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Boy band 98 Degrees revives its popular holiday album and mixes in new hits in Borgata show

By Alan Sculley

98 Degrees

Don’t expect a bunch of lasers, explosions or other high-tech special effects in the 98 Degrees holiday show, coming to Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 25. That’s the word from singer Drew Lachey.
“With this one being a holiday tour, it’s more of an intimate setting,” Lachey says. “In the past, we’ve done amphitheaters or arenas and things like that. Now we’re doing more theaters, which lends itself better to the kind of show we’re trying to build. So you’ll hear some of our hits people would expect to hear at a 98 Degrees show, but a lot of it is based on our new Christmas album (‘Let It Snow’) and our first Christmas album.”
Timing played into the decision to do a Christmas album for 2017. It’s the 20th anniversary of the first 98 Degrees album, a self-titled effort, and Lachey said the group wanted to do something to mark the milestone. But writing and recording a studio album of new material in time to do a tour this year would have been difficult. So a long-awaited follow-up to the group’s 1999 album “This Christmas” emerged as a viable option.
“For us, the Christmas album that we did, I think it was 18 years ago, we are extremely proud of that as a whole, musically and just production-wise, content-wise, tone, and it was very well-received,” Lachey says. “So we thought, let’s build on that.”
“Let It Snow” is a timeless sounding Christmas album, sticking mainly to the kind of orchestral-flecked arrangements of “Mary, Did You Know,” “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” that are common to Christmas albums. But some elements help “Let It Snow” stand out from many other holiday releases. For one, the group covers a few songs that rarely pop up on such albums, including the Beach Boys’ “Little St. Nick” and Joni Mitchell’s “River.”
The group also makes the bold move of doing “Let It Snow” and “The First Noel” a cappella, a setting that really allows the foursome’s vocal talents and sophisticated harmonies to shine. These performances are highlights of the album for Lachey.
“I think the a cappellas really, really stand out on this one,” he says. “I think with the vocal arrangements in general, the four of us are stronger as performers and singers now, so we’re able to get together and get really good, powerful harmonies going.”
In Lachey’s case, he points to several projects he did between 98 Degrees activities that helped him develop as a performer. Initially marketed as a teen pop act, the foursome of Lachey, his brother, Nick Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons did very well in their first stint together. After notching a gold album with a self-titled debut, the 1998 second album, “98 Degrees and Rising,” topped 4 million copies sold, while the 2000 album, “Revelation,” was a double-platinum hit.
Then in 2001, the group went on a hiatus that lasted more than a decade, before the foursome reunited in 2012 and returned to action with the 2013 album “2.0.”
Each of the group members took on their own projects during the hiatus, with the Lachey brothers getting considerable attention for their ventures.
Nick Lachey released a pair of solo albums (2003’s “SoulO” and 2006’s “What’s Left of Me”), but his biggest impact came when he and former wife Jessica Simpson starred in the popular MTV reality television series “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.” Nick Lachey later went on to host the a cappella singing competition show “The Sing Off” during its run from 2009 until 2014.
Drew Lachey, meanwhile, saw his profile grow considerably in 2006 when he won the second season of “Dancing with the Stars” with partner Cheryl Burke.
In between his season on “Dancing with the Stars,” Drew Lachey landed parts in two notable Broadway musicals — “Rent” in 2005 and “Monty Python’s Spamalot” in 2008.
While he feels “Dancing with the Stars” was a fantastic experience — so much so that he talked brother Nick to compete on the reality show this season – doing the Broadway shows remain a high point for Lachey, who performed in plays when he attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in his home town of Cincinnati during his high school years.
“When I got the opportunity to start auditioning for shows, I was terrified. I’m not going to try and lie about that, because I have so much respect for Broadway performers,” Lachey says. “I was like ‘Oh, I’m in over my head. There’s no way I can compete with these people.’ And then I started getting call backs and booking shows. And next thing you know, I’m working with these people I had admired for so long and growing as an actor, as a performer. Some of my greatest artistic relationships and friendships have come from people I did Broadway with. So it really is the (accomplishment) I’m most proud of in my life, (the work) I’ve done on Broadway.”

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Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' Event at Sportie LA


Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' Event at Sportie LA
Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' Event at Sportie LA
Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' Event at Sportie LA
Disney Pixar's 'Cars 3' Event at Sportie LA

Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes World Premiere Celebrity Red Carpet Event


Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes World Premiere Celebrity Red Carpet Event
Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes World Premiere Celebrity Red Carpet Event
Marvel Universe LIVE! Age of Heroes World Premiere Celebrity Red Carpet Event

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The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration Pics


THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY: MAGICAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION – Julianne Hough and Nick Lachey pose with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom Park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, while hosting “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration,” an exciting two-hour ABC special from Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California. (ABC/Mark Ashman)

Keepin’ It Chill With 98°


 Jennifer Fauci

The band will perform their new Christmas album at Westbury

In the era that blessed the world with the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, O-Town, LFO and even NKOTB (New Kids on the Block), the signature R&B four-part harmonies of 98° elevated the ’90s group to the elite boy band club. Along with brothers Nick and Drew Lachey and Justin Jeffre, member Jeff Timmons shared his excitement about the band’s new Christmas album, Let It Snow, which was recorded over the summer. Just in time for Christmas, 98° is set to perform their seasonal hits on Nov. 26, at their upcoming show in Westbury, part of the “At Christmas Tour.” And these Ohio boys are more than happy to get into the holiday spirit on Long Island.
“One of the luxuries is that our fans are still fans. It’s surprising to us after all the years and careers in the entertainment industry, still having fans that want to talk to us,” said Timmons on the popularity of the band that has spanned two decades. “The fact that we made an impact, we’re so lucky and happy to perform and fortunate enough to be doing it 20 years later.
The group recorded Let It Snow, a follow up to their previous holiday album, This Christmas, which sold more than 1 million copies. Now available in stores and online, the album includes songs like “Mary Did You Know?,” “What Christmas Means To Me,” “Silent Night,” “Let It Snow,” “The First Noel” and “Please Come Home For Christmas” along with eight other tracks.
“We wanted it [the album] to be similar to our first Christmas album, and holiday records are timeless…it’s one of the things were proud of,” said Timmons. “Everyone seems to enjoy it so we feel very fortunate about it. We’ve all gone in different directions and we’ve grown musically but the one project we’re most proud of is the Christmas album.”
Timmons and his bandmates make the return to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury one year after their appearance in the 2016 My2K Tour with O-Town, Dream and Ryan Cabrera. They have a particular fondness for Long Island, as that is where 98° received their first taste of fame.
“We’re all Ohio guys from small towns and one of the first things we did when we started coming up, we we’re trying to get recognized so we went to the Roosevelt Field Mall,” said Timmons. “There were so many women that were fawning over us and that was really when it first hit us.”
Of the venue, which is more intimate and in the round, a switch from the other locations they have performed at, the band loves Long Island and always finds a way to get back to Westbury for their huge New York fan base.
“It’s going to be a great show as usual, especially with our amazing, immaculate and cool dance moves,” said Timmons with a laugh. “We’ve met great people there, especially the fans.”
Known for their ballads and slow songs, 98° always comes out with a bunch of energy and good fun, transporting fans back to the ’90s. The upcoming holiday show will feature classics and originals and for someone who has been living the holidays since July, Timmons can’t wait for Christmas.
“I’m excited to wear my Santa costume around the house and spend time with family in New York,” he said. “All of that nostalgia that goes with 98° and my career, it will be cool to celebrate it there.”

SoJO Interviews 98 Degrees About New Christmas Album

Nick, Drew, Jeff, and Justin of 98 Degrees called in to chat about choosing songs for their new Christmas album Let It Snow, their holiday concert tour, and their favorite Christmas traditions.

98 Degrees New Christmas Album! - Connect Tv

We connect with 98 Degrees and they tell us about their very first Christmas Album!
For more interviews, check out

98 Degrees Performs 'Let It Snow' + Talks Touring, Holidays & More! KOST

98 Degrees Performs 'Let It Snow' + Talks Touring, Holidays & More!

Get in the Holiday Spirit with 98 Degrees New Album "Let It Snow" KTLA

Catch “98 Degrees” live December 20th at City National Grove of Anaheim and December 21st at Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, for more ticket and info visit This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

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From boy band to Broadway and back: 98 Degrees performing at Riverside Saturday

Alison Gowans

    Twenty years since they first crooned their way into fan’s hearts, 98 Degrees is back — although this time their music focuses on snow more than heat.
    The four-man vocal band, which includes brothers Nick and Drew Lachey, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, will stop at Riverside Casino Saturday (11/11) on the “98° at Christmas” tour, promoting a new album of holiday music, “Let it Snow.”
    The quartet got its start at the height of the boy-band craze with a self-titled debut in 1997, followed quickly by “98° and Rising,” in 1998; the band’s first Christmas album, “This Christmas,” in 1999; and “Revelation” in 2000. After a hiatus, the members, today in their early 40s, returned to the studio to release “2.0” in 2013.
    Drew Lachey told Hoopla the timing just felt right for a second holiday album.
    “A lot of it has to do with the fact we were so proud of our last Christmas album,” he said. “It’s been almost 20 years since we put it out, so it made sense to do this now.”
    The new album shows off the signature sound of smooth vocal harmonies, with a mix of upbeat pop songs like “What Christmas Means to Me,” hymns like “What Child is This” and a cappella numbers like “Let it Snow.”
    “We have kids now, so we put some songs on there for them,” Lachey said. “We have a song list for this CD that reflects where we are in our lives.”
    He said the potential is there for more new albums and tours in the future.
    “As long as we continue to enjoy making music together, we’ll just keep going. As long as we continue to challenge ourselves, and the fans want to hear it, we’ll continue to make music,” he said.
    Their sold-out Riverside performance will include a mix of Christmas songs and some of their non-holiday hits.
    “It’s a different format than you normally do at a concert. It’s more of a Christmas show than a concert. We’re playing more intimate venues than we normally do,” Lachey said.
    He doesn’t mind singing songs two decades old, he said with a laugh.
    “Once you’re performing them in front of a crowd and the crowd is feeding off them ... once the fans are singing along with us, I don’t know how you don’t enjoy performing that,” he said. “And there’s nothing worse than going to a show, and they don’t play your favorite song.”
    Lachey’s career has spanned a wide swath of the entertainment industry, from music to a turn on television’s “Dancing with the Stars” — which his brother Nick also has starred on — to Broadway. He played Mark Cohen in “Rent” in 2005 and Patsy in “Monty Python’s Spamalot” in 2008.
    “Doing Broadway, to me, is the top,” he said, “to be around so many incredibly talented people that give so much to their craft and I have so much respect for.”
    But he said his favorite role so far has been at Lachey Arts, the Cincinnati-based organization he and his wife, Lea, started to focus on arts education for kids through a summer camp program.
    “Most of the band went to the performing arts school here in Cincinnati,” he said. “We are very open about the fact we probably wouldn’t be where we are today without going to a performing arts school. I hope I can help shape some of the young lives that I work with here.”
    His advice for such aspiring young performers?
    “Make sure you’re doing it for the right reason. Don’t do it because you want to be rich,” he said. “If you’re doing it for the joy of performing and the creativity, no one can ever diminish that or take it away.”

    Drew Lachey talks about career of making music 

    98 Degrees' Nick and Drew Lachey Talk 'Shamelessly' Listening to Their Christmas Albums & What to Expect From Holiday Tour

    11/10/2017 by 

    Nothing says timeless like some good Christmas music and that's exactly what fueled 98 Degrees' desire to create a sequel to their classic holiday record from 1999, This Christmas. Well, that and being on the road with Ryan Cabrera last summer.
    "Ryan would literally be in his dressing room playing Christmas music, all summer long," the group's Nick Lachey tells Billboard. "[We're] like, 'What's wrong with you?' He's like, 'It just makes you feel good, man!'"
    While it may have been a little strange to hear Christmas music in the middle of the summer heat, Lachey admits that he eventually came around to Cabrera's good-mood holiday music, as well as the rest of the group. Eventually their memories of making This Christmas came back and they began to miss creating new music and always being on the road together. Flash forward a year and a half later and fans not only have another 98 Degrees Christmas album, but a holiday tour as well.
    The 14-track Let It Snow is available now and the 31-date tour -- which kicks off Friday (Nov. 10) in Larchwood, Iowa -- will hit cities around the country all the way until Dec. 23. Ahead of the tour, Billboard caught up with Nick and his brother, bandmate Drew Lachey, to reminisce on their now-iconic holiday record (and listening to it every year since its release), recording the second one and what fans can look forward to if they catch a Christmas concert. 
    What do you remember about recording the first album?
    Nick: We were pretty psyched. I can honestly say it wasn't necessarily our idea, I think the idea came from our manager. I think our biggest memories of making the first one is that we don't remember much, because it was such a whirlwind at the time. Things had started to really take off for us and it was like in between we were touring that summer and in between tour stops, we were running to the studio to record a Christmas record.
    Drew: I was very excited about it, Christmas was always a big deal in our family… I think the first thing we all agree on as a group is that the Christmas album is ultimately the one we’re most proud of. Just the timelessness of it, the arrangements, the vocal harmonies, everything -- we feel very, very proud and accomplished to put out something that we’re excited to listen to every year and have people listen to every year. So regardless to what our motivation was going into it, since Nick can’t remember [Laughs], I’m sure he’s pretty happy that we did it because he’s so proud of it now.
    Nick: We have a lot of respect for that record. We tried to do a kind of classy, timeless jazzy way and we had walked away from it just feeling like, "Man, that's our favorite record." For whatever reason, it's made a real lasting impression on us and I think that's what kind of was one of the real catalysts for making this second go around.
    Because you’re so proud of it, do you listen to it every holiday season?
    Nick: I don't really listen to any of our other records, but yeah, at Christmas time, I shamelessly put it on and probably put it on first. [Laughs] It just feels kind of timeless and classic -- it's like one thing if you're like, 'Ah man, that song -- there a couple good ones on there, but that song feels dated,' and it just doesn't ever feel that way when I listen to our Christmas record.
    Drew: You can put it on any year and it still carries the same classic sound and timeless characteristic that we were hoping for. When you listen to holiday music it’s very easy for it to just become glossy and not have a real emotional connection to it. “Oh, it’s Christmas lights and all these great things, and here’s our church song!” So to be able to put out something that evokes emotion and the true inspiration behind it, that’s something to be proud of. I listen to “O Holy Night” and I still get goosebumps.
    My son, his favorite thing to do when we get in the car is for him to be DJ. And it’s the funniest thing in the world for him to go on whatever music site he’s on -- for him it’s Apple Music -- and play 98 Degrees songs. I’m like, “Dude, come on.” And he’ll put on “Because of You.” I’ll be like, “I’ve been hearing this song for 20 years. Can we pick a different one?” I will steer [my kids] toward the Christmas record and they enjoy it. They like picking out which one’s Uncle Jeff, which one’s Uncle Nick, which one’s Uncle Justin, oh that’s you!
    98 Degrees, "Let It Snow"
    So the kids are aware that they have famous dads?
    Drew: It’s funny because [my son] didn’t understand when we went out on tour last summer last year. He was like, “What? Why are people here at your show?” My daughter understood a little more because of when we went on tour with New Kidsand Boyz II Men. [But] our kids have no idea, really, what our history is. They just know that we’re Dad and we’re coaching the soccer teams and we’re taking them to places. So I guess that’s a badge of honor that they don’t know and they don’t care, and they just like us ‘cause we’re Dad and it doesn’t really affect their life. But it is cool for them to see it.
    Do you think being dads while recording this album made you feel a little more connected to it?
    Drew: I think [so]. When we did the first one, we were all single guys, none of us had kids. And now three or four of us are married and have children, so our lives have changed dramatically since then. It was a completely different experience making the record and it’s a part of your children’s life as well and the memories that they’re gonna have moving forward. Everybody kind of understands that Christmas is about spending time with your family and appreciating what you have. So for that to be part of our family and our musical legacy, it’s definitely very special.
    You had to record this album in the summer too, right?
    Drew: We were actually recording it on some of the hottest days of the year in L.A. in July. So we're really standing in this studio in a T-shirt and shorts looking out the window at a beautiful day out and you're singing about the snowflakes falling, building snowmen and all of these great Christmas images that you are so far removed from. You kind have to turn your back to the window and turn the air conditioning up in the studio and really kind of try and trick yourself into getting into the holiday spirit in July. I would always wear a hoodie sweatshirt in the studio -- when you’re in flip flops thinking about Christmas, it doesn’t jive very well.
    Nick: All you can do is bring a fake tree into the studio and try to create some ambiance. Dim the lights, you've got the Christmas lights on… You know, get a little eggnog going. You can set a mood pretty quick.
    What's your favorite song from the old or new albums?
    Drew: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” which is an a cappella that was on our original demo that we used to get signed to Motown. So when we went and did that again, that was a full-circle moment for us. Like, this version of this song that was arranged by a friend of ours from high school, helped us get signed, and now it’s on our platinum Christmas album. And that was kind of a cool story.
    I kind of like moodier songs with darker key, minor chords. So “O Holy Night” is in there, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” On the new one, we have “Mary Did You Know?” which is just a really, really pretty version, Nick sounds fantastic on it. “River,” which is a Joni Mitchell song.
    Nick: "River" is one of my favorite songs on the [new] record. It's really -- I never even had heard the song until it was suggested to us by our producer. It's technically a cover and a little more obscure. Not every song [on the new album] is just an obvious choice.

    All great choices, of course. I hear the Christmas album gets rave reviews from dudes too.
    Drew: I was hosting a show for HGTV, I don’t know, seven years ago or something. And it was a challenge competition. So there was one family that was redoing their yard. And he came up to me, the dad came up to me and he said, “Hey, I just want to let you know, your Christmas album? That is amazing. We love it. Every year we put it on.” It wasn’t the mom. It wasn’t the kids. It was the dad that came up to me and commented on it. I think there is truth to that. Guys, they’re a little more open to saying they like our stuff because it is holiday. We’re better singers, we’re better performers now than we were then. We have great production, the producers were fantastic on this record. But we’re proud of it and I’m confident that this new album is gonna have similar results.
    What can fans -- male or female -- expect from the tour?
    Nick: We're doing two acts with an intermission, so it's much more -- I don't wanna say theatrical -- but it's much more a classic kind of show than your typical concert stop would be. I certainly wouldn't call it a variety show, because we're still putting the show together. We're not even totally sure what it's gonna be yet. But yeah, I think it gives us the chance to take some more liberties and do some things that are a little bit more out of the box.
    We’re doing, as you can imagine, a lot of holiday music from both records, but also doing most of our hit records as well. So it’s gonna be a really well-rounded show. I know the fans will enjoy it, and I think maybe people who have never even seen a 98 Degrees show will enjoy it, because it’s such a special time of year. Hopefully we’ll have some people come out who have maybe never seen us and can walk away saying, "Hey, that was a really great show. I like those guys."

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    Nick Lachey Talks Balancing "Dancing With the Stars" With Family Life | E! Live from the Red Carpet

    Nick Lachey & Peta Murgatroyd Talk "Emotional" "DWTS" Dance | E! Live from the Red Carpet

    Walt Disney World 98 Degrees Christmas- Live pre-take

    98 Degrees performing Season of Love Disney Christmas Celebration

    ABC Christmas Holiday Filming At Disney's Magic Kingdom

    98 Degrees starts around the 4 minute mark =)

    Wednesday, November 8, 2017

    The New ‘Amazon Nick Lachey’ Translates Sports Talk With Ease


    He Said, She Said: Nick & Vanessa Lachey Recount the Day 'TRL' Helped Turn Their Friendship Into Romance



    Nick Lachey's band 98 Degrees were frequent TRL visitors during the Carson Daly era, but by the time he went solo with his first album, SoulO, Vanessa Minnillo had signed on as one of the show's VJs in 2003. Back then, Lachey was happily married to Jessica Simpson, and would stop by TRL in support of both his music and his reality show with Simpson, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
    With Lachey happily married and Minnillo in a long-term relationship, the two remained super cordial whenever they'd run into each other, whether it was on TRLor some other mutual engagement. "It was always about business and it was always nice to see him," Minnillo (now Vanessa Lachey) tells Billboard.

    But right around the same time that Lachey's marriage ended in 2006, he recruited Minnillo for the video for the titular single from his sophomore solo effort, What's Left of Me -- and with Minnillo also recently single, their typically cordial involvement began to feel a little more than just friendly. In fact, their chemistry was so undeniable, Minnillo couldn't even face Lachey when he came through TRLto promote the video that she starred in.
    Anyone who tuned in to TRL the day Lachey was on for "What's Left Of Me" may have noticed that Minnillo was nowhere to be found. But what viewers also may have noticed was that Lachey was clearly onto her, as he picked a girl from the crowd outside holding a sign reading "Move Over Vanessa" to come into the studio.
    Although Lachey and Minnillo -- who married in July 2011 and now have three kids together -- weren't face-to-face that day, it was a pivotal moment in their relationship that took things from friendly to romantic. In celebration of TRL's reboot premiering on MTV this week, Billboard chatted with both of the Lacheys to get the full rundown of that fateful day (with a guest appearance from LaLa Anthony, who filled in for Minnillo on that episode). Check out their recount below.
    Nick: I wouldn’t necessarily say TRL brought us together, but that was definitely part of our time together -- me being a musician and her being on-air talent. I saw her multiple times throughout the years when she was on TRL.
    Vanessa: It wasn’t until, coincidentally, I broke up with my longtime boyfriend and he was getting divorced that we ended up reconnecting. He did a solo album and he asked me to do the video for “What’s Left of Me.” And he’ll joke, “In my grand marketing scheme I thought if I get the girl who is on TRL to do my video, she’ll play it on the show." Little did he know I had no pull! My joke is I never got paid to do the video. And of course he’s still paying to this day, if you ask him. 
    But the video, which was on TRL, was the beginning of our relationship. That’s what made it no longer friends and it got romantic. To the point that if you go back and look at the video, when he came to premiere it, I was so nervous and so crushing him that I didn’t show up for work that day. I called in sick.
    Nick: [Laughs.] We'd started kind of talking, and I got to the studio fully expecting to be interviewed by her. Probably a little psyched to think I’d be interviewed by her -- and instead it was Lala [Anthony]. Not that I have anything against Lala, but I was like, “Oh, where’s Vanessa?” And they were like, “Oh, she called in sick?” And I was like, “Ah…here we go.” 
    Vanessa: We’d gone from friends to [me] starting to feel something for him. So, like a child, I ran from it and called in sick. Lala was like, "Girl, you in love. I’ll fill in for you today but you better come back to work!"
    Anthony: I remember that day like it was yesterday. We were so excited for her because she was in that video and she looked beautiful. I was off that day and they were like, "She's not coming in today. You need to come in." Come in for what? I'm not in the video! They're like, "She's not feeling well." I'd do anything for her. I knew she liked him.
    Vanessa: [Nick] was actually offended. He went to the window to pick a fan to come up and this girl had a sign that said "Move Over Vanessa, I’m here." He said, "Bring her up!"
    Nick: I just wanted to be like, “How dare you call in sick the day I come on?” So I decided to have a little fun with her, rub it in her nose a little bit -- I knew she’d be watching.
    Vanessa: I told him later I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to confront you. I didn’t know what to say.
    Nick: But she was like, “I can’t believe you did that.” And I was like, “I can’t believe you didn’t come to work today!” You never know how it’s going to play out, but I thought I’d at least get my shot in there.

    Boy Band Revival: 98 Degrees to heat up Grand Falls Casino


    The boy band 98 Degrees is performing at the Grand

    America's most recent wave of boy band mania may be subsiding. But 98 Degrees is not letting up.
    The pop group will bring their "98 Degrees at Christmas" tour to the Grand Falls Casino on Friday in support of their new album, "Let It Snow."
    After a 10-year hiatus, the members of 98 Degrees reunited in 2012 amid a resurgence of boy band enthusiasm.
    "The U.S. is a little fickle with music being cyclical. Boy bands come and go," said Jeff Timmons, founding member of 98 Degrees.
    In the 1980s, the popularity of male vocalist groups such as New Kids on the Block set the stage for others to follow.
    The timing was right for Timmons to drop out college and move to Los Angeles.
    "It was borderline foolish. My parents at the time, if you ask them, didn’t know what to do," laughed Timmons as he recalled his impulsive decision to pursue music.
    The Ohio native was studying psychology at Kent State when he and a few friends from high school gave an impromptu concert during a party.
    Timmons was hoping to impress a girl in the room. But as their voices harmonized, something about the sound caught his attention.
    With Boyz II Men topping the charts, Timmons decided to quit school the next day and drive to Los Angeles. Quickly, he teamed met up with Justin Jeffre and brothers Nick and Drew Lachey to form 98 Degrees. 
    "Sometimes in life you do things on a whim," said Timmons. "That’s the sign of the universe pointing you in the right direction."
    After a few short years working minimum wage jobs, the group landed a deal with Motown Records. 
    In the early 2000s, 98 Degrees reigned alongside fellow boy bands NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.
    But once again, America's taste shifted, and the country entered a boy band drought lasting nearly a decade.
    In 2002, 98 Degrees officially took a break from recording and performing. "We kind of wanted to explore our own lives," said Timmons. "We had been together for six or seven years straight. It was a pretty crazy time."
    During the height of their popularity, the members of 98 Degrees got seven days off over the course of two years. 
    98 Degrees is bringing their Christmas tour to the
    On hiatus, the pop stars started families and pursued other careers. 
    Nick Lachey married singer Jessica Simpson and released two solo albums, "SoulO" and "What's Left of Me." Timmons also released a solo album, "Whisper That Way," and Jeffre ran for mayor of Cincinnati.
    But with the rise of One Direction in 2011, boy bands were back once again. The members of 98 Degrees tested the waters at a festival in 2012 and reunited shortly after that.
    "We missed each other," said Timmons. "We’re like brothers at the end of the day."
    According to Timmons, the band feels blessed and fortunate that their fans have stuck by them for 20 years. 
    Fans coming to their show on Friday can expect all the bells and whistles.
    Out of all the band's albums, their 1999 Christmas record stood the test of time, so the group was "very pleased" to do another one. 
    Their new track "Season of Love" is a change of pace from their usual style. The original song has an upbeat tempo, as opposed to the group's signature ballads. 
    After achieving success as a group and individually, the band members no longer feel the pressure they once did. According to Timmons, it was hard to enjoy performing when the competition was so fierce. 
    On their new tour, the boys get to let loose and have fun. 
    With the breakup of One Direction in 2016, the third wave of boy band mania seems to be petering out. But for 98 Degrees, things are heating back up.
    For more info and to purchase tickets, visit

    Tuesday, November 7, 2017

    Nick Lachey for DWTS practice

    Stud: Nick Lachey, 38, strutted his muscular legs to practice
    Handsome: Nick showed off his muscular legs in a pair of skimpy shortsHandsome: Nick showed off his muscular legs in a pair of skimpy shorts

    Dining with the stars! Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa form one hot couple at the 7th Annual Baby Ball Gala


    They are mortal enemies on Dancing With The Stars.
    But Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa certainly seemed to be in step when the arrived at the 7th Annual Baby Ball Gala sponsored by Carbonadi vodka on Saturday night.
    Vanessa, 36, looking smoking in a figure hugging off-the-shoulder leather dres and Le Vian diamond hoop earrings.

    Dancing: Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa certainly seemed to be in step when the arrived at the 7th Annual Baby Ball Gala on Saturday night
    Nick, 43, was equally sharp in a black two piece suit.
    They had plenty of rivals for hottest couple on the night, including Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his gorgeous wife Lindsay Price, who wore a cleavage-baring silky red gown.

    Scrubs up well: Nick, 43, was equally sharp in a black two piece suit
    One of many: The duo had plenty of rivals for hottest couple on the night
    Smallville's Tom Welling arrived with Jessica Rose Lee, wore wore a gorgeous sparking gold and black dress.
    Actress Amy Smart also got the black memo, baring her arms in a delicate sleeveless black gown.
    The charity's mission is to help families who want to adopt financially. 

    Fab: Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone and his gorgeous wife Lindsay Price, who wore a cleavage-baring silky red gown

    Nick & Drew Lachey Talk 'Dancing With The Stars' & How Nick Overcame His Fear of the Show


    Drew Lachey and Nick Lachey during Noel Ashman Throws Party for Joey McIntyre Celebrating the Release of His New Album "Talk to Me" and "Dancing with the Stars" Tour at The Plumm on Jan. 31, 2007 at The Plumm in New York City.

    "I'm proud of him for kind of going out there and putting himself out there, exposing himself," says Drew, who won the show's second season.

    Drew Lachey may be the younger sibling (and 98 Degrees bandmate) to Nick Lachey, but he's been able to hold something over his brother's head for more than 11 years now: the coveted Dancing With the Stars mirror ball. Now with Nick and his wife, Vanessa, competing on the show's 25th season, there's a decent chance that two mirror balls could soon be in the Lachey family. 
    As the season 2 winner in February 2006, temporary co-host in season 5 and a competitor in the All-Stars season (season 15), Drew is familiar with DWTS' ins and outs. So, when it came time for his brother to compete, did he offer any advice? Of course not -- but it's not necessarily because he doesn't want Nick to win.

    "I try not to give advice," Drew explains to Billboard. "I just don't think giving advice is helpful to anybody except for the person giving the advice. You know so I feel like everybody has their own journey and their own process that they need to go through to get where they're supposed to get." 
    Nick echoed the sentiment, especially because they have different pro-dancer partners. "The experience he had with Cheryl [Burke] is probably very different from the experience I'm having with Peta [Murgatroyd]," he says. But Drew did give Nick a little tidbit from the eyes of someone who made it to the end: "If you're lucky enough to be in it, it's a long road, so pace yourself." 
    "I was trying to be conscious of being supportive for him at the same time, preachy," Drew adds.
    And supportive he's been: Drew attends every live show he can and, if the father of two can't make it out, he and his family watch at home. "They root for Uncle Nick and Aunt Vanessa," he laughs, "and they get really upset if they have to go to bed before one of them goes. We have to YouTube it the next day."
    Drew has also tried to shy away from showing any favoritism between Nick and Vanessa, who are both still in the running as of Monday's (Oct. 23) week 6 show, by tweeting equally and offering support for both ("I'll let them deal with that inner dynamic," he jokes). Above all, Drew is just happy to see his brother having a great time with it.
    "Dancing With the Stars is always something that scared him," he says of Nick. "Dancing is not his go-to. For him to put himself out there and go and do something that challenges him and you know frankly frightened him a little bit, I'm proud of him for kind of going out there and putting himself out there, exposing himself."
    More over, Nick says it's all about effort -- something he knows he's not lacking. "As long as I walk away from this experience knowing I gave it everything I had, then I can be proud of it no matter what the result is."
    If Nick does make it as far as his brother, there's a chance the show could run into the beginning of 98 Degrees' holiday tour, which kicks off Nov. 9 in Minneapolis. While that will create quite the busy fall for Nick, he admits that learning to foxtrot and tango amidst tour rehearsals probably isn't such a bad thing -- and, frankly, it could result in an iconic moment for 98 Degrees fans.
    "Maybe Drew and I will have a little Dancing With the Stars dance-off or something," he says with a laugh. "I'm not sure that's a battle I can win, but you know."
    "There might be a dance break or two in there," Drew adds. "You never know. You have to come check it out!"
    Dancing With The Stars airs every Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For more information on 98 Degrees' tour, check out their official website.