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Jeff singing Crazy Love

Jeff singing Sexy Daddy

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Here's Nick Lachey with a chocolate bunny


Nick Lachey Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey Out And About In New York City

Nick Lachey - Nick Lachey Out and About in NYCNick Lachey - Nick Lachey Out and About in NYC

Nick Lachey Tells Us About His Daily 98 Degrees Flashbacks


Nick Lachey's new job is giving him flashbacks to his old job! He's currently the host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz, which airs weekdays at 10 a.m. / 9 a.m. Central. It's a familiar location — the VH1 show is taped at the old MTV TRL studios, where his band 98 Degrees spent plenty of time. We chatted with Nick recently about his new TV gig, and he revealed how his wife, Vanessa Lachey, and their toddler son, Camden, are adjusting to life in the big city

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KTNV Channel 13 Action News-- Jeff & MOTS

Jeff Timmons Men Of The Strip Show at House of Blues, Mandalay Bay March 29 2014

Cincy Sings (Yeah, She Does) -- DREW

By Leah Zipperstein

Wow. That's where we must begun when delving into last night's Cincy Sings competition at the Aronoff Center. I could have sworn the friendly sing off would have been held in the smaller Jarson-Kaplan Theater. But no.
With 1,500 folks in attendance, we filled (well, almost filled) the big house. While there have been a few internal sing offs at some of Cincinnati's major companies, there has yet to be a city-wide competition pitting the engineers against the grocers and the bankers against the card sharks. Last night changed that.
Presented by ArtsWave and hosted by Drew Lachey, 10 teams battled it out. The judges were Bob Herzog (Local 12 morning anchor and traffic reporter), Pamela Myers (Tony nominated actress), Dr. Casey J. Hayes (Artistic Director of the Cincinnati Men's Chorus), and Kathy Wade (International award winning jazz vocalist). 
The grading criteria: 
  1. Song selection
  2. Stage presence
  3. Vocal quality
Some of us have hidden talents. Sure. But who knew there were so many talented peeps hiding among Cincinnati's corporate elite. For example American Modern's Vocal Intensity forced us to drop our jaws and Kathy Wade to flail her arms in amazement when one of their singers broke into a solo jazz be-dee-bop-a-dee-bop of perfection. Still. Blown. Away. 
Then there was Any Direction, a GE boy band giving Avicii's "Wake Me Up" some serious justice. I have my doubts if Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) could have been that sly. Or how about the Curious Fifth Third Bankers singing "Tornado" by Little Big Town? The three vocalists on stage, one of whom strummed the guitar, felt like they were playing the Grand Ole OpryWatch out, Rayna James.
The winning team, by a single split hair, went to P&G's Legal Notes for their rendition of a Beatles tune. Dave Mattheis, current senior legal counsel at P&G, walked out on the stage with a briefcase, looking ready to depose Drew Lachey. When Drew informed to calm down because it's only a friendly singing competition, Mattheis brought in a little help from his friends that was straight acapella goodness. The harmony, finger snapping, and overall charm was too much for the judges to ignore. That, and the threat of a lawsuit.
In between the first half of songs and before the judges final deliberation, we also enjoyed short performances by other local arts groups — MamLuft & Co. Dance along with Exhale Dance Tribe. I have to give a special shout out to the male dancer from Exhale who opened their performance with a slick and fluid contemporary number that I'd like to put on repeat. 
Other highlights from the night include
  • Bob Herzog saving someone's life with a sweet mic catch after a member of Any Direction accidentally knocked it over
  • Hearing the Just Roll With It Cincinnati Children's wild card team close the night with Pharrell's "Happy." That song has yet to get old. Really, it just keeps getting better.
  • Drew Lachey. If you want a hostest with the mostest, he is your guy. He kept the performances moving straight along. He had the right amount of witty banter with the judges and the audience, and he's an amazing ambassador for the city. Companies should hire him to emcee a day at work. There'd be no more reports of cube monkey-itis. I'm sure of it. 

Nick Lachey: The personal reason I'm supporting autism awareness


Nick Lachey has never spoken publicly about his brother Zac's diagnosis with autism until now.
The time felt right -- not only because April is Autism Awareness Month, but also because Zac, 19, is OK with his older brother going public with his situation for the first time. Lachey said he "wanted him to be comfortable with that happening."
Shortly after Nick and Drew Lachey left home to start 98 Degrees in the late '90s, their mom adopted two children -- one of whom was Zac. Early on in school, Lachey's mom could tell Zac wasn't learning in "the typical way," Lachey said. Initially they thought it may be attention deficit disorder, but -- at the age of 7 -- doctors diagnosed Zac with Asperger syndrome, a form of autism.
"He's referred to as high-functioning autistic," said Lachey, 40, told CBS News. "So he's verbal and able to go to a fairly typical school. He's socially different than what we perceive as normal for kids. He gets anxious and he's very focused. He hones in one on thing and he can't be taken out of it...He's a good kid, a sweet kid...He just learns differently than most people and reacts to situations differently."
Research shows that 1 in every 68 U.S. children has autism, according to a new report released in March by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"There's just so many questions and very few answers. It's just something we have to do more research on and we have to get the answers that these families so desperately seek. Mine included."
Which is why Lachey launched the fifth Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction last week to help raise awareness for autism. He's one of nearly 100 celebrities who have autographed Gold Bunny figures just in time for Easter (others include Sarah Jessica Parker, Fergie, Blake Shelton, Julianna Margulies, Kelly Clarkson, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and, to name a few). All proceeds from the celebrity-signed bunnies will benefit the research and advocacy organizationAutism Speaks. And this year, Lindt will make a matching donation for the auction, which runs through April 14.
Family has always been near and dear to Lachey's heart. And now he has a family to call his own; Lachey and his wife, Vanessa, welcomed son Camden in 2012.
"It's incredible," Lachey said about fatherhood. "It's easily the best thing I've ever done. I couldn't have a more magical little boy. He's amazing. Every day he blows my mind in a whole new way. I could go on and on and on. But it couldn't be better."
Lachey's family, meanwhile, is adjusting to life in the Big Apple having recently moved to New York City for Lachey's new hosting gig on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live."
"It's different. We come from a house and a little more space to a 2-bedroom apartment," Lachey said. "Everything's different. I think the dog is having the hardest adjustment. He's used to a yard and now he's out there contending with all these other dogs for real estate. It's definitely an adjustment for all us. At the same time, it's such a great city. We're loving our time here."
As for the VH1 show, he's loving that, too.
"It's live TV. We're trying new stuff. Some of it works, some of it doesn't. We're having a lot of fun doing it," he said. "Some of the guests we've had on I've met before. It's great to sit down with people I haven't met and learn about them...As a musician, I love the fact that we have live music every day and a chance to interact with new bands and some we already know. I've had a chance to perform with some of them."
Lachey will soon release his own music, too -- in the form of a covers album called "Soundtrack of My Life." The set will feature songs from movies, ranging from "Love Actually" and "Say Anything" to "Philadelphia."
"It's an album of all movie songs that were meaningful to me growing up," said Lachey. "Whether it was a song that moved me or a song that takes me back to a memory of a movie. So it's more of a personal album in that sense. These are all memories that my fans grew up with as well. The hope is that it will take us all back to take a little walk down memory lane."
The solo album comes a year after Lachey re-teamed with 98 Degrees for a new album and tour -- one that brother Zac also checked out last summer. Although 98 Degrees isn't doing anything right now, Lachey is keeping an open mind.
"We had a great time last summer. It was an incredible tour and it was great to be back with the guys and do what we love to do," he said. "I'm doing this gig in New York, and Jeff's [Timmons] got something going in Vegas. We all agreed to take a break for a year and see what makes sense down the line."

"Who knows? The way we work, anything can happen. We could end up touring again this year for all we know," he added.

2014 MTV Movie Awards -- NICK

Follow the link above for more pics!!!

Nick Lachey - Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 2Nick Lachey - Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 2
Nick Lachey - Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 3
Nick Lachey - Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 3Nick Lachey - Arrivals at the MTV Movie Awards — Part 3

Nick Lachey on Good Morning America Autism Awareness 4-4-14

Nick Lachey on Vh1 Top 20 Countdown 3-29-14

Jeff Timmons & Men of the Strip on Bethenny 3-26-14

Fans ask Nick Lachey questions on VH1 Big Morning Buzz

Nick Lachey at Vh1 Save the Music Day NYC 3-22-14

Grumpy Cat is given a better seat than Nick Lachey at MTV Movie Awards 2014


The MTV Movie Awards, which took place on Sunday in Los Angeles, were a star-studded affair attended by actors, musicians, and one furry cute cat.
And as the seating plan was done based on how famous the guests were, Nick Lachey was left a little bewildered when he realised that Grumpy Cat was sitting a couple of rows in front of him.
It was the ceremony’s ringmaster Conan O’Brien who pointed out the unfortunate situation, which the 98 Degrees star couldn’t help but laugh at.
Now who's cross?: Grumpy Cat was given a better seat than Nick Lachey at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards
Why does Grumpy Cat have a better seat than Nick Lachey?’ Conan asked the audience, before the cameras panned to Nick, 40, shrugging and then to the famous feline lounging on her chair.
The late night talk show host also joked about the fact that the internet sensation, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, was sound asleep on a velvet beanbag.
‘Oh my God, check this out. I’ve been in show business over 20 years. This is the first time I’ve ever had to perform for a cat.
It's not purrsonal: The internet celebrity cat was sitting pride of place while Nick enjoyed the event from a couple of rows back
Having a terrible time: The insouciant feline was so unimpressed that she fell asleep on her velvet beanbag
Seeing the funny side: The 98 Degrees star couldn't help but laugh when Conan O'Brien pointed out the situationSeeing the funny side: The 98 Degrees star couldn't help but laugh when Conan O'Brien pointed out the situation
Invisible Man: The 40-year-old shrugged when the cameras panned to him and then Grumpy Cat
‘Grumpy Cat is in the first row – asleep! A human being is performing for a sleeping pet. This is the end of civilization as we know it.’
Grumpy Cat, who just turned two last week, was not only a VIP guest at the event but she also was one of the best dressed attendees.
The furry friend arrived in with a miniature version of Pharrell Williams’ now infamous Vivienne Westwood hat, which he first wore to the Grammys, perched over one ear.

See How Big Nick Lachey’s Son, Camden, Is Getting! (PHOTO)


Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo with Son Camden on The Katie Show

Nick and Vanessa Lachey may have just welcomed their son, Camden, into the world back in September 2012, but time is sure flying. The 19-month-old is already walking, and even talking up a storm according to his mommy! So just how big is this little man getting?
Camden Lachey in Central Park
In a recent Instagram photo shared by his 33-year-old mom, little Camden is playing in the park with the family dog and it has to be one of the cutest photos ever. “Puppy love in Central Park,” Vanessa captioned the snapshot.
We have to admit, it looks like the Lachey family is adjusting pretty well to city life. They recently moved to New York City for Nick’s new hosting gig on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live! and they have vowed to “experience it as a family.” Consider it done!
As for Camden’s good looks, we can’t figure out if this little man takes more after his former boy-band father or his gorgeous mom. “People say that he looks like me, but I definitely see more of her everyday — which is probably a good thing,” Nick recently dished to Wetpaint Entertainment.
“I do think he’s a nice balance of both of us, but I’m also horrible at the ‘He’s got your lips, he’s got your nose’ game,” Nick added. “I can’t tell. But he’s a damn cute kid, a great kid.” Judging by this photo, we can attest to the cuteness. We can’t even handle it.

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Jeff Timmons & “Men Of The Strip” Make Las Vegas Debut Ahead Of Their New E! Show…


Jeff Timmons with wife Amanda and their family at  “Men of the Strip” at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.

It’s gotten very hot in the Nevada desert — thanks to 98 Degrees alum Jeff Timmons, who is the new on-stage (shirtless) host of the “Men Of The Strip” male revue, which he co-created with choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard, currently at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.
The “Men of the Strip” show debuts on E! on May 26 (8 p.m. EST)! Check out these pics from the Las Vegas debut on March 29, which was attended by the Timmons’ wifeAmanda, and their adorable two-year-old daughter, Ariahuna.
Jeff Timmon’s of  “Men of the Strip” fame at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.Jeff Timmon’s of  “Men of the Strip” fame at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.
Jeff Timmon of  “Men of the Strip” fame with his daughter Ariahuna, at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.
Jeff Timmon and  “Men of the Strip” perform at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.
Jeff Timmon and  “Men of the Strip” perform at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.
Jeff Timmon and  “Men of the Strip” perform at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on March 29.

Men of the Strip’ Featuring Jeff Timmons Las Vegas Debut Pictures


Local Choir Competition Will Be Hosted by Drew Lachey

used cars Cincinnati OH

As a dealership that sells used cars in Cincinnati OH, McCluskey Automotive is always on the lookout for the best news and events happening around Cincinnati. There are a ton of fun things to do in this great city on a daily basis, and incredible events get brought into town that are always worth mentioning. If you are a fan of singing competitions like The Voice, and American Idol, then you may want to listen up. If you have a great voice, and know others that can also carry a tune, then you definitely want to listen up.
Cincinnati’s very first region-wide choral competition is happening this April 9. The event is an exciting one, and is being hosted by celebrity Drew Lachey, ot 98 Degrees fame. The competition will feature a total of ten different choirs from ten local companies to compete on the stage at the Aronoff Center on April 9. Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, Procter & Gamble, Fifth Third Bank, Duke Energy, Horseshoe Casino, GE Aviation, TriHealth, and American Modern Insurance are among the companies that will be competing. An eleventh team will be chosen by a fan vote starting on March 17. Any local group or choir can submit a video to be entered for a chance to compete on April 9. Submission guidelines and rules can be found here. The submitted videos will be posted on YouTube and be up for a vote starting on March 17.
The choral competition will be raising money for the ArtsWave Community Campaign – a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to being a leader in the arts community of Cincinnati. Tickets for the event will likely sell out, so be sure to get yours now! The show begins at 7pm, and tickets range in price from $20 to $50. We hope to see you there, and who knows – we might even see you on center stage!

First choral competition of its kind coming to Cincinnati


Winner of competition will sing national anthem at a Reds game

Drew Lachey

CINCINNATI —A new choral competition is coming to Cincinnati.
The CincySings Competition will be hosted by Drew Lachey.
CincySings will be the first region-wide choral competition for Tri-State businesses.
“Everybody from Duke, to P&G, GE, Humana, American Modern, Fifth Third, Tri Health, Cincinnati Children's, and I'm missing another one. They all do talent shows and they crown a winner, and all those winners and one wild card also from Children's are coming to the Aronoff Center on April 9 for a battle of the bands,” Lachey said.
The Horseshoe Casino and Kroger will also be participating in CincySings.
The winner will get to sing the national anthem at a Reds game this season.
All of the money raised from CincySings will go to benefit ArtsWave, which supports art and culture in the Tri-State.

Drew talks about Cincy Sings

CINCINNATI (WKRC) -- Local companies are participating in a choral competition which will benefit the arts throughout the Tri-State. Drew Lachey, who knows a thing or two about singing, will host this special event.  He stopped by Good Morning Cincinnati to talk about CincySings presented by Artswave. 

If the video does not load go HERE

19 things you didn't know about Drew Lachey

Posted by Mary Kate Gaffney

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV


Drew Lachey stopped by the studio to discuss his upcoming event CincySings. Behind the scenes, I had a chance to ask him 19 personal questions!
19 things you didn't know about Drew Lachey
  1. Where did the Lachey family grow up? College Hill.
  2. What's a new Cincinnati restaurant that you like? Sotto, A Tavola and Bakersfield.
  3. Favorite sports team? My grandfather taught at UC so I have to say the Bearcats!
  4. Favorite dish to cook? A bowl of cereal.
  5. What other languages can you speak? About four different languages to order a beer. 
  6. What's your favorite social media app? Twitter. 
  7. Where did you come up with the name 98 degrees? It's representative of the mood we wanted our music to create. It's like steamy, hot, body heat.  All our love songs!
  8. Favorite TV show? House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Homeland.
  9. First car? 1981 Toyota Celica that I bought for $300.
  10. Last restaurant you ate at? Skyline!
  11. Last movie you saw? Frozen.
  12. Mustard or ketchup on your hot dog? Mustard.
  13. Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.
  14. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? I love history so maybe FDR. 
  15. One of your biggest fears? I'm not a big fan of rodents. 
  16. Dogs or cats? Dogs! 
  17. What's your Starbucks order? I don't drink coffee.
  18. Laying on the beach or skiing in the mountains? Go to California and you can do both in the same day!
  19. Favorite color? Navy blue.
Follow Drew on twitter at @DrewLachey! 

Drew Lachey on The Xtra Tuesday to talk about CincySings


Drew Lachey signs an autograph. FOX19 file photo

(FOX19) -
Drew Lachey will be on The Xtra Tuesday morning to talk about CincySings, a new singing competition April 9 at The Aronoff Center.
Teams of employee choirs from the 2014 ArtsWave Community Campaign will face off in this competition that will continue Cincinnati's choral tradition. The winners of the CincySings competition will receive a special prize package from ArtsWave and have the chance to sing the national anthem at a Cincinnati Reds game.
The ArtsWave campaign supports more than 100 arts and cultural organizations with grants and services.
Lachey will host the contest.

Jeff Timmons Videos from Slake Nightclub NYC 3-21-14


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Nick Lachey Speaks Out on His Family, Career

Nick & Vanessa at Game of Thrones' Season 4 Premiere party

Go to the Link for more Fabulous pics!! =) 

Nick Lachey - 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 PremiereNick Lachey - 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Premiere

Jeff Timmons Reveals 98 Degrees' Original Band Name -- And Talks Group Tattoos!


Jeff Timmons is proud of his boy band past! 

The 98 Degrees singer stops by Wednesday's "Bethenny" where he reveals why the guys went with the temperature label for their group name and talks about the guys' infamous tattoos. 

Check out the clip above to find out why Nick Lachey decided to have his 98 Degrees ink covered up.

While we'd have to say the tatts are probably not the coolest thing anymore, we gotta give props to Jeff for embracing his '90s past! 

These days, Jeff is working on a reality show called "Men of the Strip," chronicling his own group of male strippers who will make their debut at the House of Blues in Las Vegas this weekend.

We'll be sure to bring you photos from their opening night on Monday! 

For now, see more inked up dudes below: 

Give us a real smile, Nick Lachey!! =)


Nick Lachey poses with his mouth agape in series of fan selfies taken over the past month 

Forgot how to smile? Nick Lachey poses with his mouth open in the same way in a series of selfies with fans taken over a three week period in NYCForgot how to smile? Nick Lachey poses with his mouth open in the same way in a series of selfies with fans taken over a three week period in NYC
Hey hey! Nick did it again on March 17th with a group of excited fans
The father-of-one is the new host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live, and the pictures appear to be part of the promotion of the live TV show.
In selfies taken since March 3, when he first started the job, Nick is seen posing with fans on different days in Times Square, each time with his mouth awkwardly open.
In one shot taken on Monday, the singer's mouth is open so wide he could very well be seated in the dentist's chair
How wide can you go? Nick opened his mouth alongside another fan earlier in the month
Copycat : Nick 'smiled' with another female fan, who seemed to be getting in on the wide-mouthed actionCopycat : Nick 'smiled' with more female fans, who seemed to be getting in on the wide-mouthed action
Starting a trend? In one shot, a group of men in the background also posed with their mouths opened wide
They aren't joining in: Despite Nick's obvious enthusiasm, his female fans in this shot refused to play along, flashing pretty smiles for the camera
Now that's how you do it! While Nick opened his mouth once again, his fan showed him what a real smile looked like
Shaking things up: In a snap from March 11, Nick formed his mouth into more of an 'O' shape
Breaking into song? Nick looked like he was singing a tune in this shot from March 12
Good gig: Nick was recently named as the new host of VH1's Big Morning Buzz, pictured on his first day on the job earlier this month in NYC
Open eyes, open mouth: Nick posed alongside a fan who smiled prettily for the camera
Palpable excitement: Nick looked thrilled to be posing with yet another batch of women