Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jeff Timmons Former 98 Degrees Superstar TODAY


Jeff Timmons began what was originally a low-key solo career after a phenomenal run with the “boy band” 98 Degrees. He was the founding member of the group, and they produced multi-platinum records (11 Million sold), 8 top ten singles, and a Grammy nomination. He then released his first solo album, Whisper That Way; the album that gave him Top 20 hits on both the Billboard and Radio & Records charts, while having the lead-off single with the same title as the most added single at radio every week leading up to its peak position. The album also produced 3 more chart-topping singles worldwide.

While writing and producing his much awaited second Album, Jeff is also set to launch a new, massive multi-media distribution company called iamMedia. iamMedia will utilize traditional ways of promotion and distribution, and various non-traditional methods to bring brand awareness not only to his album, but a myriad of other artists, genres of music and other mediums of entertainment. Jeff is set to release his new album to everyone completely free between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Anyone who registers at can receive the entire album!

Jeff TimmonsCD: In 2006 you participated in Vh1’s reality show ‘Man Band’ where you were grouped with 3 other former boy band members from NSYNC, LFO, and Color Me Badd, to form a new band called ‘Sureshot’. What became of ‘Sureshot’?

JT: Not much. We all sort of did the show for our own selfish reasons. We all have our own projects, and I don't think any of us ever intended on being a group. The songs we did together were pretty kick-ass, though.

CD: You have a new album, “Emotional High” slated to release in Dec/Jan 2010; tell us a little about this album and the single entitled “Emotional High”?

JT: Yes. When 98 Degrees was first signed to Motown we lived in NY. I had a girlfriend that I was head-over-heels in love with. We broke up just before the group hit, and I never saw her again. 10 years later, I got to see her again in NY. We both have our own lives now, kids, careers, etc, but the feelings will always be there. The experience inspired the song. We are good friends now, but after reuniting we were always talking on the phone to each other. She said "My God, You're like a drug!" I told her I was going to write a song about that, and did. She's a good friend to have, and while there may never be anything more, I still have strong feelings for her.

CD: Being a solo artist and having full creative control, what have you done differently in producing and promoting this album versus what you learned in the past?

JT: Well, I know more about the business for one. More importantly, I'm comfortable creating all of the music from the ground up if I have to. I engineer, write, produce, and sing everything myself. I know what I want to sound like now as a solo artist. When I first went solo, I was trying to be 98 Degrees by myself. Now, my buddies and I get in the studio and just jam. Up-tempo, ballads, club joints, whatever. We just do whatever we feel... and that's what music is about.

CD: Your entire album will be available to fans as a free download, all they have to do is register on your website; why free?

JT: I think it is the way of the future. Artists will have to use their music as a commercial for themselves, and figure out how to monetize it through sponsorships, touring, merchandise, whatever. I haven't had a song out with 98 Degrees in 8 or 9 years. People are not familiar with me as a solo artist. I can't expect folks to shell out 10 or 15 dollars for a CD. My goal is to get 1 million people signed up at my website for the free album. I'm about halfway there. I hope to re-energize the existing fanbase and excite people and gain new fans along the way.

CD: For others with the same passion for music and dreams of being signed by a major label, what’s the best way to get noticed?

JT: Be confident and believe in yourself. There will be a million people that will tell you you can't do it, but it only takes one yes to make your dream come true. Sing or play for anyone and everyone you can. Always have your music ready. Most importantly, stay humble and thank God or the universe in advance for your success. Always work hard and treat everyone you meet with tremendous respect no matter who they are.

CD: And now for my one useless question, the “98 Degrees Board Game”, do you have one?

JT: My mother has one in the box with the wrapper still on it. When my daughter was two, she played mine and threw all of the pieces all over the place. It was a silly game anyway. Kind of like the music business.

Off-stage and outside the studio, Jeff is an advocate for a variety of charities and foundations, especially those benefiting children. He works closely with organizations like the St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics Aids Foundation. Jeff, thank you for taking time to talk to us.

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