Saturday, October 17, 2020

Vanessa Lachey on how quarantine has strengthened her marriage to Nick Lachey: We 'communicate better'

Vanessa Lachey is working on being her best self, mother, and wife every day.

As she continues to quarantine at home in Los Angeles, the former "TRL" host spoke with Fox News about finding the silver lining amid all the uncertainty the future holds right now.

"I found that [quarantine has] allowed me and my husband [Nich Lachey] to learn how to communicate better because when we aren't communicating on the same page we are shorter tempered and not as patient," she admitted.

She and Nick married in 2011 and share three kids: sons Camden, 7, and Phoenix, 3, and daughter Brooklyn, 5.

"You don't want to be that way," Lachey continued. "You don't [want] to be snappy and punchy around your kids or to your spouse or to your friends. So we've learned how to take a beat and communicate better."

The "Truth Be Told" actress has also learned "to be kinder" to herself and practice self-love because the pandemic is a difficult time for all of us. "When your cup is full, you can be a better mom and a better wife and a better friend," she advised.

One of Lachey's main focuses during quarantine has been the safety and well-being of her kids, emotionally and physically.

She and Nick still don't know the status of their kids' school year right now and although the mom of three can't predict the future she can give her kids "as much emotional confidence as they [need] by telling them how amazing they are and how great they're still going to be."

Vanessa Lachey partnered with Rice Krispies for the company's 'Love in Case of' project 

Vanessa Lachey partnered with Rice Krispies for the company's 'Love in Case of' project  (Kellogg)

She still plans on doing the "First Day of School" picture and keeping them in as normal of a routine as possible. That's why Lachey partnered with Rice Krispies on its “Love in Case of” kits which provides parents a blank space on the wrapper to write an empowering and encouraging note to their kids.

"Kellogg did a survey and near 80% of kids are craving that extra love and attention and want that handwritten note," she said. "Take a little extra time to give your kids that TLC. It's important for parents and kids to connect."

Lachey's goal is for her kids to feel comfortable being who they are and expressing themselves as they get older. It's a lesson that the "Love Is Blind" host learned from her "TRL" hosting days early on.

Vanessa Lachey (L) and Hilary Duff (R) during a visit to MTV's 'TRL' studios in New York City back in 2007.

Vanessa Lachey (L) and Hilary Duff (R) during a visit to MTV's 'TRL' studios in New York City back in 2007. (Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic)

"TRL taught me early on to be myself and to be comfortable with being myself," she said. "[It taught me] to listen when I'm interviewing somebody and to be present while I'm on camera. It was live every day... five days a week and you had to roll with the punches."

The experience allowed her to become a multi-hyphenate media personality and she easily pivots from hosting to acting to working with brands she believes in.

Marty Brennanman 'How We Lookin'?' Film Premieres Monday, Aug. 17 (Nick Lachey Cameo)


And this one belongs to Reds fans!

After 18 months, we can finally see Terry Lukemire's Marty Brennaman documentary, How We Lookin?: The Immortal Words of Marty Brennaman at Amelia's Starlite Drive-In Monday, Aug. 17.

So, how we lookin'?

The three-minute trailer gives us a good indication. It includes Marty's greatest hits from radio (Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb's hit record; Tom Browning's perfect game; Hank Aaron's record-tying home run No. 714) edited together with game video or film.

Brennaman, who retired last year after 46 seasons, comments throughout the film along with Rose, Browning, son Thom Brennaman, Jeff Brantley, Chris Welsh, Jim Day, Reds radio producer Dave "Yiddy" Armbruster, Bronson Arroyo, Reds Hall of Fame Director Rick Walls, entertainer Nick Lachey, retired football coach Urban Meyer and ESPN football analyst Kirk Herbstreit. But no current players.

Also missing from Lukemire's lineup is Hall of Famer Joe Morgan.

Marty Brennaman in the Reds Radio booth on his final Opening Day in 2019.

"I really wanted Joe Morgan. He was my idol growing up, and of course, he is one of Marty’s best friends. Joe wanted to do it, but we just couldn’t make it happen," says Lukemire, who directed and produced the Pete Rose documentary called 4192: The Crowning of the Hit King 10 years ago.

How We Lookin'?, a phrase frequently said by Brennaman during games, appears to be packed with Reds highlights, including monstrous homers by Adam Dunn, Joey Votto and Ken Griffey, Jr. Lukemire punctuates Marty's calls by putting the words, one by one, on the screen: "Swung on. Long drive. Right field. It's gone! And this one belongs to the Reds!"

"I think everybody in my profession," Brennaman says in the film, "lives with the fear that you're going to be a part of something like that, and you may screw it up."

Marty Brennaman in 1974, when hired by the Reds as play-by-play announcer with Joe Nuxhall.

The film also includes Brennaman's immortal words ripping Cubs fans for tossing balls onto the field from the Wrigley bleachers ("This is the kind of thing, quite honestly, right now, that makes you want to see the Chicago Cubs lose"); waxing poetic in a Kroger commercial with longtime radio partner Joe Nuxhall; arguing in the clubhouse with Griffey, Jr. for not hustling ( "I was here before you were here, and I'll be here after you're gone"); and calling NCAA basketball tournament games for CBS. And the movie shows how Brennaman was lookin' after getting his head shaved on the field in 2012 to benefit The Dragonfly Foundation.

After Brennaman announced his retirement plans early last year, Lukemire started a GoFundMe campaign to make the film for Barkingfish Entertainment. Some of the details have changed since then.

Lukemire has ended his partnership with Barkingfish owner Aymie Majerski. He produced the film under his new company, Tachyon 12 Entertainment, as "A Titantic Struggle Pictures" production, another Brennaman phrase.

"Aymie and I had decided to pursue our own separate interests. She was getting more and more involved with Women in Film and wanted to help that grow. As a Cincinnati native, I wanted to continue telling stories about our town that I grew up in," Lukemire says.

Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall, seen here in the Riverfront Stadium radio booth, did Reds games together for 31 years.

Lukemire also told me last year that the "net proceeds of the film" would go to The Dragonfly Foundation and the Reds Community Fund. For now, the proceeds from the premiere will benefit the Reds Community Fund, he says.

"We do plan on continuing to support both of them… once we secure distribution. I can tell you that there is a fantastic segment in the film about Marty and his relationship with Dragonfly. It’s an organization that remains very close to Marty's heart," Lukemire says.

Admission to the premiere party is $75 per car load (six people). Tickets are available at the Starlite Drive-In site.

Marty Brennaman, Joe Morgan and Jeff Brantley broadcast from the stands on Sept. 24, 2019, during Marty's last homestand.

Gates open at 6 p.m., and the Catalina Wine Mixer Band performs at 7 p.m. After the film, Brennanam and Lukemire will talk about the documentary with comedian Josh Sneed, a producer on the film. 

How can Reds fans see the film after Monday's premiere?

"We will be pursuing traditional outlets including broadcast, video on demand, streaming services, etc… I had initially wanted to do some film festivals, but with the need for original content, I don’t want to miss any opportunities to get it picked up," Lukemire says.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary with Touching Instagram Posts


By Nicholas Rice 

The duo wed back in 2011 on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island in the Caribbean

Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa are celebrating nine years of marriage with a pair of heartfelt posts on social media.

The duo, who wed back in 2011, each took to their respective Instagram accounts on Wednesday to commemorate the happy occasion with public declarations of their love.

"Nine years and counting!!" Nick, 46, captioned a shot of him and Vanessa holding one another amidst a beach backdrop. "I feel incredibly lucky to have found my soulmate and ultimate partner in life and love."

He continued: "V, you mean everything to me. No matter what we face, we face it together. Whatever blessing we enjoy, we enjoy it together. With our love and commitment to each other, I know there is nothing we can’t get through.....together. I love you V with all that I am. I always will! Happy Anniversary."

Meanwhile, Vanessa, 39, shared a throwback shot from their nuptials, writing "14 years ago today, you said 'I Love You'. 9 years ago today, we said 'I Do'. Today, I say 'Thank You.'"

She added: "Thank You for this Beautiful Life & Marriage. Thank You for the unconditional Love you give to me and our 3 crazy kids. Thank You for the hard work you put into Us and yourself daily. Thank YOU for keeping all your vows we shared on this day nine years ago. Thank you for it ALL. Happy Anniversary, My Love! I Love You!!! ❤️ #July15

The happy couple previously tied the knot on July 15, 2011 on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island in the Caribbean and now share three children together: sons Phoenix Robert, 3, and Camden John, 7, and daughter Brooklyn Elisabeth, 5.

Speaking to PEOPLE shortly after saying "I do," Nick revealed that when he first saw his bride, it was a moment he would never forget.

"It literally took my breath away," he shared. "It’s a moment you fantasize about, and I was certainly not disappointed."

Drew Lachey to host virtual fundraiser for Camp Joy


CINCINNATI (WKRC) - After winning the second season of Dancing with the Stars, it's undeniable that Drew Lachey has moves. Now he's turning those dance skills toward a good cause. Drew Lachey is hosting the Drew Lachey Dance Party for Camp Joy.