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Niick Interview on Q102 Cinci

Nick Lachey called Jeff and Jenn today! He was spoke all about the new season of "Taking the Stage." Hear Nick's interview here...

Lachey boasts big talent for 'Taking the Stage'

It's like the Broadway musical 'Fame,' but in real life. That's how Nick Lachey describes the second season of 'Taking the Stage,' the reality show that follows high school students at The School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati.

Antoinette with Nick on the Rachel Ray show.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nick And Jimmie: The 3rd Annual Celebrity Super Skins Weekend January 27, 2010


RD/Leon / Retna Digital

Singer and TV personality, Nick Lachey and four-time reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson, are teaming up once again for their “3rd annual Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic” for charity.

We support anything having to do with charity! It is always good to give back!

The “Golf Classic” will take place in Miami on Friday, February 5th. The Official Super Skins Kick-Off Party (let’s get real, it’s always about the party) will be on Thursday, February 4th from 9pm-2am at Hotel 944 @ the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach.

With a special performance by…

Snoop Dogg!

Tickets for the Super Skins Kick-Off Party are available to the public,

General admission ($250) and VIP ($500).

Proceeds from “Super Skins Weekend” will benefit multiple charities throughout the United States, with a portion of the funds towards The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

In past years celebrities such as Kevin Dillon, Drew Lachey, Joey Fatone, Justin Bartha, Jerry Rice and Jason Sehorn have played in the tournament.

Now, that’s reason enough for us to watch Golf!

Nick Lachey and Jimmie Johnson to play in Super Skins Classic


MIAMI -- Multi-platinum recording artist & TV personality Nick Lachey and four-time reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion, Jimmie Johnson, are teaming up once again for their 3rd annual Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic for charity, held in Miami, Florida on Friday, February 5th, 2010, prior to Super Bowl XLIV.

This year, Lachey & Johnson's Super Skins Weekend will consist of the Official Super Skins Kick-Off Party with a special performance by hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg at Hotel 944 @ the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach on Thursday, February 4th from 9PM-2AM. The Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic, a private charity event, will be held on Friday, February 5th. Proceeds from Super Skins Weekend will benefit multiple charities throughout the United States. This year, Lachey & Johnson will donate a portion of the funds towards The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Tickets for the Super Skins Kick-Off Party at Hotel 944 @ The Eden Rock are available to the public for purchase at (General admission tickets: $250, VIP tickets: $500. Pricing is subject to availability).

The Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic challenges celebrities to win individual holes in a team-skins format. Each hole will have a designated monetary value, and the celebrity team who wins the hole will designate their winnings for donation to the charity of their choice. Over the last two years of the competition, Super Skins has raised over $600,000 for multiple charities including The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Muscular Dystrophy Fund, Alzheimer's Foundation of America, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Nick Lachey Foundation and the Jimmie Johnson Foundation.

Some of the biggest stars of stage, screen and sport have joined Lachey and Johnson on the green as participants in previous Super Skins events and this year will be no different. Celebrities including: Entourage's Kevin Dillon, Drew Lachey, NSYNC's Joey Fatone & Chris Kirkpatrick, actor Justin Bartha, NFL great Jerry Rice, Jason Sehorn, NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz, Tony Gonzalez (Atlanta Falcons), Santonio Holmes (Pittsburgh Steelers), Justin Tuck (NY Giants) Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks), Ken Griffey Jr. (Seattle Mariners), Jamie Moyer (Philadelphia Phillies) and NASCAR Superstars Brian Vickers and Kurt Busch have all played to win at Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic.

"Super Skins has done exactly what Nick and I wanted it to do the past few years- raise money for worthy causes and have a little fun while we do it," stated Johnson. "We've had great support the past two years and it's shaping up to be another great year. There are so many worthy causes and I like our format because it benefits a variety of charities. I think that's why we've had such great support from so many incredible athletes and celebrities.

"Last years Super Skins proved to be one of the highlights of my year," stated Lachey. "Jimmie and I were blown away at the amount of support we received last year even in difficult economic times. We're looking forward to yet another successful year driving much needed funds to causes that so desperately need them."

Lachey and Johnson have partnered with Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CTBS) for the Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic. "We're excited to partner with Nick Lachey and Jimmie Johnson for Super Skins this year," said John Burns, President of CBTS. "Our combined passion for sports fueled by the prospect of directing funds to numerous worthy causes makes this the ultimate event."

Lachey and Johnson will kick off Super Skins weekend along with their friends and fans with the ultimate Super Skins Kick-Off Party at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach, Miami's premiere resort. Flying Television's Lori Levine, Tony Berger's Relevent and 944 Magazine will partner with the pair to host the event.

For additional information or to purchase tickets to the Official Super Skins Kick-Off Party at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach please visit: For additional information on Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic, please visit


The Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic was first conceptualized by Nick Lachey and Jimmie Johnson in 2008 to raise money for a variety of worthy causes. The tournament challenges celebrities to win individual holes in a team-skins format. Each hole has a designated monetary value, and the celebrity team who wins the hole will allocate their winnings for donation to the charity of their choice. Over the last two years of the competition, Super Skins has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple charities including The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Alzheimer's Foundation of America, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Nick Lachey Foundation and the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. For additional information on Super Skins, please visit

Media Contact (for Nick Lachey)
Jessica Berger
Sunshine, Sachs & Associates
212.691.2800/Cell: 917.748.9830

Media Contact (for Jimmie Johnson)
Kristine Curley
GMR Marketing
Cell: 816.679.5091

Jessica Berger
Sunshine, Sachs & Associates
149 Fifth Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Phone: 212.691.2800
Cell: 917.748.9830
Fax: 212.691.2670

Nick Lachey: Professional Relationship Guy?


On Thursday's Rachael Ray talk show, Nick Lachey is on hand to help viewers plan the perfect Valentine's Day. According to the promo, he'll also divulge "his most embarrassing V-Day ever and his plans for this one!"

You've got to hand it to him. For a half-dozen years now, entertainment-biz types have predicted the demise of the 36-year-old's career. But here Lachey is in 2010, spooning out relationship advice on a popular daytime TV show. The guy is still around, and ironically, it's got nothing to do with his music.

Remember how it seemed like the end for Lachey, when his boy band, 98 Degrees, lost its footing and dissolved? But he just climbed to a higher realm of fame with Newlyweds, MTV's reality show about his marriage to Jessica Simpson. "Well, now it's over," media types sniffed when the couple split. But by then, gossip rags and tabloid TV had taken an interest in the photogenic (and slightly nutty) couple. What -- or, let's be honest, who -- would they do next? To this day, that question seems to propel Lachey's career.

Sure, he's technically still a recording artist. But is that really why he's famous? After 98 Degrees disbanded, he continued to dole out solo albums with treacly ballads aimed at teen girls. But music has hardly been his calling card. (His most successful CD, 2006's "hit" What's Left Of Me, only went gold -- a fraction of the millions sold by 98 Degrees.) His latest album was scheduled for release right about now, but it's been put on hold. And Perez Hilton recently picked up on a tabloid story that Lachey's listless music career isn't paying the bills. Big surprise.

Meanwhile, the magazine covers keep coming. Photos featuring his ripped torso are staples at magazines like Star and Us Weekly. But it's hardly his music that puts him there. Lachey is a fixture on the Hollywood nightclub circuit, and often photographed with other gorgeous celebrities. And the rags love to follow his on-again-off-again relationship with the actress and TV host Vanessa Minnillo.

Because of the media attention, a number of "celebrity host" gigs and TV guest spots have come Lachey's way. Most recently, he hosted NBC's a cappella singing competition, The Sing Off, in December. He and Minnillo just appeared on MTV's New Year's Eve 2010 special -- the sort of appearance that's become Lachey's forté. Plus, he's a founder of, an online auction site.

And of course, Lachey hops from one talk show couch to the next. This will be his third appearance on Rachael Ray. As a guy who's built a career on the media's play-by-play coverage of his love life, he's a natural guest for a Valentine's Day segment. He'll offer some nondescript information about his romantic plans for Minnillo, giving viewers the impression that they're in on it with him. And then he'll offer some relationship advice. And actually, he's not a bad guy to dispense it.

What does Nick Lachey do? He sings. He hosts. But most of all, he gets involved with gorgeous, famous women. He's a professional Relationship Guy.

Nick Lachey talks about new MTV show "Taking the Stage"


By RYAN McLENDON • Associated Press Writer • January 28, 2010

EW YORK — It's like "Fame" — the movie that showcased the dreams and disappointments of high school performers — but in real life.

That's how Nick Lachey describes the second season of "Taking the Stage," the
reality TV show that follows high school students at The School for Creative and
Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati as they work to break in to the entertainment
industry. The show premieres Thursday at 11 p.m. EST on MTV.

"It's a great kind of learning ground for anyone who wants to be in entertainment
and anyone who loves performing," says Lachey, the show's executive producer. "I think the school really prepares you for what the business is all about."

Lachey, a pop singer and actor, attended the school himself and knows firsthand the how an aspiring entertainer struggles to make it. After graduating from SCPA in 1992, he formed the boy band 98 Degrees and launched a successful solo career. In 2003-2005, he starred with then-wife Jessica Simpson in the MTV reality series "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."

Other notable SCPA alumni include Sarah Jessica Parker, Carmen Electra and Lachey's brother and 98 Degrees alum, Drew.

This season's "Taking the Stage" follows Tyler, now a senior at SCPA and Mia, who has been trying to get her new band off the ground since graduation. We'll also meet new students — including Adam, Emily Silber, Emily Sones, Carlton and Ian — who all try to navigate their way to fame by way of high school.

The show resonates with viewers, Lachey says. "People are attracted to good
performance and seeing young people follow their dreams," he says. "I think we see
some of ourselves in kids."

For Lachey, that dream is to become a sports talk radio host. Meanwhile, he has been working on the follow-up to his 2005 album, "What's Left of Me," which has been delayed, he says.

But, he says, "Music will always be my home base. It will always be my passion."

“Dream Catchers” Party Huge Success *Jeff*


Sandy would like to thank everyone who came out on January 23rd for the “Dream Catchers” release party at Cargo Cafe! Photos will be posted in the gallery soon. A big thank you to all those who were able to perform: Harlem Witness, Darren Colvil & Chris of The Swill Merchants and of course, the ever so talented James Manzello & Alex Kikis, who debuted “Haley’s Letter” for the first time! The song will be available for purchase soon. Look out for a YouTube video of the performance up here as well.

Thanks to Jeff Timmons for the sweet video message he sent for the party. You can view it here:

As a reminder, you can find “Dream Catchers” on sale at! Here’s a direct link:

If you have already read “Dream Catchers”, please review it on The book will be available there as well within a few weeks.

“Dream Catchers” on

Former 98 Degrees artist releases second solo album as free download


Thursday, January 28, 2010; 11:08 PM

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Jeff Timmons Radio

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nick and Vanessa: Hurting for Cash?


Looking very much in love, a Jordan jumpsuit-clad Nick Lachey and his lovely lady Vanessa Minnillo were spotted grabbing up lunch in Studio City over the weekend (January 23).

Holding hands and sharing a laugh as they exited a local eatery, the former “Newlyweds” star and his beauty queen lady strolled along past awaiting paparazzi and up to their nearby car.

The sighting comes amidst National Enquirer reports that Nick and Vanessa are struggling in the bank account department as of late.

With his new disc having been put on hold indefinitely, sources allege that Nick was “expecting a big payday from his new album.”

Allegedly unable to afford a previously planned dream wedding, things are said to have gotten to the point where Lachey is “trying to pick up hosting gigs” to pay for he and Vanessa’s ritzy taste.

NBC Universal 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards After-Party


NBC, Universal Pictures And Focus Features Golden Globes After-Party


Nick Lachey 'Taking The Stage' Once More


Nick Lachey stopped by to talk about the new season of MTV’s Taking the Stage.

Lachey is a pop singer, actor, producer, television host, and television personality who rose to fame in the late 1990s as a member of the boy band 98 Degrees. The second season music reality show Taking the Stage is set at his alma mater School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the first production, the show chronicled the lives of five high school students and their friends as they train for careers in the arts.

Off-stage and off-screen, Lachey remains a constant advocate for children and humanitarian causes through his work with organizations such as Feeding America and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He is also founder and president of The Nick Lachey Foundation, an organization that drives much needed funds to different schools andcharities across the country

The new season of Taking the Stage will premiere on January 28 at 11 pm on MTV. For more information, visit

Written by Lateisha Clay

JEFF TIMMONS 98 degrees Lakers Game, LA +2 Guests, 2/8


Watch a Lakers Game with 98 Degrees Singer Jeff Timmons

When: February 8, 2010
Where: Los Angeles Staples Center
Teams: Lakers vs. San Antonio Spurs
Verizon Luxury Box Seats

Bid to meet Jeff for a Lakers game at the Staples Center! You, Jeff, and two of your friends will watch the February 8th game against the Spurs from the Verizon Luxury Box. Food and drinks are included in this package.

Visit to get a copy of Jeff's new album for free!

Jeff Timmons began what was originally a low-key solo career after a phenomenal run with the “boy band” 98 Degrees. He was the founding member of the group, and they produced multi-platinum records (11 Million sold), 8 top ten singles, and a Grammy nomination. He then released his first solo album, Whisper That Way; the album that gave him Top 20 hits on both the Billboard and Radio & Records charts, while having the lead-off single with the same title as the most added single at radio every week leading up to its peak position. The album also produced 3 more chart-topping singles worldwide.

Jeff also appeared on a VH1 Reality TV Show. The opportunity allowed him to work with fellow musicians, Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC, Bryan Abrams of Color Me Badd, Rich Cronin of LFO, and four-time Grammy winning producer, Bryan Michael Cox. “It was one of the best experiences of my life…as it really tested me,” he further describes the experience saying, “It took me out of my comfort zone, which was I truly needed at the time. I would do it again in a heartbeat”

While writing and producing his much awaited second Album, Jeff is also set to launch a new, massive multi-media distribution company called iamMedia. iamMedia will utilize traditional ways of promotion and distribution, and various non-traditional methods to bring brand awareness not only to his album, but a myriad of other artists, genres of music and other mediums of entertainment. Jeff is set to release his new album to everyone completely free between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Anyone who registers at can receive the entire album!

Off-stage and outside the studio, Jeff is an advocate for a variety of charities and foundations, especially those benefiting children. He works closely with organizations like the St. Jude Children's Hospital and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics Aids Foundation.

Nick Las Vegas KLUC's Morning Zoo 98.5FM podcast

Zoo Vegas | On Demand (Subscribe)
Nick Lachey
If you've wondered where Nick Lachey has been, well, he's been producing MTV's "Taking the Stage" and following his Bearcats.

Nick at the Boom Boom Room


Ran into Nick Lachey at the Boom Boom Room Hotel - Hyatt Century Plaza.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nicks Valentines Day Guide

Nick Lachey's Valentine's Day Guide

Nick Lachey's Valentine's Day Guide

Nick Lachey has tips to make this Valentine's Day your most unforgettable one yet! Plus, he gets personal about his most embarrassing V-day ever and his plans for this one!

Nick lachey is at Macy's

Jeff Timmons Bubble Tweet *City Of Hope Auction*

Golden Globes Lachey & Minnillo

Nick & Vanesssa NBC, Universal Pictures And Focus Features Golden Globes After-Party


TV personality Nick Lachey (R) and Vanessa Minnillo attend NBC Universal and Focus Features' Golden Globes after party sponsored by Cartier at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.
TV personality Nick Lachey (L) and Vanessa Minnillo attend NBC Universal and Focus Features' Golden Globes after party sponsored by Cartier at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.
TV personality Nick Lachey (R) and Vanessa Minnillo attend NBC Universal and Focus Features' Golden Globes after party sponsored by Cartier at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.
TV personality Nick Lachey attends NBC Universal and Focus Features' Golden Globes after party sponsored by Cartier at Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 17, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California.

Nick Lachey Becomes Jersey Shore's Ronnie!

It just might be the movie role of a lifetime for Nick Lachey: playing Ronnie Magro in Jersey Shore: The Movie!

Lachey greased up his hair, piled on the gold jewelry and did his best "guido" accent in a mock "preview" clip for a big-screen dramatization of MTV's reality smash that aired Friday on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

"Never fall in love on the Jersey Shore," Lachey-as-Ronnie says, "Unless it's with something you really wanna rock -- like an Italian girl or a Camaro."

Artists Find that the Internet and Fan Promotion Brings a Boost to Their Music


Music, Internet and fan promotion, those words have more in common than most would think. The Internet has received a bad rap as just a way to steal the music of a hard working artist. While this does happen many musicians are finding that the Internet can help them in more Fans of an artist are often thought to be fanatics who follow an artist around giving them gifts, invading their personal space and in some cases stalking them. While this does happen, a fans dedication, support and promotion capabilities are actually much more than that. The ability of a fan base to support an artist is a great thing that can and does help the artist enormously.

Artists find that the Internet and fan promotion brings a boost to their music. The Internet allows them to create multiple websites such as Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace as ways for fans to keep up with the happenings of their favorite artist. Artists are able to also have more personal fan communication because of the Internet than ever before, building personal connections with the fans. This in turn creates a kind a friendship and the fans become emotionally invested in wanting to do all they can to help the artists achieve all that they can possibly attain.

When artists need some extra word of mouth for example, they can go straight to the fan bases which are more than willing to spread the word. You may ask what the fan gets in return. They get the enjoyment of hearing the artist's music and watching them soar to new heights. Many times they get to hear the music before the general public does and sometimes they get free stuff and meet and greets plus much more. It is win-win on both sides.

While some artists still shy away from the Internet and becoming more invested with their fans, many are discovering that the Internet and fan promotion is a blessing in several ways. These artists are creating a very special bond with their fans that cannot be broken and they are

enjoying it as much as the fans, while reaping the
many advantages.Jeff Timmons(98 Degrees, Independent Musician), Taylor Hicks (American Idol, Independent Musician, currently Teen Angel in Grease) Judd Starr ( Independent Musician)and Bucky Convington (American Idol Contestant, Country Music Artist)weighed in with their opinions on music, Internet and fan promotion.

I asked each artist their own view on using the Internet to promote their music and this is what they said.

Jeff Timmons - I think the Internet blows the doors wide open to promote your music. The traditional forms of marketing and promotion - radio, television, and print media are extremely expensive, and there is a log jam of artists trying to fill a small amount of slots. With the Internet the possibilities are limitless. Of course you have amazing social networks where people congregate, but you also have new ways to get to more and more people every day. The Internet puts the control in the consumer's hands, and allows them to provide you immediate feedback of their likes and dislikes. This enables you to customize you content to suit your demographic, and allows you to do things your way and ignore traditional rules and limitations.

Taylor Hicks - I think the doors are completely wide open for however you want to use the Internet. It is an enormous window to go through to be able to promote your music. Cyberspace is a lot like outer space. I think that the possibilities are endless.

Judd Starr - I think musicians have to really be proactive when promoting via the Internet. It's not enough anymore to just put up a MySpace, sit back and act "cool". The old days of being the mysterious, aloof musician are over. Promotion nowadays involves a lot of interaction and creativity. It's crucial now, more than ever, to invent new and creative ways to communicate with an audience.

Bucky Covington - "The way I see it there is 2 sides; everyone can get their music heard and everyone can get their music heard," Bucky laughs.

A lot of people feel that the Internet creates a means for others to steal the work of an artist. So I asked them if they feel the Internet has a negative effect on their ability to protect their creative works.

Taylor Hicks - To a certain degree I think it does. But I think just as much good comes with it, such as the endless possibilities of getting your work out there. There are negatives as well and one is the protection of your art.

Judd Starr -
No. If anything, it's an added protection. Before posting music online, musicians would sit in their rooms and studios and create songs. But who knew about them? The only protection was to copyright. Otherwise, in the event another musician stole the music, what proof did that musician have to convince a court that he/she created the song first? Now, however, once a song is posted
online...there's documented and dated proof as to when that work of art was made and by whom. If another musician steals a song or idea, it's simply a matter of comparing when the songs in question were posted online. Nevertheless, I always copyright my songs as a protective measure, as I've always done and I'd highly recommend other musicians to continue to do so as well.

Bucky Covington - Without a doubt, nothing is safe on the Internet whether it is music, financial information, movies etc.

Jeff Timmons - The Internet does make it difficult to protect your works if you are glued to the old model of doing business. In the old paradigm, artists rarely made any money off of their record sales anyway. The labels found one way or another to get that. The music is a commercial. Music is culture first, and should be commerce second. If you give away your music, that means you're betting that it is good and fans will return to buy some later, or even better buy into you as an artist. They can come to your show, subscribe to your website, buy your merchandise. I don't see too many bad things about the music business and the Internet.

The Internet has created a means for promotion and fan interaction that wasn't there for artists before the development of the Internet. I asked them how this helps an artist and if there are instances when it can hurt an artist or cause problems?

Bucky Covington -The Internet helps you give your fans an instant glimpse into the everyday which makes the fans happy. On the down-side, you need to watch yourself at all times... No matter what job you have, whether an artist, banker, fireman etc there is always someone with a flip phone or camera ready to catch every move you make and upload to the Internet!

Jeff Timmons - I think it helps artists in many ways from touring, to getting opinions about the material, to sales, etc. I think it may begin to hurt if fans take it personally if you don't interact with every single one of them every day. It is nearly impossible for me to read every email, DM, IM, facebook message, MySpace message, and tweet every day, and respond to them all. Sometimes if you are hands on with the fans, they become so used to it, that they don't understand how difficult it is to keep up, and as quickly as the good words can spread about you, bad things can happen, too. 99% of my fans understand this, but there are always those that just can never be satisfied. I try my best though, and love the fans. They allow me to do what I love: music.

Taylor Hicks - I think every artist is different. For me I think the use of FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter
and all of those basically allow a fan to receive information much more quickly than before. The interaction and information that can be exchanged has done a world of good for the fan and the artist.

Judd Starr - Like most things in life, there needs to be a balance I suppose. As I stated before, the days of lying back, being the mystery band that's too cool to talk to their fans is over. Conversely, that doesn't mean it's always a great idea to give out personal phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. A good, healthy respect between the artist and fan should always be there.

Artists are starting to go to the fan base and get their views on many things such as what song off of a record should be the first single. After Taylor Hicks won American Idol his first CD was titled simply "Taylor Hicks" Taylor went to the fan base and asked them which song they like most and that they thought he should have as his first single. The song they chose was "Just to Feel that Way" and that was the first single off the CD. I asked Taylor what made him decide to include his fans in on this choice.

Taylor Hicks - Well ultimately your fans are what keep you afloat as an artist and an entertainer. I wanted to make sure that they had a say and it was kind of a cool way to figure out and get a good read on what their favorite over-all song was on the record.

Many artists are starting to give one song away to fans as a way for them to be able to hear what kind of music the artist is creating, but Jeff Timmons has gone much further than that. Jeff is giving away a whole collection of his songs digitally for fans to download and enjoy. I asked Jeff how he came up with this idea.

Jeff Timmons- I actually was asked about the idea from a very creative friend of mine who is a screenwriter. He was reading this book called "Free" that is all about the idea of giving stuff away to create loyalty in the long-term. I have never really had a major solo record, and 98 Degrees hasn't had anything out on the radio for quite some time, so I cannot expect someone to go to Wal-Mart and pay 12-15 dollars for my record. I have this body of music that I'm proud of, and I want it to be heard. If I have to give some away to get people excited about me as a solo artist and support what I do, then why not? I've worked very hard on the material over the last four years, so I want it in people's hands. Whatever comes after is a blessing.

Jeff is also very active on Twitter. I asked him how using Twitter and interacting with the fans helps him.

Jeff Timmons - I have always been very active with the fans. Actually, 98 Degrees, as a group thought it was very important to pay attention and show respect to all of our fans for enabling us to do what we did. Twitter
is simply amazing. I can find out what the fans want to hear or where they want me to go and perform. I can "lurk" and find out more about them and what types of my songs appeal to them or not. I'm pretty much a people person anyway, so Twitter is like candy for me. It has created excitement in a matter of minutes to a larger audience, than say going on a radio show for a five minute interview. It is viral, organic and less formal, and WAY more effective in my eyes.

Bucky Covington and his band create videos while on the road and post them online to share with fans. I asked Bucky what made him decide to do this and how it helps him.

BuckyCovington-I'm no actor, so I'm not sure how much it helps, Bucky laughs. When I was a kid, I always wondered and imagined what went on backstage and this gives them a way to experience what the behind-the-scenes of a concert is really like. And, then they'll see why I'd like to be tailgating with them! Fans love this stuff and they are so supportive, I love sharing it with them.

Bucky's fans also video and audio record his shows and share them online with the fans. I asked Bucky how this benefits him as an artist when he doesn't make anything from these recording.

Bucky Covington -Fans who come out to our shows purchase tickets and albums to show their support, so why not? Each one of my shows has something different and if a fan couldn't make the show for whatever reason, this gives them a way to experience and enjoy it.

Lastly I asked them what advantages they have experienced from using the Internet and fan promotion.

udd Starr
- If I was Justin probably wouldn't increase the number of fans coming to my show or buying my music. Conversely, as an independent artist, it's a fantastic means to be noticed and really make a difference. Computer technology is also a crucial element involved in the revolution of the music business. Along with technology in the form of recording software, the Internet and social sites have completely deconstructed the old "model" of how things were done. Now, the musician bypasses the record labels, who use to fund the album (which now can be done with inexpensive software), the previously revered and feared distributors are a thing of the past (simply upload your song and "wa-la"'re distributed), the brick and mortar retail store is obsolete, now there is iTunes, Napster and a hundred other music sites to sell your music.

It's a whole new world. There's much less begging the big businesses to get our music heard. All of these changes are a great benefit to the majority of musicians who wouldn't otherwise be heard. All the politics and years of corruption have nearly disappeared. Additionally, (newsflash) just happened to be the first industry to be majorly impacted by all of this.

Most are aware that newspapers are quickly becoming will be major TV networks (there will be a myriad of infinite web shows...all connected to our TVs), no more cable or satellite and I guarantee that movie production companies are dreading the day when new release movies will find their way to the Internet. Once that happens, they'll be in the same boat as major record labels once movies can easily be downloaded for free via Torrent and similar sites that make proof of copyright infringement impossible. I could go on forever and bore everyone to tears (if I haven't already), but film editing / production software and inexpensive HD cameras are all soon going to breed a new kind of indie filmmaker....just as the Internet has made indie musicians.

Jeff Timmons - Fans are aware that I am still around! I'm still making music. They are helping me get the word out about my material and they are demanding what cities they want to see me perform in. They're the best.

Taylor Hicks- The power of the Internet allows the artist to create an authentic, personal relationship with the fans - That's a great benefit for both artist and fan. Through Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and my Ning site. I have all of the means to communicate on an on-going basis with my followers. On Twitter @TaylorRHicks, I offer ticket giveaways for shows and provide pictures from the cities I visit- straight through my phone. Today, the fans want content more than ever, and the Internet allows you to give them just that.

With the phone being a mobile device, I can share info simultaneously. The social networking sites also allow fans to communicate with one another, creating a strong sense of community where they can share stories, content, and information with one another. The fans become close to each other, and that's an amazing thing. To know you have fans is great. But to be able to reach out to them on a personal level is much more important to me.

Bucky Covington - A benefit that I've experienced is staying in touch with the American Idol fan base that supported me through the show. There are many sites and blogs that are all about Idol.

As you can see the Internet is a great avenue for artists and their fans. The musician gets their music out to a much broader audience than ever before and they are able to form bonds with their fans all over the world. There are no limits to the size of the audience that they can reach. The fans are able to hear, read and see nearly anything that their favorite artist is doing or going to be doing instantaneously. As Taylor Hicks said "The fans become close to each other". Many of these friends become as close as family and have at least one common bond, the joy of listening to the music of the artist that they all admire.

To learn more about Jeff Timmons, Taylor Hicks, Bucky Covington or Judd Starr visits the sites listed below.

Judd Starr

Bucky Covington

Bucky Covington's newest music video "Gotta Be Somebody" recently came in #12 in the GAC Top 20 countdown and #4 on CMT Pure.

Bucky is currently working on his newest album "I'm Alright" coming out in April 2010.

Jeff Timmons here to download Jeff Timmons newest collection of songs that he is giving to the fans for free.

Jeff Timmons is performing live for a Pre- Grammy Party and Concert at the Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, CA Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM PST you can purchase tickets at this site. There will also be a meet and greet after the concert so you can meet Jeff if you want to.

Jeff is going to be hosting his own radio program on blog talk radio. His music will be on rotation and he will be doing occasional hosting. Check it out at

Taylor Hicks

Taylor Hicks sophomore album 'The Distance" was released March 2009 and can be purchased at stores and online outlets.

Taylor is currently staring as Teen Angel in the national tour of Grease. You can catch him at a city near you. Check Taylor for information. Stick around after the show as Taylor performs his single from the album "The Distance" after the

January 5th 2010 Taylor Hicks released his "Whomp at the Warfield" DVD. This DVD was recorded during his post-Idol tour it is a concert video of his show at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco in 2007.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jeff Timmons talks about his Lakers game eBay charity auction for The City of Hope

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jeff Bubbletweet Ideas? 1/17/10

Nick & Chargers Twitter Action

Nick Lachey minus Jessica

Cin Scene: St. Nick Happy Hour


Saint Nick Holiday Happy HourSaint Nick Holiday Happy Hour
Saint Nick Holiday Happy Hour
Saint Nick Holiday Happy Hour
Saint Nick Holiday Happy Hour
Saint Nick Holiday Happy Hour
Saint Nick Holiday Happy Hour

Friday, January 15, 2010

Broadcast from Jeff Timmons

GameOn Podcast: Nick Lachey and Heidi Durrow

You can Download the Podcast HERE

Erica & Melissa discuss singing, football and baseball with self-proclaimed "Gleek" Nick Lachey. We also talk to Heidi Durrow, author and former actress, on her job as a life coach for the NFL and NBA rookie camps.

Yet another jam-packed show. Now we sound like a broken record, but we think you'll agree: This week, Nick Lachey chats with us about his new reality show "The Sing-Off," and shares his thoughts on the Bengals success, the BCS system (playoffs, please!) and what it's like to own a minor league baseball team. Plus, author and former actress Heidi Durrow stops by to share some stories from her days as a life coach for NFL and NBA Rookies. And so much more that you have come to know and love from the ladies of GameOn!

Nick Visits Shroder High School - CPS Gets Grant for Music Programs

On Friday, Dec. 11, 2009, Ohio-based Abbott Nutrition, the makers of ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars, presented Cincinnati Public Schools with a $150,000 grant in partnership with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation to restore instrumental music programs in district schools. Cincinnati native and VH1 Save The Music Ambassador Nick Lachey made a special appearance. Students from Shroder Paideia High School and Fairview-Clifton German Language School gave special performances. Superintendent Mary Ronan also was on hand for the festivities.

Jeff Timmons releases free MP3s for download


Posted on January 11th, 2010 at 6:14 pm by MTV Asia

Remember 98 degrees? Well, band member Jeff Timmons is back with a solo album, and not only that, the entire album will be available for free download.

Listen and download his songs for free right here, and find out more about why he’s giving away these songs for free through our MTV Asia interview.


Emotional High – how would you describe the sound on this album? Is there a general theme

I think the sound is a little bit of a departure from 98 Degrees. There are a lot more uptempo tunes, and I have a few songs you can really dance to. The general theme is: FUN!

Did you write all the songs on the album and what was your inspiration?

I wrote, co-wrote, produced, and engineered everything on the album. My friends and I that created the music were inspired by past experiences, as well as how we were feeling at that very moment.

What is your personal favorite on the album and why?

That’s a tough one, but I think “Reason I Breathe” might be my favorite. Although, it changes nearly everyday. I think the song is romantic and has a unique sound and style.

You’re giving away your whole album for free – why is that?

It has been awhile since 98 Degrees has been out, and many people aren’t familiar with my sound as a solo artist, so my goal is to get the music in as many hands as possible. The best way to do that is deliver it to fans for free.

How has the response rate been like so far?

My goal was to get 1 million people signed up, and we are 75% there. I’m pleased with the response, and I think it has rejuvenated old fans and has new fans interested.

Will you eventually go down the Radiohead route of having people pay whatever they feel the album is worth? I am toying around with that idea, but not to sure if I will do it.

Since we’re on the subject of giving away music for free, what do you think of the recent file-sharing debate which Lily Allen started?

Well, I think she has a point, but if you look at the model that has existed in the music business for decades, artists rarely share in the profits of their records/CD’s anyway. The labels have to spend so much to break these artists at radio, print and online media, TV, etc, that artists have to sell millions before they see profit from music sales. I see where she is coming from, but I think she has to adapt to today’s technology. People can get the music for free if they really want it anyway. So, why not jump on board and tweak the new model to fit you and your art. You have to be creative in business as much as music if you want to be a successful artist today. And, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because if you leave the business up to someone else, 9 times out of 10 you’re going to get taken advantage of.

Do you think that it hurts the careers of emerging artistes? What do you propose?

I think new artists should build their fan bases with the social networks. Use them to get your music out there, and then tour, and sell merchandise, and THEN start selling the music if you really feel you need to. Then, you absolutely bet on the music. If the music is truly good, then you will get fans to buy into you as an artist.