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Ciara and Nick Lachey Each Love Seeing Their Kids' Budding Musical Talent

Vanessa Lachey Shares Sweet Tribute to Husband Nick Lachey on 8-Year Wedding Anniversary: ‘I Love Us (VIDEO)


Celebrating love. Vanessa Lachey honored her eighth wedding anniversary with husband Nick Lachey by sharing a sweet Instagram tribute on Monday, July 15.

The former Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 38, shared a montage video that featured several shots of the couple throughout the years. The clip opened with Vanessa and the 45-year-old 98 Degrees alum sharing a quick smooch, with Childish Gambino’s cover of “So Into You” by Tamia playing in the background.
This adorable moment was followed by a series of loving snaps of the couple, including a sweet kiss they shared underwater and a pic of them locking lips while the sun set. The TRL alum’s video also showed a clip of Nick saying, “Lucky for me, Vanessa said ‘yes’” to his proposal before the actress flashed her engagement ring.
Vanessa Lachey Shares Anniversary Tribute Nick Lachey
Several pictures from the longtime loves’ wedding appeared in Vanessa’s tribute clip as well as shots of the couple’s sons Camden, 6, and Phoenix, 2, and daughter Brooklyn, 4.
“13 years together, 8 years married, 3 kick ass kids and ONE Crazy Beautiful Love,” Vanessa captioned the post on Monday. “Damn, I’m glad we found each other!!! And I’m still So Into You.’ I Love YOU & I Love US! Happy Anniversary, Baby. Here’s to Our Forever.”
 and Vanessa tied the knot in the British Virgin Islands in July 2011 and the ceremony was documented in a two-hour TLC special, titled Nick & Vanessa’s Dream Wedding.
Nick also paid tribute to the pair’s wedding anniversary. He posted an extensive message to Instagram, which accompanied a snap of the singer dipping his wife while they danced at their wedding.
“Wow, 8 years!! Babe, it hasn’t always been easy and it hasn’t always been smooth … but it’s ALWAYS been ‘US,’” Nick began. “I wouldn’t trade these 8 years, building our forever, for anything in the world. There is truly no one else I could do this with! You are everything to me, please always remember that. I am far from perfect, but please believe that my goals and dreams for us and our family are perfect. I won’t stop trying until I get there.”
Nick — who was previously married to Jessica Simpson from 2002 to 2006 — continued by speaking about his three children with Vanessa, calling them “beautiful angels.”
“Their perfect faces represent all that is good in us and the love that we started this whole thing with,” he continued. “Happy 8th Anniversary to the love of my life. I love you baby! Here’s to year #9 and beyond!”

Ciara, David Dobrik, Debbie Gibson and Nick Lachey Join Nickelodeon’s ‘America’s Most Musical Family’ (VIDEO)


Nickelodeon is getting into the music competition game with a few famous faces.
The iconic kids’ network unveiled an all-star lineup for its upcoming series “America’s Most Musical Family” on Thursday. Ciara, Debbie Gibson and David Dobrik will round out the judges’ panel alongside host Nick Lachey, and Access spoke with the cast at Nickelodeon Studios where they shared their excitement to help launch a family band into stardom.
“The concept is really refreshing,” Ciara said, praising the “unique” and “fun” dynamic in addition the performers’ “highest level of talent.
David Dobrik, Ciara, Debbie Gibson and Nick Lachey on Nickelodeon's "America's Most Musical Family"
According to the network, “America’s Most Musical Family” will “feature a wide variety of talented and diverse families of two or more relatives who perform together, ranging from a father/daughter duo, sibling groups and a 12-member multigenerational brass ensemble.”
The 12-episode season will welcome 30 acts to compete for a $250,000 cash prize and recording contract with Republic Records.
While the contestants will be taking center stage, the celebrities cheering them on have an undeniable appeal to audiences across multiple generations and platforms.
“Nick continues to wow crowds performing alongside his brother Drew in 98 Degrees; Debbie remains the record-holder as the youngest female artist to write, produce and perform a number-one hit; David’s razor-sharp wit and expertise in the digital world will help families build their brand; and Ciara leads her own family in the spotlight as she continues her chart-topping career as a true triple threat,” Rob Bagshaw, Executive Vice President of Unscripted Content at Nickelodeon said in a statement. “But ultimately, this competition for all ages is about celebrating exceptionally talented families. We’re in for a spectacular show.”
Debbie couldn’t help but agree.
“It’s a great group,” she smiled while chatting with Access.
Though all four stars are familiar with finding success in the spotlight at a young age, Nick pointed out that he might have come closest to being an “America’s Most Musical Family” participant himself.
“I mean, I’m literally in a band with my brother,” the singer laughed, referring to bandmate and younger bro Drew Lachey. “98 Degrees would have been eligible for this show!”
“America’s Most Musical Family” is in production now and will premiere this fall on Nickelodeon.
— Erin Biglow

Ciara Reveals It’s A ‘Balancing Act Of Emotions’ Being ‘America’s Most Musical Family’ Judge & A Mom

Lanae Brody

America’s Most Musical Family’ is already setting itself apart from all the other singing competitions on television, but for series judge Ciara, it’s all about balance!

Reality television competition show often struggle with setting themselves apart from the others, but it sounds like Nickelodeon’s latest project and first singing competition to date, America’s Most Musical Family, has figured it out. “It’s a fun competition show and kind of the first of its kind where you see multigenerational families compete against one another,” one of the show’s three judges, Ciara, 33, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY when we visited the set after the first day of filming. “It’s like the Partridge family and the Osmonds and the Jacksons. It’s very inspiring, the show. It’s very refreshing,” judge Debbie Gibson, 48, adds.
But just because it’s refreshing, doesn’t mean it’s easy to be a judge on this show. Especially for Ciara, who’s a mom. “I think I feel every emotion as it relates to being an artist first and then also being a mom,” Ciara says. “There’s the mom rooting for them wanting them to kill it and own the stage and there’s the artist and the judge in me. I have my technical thoughts and my natural critiques — But it definitely is a balancing act of emotions because I am a mom and I’m also an artist and I want to make sure more than anything.”
Even though things are extremely early in the competition show, host Nick Lachey, 45, thinks they have, dare we say, the next Jonas Brothers in the mix! “The talent is very, very different,” Nick says. “There could very well be the next Jonas Brothers, but again, there’s a chance for a family to create their own identity and to carve out a lane that is wide open for them,” adds Ciara

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Would Nick & Vanessa Lachey Let Their Daughter Do Miss Teen USA?


By Kari

Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Get ready America: the Miss USA competition is back on May 2, with Nick and Vanessa Lachey to co-host for the second year in a row! The celebrity couple actually have both TV and pageant background, but what else do you know about them? We’ve got all the details on their family life, kids, relationship, and more for you below, so keep reading to find out all about Nick and Vanessa!


Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa's Wedding
Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa on their wedding day. Image Credit: IG @VanessaLachey.
Nick and Vanessa actually met back in 2006 on the set of Nick’s music video. Vanessa was portraying his love interest for his song “What’s Left of Me” – and the two hit it off thereafter.

When did Vanessa and Nick Get Married?

While they did have a brief breakup in early 2009, by the fall time they had reconciled. They then became engaged in November 2010. They were married on July 15, 2011 on the Virgin Islands. Their wedding was actually televised on TLC!


Vanessa and Nick Lachey's kids
Vanessa and Nick Lachey’s kids – Brooklyn, Camden, and Phoenix. Image Credit: IG @VanessaLachey.
Nick and Vanessa have 3 children together. They have two boys and one girl, named Camden John, Phoenix Robert, and Brooklyn Elisabeth, respectively.
Phoenix was born with underdeveloped lungs, and needed more care after birth. Brooklyn is the only one of their kids with super bright, light blonde hair.

Currently, Camden is in school, and all 3 kids enjoy sports practices and going to camps in the summertime.
The one thing they don’t do? Go on tour with their dad. Nick told PEOPLE magazine the “formula that works” is having Vanessa and their kids at home while he’s out for work. It was easier when they just had Camden (6), but now with Brooklyn (4), and Phoenix (2) in the mix, it’s a different story.


Nick and Vanessa Lachey
The happy couple. Image Credit: IG @NickLachey.
Nick has an estimated net worth of 20 million, while his wife Vanessa has 10 million. Vanessa has a background in pageantry, having won both Miss South Carolina Teen USA 1998, and Miss Teen USA 1998. Nick obviously has major stage presence, and is used to performing/speaking in front of crowds, as he was the front man of the ever-popular 90’s boy band, 98 Degrees.

The two previously hosted last year’s Miss USA pageant; and Vanessa previously co-hosted Miss Universe 2007, and was a correspondent for Miss USA back in 2001.

Nick & Vanessa Lachey Talk Hosting Miss USA Again

Nick Lachey Recalls Feelings of 'Vulnerability' and 'Fear' After Welcoming Son 10 Weeks Premature

By Jen Juneau

"As Dads, I think we often feel a pressure to be this impenetrable pillar of strength," Nick Lachey wrote in part in his Father's Day message

“Fatherhood is the greatest job in the world” for Nick Lachey — but he’ll be the first to tell you “it isn’t the easiest.”
The 98 Degrees frontman marked Father’s Day this year in part with a throwback snapshot of himself and his then-newborn son Phoenix Robert, now 2, after the baby boy’s premature birth on Dec. 24, 2016.
In the photo’s caption, Lachey, 45, shared his entry in the “#UnspokenStories” hashtag trend, revealing, “As I tell my kids everyday, my number one job is to protect them. Never did I feel more helpless and unable to do my job than when my son Phoenix was born.”
“He came to us on Christmas Eve, the very definition of a gift from God,” the singer recalled. “The only problem was that the gift came 10 weeks early. My wife Vanessa wasn’t allowed to even hold him yet, so there I sat in the NICU, holding his little 3 lb body close to mine … hoping that his daddy’s skin would provide some comfort to a little baby brought into the world just a bit too soon.”
“I felt a vulnerability I had never known before and a fear I wasn’t familiar with,” Lachey continued. “I can only imagine how many fathers out there felt the same way I did in that moment.”

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The pop musician went on to describe the next six weeks baby Phoenix spent in the hospital as the “toughest and yet most wonderful” time in his life.
“Now, 2 and a half years later, those weeks seem like an eternity ago as I watch my happy, healthy toddler run and climb and play,” Lachey added gratefully. “As Dads, I think we often feel a pressure to be this impenetrable pillar of strength. Phoenix reminded me that the ultimate show of strength is love.”
“The world needs more of it and Dads … we can give it,” he wrote, concluding his post by inviting his followers to “help me celebrate every dad and let him know that the @marchofdimes community is here for him.”
Vanessa, 38, chimed in on the comments section with a sweet message for her husband: “I Love You, Baby! And our Family! ❤️”

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98 Degree’s Drew Lachey adds ‘Ninja Warrior’ to his resumé (VIDEO)


He can sing, dance AND Ninja.

With its massive, national audience, American Ninja Warrior appeals to all types of viewers, including celebrities. After watching the competitors on the course overcome so many types of obstacles, who can resist the urge to give it a shot themselves?
That’s what happened for singer and actor Drew Lachey, who’s probably best known as a member of the boy-band 98 Degrees. After watching the show with his kids, he got bit by the Ninja-bug. When the course set up in Cincinnati, Ohio, his home state, it was meant to be!
Drew gave the Qualifying course a solid shot. He only made it to the second obstacle, the Ring Jump, but he had some good foundational skills in place. We could see him making a return next year!
Drew spent a few minutes with us to talk about taking on a whole new challenge and why Ninja Warrior appeals to his family.
Why did you want to take on American Ninja Warrior?
DL: I’ve always been the kind of person to want to challenge myself, to do things that people say I can’t do or are too hard, or things like that. So, you talk about things that are too hard, American Ninja Warrior ranks right up there at the top of the list for everybody. So it’s a personal challenge for me. It’s a way for me to show my kids that nothing is out of reach. You can always try new things, and continue to grow, and put yourself out there, and not be afraid to succeed, or afraid to fail, and just enjoy every opportunity that’s given to you.
How has training been going?
DL: It’s been going really well. I’m fortunate enough to have had James Wilson, the Nati Ninja, kind of guiding me. You know, so it was a lot of helping me out, just trying to understand what the course is going to be like to the best of our guess and kind of what to focus on training-wise and agility-wise and all that stuff. I’d be a lot more scared if I hadn’t had James helping me out.
What’s your favorite type of obstacle?
DL: Any one that I can do! My favorite obstacle is any one that I don’t fail on. No, I mean, in training I was able to get the Warped Wall, which was a big confidence boost. Like, all right, I can do that. Any time that you can successfully get through something on the first time, even in the gym, it’s a big confidence booster. There are still some that I’m just hoping aren’t on the course.
Do you think your performance experience will come in handy?
DL: Yeah. No, I think a big part of it is, you have people that have been training for this for years, so I mean, their athletic ability is not in question whatsoever. I think getting up there in front of the lights and the nerves and the pressure, I think that’s going to be there for everybody. The fact that I’ve been performing for, whatever, 20 plus years on TV and stage and stuff I think will definitely help me just with the nerves. That being said, they’re doing something that is a lot more familiar to them and this is completely foreign to me. So it’s going to be a balancing act.
What do you want the audience to learn about you?
DL: I think number one, that I don’t take myself too seriously. That I’m down to try anything new and have fun and just enjoy every opportunity that life gives me. Then the second thing I would say is just that Drew Lachey is a badass.
What does Ninja Warrior mean to your family?
DL: To me and my family, it represents strength, agility, perseverance. Not just in the physical world. You see these stories and these people, a lot of them have overcome some adversity in their lives and some of them are dealing with health issues even as they’re running the course. I remember watching a guy who had MS just come out and destroy the course and I was like, ‘That is awesome.’ I think the show does a great job of allowing people an opportunity to push themselves, to show that strength and that perseverance. I’m hoping that I can go out and just do the show and my family proud.
How far do you plan on going on the course?
DL: My expectations for it are to go out and get to the top of the wall. If I go out on the first obstacle, I mean, so be it. It won’t be for a lack of trying or a lack of effort. But some of the best athletes I’ve ever seen have gone down on the first element. You take a bad step or you just are off balance or you look up for a second and you need to be looking down, it can all change for you in an instant. So, I’m just going to go out and try to have fun, but my expectations are to get to the end.
Is this the start of your Ninja Warrior career?
DL: This might be the start and the end. I see people walking around that have 4% body fat and just jacked beyond belief and probably 23-years-old. I’m going to be 43-years-old this year and my body fat is not quite what it once was and you know, my joints are screaming at me after every training. But it’s been a great experience so far, just the physical aspect of it, but also, like I said, challenging yourself with something new. I mean, no matter how old you get and how your life takes you in different directions, never be scared to try something new and push yourself. What’s the worst that happens?
Whether it’s the start, or the end of Drew’s Ninja career, we give him props for getting out there! It’s not easy to commit to Ninja Warrior!