Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nick Lachey Gets A Job!

Follow the link for even more photos!!
And he looks so happy about it!

I just love Nick Lachey. He's a philanthropist, popular with the ladies, and is partly responsible for creating the genius that was 'Newlyweds.' I don't care who knows it, I think that show was magic! Chicken of the sea!

And I'm back. Nick Lachey is now all set to host a 4-night competition show on NBC featuring eight singing groups. The premier is December 14th and the prize is an Epic Records/ Sony Recording contract. The groups will be singing a cappella.

"There is nowhere to hide when you're doing an a cappella song," Lachey told People. "There's no band behind you and dubbing. It's just you. It's just them naked on stage and what they have done to prepare is what will show through in that moment."

Naked on stage?! I'm there! I kid; I know what he meant. But it does sound like a pretty fun concept. Like American Idol for groups, and with no accompaniment. Not as good as naked singing, but I'll watch nonetheless.