Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Michael Symon’s Use Of Duck Fat Leaves Nick Lachey Totally Confused


In what was surely a pre-taped Rachael Ray Show segment (lest we lose two great minds of our generation in a Nor’eastercane), Ohio natives Michael Symon and Nick Lachey duked it out over the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals this morning. More like Snore-eastercane, ARE WE RIGHT?

But they made nice over how they both root for the Buckeyes as proud Ohioans, and we moved on to game-day tailgating food. Michael Symon brought along a chicken wing recipe to demo, and it became clear throughout the course of the segment that Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson was not necessarily the dumb one in the great Simpson/Lachey coupling of the early 2000s.
“In what?” Nick asked when Michael revealed his frying fat of choice for super tasty wings. “I didn’t know there was such a thing as duck fat. Where do you find duck fat from?”
“A duck, typically,” Michael deadpanned. “No, you find it from a cow. A magic cow.”
Browns: 2, Bengals: 0.
Later, Nick reveals that he can’t pronounce Sriracha.
“It’s okay, just say ‘spicy,’” Michael soothed.
Bengals: -1. Check out the two clips below.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nick Lachey: Camden May Dress as Yoda for Family Star Wars Halloween Costume

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo attend Mohegan Sun's 15th Anniversary Celebration on October 22, 2011.
He's just six weeks old and already Camden John Lachey is ready for his first Halloween. While the infant isn't going to don adorable athletic Halloween gear to root for dad Nick Lachey's beloved sports teams on Oct. 31, he'll have a look that's just as cute: Stars Wars' Yoda.

"We're thinking of a Star Wars theme: I'm going to be Han Solo, Vanessa will be Princess Leia, the baby will be Yoda, and our dog is going to be a Wookiee," proud papa Lachey tells Rachael Ray in a pre-Halloween interview airing Oct. 29. The only character missing from the family's ensemble? Luke Skywalker! "Maybe I'll make [brother] Drew be [that character]," Lachey hints.

Welcoming Camden on Sept. 12, Lachey, 38, tells Ray that he relishes the first-time daddy duties -- and dirty diapers! -- that come along with having a newborn.

"The sleep deprivation and all the stuff that people warn you about, [I was] so ready to do it, because it's your first-born. I'm not scared of that kind of stuff," Lachey tells Ray. "I'm in there changing diapers, and anything I can do to help out be a part of this whole thing, because they don't stay this [age]forever. I want to take every moment and really appreciate it."
Rachael Ray talks with Nick Lachey and Michael Symon during the production of The Rachael Ray Show in New York on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012
Married to wife Vanessa, 31, since July 2011, the former 98 Degrees singer has developed a new appreciation for the Wipeout hostess since she gave birth to Camden.

"Motherhood really suits her," Lachey enthuses of his bride. "The last three weeks [of her pregnancy] she started to get pretty antsy . . . but she was of the sexiest pregnant women I've ever seen. "The whole experience was really good," he adds of pregnancy, "It makes me think we have to do it again!"

98 Degrees *Because of You* Hershey Mixtape Festival 8-18-12

Friday, October 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Drew Lachey & Helio Castroneves – Elimination Interviews

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Dancing With the Stars' backstage: Drew Lachey and Helio Castroneves talk 'disappointing' double elimination




Although Drew and his partner, Anna Trebunskaya received glowing reviews from the judges for their chacha, Monday's (Oct. 8) first dance, they received surprisingly low scores. 

"When we first got our scores, we were like, yes, 24 -- that's great!" Lachey told us after tonight's results show. "Then we saw the scores keep getting higher and higher and higher, and we were like, Really? We're second to the bottom. I take pride in what I do, in being a performer. And to me it's kind of ironic that the two Broadway performers, me and Joey [Fatone], are gone already. It's a little odd to me." 

"I don't feel robbed," he added. "I feel disappointed that it's come to an end. Do I think we're going home too early? Absolutely. I don't think there's anybody in this ballroom that would disagree with that. I think Helio's going home too early as well." 

Helio and his partner, Chelsie Hightower, scored in the middle of the pack with 25.5, but a wardrobe malfunction -- Helio stepped on his partner's dress in the middle of their quickstep -- likely cost them votes. 

"I'm burning my dress!" Chelsie told us with a laugh. "He's taking his suit home and I'm burning my dress." 

"What a best way to finish with the zoot suit -- the pimp suit!" the race-car driver enthused about his dandy duds. "Certainly I don't think ABC is going to see this one back." 

"They won't see this one either," Chelsie added, gesturing to her full-skirted frock, "because it will be in the fire." 

Helio is "disappointed" but he is leaving with a smile. (And a suit.) "Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose," said the cheerful Brazilian. "What a great opportunity to come over here and have fun." 

Always the jokester, he added, "I'm thankful for having an incredible partner to teach me how to dance for free!" 

Nine more celebrities earned another week of free dancing lessons -- and, in the show's newest twist, will be learning a style never performed on "DWTS" before. 

Drew Lachey: I Take Dancing With the Stars Elimination "Personally"

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya
Many Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars fans watching at home and in the ballroom were shocked when Drew Lachey and his pro partner Anna Trebunskaya were booted from the show Tuesday -- but none more than Lachey himself.

"It really sucks! I take pride in being a performer, and to me it's ironic that the two Broadway performers -- me and Joey [Fatone] -- are gone already. It's a little odd to me," Lachey, 36, told Us Weekly after he and Indycar driver Helio Castroneves were sent home during a double elimination episode. "Do I think we're going home too early? Absolutely. I don't think there's anybody in this ballroom who would disagree with that [and] I don't think I'm speaking out of turn by saying that. Helio's going home too early as well."

Though he's surprised by his premature exit, the 98 Degrees alum is leaving the series just as big of a fan as he was when he first competed in 2006 with Cheryl Burke. "We knew what we were getting into when we signed up for it. That's part of why we love this show, the unpredictability!" said Lachey.
"I'm going to miss it. I'll miss the hours of rehearsal," he continued. "It's what we love about the show: You put yourself out there and you expose yourself to a scenario that is unknown."

Castroneves -- who came into DWTS: All-Stars with a mirror ball trophy after winning the show in 2007 -- wasn't as upset at his exit. "In all fairness, it's a show. And it's about voting. If you don't have the scores you have to have the votes," said the racer, who earned only a point-and-a-half better than Lachey -- 25.5/30 -- for his Monday night quickstep with Chelsie Hightower.
"I have no regrets. For me it was a perfect scenario: Incredible people and a great workout, to be honest! I will miss that most!" said Castroneves, 37. "It's special to be part of the All Star champions, it was an honor."

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Looking good, Drew Lachey! Ex-boy bander models men's fashion when he's not 'Dancing With the Stars'


If Drew Lachey was a betting man, he’d put money on Shawn Johnson and partner Derek Hough to take home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy on the current all-star season of Dancing with the Stars.
He would know. Lachey and partner Cheryl Burke won season two of the dancing show and he was such a fan favorite that he was invited back for more fancy footwork — although he and current partner Anna Trebunskaya were booted off this week.
“It’s way up on a shelf because chunks of mirror fall off it all the time,” he says. “So I have to keep it away from my kids. It’s a choking hazard.”

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Right: Cardigan, $128 at jcrew.com. Shirt by Prps Goods & Co, $190 at Bloomingdale's, 1000 3rd Avenue, 212-705-2000. Jeans, $98 at Tommy Hilfiger, 681 Fifth Avenue. 212-223-1824. Shoes, Drew's own. Similar styles at galaxyarmynavy.com.

Now that he’s done dancing, at least on TV, Lachey says he’s heading to the studio with his old 98 Degrees bandmates, including brother Nick, after a 12-year hiatus. The hunky crooner says he hopes the band will go on tour with new material as early as next year.
But will the boy band pack the same heat all these years later
“Yeah, well we’re more an old man band now,” he jokes. “But It’s about making good music that we’re proud of. We’re not going to suddenly start putting out dance tracks.”
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Lachey, who moved his kids and wife from Los Angeles to Cinncinnati, Ohio to escape the LA’s celebrity culture, says while he loved being a part of the ABC dancing competition, he would never allow camera in to his home for a full blown reality show.
“We’ve been approached for the past 8 years and it’s been something that we struggle with,” he says. “Obviously you see people with a lot of success doing the reality shows and to me the rewards don’t outweigh the risks when doing it,” says Lachey, whose older brother Nick famously taped “Newlyweds” for MTV with then wife Jessica Simpson. His marriage ended with a very public divorce.

Drew Lachey's T-shirt, $79 at nicecollective.com. Sweatshirt, $165 at agavedenim.com. Corduroys, $250 at Sandro, 415 Bleecker Street. 646-438-9335. Sneakers, $64 at converse.com
“I’m very protective of my family and don’t want my kids growing up like that,” he said. “We moved to Ohio to try and give them a normal childhood — we’ll keep our private lives private.”
His personal style, just like his attitude, is easy-going, relaxed and charming. Lachey showed up to an NYDN Style fashion shoot in a button-down shirt, jeans, and severly-beat up boots that looked like they’d been through a war.
Turns out, they kind of had. He says the once black combat boots, worn to perfection with just the right amount of weathering and fading, were issued to him by the U.S. Army when he showed up for basic training in 1994 — and served in the armed forces.
“Can you tell my wife you like them?” he asked, when we worked his shoes in to the fashion shoot.
Consider it done.

Nick Lachey Loves Smelling His Newborn Son Camden

Nick Lachey on July 24, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California.

Before the smelly diapers pile up and he grows into a teenager, Nick Lachey is breathing in as much of his son's newborn baby smell as he can!
The first-time dad recently opened up to Parade magazine about how fatherhood is going after welcoming son Camden with wife Vanessa Minnillo, 31, on Sept. 12.

"It's been a roller coaster, but all good," Lachey, 38, said. "It's been incredible to go through for the first time. It's all kind of surreal. Every day is a new surprise or expression. It's a lot of fun. I try to do everything with the baby. I sing to him. I shush him a lot. It's all about spending as much as you can."

Nick Lachey and his son, Camden John Lachey.

And he has taken the advice he received from his brother, Drew Lachey, father of two, to heart.
"My brother said smell the baby a lot. That smell of your newborn baby doesn't last very long but it's something you'll always remember," he explained. "So I find myself sniffing his head and his neck. There is that baby smell that is so special, especially when it's your own baby!"

Lache -- who said he has been working in the studio on a lullaby project "inspired" by his baby boy -- has also been bonding with his son over football.
"Now with Camden, he has his own Bengals onesie and the team is 3-1 with him cheering them," the proud dad gushed. "So in the last month, my tradition has been changing him and getting him ready for football at 10 o'clock. Then we sit together and watch. It's awesome."

Has Uncle Drew Lachey Had To Be On Diaper Duty Yet? [AUDIO]

By Kelly Ballhorn

Well, it’s a busy time for Nick and Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees. Not only are they in the studio working on new music for the first time in 12 years, but Nick’s also on diaper duty with the recent arrival of his baby boy Camden.

Drew on the other hand has already been a dad for a few years, but how is he enjoying being an uncle? He told us: “That kid is one of the most adorable children I have ever seen in my entire life. It’s great because I know Nick and Vanessa are just over the moon happy in love with him. So, to be an uncle is a great feeling and the more Lachey’s we have the better.”

Drew also mentioned that so far he has been able to dodge diaper duty. But, now that his duties on “Dancing with the Stars” are done he is ready to be on call!

Nick Lachey & Camden Visit Mom At Work


GSI_HR_JPEG.COBO_RHEA20101612A_01*EXCLUSIVE* First Candid photos of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's baby boy Camden John Lachey*EXCLUSIVE* First Candid photos of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's baby boy Camden John Lachey*EXCLUSIVE* Nick Lachey and baby Camden visit Vanessa at work*EXCLUSIVE* Nick Lachey and baby Camden visit Vanessa at work*EXCLUSIVE* First Candid photos of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's baby boy Camden John Lachey*EXCLUSIVE* First Candid photos of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo's baby boy Camden John Lachey

Monday, October 15, 2012

Drew Lachey Feels His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Surprise Elimination Was ‘Odd’


drew lachey dwts eliminated
Drew Lachey was booted off Dancing With The Stars this week, shocking fans of the reality dance-off who fully expected contestant Bristol Palin to get the boot back to Wasilla.
Drew Lachey admits that the shock of being eliminated “sucks” and that he was as surprised as all of you Dancing With The Stars fans to see his number come up instead of that of Palin’s on the most recent DWTS elimination round.
Lachey, along with fellow returning champ Helio Castroneves, departed from the competition as numbers of dancing queens on the show decreased. Of his shocking booteration, Lachey says he feels that he and Castroneves were shunted far too early on in the competition and that he thinks that his opinion is a common one:
“I feel disappointed that it came to an end. There are fantastic dancers on the show. Everyone knows it and everyone sees it every week. But, do I think we’re going home too early? Absolutely. I don’t think there’s anybody in this ballroom who would disagree with that.”
Drew Lachey also noted that both he and Joey Fatone were knocked out early, which he thinks is uncool considering their pedigree. He explains:
“It’s kind of ironic that the two Broadway performers, me and Joey, are gone already. It’s a little odd to me.”
But Drew has one big fan pulling for him, bro Nick Lachey. Of Drew’s performance, Mr. Vanessa Minnillo says:
“This is something he’s incredible at, and the chance to do it again as part of an all-star season has been awesome for him. He’s my best friend and my brother, and no matter what it is, I’ll be there for him.”
Do you think Drew Lachey should have made it through on Dancing With The Stars?

Nick Lachey singing the National Anthem at the Reds Game:

I Had a few friends lucky enough to be at this game!! =) One was even in the Dugout. Super excited for them! Enjoy the video!

The Procter & Gamble Company : Tide® Teams Up with Nick Lachey to Encourage NFL Fans to "Show Us Your Colors"


Trusted detergent of the NFL encourages football enthusiasts to declare their passion for their team for the chance to win a trip to Super Bowl XLVII and money for their team's charity

As part of its sponsorship of the NFL, Tide is launching an online photo campaign called "Show Us Your Colors," which will give one lucky fan the chance to win a trip for two to the pinnacle of the football season--Super Bowl XLVII. "Show Us Your Colors" will be a continuation of the brand's season-long celebration of the undying pride and passion that football fans have for their teams, helping them to share just how much their colors mean to them.
Nick Lachey and son Camden in their Cincinnati Bengals gear for Tide's "Show Us Your Colors" campaig ...
Nick Lachey and son Camden in their Cincinnati Bengals gear for Tide's "Show Us Your Colors" campaign (Photo: Business Wire)
The passion NFL fans have for their team's colors, and the meaning behind them, began in October 1920 when the first NFL game was played. More than 90 years later, Tide is celebrating this passion by asking fans to visit Tide.com or the brand's Facebook page to share a photo documenting a time they were most proud to wear their team's colors, such as the first time a newborn wore a jersey of his dad's favorite team or of a family watching their team win a crucial playoff game together. When the sweepstakes ends on November 30th, one entrant will be randomly selected to receive an all expenses paid trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in February.

"NFL fans are so passionate that they are constantly expressing their love for their team, whether it be through their gear, their football Sunday activities, or their social media outlets," said Alex Keith, Vice President P&G Fabric Care, North America. "Tide's 'Show Us Your Colors' gives these devotees a platform to celebrate the most pivotal moment of their life as a fan--the time when their colors meant much more than just colors."

Much like they are on the football field every week, the "Show Us Your Colors" sweepstakes will also elicit friendly competition amongst teams to determine which fans have the most pride for their colors. On the Tide Facebook page, all of the uploaded pictures will be sorted into galleries that will be viewable by team, and fans can check the contest ticker to see how their team is stacking up against the competition. At the end of the sweepstakes, the team whose fans uploaded the most pictures will receive bragging rights and a $15,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

Nick Lachey Shows His Colors
As a super fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and football in general, multi-platinum recording artist and television personality Nick Lachey is teaming up with Tide to participate in the "Show Us Your Colors" photo sweepstakes by expressing his love for his favorite team. On October 11th Nick will share his own NFL fan moment with Tide fans, uploading a special photo of him and his newborn son Camden wearing their Cincinnati Bengals gear. You can visit Tide's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/tide) to get a look at this exclusive photo.
"As a diehard NFL fan, I am thrilled to be a part of Tide's 'Show Us Your Colors' campaign and show how I'm passing along the love of my team to my son," said Nick Lachey. "Football is more than just a game--it's a lifestyle and a game where your team's colors mean everything. I can't wait to work with Tide, the brand that keeps these colors true."

Nick Lachey Shows Off Baby Camden, Explains How He and Vanessa Picked Son's Name

by Natalie Finn and Alicia Quarles

Nick Lachey, Camden

Excuse us while we coo over Camden John Lachey.
While sitting down for an exclusive chat with E! News, proud papa Nick Lachey also offered up this new photo of him and hismonth-old son with wife Vanessa Lachey.
Both big and little Lachey are showing their support for their beloved Cincinnati Bengals, dad in a jersey and Camden in his "lucky onesie."
Even when he's out-grown it, "I'll stuff him in," Lachey joked. The 38-year-old Kentucky-born-but-Ohio-bred singer admitted that he's been known to lose his temper during Bengals games, but he's "not as crazy a fan as [he] used to be." 
"I've scaled it back a bit," he said. "I don't want to create a bad example for my son." 
Meanwhile, the doting dad filled us in on how he and the missus came up with the name Camden.
First off, they knew they wanted a little C.J. Lachey running around the house, so their son's name was definitely going to start with C.
They first thought Colin, but Vanessa "wasn't too keen on that," Lachey recalled. Then, realizing that their regular route to the obstetrician's office took them over Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, they said, "What about Camden?"
"We fell in love with it, we picked it and that's where it came from," he said.
And Lachey is loving fatherhood.
"I didn't come in with any expectations other than it would be incredible," he said. "It's a journey, a new surprise, a new experience, a new expression. It's been great."
Asked if there are plans for more kids in the future, Lachey said he likes being a few years older than brother Drew, so "two to three years" from now sounds good to him.

Nick Lachey at the Airport

SOURCE more pictures at the source!! =)
Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey at the AirportNick Lachey - Nick Lachey at the Airport

Nick Lachey in NYC

SOURCE For more pictures please follow the link! =)

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey in NYCNick Lachey - Nick Lachey in NYC

Nick Lachey, Son Camden Wear Matching Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys


At one-month-old, little Camden John Lachey is well on his way to becoming one of his family's biggest sports fans.
In a new photo proud papa Nick Lachey posted as part of Tide's Show Us Your Colors campaign, the infant dons an adorable Cincinnati Bengals jersey that matches his father's. It was the first time Lachey, 38, and his boy bonded over the Bengals -- a moment new dad considers his "proudest fan moment" -- according to Tide's Facebook page.

Welcoming Camden on September 12 with wife Vanessa, Nick has settled in well to first-time fatherhood. "Officially in cheesy dad mode," the Sing-Off host, confessed via Twitter just days after his baby's arrival. "Camden is easily the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. Vanessa Lachey and I are truly blessed!"

Little Camden has also been a lucky charm for his diehard Cincinnati sports fan dad, who grew up in the Ohio city along with his 98 Degrees alum brother, Drew Lachey.

"Since my little sports fan was born, the Bengals are 2-0, the Reds have a no hitter, and the Bearcats [won] a nail biter against the Hokies," Lachey recently tweeted, referring to his native city's teams.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Drew Lachey Confirms 98 Degrees Reunion Is Going Forward with New Album, Tour

abc Drew Lachey thg 120727 wblog Drew Lachey Confirms 98 Degrees Reunion Is Going Forward with New Album, Tour

Drew Lachey of 98 Degrees, who won season two of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” returned to the show this season for its All-Stars edition, but was voted out this past Tuesday night. But that’s OK — it means he can now turn his attention to the 98 Degrees reunion.
Over the summer, 98 Degrees, including Drew, brother Nick Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre, got together for the first time in years for two performances: one on NBC’s “Today” show, and one at the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pa. They stopped short of announcing any additional plans, but now Drew confirms to ABC News Radio that a full-fledged reunion is on tap.
“We’re gonna start heading back into the studio here in the next month or so making new music,” Drew tells ABC News Radio. “And then, hopefully, in 2013, we are gonna be back out on tour. So…we got some great stuff coming up and I’m looking forward to getting back with those guys and making some new music.”
98 Degrees never actually broke up; they just went on hiatus. Their last album, Revelation, came out in 2000, so fans were psyched to see the foursome at those shows this past August.
“That was fantastic,” says Drew. “It was 11 years since we had performed together last, and to get back together and take that step out there, to say, ‘Alright, we’re doing this. Let’s go for it,’ and to have the fans embrace us like that, was magical.” In fact, the response encouraged them to continue with the reunion plans, as Drew explains.
“When we did that, that was like, ‘Alright, we gotta keep doing this. We can’t let it be another 10 years before we do this again,’” he says.
Now that boy bands are back in fashion thanks to One Direction, it seems like a good time for 98 Degrees to return, but what will the 2013 version of the group sound like? “Well, it’s still gonna be based on the harmony and vocals. I mean, that’s our signature sound. That’s not gonna change,” explains Drew. “The production, obviously, will. You know, pop music is a lot different now than it was then, different sounds, different kind of musical influences.”
But as Drew points out, “When it all is said and done, a great song is a great song whether it was made in the ’50s or whether it’s made 30 years from now. Music is music and it can transcend time.”

Nick Lachey on His New Lullaby Album and Smelling His New Son Camden

Nick Lachey on His New Lullaby Album and Smelling His New Son Camden

Last month, Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa Minnillo Lachey welcomed their son Camden John Lachey into the world. 

The proud papa is soaking up as much quality time as he can with the newborn and recently posted a photo of himself and Camden in matching Cincinnati Bengals gear in support of Tide's Show Us Your Colors football campaign, which asks football fans to share personal moments in their team colors (upload your photo on Tide's Facebook page by Nov. 30 for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl!).

"It's a great way to celebrate our love of the game and family as well," says Lachey. "The chance to start to sharing those moments and traditions with my son is a really good thing." 

He adds with a laugh: "[Camden] is going to have his own thoughts and if he's not a Bengals fan, so be it. But until he can speak and tell me otherwise, he's a Bengals fan by default."

Read on for more from the new dad, including details about the project inspired by his son: 

On new fatherhood. 
"It's been a roller coaster, but all good. It's been incredible to go through for the first time. It's all kind of surreal. Every day is a new surprise or expression. It's a lot of fun. I try to do everything with the baby. I sing to him. I shush him a lot. It's all about spending as much as you can." 

On the best advice he received.
"My brother said smell the baby a lot. That smell of your newborn baby doesn't last very long but it's something you'll always remember. So I find myself sniffing his head and his neck. There is that baby smell that is so special, especially when it's your own baby! Other than that, everybody says get a lot of sleep. The best advice is just love the heck out of your kid and shower them with love. It's a lesson that will last the rest of their lives so it's good to get started now."

Making new football-watching traditions.

"Now with Camden, he has his own Bengals onesie and the team is 3-1 with him cheering them. So in the last month, my tradition has been changing him and getting him ready for football at 10 o'clock. Then we sit together and watch. It's awesome." 

On how fatherhood has affected him professionally.
"I'm actually working on a lullaby project that's inspired by Camden. I'm in the studio now finishing it up so it should be out the beginning of next year. It's some originals I'm writing and some classic ones so it's a mixture."

On his brother Drew's Dancing with the Stars elimination.
"There was no need to lift anyone spirits. You always go into a show like that knowing there is a chance you don't win it. You always have to walk away with your head held high and know you gave your best and he certainly did. I'm very proud of him for what he put into it." 

Monday, October 8, 2012

All-Stars to recreate iconic dance from their 1st time on 'DWTS'


CLEVELAND - Get ready for some juicy déjà vu on week three of “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars,” and the stars will really have to kick up their efforts because two will be going home.
This week the returning celebrities must recreate an iconic dance that they did from their first go-around on the show.
Singer Drew Lachey and Anna are working on freshening up his cha cha from season two, when he and Cheryl did a charged cha cha to “She Bangs.”
Drew tweeted, “Alright people, @ atrebunskaya and I are dancing 1st tomorrow so don't be late. We're starting week 3 with a BANG! Vote, vote, vote # dwts .”
Actor Gilles Marini and Peta will tackle his tango from season eight, when he and Cheryl gave an amazingly intricate performance.
Gilles tweeted, “Tomorrow We dance 2nd. Our dance's real hard and I want to make it wonderful for u all, your votes r gonna be crucial.”
Olympian Shawn Johnson and Derek will recreate her foxtrot from season eight. At the time, Shawn and Mark did a sweet dance to “More Than This” by 10,000 Maniacs.
Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina are working on his foxtrot from season four, when he and Julianne gave a suave performance to Dinah Shore’s “Steppin’ Out with My Baby.”
Apolo tweeted, “More bounce. To the ounce. Foxtrot is ready....def a side most have never seen. Hope you all love it!!!”
Reality star Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are working on the suggestive paso doble they did in season eleven to “Gimme More” by Britney Spears.
Kirstie Alley and Maks will be recreating their flirty cha cha from season twelve to Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You.”
Kirstie tweeted, “going to bed at 8.... need all the sleep and energy I can get..tomorrow is a very long day..we dance 6th...sweet dreams...;).. XXO.”
Singer Sabrina Bryan and Louis will recreate her paso doble from season five, when she and Mark gave a frenetic performance to “You Spin Me Round” by Dead Or Alive.
Sabrina tweeted, “This Paso might just kill me!! Lol @ LouisVanAmstel did his work...can't wait to show it!”
NFL retiree Emmitt Smith and Cheryl will recreate their impressive paso doble from season three.
Emmitt tweeted, “No pain, no gain! RT @ CherylBurke : Paso is coming along!! Go get'em E!! Sorry if u can't walk tomorrow.... # DWTS # TeamEmmitt .”
Racecar driver Helio Castroneves and Chelsie will redo his quickstep from season five. His colorful dance to “Hey Pachuco” with Julianne Hough was made all the more memorable thanks to his yellow zoot suit.
TV host Melissa Rycroft and Tony will perfect the fun samba they did season eight to “Jaleo” by Ricky Martin.
Melissa tweeted, “Here we go! Time for stage rehearsal! I'm excited to try this Samba in the ballroom!”
Actress Kelly Monaco and Val will go all the way back to season one to recreate her paso doble. She and Alec gave a sensual performance to “Bamboleo.”
Last week, singer Joey Fatone was eliminated. This week, a double elimination will be held on Tuesday night.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nicks getting Food Again =)

SOURCE There are more of the same photos there

Once again they catch him out getting food!! lol =)

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey in LA
Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey in LA

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Drew Lachey Dancing with the All Stars Week 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nick Lachey Picks Up Food

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Picks Up Food Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Picks Up Food

'Dancing with the Stars' Rehearsal

Drew Lachey - 'Dancing with the Stars' Rehearsal

DWTS Week 2 Photos

News Photo: Episode 1502A The Dancing with the Stars All…
News Photo: Episode 1502A The Dancing with the Stars All…News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…
News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…
News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…
News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…
News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…
News Photo: Episode 1502 Mondays performance show showcased the remaining…