Monday, March 29, 2010

Keeping The Dream Alive.. Please Sign For Jeff

This is for the fans of Jeff Timmons who have grown to love him,and some who have had the pleasure of meeting him,we really love your new album,and we hope that you will continue traveling to see us and keep bringing smiles to our faces :))

Go HERE to sigh thanks.. And pass on the word!

98 Degrees interview on Select UK

WoW talk about a Blast from the Past!! I have the on VHS but its super Grainy!! Enjoy...

Jeff Bubble Tweet 3/24/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 3/12/2010 *Happy Friday Homies*

Jeff Bubble Tweet 3/7/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 3/1/2010 *Join the Network*

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/1/2010 *Per Your Request*

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/25/2010 MUAH, BESOS, KISSES!

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/21/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/18/2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/14/2010 Valentines Day

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/13/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 2/4/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet 1/30/2010

Jeff Bubble Tweet *YO* 1/27/2010

Jeff on Fox 5 News *My Atlanta*


Jeff Timmons was a founding member of the multi-platinum selling group 98 Degrees and hasn't slowed down at all since they broke up. He's been writing and producing music for himself and others like Jordan Knight.

He is in town for a show this weekend and is giving away his new CD - Emotional High

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jeff Timmons FAMOUS IN 15 message to contestants

VRE7.COM 98 Degrees founding member Jeff Timmons pays a visit to VRE7 to give a special message to the contestants of Cycle 2 in search for promotional models and a host for our next episode

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nick Lachey’s Last Word Outtakes


March 20th, 2010 7:00 pm / Author: Valerie Nome

nick.lachey.jpgNick Lachey bravely took OK!’s Last Word interview in front of Vanessa Minnillo during a Share The Love With Nivea event held in NYC.

When Nick, 36, was asked about the last time he lied, Ms. Minnillo offered to walk away – and he said “yes!” Get all the drama that you won’t see in the Kendra issue on newsstands now.

Last time you went home to Ohio?
The last time I went home to Ohio was for the Bengals playoff game against the New York Jets. The ill-fated playoff game, so that was the last time I was in Cincinnati. I was there for the game. I have season tickets to the Bengals, and obviously it was the biggest game of the year by far, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. We were there cheering for the Bengals.

Last time you felt starstruck?
Ooh. The last time I felt starstruck was when I played in our celebrity golf tournament in a foursome with Jerry Rice, who, congratulations to him, was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He’s one heckuva a golfer too. I’d say playing 18 holes with Jerry Rice is probably the last time I was starstruck.

Last time you watched a sports game?
The last time I watched a sports game was when I watched the Super Bowl, so that was an easy one. My team was not in the game, but I was definitely pulling for the Saints. It was nice to see them win.

Last time you saw your brother Drew?
Watching the Super Bowl

Last time you took a vacation?
Gosh. My birthday. We take a trip every year on our birthday. We both have the same birthday, so we kind of celebrate that by taking a trip. We relaxed. We went to an island to be determined or named later.

Last time you checked Facebook or Twitter?
I’m not really an avid Twitterer or Tweeter, and I don’t have a Facebook page. I’m not a very good new media person. I should get better.

Last time you were caught in a snowstorm?
I’d say the last time you were caught in a snowstorm was Cincinnati at Christmas.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nick Lachey *Without You*

Get It Here

Monday, March 15, 2010

Nick & Justin pics from a Better LA


Justin Finally makes an appearence!! Enjoy

Matt Leinert Nick Lachey by ABetterLA.Nick Lachey by ABetterLA.

Jimmie Johnson brought celeb friends to Victory Lane


Nick Loves the Lubies

Thanks Shane @ Nick Fanatic for finding this


Zamil Idris - HOT Happenings (TV2): Jeff Timmons in Planet Hollywood, Kuala Lumpur

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees is coming to The Baub Show!

Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees is coming to The Baub Show! by  TheBaubShow.

Stars Send Outpouring of Affection to Marie Osmond

While at an event to stamp out hunger, stars such as Nick Lachey, Marcia Cross, and Debi Mazar sent their condolences to Marie Osmond and her family upon finding out about the tragic death of her teenage son Michael.

"Desperate Housewive"'s Marcia Cross, who holds a masters degree in psychology, said, "What's so devastating about that is, first of all, death is irrevocable, and you think, 'Oh my God, did they have medication? Was there something that could have been done?'...It's heartbreaking."

Actress Debi Mazar got to know the Osmond family while competing against Donny Osmond for the mirror ball trophy on "Dancing with the Stars." She knows many people who have suffered from depression, the condition Marie's son fell victim to, and said, "It's quite tragic. They're a very private family."

On Sunday night, Vanity Fair kicked off Campaign Hollywood, a week-long series of events leading up to their big Oscar Night Party, with a fundraiser benefiting The FEED Foundation and The Hungry in America Project. The "Entourage" star was present to speak about the solemn issue of hunger in America. As a child, she was afflicted by the topic, revealing to ET that "I was on food stamps when I was a kid...It made me more resourceful."

A documentary on the subject of hunger titled 'Hungry in America' is slated to be released in early 2011. "The Insider"'s Samantha Harris explained, "Sort of what 'The Inconvenient Truth' did as a film to bring awareness about the global warming crisis, the 'Hungry in America' film…will hopefully do to raise awareness about the hunger problem in America."

Nick & Vanessa take a big step in relationship


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have taken a big step in their relationship: Adopting a dog together! At a party in Los Angeles honoring the new documentary Hungry in America Sunday night, Lachey told PEOPLE that he and his girlfriend adopted the pup earlier that day. “Now that I say it on record I’m going to have to keep him,” he joked.

The 1-year-old Siberian husky, named Kona, was on display at a roadside adoption event in Los Angeles. “I was driving down Ventura and we saw rescue dogs on the side of the road,” he explained. “Vanessa was with me — I don’t make those kind of decisions alone anymore — but since I grew up with a husky, I couldn’t resist.”

Calling huskies “independent” and “stubborn by nature,” Lachey said they’re harder dogs to train “because they can be aloof. They need a lot of exercise, but once you let them know that you’re the alpha male, they’re very loyal, great dogs.” The American Kennel Club calls the breed friendly, alert and intelligent, making the dogs “agreeable companions” for any family.


Jeff Concert Info


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vanity Fair Hosts The FEED Foundation/Hungry In America Project Benefit - Arrivals


Singer Nick Lachey arrives at the FEED Foundation/Hungry In America project benefit hosted by Vanity Fair in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 held at Craft Los Angeles on February 28, 2010 in Century City, California.

Nick Lachey at Craft Los Angeles for a Vanity  Fair pre-Oscars party. Many party goers leaving the event were carrying  FEED USA charity bags and wearing End Hunger 2015 buttons (badges) as  they left the event.
Nick Lachey at Craft Los Angeles for a Vanity  Fair pre-Oscars party. Many party goers leaving the event were carrying  FEED USA charity bags and wearing End Hunger 2015 buttons (badges) as  they left the event.

VIP Pasta Cocktail For The Roselyn Sanchez Triathlon For Life Drew & Nick


The Great Race Drew & Nick




There has always been a link between celebrities and charitable causes, and earlier today (March 7) some of young Hollywood’s hottest stars were in San Juan, Puerto Rico for a very special cause.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were among the big names participating in the first annual Triathlon For Life, to benefit San Jorge Children’s Foundation.

Also breaking a sweat for the kids was super-hunky “Twilight” stud Kellan Lutz, who looked to be in good spirits as he smiled for the paparazzi.

Meanwhile, “90210” babe AnnaLynne McCord and “Without a Trace” hottie Roselyn Sanchez provided plenty of eye candy for the event.

Celebrity Gossip

Enjoy the pictures of the stars out for the first annual Triathlon for Life (March 7).

Be OUR Valentine TheScottandJamiaShow

What is the best Valentine's Day gift? How about time with the founder of 98 degrees, Jeff Timmons! Join Scott and Jamia as they ask Jeff Timmons your questions live. ADD @scottandjamia on twitter and send all your questions via DM by 2/11/10-6pm eastern time. You DO NOT want to miss this show! The temperature is starting to rise!