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Thanks go's out to Amy at the Inmypajamas Radio show for making this video. A few of us got to help out by calling in...I was glad to be a part of this!

Jeff if you happen to slip by here & read this I hope you have an AMAZING Birthday!!!! Much love 2 you from all of us here at Still Lovin 98 Degrees. Thank you for being you!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Former 98 Degrees star ignites BLC theater


Singer and Dancing with the Stars champion Drew Lachey signs an autograph for a fan after his lecture, 98 Degrees and Rising, Tuesday night in the BLC.

Singer and Dancing with the Stars champion Drew Lachey signs an autograph for a fan after his lecture, 98 Degrees and Rising, Tuesday night in the BLC.

By Kaitlin MacRae

Was it hot in the BLC Tuesday night or was it just Drew Lachey?

The former 98 Degrees singer and Dancing with the Stars champion heated up the Bart Luedeke Center Theater on Tuesday night, where he discussed his career and inspired the star-struck listeners to follow their dreams in his lecture, 98 Degrees and Rising.

“I am the younger, better-looking Lachey brother,” he joked early on. “[And] yes, I look taller on TV.”

Lachey, a native of Cincinnati, attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts, now featured on the MTV show, Taking the Stage. There he became a vocal and instrumental music and drama major.

“Growing up, performing is what I did,” he said. “At this school, you were cool if you got the lead in the musical. It was like a nerd’s paradise.”

However, his childhood dream was not to perform; rather, it was to serve his community.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to do,” he said. “I was going to do emergency search and rescue.”

That dream eventually led him to the Army, an experience that helped him to mature. While in the Army, he became a combat medic.

“For me, it was the first time that I really felt empowered,” Lachey said. “Going through school, I was a little bit of a screw up. When I joined the Army I was a good soldier.”

After the Army, he continued to pursue a career in emergency search and rescue. He attended medic school in Texas and became a nationally registered EMT, but he gave up a job opportunity to move to New York with his future wife. While living there, he became an EMT at a young age.

However, his first call ended in tragedy rather than triumph.

“The lady died on my stretcher,” Lachey said. “Humbling. I was 18 years old, I thought I was invincible and [this woman] died in my hands.”

Although he stuck with the career after that, Lachey soon received a phone call that would ultimately change his life. His brother, Nick, who had moved to L.A. to pursue a singing career, asked Drew if he’d be interested in joining his band.

Torn about which path to take, Lachey sought advice from his father, who advised him to take the chance while he had it. He then moved to L.A., where he became a member of 98 Degrees, along with his brother, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons.

After signing to Motown Records in 1996, the group’s first single, “Invisible Man,” dropped at No. 10 on the music charts, a hit for a boy band, he said. Soon after, though, 98 Degrees experienced several blows to its flourishing career.

“We didn’t know if our career was going to move forward,” Lachey said.

But it did, big time. 98 Degrees returned with the single, “The Hardest Thing,” a recording the band initially hated and put on its CD, 98 Degrees and Rising, as a last resort. Little did they know it would become a sensation.

As popular music began to change, 98 Degrees “embarked on [its] last tour” in September 2001. On Sept. 11, the world stopped, and so did 98 Degrees.

After watching the World Trade Center collapse from Newark Airport that day, Lachey contemplated re-enlisting in the Army. Instead, he decided to move back to L.A. to become an actor. He didn’t work for over two years.

“People don’t want Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees,” he said. “They want somebody with no name, no baggage. I didn’t know what direction my life was going to take.”

During that time, Lachey and his former road manager formed a management company that included Nick Lachey as a client. While managing his brother, Lachey received a phone call from producer Deena Katz. Then came Dancing with the Stars.

“[Dancing with the Stars] allowed me the opportunity to show the world what I was made of,” he said. “It allowed me to do corporate events [and] to do hosting. It opened this whole world for me where I get to be myself. I’m not trying to be anybody other than who I am.”

Part of Lachey’s new world included roles in Broadway’s Rent and Spamalot.

While he would love to continue acting on Broadway, his current undertakings involve producing three shows and being a father to his daughter, who he says is his greatest accomplishment.

Lachey’s overall message? Have an open mind. Live life with no regrets.

“Now is your time to take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities that life has,” he urged the audience. “You never know which one is going to be your 98 Degrees, your ‘Hardest Thing,’ your Dancing With the Stars. Those are the decisions that are going to change the course of your life. You never want to look back and say ‘what if?’”

was it just Drew Lachey?

More Antique Nick & Vanessa


VINTAGE STYLE Nick & Vanessa


VINTAGE STYLE photo | Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo
Are they antique collectors? A color-coordinated Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey show their good taste Wednesday at an opening night party for the Los Angeles Antiques Show at Santa Monica's Barker Hangar. The event benefited the nonprofit arts education organization P.S. Arts.

Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo Show Up At The P.S. Art



So much for those break-up rumours!

After endless reports detailing a split, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo put on a very public and colour-coordinated show of unity as they showed up arm-in-arm at the Opening Night Preview of the 14th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show in Santa Monica on Wednesday night (April 22).

Though they were all smiles last night, speculation has been running high that the couple is on the outs. One source was recently quoted as saying: “They argue all the time, and Nick is done with her. He feels like she’s holding him back, career-wise. The relationship has been over for a while, but he’s too nice a guy to end things completely.”

Then, just yesterday, the New York Post reported that Vanessa was getting way too close to with 90210 actor Matt Lanter. While partying at SLS hotel in L.A. recently, “she sat on Matt’s lap and really close to him for two hours at the party. He looks like a younger version of Nick.”

Hmm….could the united front be just that — a front?


Nick and Vanessa: Antique Outing



Doing their best to present a united front, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo were spotted looking cozy at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Antiques Show Opening Night Preview Party at the Barker Hanger last night (April 22).

The “What’s Left of Me” singer and his “Disaster Movie” gal smiled pretty for the cameras as they sauntered down the red carpet arm-in-arm.

In related news, it seems that Lachey and Minnillo’s relational strife may be the result of infidelity, as it has been reported that Vanessa was caught cheating.

According to a Perez Hilton source, Miss Minnillo was spotted canoodling with “90210” stud Matt Lanter recently. If that’s the case, then Nick sure knows how to pick ‘em!

Vanessa Minnillo with Nick LacheyVanessa Minnillo with Nick LacheyVanessa Minnillo with Nick LacheyVanessa Minnillo with Nick Lachey

Celebrity-Golf-Classic Matt & Nick

matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-01 matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-05 matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-15 matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-16 matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-19 matt-leinart-celebrity-golf-classic-phoenix-2009-23 img_2449 img_2522

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nick Lachey Interview For OTH Podcast Was AWESOME


interviewed Nick Lachey today for the April 28 One Tree Hill Podcast.

What a great guy. We just chatted about his stint on One Tree Hill, his new album and other projects he is involved in. He was so nice and so cool. How cool was he? Well, he agreed to record a bumper for me for my podcast. You know the bumpers right? Where people say this is whomever and you are listening to the One Tree Hill Podcast. Well, some lucky ones get to do something different - like Lindsay Wolfington. You know hers "You are Listening to THE Denise Gideon. And if you aren't on the One Tree Hill Podcast, then you aren't in." LOL

Well, Nick did a great one as well. Are you ready? He said:

"Hey everybody, this is Nick Lachey. I am on the One Tree Hill Podcast. Why aren't you?" Isn't that amazing?

I loved it.

Well, keep an ear out for Nick after he appears on One Tree Hill April 27. I can't wait for you guys to hear it.

OTH - Mark Schwahn Episode Preview 6.21

Nick's New Single

New Single All IN My Head is available on itunes and Amazon for downloading!
It's #46

Jeff Timmons Radio Interview!


Nick & Drew Lachey

A scene with Nick and Drew Lachey During Nick MTV special back in 2006

OTH 6.21 Sneak Peak #1 ~ Peyton/Mia "A Kiss To Build A Dream On"

X17 Xclusive - Nick Lachey Lunches At Casa Vega With CaCee Cobb, Goes To Salon

Video can be found HERE

X17 Xclusive - April 16th, 2009: Nick Lachey was spotted at Casa Vega dining with CaCee Cobb. We asked how things were going with Vanessa as he left, but he gave no comment. Later, we got Xclusive coverage of him entering Je Jeune Salon.

Go HERE to see the photos

Nick Lachey and 98 degrees fans wanted for film


FANumentary, an independent film, is looking for Nick Lachey and/or 98 degrees fans who would be interested in sharing their stories on camera. We want to hear all about your fandom- the best and worst parts of it.

If you live in the tri-state area and are interested in taking part in this film, please contact us at

For more information, please check or our youtube page

We are looking for all kinds of stories, please don't hesitate to contact us!

X17 Xclusive - Nick Lachey And Vanessa Minnillo At Stanley's Restaurant And Bar

Video can be found HERE

50 pictures can be found HERE

Nick & Matt having a Cold Stone Tasteoff

Cant post the video...Go HERE to watch

Another Vieo can be found HERE as well on Facebook

Matt Leinart Foundation for Kids *Nick*


Cardinals quarterback and past Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart put on a charity golf tournament for his foundation this past weekend (April 18, 2009) at the Raven Golf Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. The Matt Leinart Foundation is committed to granting resources and opportunities to support disadvantage youth through learning centers, sports activities and granting wishes: to build character development, and help each child maximize academic and personal achievement.

Vivid Racing sponsored the 3rd hole in a shotgun style tournament featuring celebrities such as Nick Lachey, Alice Cooper, Donovan McNab and a slew of other athletes. We setup our booth showcasing some of the highend wheels from HRE. In addition, Playboy girl and model Alex Hayes helped us pass out goodie bags and serve up drinks and cigars to the participants. At the end of the day, money went to a good cause, and we got to meet some great people!



'One Tree Hill' 6.21 Preview: Nick Lachey Guest Stars

April 21, 2009 03:59:58 GMT
In 'A Kiss to Build a Dream On', Nick Lachey meets Mia in a recording booth and he pays a surprise visit to Haley.

'One Tree Hill' 6.21 Preview: Nick Lachey Guest Stars
See larger image
The episode of "" where guest stars as himself will be aired next week, April 27. Nathan questions his dreams of playing in the NBA while Haley receives an unexpected offer from Nick Lachey. Words are, Nick will find Brooke interesting and that leads to him not getting along with Julian.

Also in "A Kiss to Build a Dream On", Brooke discovers something that could change Sam's life. Jamie and Skills mend their broken hearts at Jamie's first school dance. Meanwhile, Lucas and Peyton have a road trip to remember.

In a scoop by E!, it was said that a record label wants to by one of Haley's songs that she wrote for Nick's new album but she is hesitant to sell any of her music so he appears. Initially, Nick was scheduled to appear in one episode only but creator Mark Schwahn wanted him as part of an arch story.

Pic of Drew at the Pimple Blocker



Minnillo denies 'new man' rumours

WoW Nick or Matt...either way there both HOT!! lol. Not saying any of this is true by any means, remember that. Just passing it along..Kinda interesting thou that Matt has surfaced on 90210 & is getting alot of exposure as the Bad Boy that this would surface.. Gotta love press

Rumours of a split between Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo refuse to go away - the TV beauty has been forced to deny she is romancing her Disaster Movie co-star Matt Lanter.

Lachey - who split from Jessica Simpson in 2006 after four years of marriage - has been dating TV presenter/actress Minnillo since 2007.

The romance was rumoured to be in trouble last week and a representative for Lachey came forward to deny the pair had broken up.

But speculation about a possible split has been been reignited following reports that Minnillo spent an evening in Los Angeles with 90210 actor Lanter.

New York Post gossip column PageSix also alleges the duo were getting cosy at a local nightspot.

However, a representative for Minnillo has blasted the claims, insisting the pair is friends because "they made a film together."

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Tonights the Night!!!!

Sorry guys this place needs some SERIOUS updates!!
I finally went back to work after being laid off all winter. So there going to be farther apart now but I promise if I get behind there will be alot all at once...
Plus i spent Saturday in one of my most fave places in the whole damn world to finally meet an Abercrombie Model & some online friends in realtime...It was alot of fun..
So I have been a little busy,..


Don't forget, Tonights the night that One Tree Hill fires up its last 5 epis of the season...That promises to be Damn Good & Nick Lachey is on at least 2 of the epis!! So its gonna be great!! Dont forget!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live In The Vineyard's Photos - Main Event - Nick Lachey

Follow the SOURCE for more pictures!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nick Lachey grabs some take out from Joans on Third in West Hollywood

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Nick Lachey Visits One Tree Hill Podcast


In the continuing effort to bring original programming and interviews listeners want to hear, the One Tree Hill Podcast is proud to announce to amazing guests to its lineup; The Fray (April 13) and Nick Lachey (April 28).

Multi-platinum recording artists The Fray have had their songs “You Found Me” and “Never Say Never” appear on episodes of One Tree Hill this season, and now they are coming to the One Tree Hill Podcast. The band recently released its self-titled sophomore album and is also gearing up for a summer tour with Jack’s Mannequin, who was a recent guest on the One Tree Hill Podcast. The interview will begin airing April 13 during the final hiatus week for One Tree Hill.

The hits keep coming for the One Tree Hill Podcast when Nick Lachey stops by on April 28. Lachey will make a guest appearance on One Tree Hill on April 27 and will also have his song “All in My Head” appear in the episode.

Listen to the One Tree Hill Podcast by visiting or on iTunes under Audio Podcasts/FarPoint Media.

Jeff Live on Air

Jeff Timmons will be at an internet radio program entitled IN MY PAJAMAS SHOW.

When: Thursday, May 21 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Nick Shops at home depot

Follow the source 4 more pics of Nick

denim singer usc hat 98 degrees shopping home depot

Yup, the title says it all! Is Nick Lachey still a hottie? I guess so - not as much since his Jessica Simpson/Newlyweds days, but still sexy nonetheless!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pimple Blocker Battle Drew

drew_lachey_05 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
geo-drew_01 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
geo-drew_03 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
geo-drew_04 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
drew_lachey_01 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
drew_lachey_04 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
drew_lachey_05 by PimpleBlockerBattle.

The Clearasil “Pimple Blockers” Keep Times Square Alive Following The Death Of MTV’s TRL


[Dancers perform at Clearasil's Ultimate Dance Competition at the Hard Rock Caf‚ in Times Square on April 7, 2009 in New York City. Getty] This actually happened in Times Square yesterday. The “Pimple Blocker Battle” brought out stars like Alyson Stoner, Michelle Trachtenberg, George Hubela, and Drew Lachey for Clearasil’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Just when I assumed Times Square was “over” with the death of MTV’s TRL, leave it the the teenie boppers at Clearasil to keep the energy alive! Wow. More photos below….

Alyson Stoner, Michelle Trachtenberg

Alyson Stoner, George “Geo” Hubela and Drew Lachey

New One Tree Hill Spoiler Stills from Episode 6.21 A Kiss to Build a Dream On Updated April 8, 2009

Ok I know Nick is in this video. But I am not a HUGE fan of Spoilers esp. when it comes to this show. LoL..I like to be suprized for some reason, odd habit don't ask...

But if you wanna see some stills of Nick feel free to watch. Me? I have two more weeks to go! Grrr...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drew poses as a Clearasil Judge


Alyson Stoner is Clearasil Cute
Drew Lachey by PimpleBlockerBattle.
Judges - 4 by PimpleBlockerBattle.
GEO, Alyson Stoner, Drew Lachey - 2 by PimpleBlockerBattle.

Nick appeared on Cincinnati's 700 WLWT