees seemed like it might stay in the rear view mirror.
Though Nick Lachey released four solo albums during 98 Degrees’ hiatus, his biggest impact came through television.
Following his October 2002 marriage to singer Jessica Simpson, the couple starred in the popular MTV reality television series “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.” The series had a three-year run — just like their marriage, which ended in December 2005.
To this day, some people still associate Lachey, with “Newlyweds,” even though he has since married former MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo, with whom he has three children. It’s a situation that he finds odd.
“I guess it’s a weird thing because it’s obviously centered around a chapter in my life which is closed and has been for a decade really,” Lachey says. “But it’s always interesting how much people still remember that show. So on that level, it’s flattering to have been part of something people enjoyed and was a success. Yeah, it is bizarre at the same time because it’s so not where my life is.
“I’ve been lucky enough, thankfully, to go on and do quite a few things since then and host a lot of things,” he adds. “So, luckily for me, my career has continued to evolve.”
Those later pursuits included hosting several television shows, including the a cappella singing competition show, “The Sing Off,” and competing in the 2017 season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Brother Drew Lachey won the second season of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006 with partner Cheryl Burke. But Nick, who said he never considered himself much of a dancer, didn’t fare as well, finishing ninth in his season.
By then, things were gearing back up with 98 Degrees, which Lachey says never officially broke up. The group reunited in 2012 and returned to action. Last year the group recorded its second Christmas album, “Let It Snow,” and embarked on a holiday tour last November.
The tour was a success, leading to a second holiday tour this fall. Where at first it appeared that 98 Degrees might be only an occasional enterprise that would come together from time to time for different tours or projects, Lachey says the four members now consider 98 Degrees an active, full-time endeavor.
“We kind of view this as a year-round thing,” Lachey says. “I think as long as we continue to enjoy performing together and the fans still come out and support it we’re going to keep doing it. We enjoy each other’s company and enjoy performing together so I really don’t see any reason to stop.”
For now, the current holiday tour is the main focus. This year’s show — a mix of holiday tunes and songs from the regular studio albums by 98 Degrees — will not be a re-run of the show the group presented last year.
“We didn’t want to come in and do the exact same show again,” Lachey says. “We definitely are doing some different covers. I think that’s probably the biggest difference. There’s still a lot of our own stuff on the first Christmas record and last year’s Christmas record. Hopefully everyone will like it as much as last year.”

Interview: 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey discusses group’s holiday tour, Christmas memories and career highlights

Interview: 98 Degrees’ Nick Lachey discusses group’s holiday tour, Christmas memories and career highlights

ast year, the group 98 Degrees (which features Nick Lachey, Jeff Timmons, Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre) released their critically-acclaimed Christmas album, Let It Snow. It was followed by a seasonal tour that showcased the group’s signature R&B-laced, four-part harmony on Christmas songs both past and present.
This holiday season, the foursome is back on the road with a brand new holiday show that highlights songs from both Let Is Snow as well as seasonal favorites from their first Christmas album, This Christmas, and some of the biggest hits spanning their more than 20 year career.
AXS recently spoke with Nick Lachey about the new 98 Degrees tour, his favorite Christmas memories and more in this exclusive interview.

AXS: How has the new 98 Degrees tour been going?
Nick Lachey: It’s been great. We started in Canada and then went to the West Coast and are now making our way East. We did it last year and had such a great time that we thought why not take it out again. It was fun to put together a little bit of a different show than last year, and the crowds and their response have been great. We’ve been having a blast.

AXS: What can fans expect this time around?
NL: It’s a similar vibe to last year but a very different show. It’s a great blend of holiday songs, including songs from both of our Christmas records, all mixed with the classic 98 Degrees songs people have come to expect from us over the years. It’s a great balance of both. Since it’s the holidays, people are in a great mood and are getting into the spirit, so it makes for a fun evening. 

AXS: In your opinion, what makes a great Christmas song?
NL: A great song is a combination of melody, lyrics message and performance. But when you write original Christmas songs it’s a little bit trickier. There are so many great Christmas songs that have set the bar to a certain level. You’re also a little pigeon-holed in what you can talk about, but that’s the challenge of it. For our song, “Season of Love,” we knew we wanted it to be about peace, love and the idea of why can’t we feel this way all year along. Why does it only have to be at Christmas? 

AXS: What are some of your best memories of Christmas when you were growing up?
NL: As a kid, I remember how my family would always go to midnight Christmas Eve services at my church. I was always excited about staying out late and knowing that once you came out of the service, it was Christmas. I remember there was one particular night when we came out of the service and it was snowing. It couldn’t be any more perfect. 

AXS: This year marked the 20th anniversary of the group’s album, 98 Degrees and Rising. When you look back now with so much perspective what thoughts come to mind?
NL: I remember we were just catching fire as a group and it was a whirlwind rollercoaster. We were able to experience a lot of very cool things. At the time, I don’t think we appreciated them as much as we do now. Given the perspective of 20 years, we’re very blessed to still be doing this and that our fans still support us. 

AXS: Did you always know you wanted to have a career in music?
NL: I did. I went to a performing arts school and was lucky to have music every day in school. It helped nurture a love for me. I wasn’t sure if I believed it would ever work out, but I always knew I wanted to have a career in music because it was something I enjoyed.

AXS: Are there any other projects you’re currently working on for 2019?
NL: My wife and I are currently working on a project that I’m not at liberty to discuss but it’s something we’re very excited about. I’m sure the group will also be on the road again next year performing. I’ve been lucky to be able to work in so many different capacities and go into every year with an open mind and seeing where it takes me. There’s always something new and exciting coming down the pipeline.

AXS: Of all the highlights of your career thus far, is there one thing that stands out to you as most memorable?
NL: Very early on, we had a chance to work with Stevie Wonder for a project called “Mulan,” and the song “True to Your Heart.” As an artist, it’s a bucket list item to work with someone like Stevie Wonder. It’s not something a lot of people get to claim and we got to do it very early in our career. I remember he was such a gentleman and a great champion for us. I look back on that experience with a lot of fondness. It still resonates with me.