Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Woke Up With Nick Lachey (and Mix 107.3) and Got to Hang Out for the Whole Day! *Friends Encounter*

First of all this encounter is not mine! :( It should of been partly mine. But my dumbass didn't make the 2 hour drive yesterday. I learned my lesson. Anyways you can find the girl's Here on to there story...

We're starting this off with a warning...a BIG WARNING...this post is going to be LONG! We know that all of our posts are long and wordy...but this one..well...it might be the longest yet...why you ask (at least you did in my head...) Well...in order for you to completely appreciate the wonderful, amazing, exciting, amusing,incredible,story that was our day today, we must tell you all the details (really, no one told us we HAD to, we just like providing all of them...)and so, although it will make for a good story, it will be quite lengthy...and thus, the warning (you might want to come back and read it in pieces!)...

We can't think of anywhere better to start than at the beginning...

Meghan awoke this morning at 4:45 a.m. to her phone vibrating. Not because it was her turn to open the center (really, it's a holiday...one of the best parts of today's adventures might very well be the fact that we didn't even have to use a vacation day...ok, no...that doesn't even compete in the "best part of today" category but it was a fun bonus...) No, her phone was vibrating because Michelle was calling with the wake up call Meghan had requested a mere 4 hours earlier when they finally got off the phone (is it still considered "getting off the phone when you weren't actually talking but rather texting...) And so the day began...soon after at about 7:15 a.m., Michelle and Meghan were driving down the streets of DC, looking for parking near the Hard Rock Cafe...the location of their Mix 107.3 "Breakfast with Nick Lachey".

We eventually decided on a garage right on the same block. After watching a few people begin to line up at the Hard Rock, we decided it was time to leave the toasty warmth of the car (why do all of our celebrity meetings seem to involve waiting in the cold....brr!) and turn the key over to the nice valet parking attendant (who knew you could get valet parking with the early bird special!) After finding our way out of the parking garage maze, we found our place in line and met some new "Nick Friends" (You'll hear more about them later but a big hello to Jackie, Kathleen, and Melanie!) While we stood (and dodged Pooping Pigeons...seriously, there were swarms of them...and we were convinced that we were going to be hanging out with Nick with a big splat on our backs!) we chatted with our new friends who were sharing in our excitement. At one point, a Fox newscaster and his cameraman begin to interview those of us who were waiting. He seemed quite impressed that all of us had gotten up early to come have breakfast with Nick (I mean, who would pass up this opportunity!)
Close to 8am, Nick arrived on the scene! A car pulled up and Nick, along with Tommy Lee, his bodyguard, got out. They came walking down the street, waved to all of the fans out front and headed into the Hard Rock Cafe. After standing there for a little while longer, we were allowed to come into the restaurant as well.
Nick, Tommy Lee, Nick's Guitar Player for the day and Daddy-Oh arrive at the Hard Rock Cafe

Immediately upon entering, we were able to find a table and sit down. We chose one in front of the "stage". Some of our fellow attendees began to visit the breakfast buffet; however, we had to skip it. It actually looked quite appetizing but really...WHO could eat with all the excitement and anticipation swirling around!
Michelle and Meghan with their Mix 107.3 Event Passes

While some fans were eating and some were mingling (and some may or may not have been flittering around in their seats in that giddy giggly way that sometimes takes over their calm and mature personalities...) Tommy McFly began to make his way around the room asking people what their questions for Nick were. Now...We need to take a minute out here to talk about our friend Tommy McFly...in fact...we may have to do a whole separate blog about how awesome this dude is...for those of you that don't know, he's the p.m. DJ on Mix 107.3. He was hosting today's event...and oh yeah, he loves our blog!...said so himself. In fact, he had told us that we should find him at today's event and he would try to hook us up in some special way. We didn't have to find him...he found us! Once he made it to our table and saw us, he immediately recognized us and got excited. (I mean, this guy is just too sweet!) He asked us about our blog and then asked Michelle to tell him something about Nick that he wouldn't know. Michelle, (with a little support from Meghan...who may or may not have shoved them at Michelle) shared the interesting fact that Nick has had his face imprinted on Pringles and proudly showed off her can to Tommy. Tommy was quite impressed and asked Michelle if she had a sharpie...(hmm...have a sharpie?? Try, we had 3 of them...in different colors...you have to be prepared...)Michelle handed Tommy one of the black sharpies and Tommy told us that he was going to get Nick to sign Michelle's Pringles for her. Apparently Nick was not going to do autographs at the event at all, due to time constraints, but Tommy figured if he asked during the show, Nick couldn't refuse. (Told you Tommy was a smart guy... :-) Tommy had to leave us to go attend to other details but promised us he would come back to us when Nick was out.

After a short while, Tommy was up front introducing Nick and suddenly in saunters Nicholas. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Nick Lachey in person, you know that this man is unique...Nick carries himself in a manner that is difficult to describe with words. He walks with a confidence that comes from being a talented singer, an accomplished performer...he appears to be at ease with his celebrity status and all the details that accompany that...girls cheering as he walks by...cameras flashing in his face...he takes it all in stride...but as you make eye contact and discover his warm and welcoming grin (not to mention those beautiful eyes with that devilish glint...) you do not find the expected conceit...his presence is not one of "unattainable" or "do not approach" Instead, one feels at ease...as if they are running into an old friend...a next door neighbor rather than someone who gets to live the label of famous...the boy next door description is rather cliche and Mr. Lachey appears to be anything but cliche...but I struggle to think of a description that fits him better.

The excitement of the crowd was palpable and Nick immediately put everyone at ease by getting in front of the microphone and opening himself up to us. (Unfortunately, he decided to break the ice by sharing with us that he was just (and I quote...) "Taking a leak..." and heard his introduction so he knew he had to rush out (hope he washed his hands since we would later be hugging him!). (Why...no matter how old they grow...are boys always amused by talking about their pottying...I mean really...I like knowing random things about celebrities...I was captivated by the information that Nick shared with us while answering questions today...he's an interesting guy...but I did NOT need to know that he had just finished up in the bathroom...boys are SILLY!)
Nick and Tommy McFly walking up to the stage, with Tommy Lee not far behind

Nick spent awhile answering questions from the audience. Again, in line with his open, easy going nature described above, he fielded the questions with a perfect combination of professionalism and sincerity. Especially when it came to answering questions about his ex. (Is there really somebody out there that thinks Jessica is overweight????) I do not know Nick but I imagine getting asked about your ex (especially when the question is about something as sensitive as an attack on her appearance) gets old...really old...really quickly...and yet, he answered the question (as well as a bunch of other questions) without hesitation. In fact, he was even able to joke a little about Jessica. When asked by an audience member if he ever eats at Mexicali Cantina (the person asking the question is actually a cousin of the owner!) in California (it's a well-known Jessica "hotspot") He replied that he does but he has a gripe with the restaurant. He would like them to remove their Jessica Simpson Margarita from the menu and then he could dine there more often (fun side note...(you thought that because this blog was already going to be so long that you would get out of the side (back and pre too) stories, but no...of course we have some to share...) Michelle, Meghan, and Leon ate at Mexicali Cantina while in LA last summer and it was YUMMY!) (...we didn't have the Jessica Margarita though...Leon would not have been amused if Michelle and Meghan spent LA Zoo Day (the day she got to pick what we were doing)intoxicated...)Nick's answers definitely kept us chuckling.
Nick had quite a few cameras in his face the whole time he was talking that morning. Mix 107.3 was recording the event (I think we will have a video in its entirety for you soon!), Fox 5 was recording it, and Tommy Lee (have to call him that while we are here with Tommy McFly) was recording it

After answering a few questions, Nick moved on to singing for us. What an absolute thrill. It was an acoustic performance, so he only had a guitarist accompanying him (he was pretty awesome too!) and although Nick is suffering from a bit of a cold, he gave an amazing performance of his new single, Patience. (loyal readers, what should you be doing right now?...that's right...taking a break from reading this and going to your local radio station's website and request Patience...c'mon now...hop to it...:-) It seems like it has been forever since we have had the pleasure of watching Nick perform live and to be able to do so in this intimate of an environment...it was incredible...this time we have videos too!

Nick seems to laugh a lot while he is singing. We hope that means he is enjoying himself as much as we are enjoying him

After the performance, it was time for more questions. True to his word, Tommy McFly came to our table and gave Michelle the chance to ask her question. Michelle asked Nick when we could expect a tour and Nick replied that if there was going to be one, it would be in the Fall. (We're still not giving up hope that he's joining NKOTB on tour this Summer...we can make it happen somehow...) While Nick was answering Michelle's question, Tommy worked Michelle's Pringles into the conversation, and brought them up for Nick to see. Nick signed them without hesitation. We have video footage of this too, So much fun!

Soon it was time for another song. This time it was "Good in Good-Bye" (we're not positive that this is the title...)also from his new album. We're big fans of this one. Hope he chooses this as his next single, as I'm positive it will be a hit. He claims that it was written with "no one specific" in mind. But as you watch the video, listen to the words and watch him fight the grin creeping onto his face. We're pretty sure you'll agree that he might be fibbing on this one a bit...truly is a great song though...

After the song, it was time for more questions. Nick talked about how he is computer illiterate (Michelle is not allowed to get mad at Meghan anymore for her lack of computer knowledge! Though she has volunteered us to help Nicholas with his blogging)but how he is trying to stay on top of making sure http://www.nicklachey.com/ is kept up to date.( We saw Tommy (Nick's bodyguard and our "old friend") video-ing most of the morning...we assume it is for future Nick vlogs...) He also talked about http://www.nickfanatic.com/ after he saw the sign that Jackie had made. He shared that he thinks it's so up to date, that sometimes he checks there to see what is coming up in his schedule! So sweet! He even asked everyone in the audience that were members of NickFanatic to raise their hands, there were quite a few people there!
Nick did a great job of answering every question that was thrown at him with honesty and humor.
One fan asked Nick if he has any superstitions. This caused him to break into a line of "Superstitious" (which later prompted an impromptu performance of the song) He responded that he is not overly superstitious but that he always knocks on the fuselage before flying. After some conversation about this, Tommy persuaded Nick to sing Superstitious. This is how I know that this man has true talent. He didn't know he was going to sing this song...he hadn't rehearsed it...he was asked to do it, almost as a joke...and he banged it out...almost perfectly (yeah, the guitarist did a pretty amazing job as well!) Wonder how many other performers could accomplish that...

There was a little bit of time left for questions and then Nick sang his last song for the event, What's Left Of Me. This song has gotten a lot of air time and is quite popular. For good reason...he does a great job with it. Not our favorite song ("Resolution" is, which coincidentally, Nick said was his as well.), but hard not to enjoy him performing it.

After the fan questions and songs Nick had to do a TV and Internet interview for Fox 5 News. He stood up and did the interview right in front of all of us (upon standing, he may have channeled a little "Donnie Wahlberg" as there was some butt shaking action...shame we weren't recording that....Definitely one of the times in life I would love to have a "do-over").

Nick's Fox 5 News Interview

After the performance, it was time for photos. We had to line up with our tablemates and took photos in groups of four. It was extremely brief, but standing with him and joking around was a great way to end a wonderful morning... The photos were taken by Mix 107.3, with their camera. They said they would be on the website sometime this week and hopefully we will be able to share them with all of you (very ILAA 5* ish.....)

Nick and Tommy McFly posed for a picture together

Tommy Lee continued filming Nick and the fans all day long (look how well we have done with not calling Tommy Biscuit....it has been hard, that is his name to us!)

"We woke Up with Nick Lachey" , had breakfast with him (well, we never did actually eat...) chatted a bit...listened to him to sing to us...who could ask for anything more?

...Apparently, Michelle and Meghan can, that's who...c'mon loyal readers...did you think we would let you down there...did you think we would call it a day and be satisfied with all we had been given at the Hard Rock Cafe...did you think that would be enough????

You know us better than that by now...of course, we weren't done...of course, we weren't calling it a day (I mean Meghan and Michelle usually aren't even up at this time of day)....we weren't quite sure how we were going to make the fun continue but we did know that weren't throwing in the towel quite yet...and boy...are we glad we didn't...

We left the restaurant and got Michelle's car (we thought that valet parking was supposed to make things easier...not sure why the crazy parking attendant thought it was ok to hold Michelle's car hostage!) As we were pulling out, we got caught up in some traffic. See, apparently the Hard Rock Cafe is on the same block as Ford's Theater...and apparently they are doing some kind of special event to commemorate Lincoln's birthday...apparently, this event brings a lot people to it...especially on President's Day....(history, schmistory...) but there were definitely a lot of people there and so we had to sit for a little while.

This actually turned out to be a good thing, as while we were sitting there, we saw Jackie and Kathleen come out. We realized we had never said good-bye to them and so we got out of the car and started to say our good-byes. When all of a sudden, who appears before our eyes...(you know where this is going, right?) Nick, of course. He was apparently getting more footage for his vlogs by chatting to the camera on the steps of Ford's Theater and we were able to snap some pics while he was doing this. He said hello again, chatted with us for a few minutes more. As he climbed into his car, he asked us if we would be heading to the next radio station with them. Hmmmm, why yes Mr. Lachey, we will! Off they pulled, headed off to his next radio adventure.
Nick filming his VLOG (?) on the steps of Ford's Theater in DC

Jackie and Kathleen were not sure what they were going to do. They had originally planned on heading back to NJ but while they were in the Hard Rock finishing up, they got some "time" with Nick and his entourage. Nick shared with them that he was headed to another radio station event (Hot 99.5) and asked if he would be seeing them there. Here's the thing, when Nick Lachey asks if you are going to be somewhere, you go. And so go we did (yeah, we had to go along as their tour guides, they're not from this area, didn't want them to get lost!)

Jackie and Kathleen had to get packed and check out of their hotel, so we agreed to meet up at the radio station when they were done. After an adventurous trek through DC and into Marlyand, we all wound up in the parking lot of the radio station. At this point, we didn't really know what to do (unfortunately we weren't radio winners and while Nick invited us, it took us a lot longer to get there then it took him) and so we did the only thing we could think of...we tried to get into the station. When we got off of the elevators, we ran into one of Jackie's friends who had been invited to attend the actual radio event. She told us that the event had just ended and that Nick had said that they would be leaving soon to go to their final radio event (106.5 in Baltimore) in a little while. Despite Kathleen's heroic attempts, we were unable to get past the reception area of the station and so we decided that it might be best to leave and maybe, just maybe, head to the Baltimore station...(I mean, it was on the way home for Jackie and Kathleen...and again...we didn't want our new friends getting lost...wouldn't be very nice of us to let that happen...)

There were a few slight problems with this genius plan...the first being that 106.5 had advertised the event as being at an undisclosed location. We were slightly concerned that the odds of this "undisclosed location" being their actual studios were not high. We also were debating if it made more sense to just wait and try to see Nick as he was leaving from this station. We knew he was definitely there and we do have a motto of "Don't leave too quickly, be patient" which we put into effect after learning the hard way with Donnie Wahlberg. The problem with waiting at that station was that we were pretty sure that Nick's car was parked in the parking garage that we did not have access to. (Oh loyal readers...what to do? We wish that we could have consulted you!)

Our decision may have been made when we somehow (can't disclose too many details...) fell out into the parking garage and happened to land upon where Nick's car was parked (you know that is "exactly" how this happened). Yeah...this made our decision for us. Despite the fact that it was damp and cold...despite the fact that the big machines were making strange hissing noises at us...despite that fact that there was some unidentifiable (though possibly asbsestos..) material dripping from the ceiling..we decided to just wait there. We knew we would be given at least a small opportunity to see Nick as he walked to his car and this was enough to satisfy us (well...for the moment at least :-)

Nice of the boys to have an easily identifiable car and to leave it right by the elevators for us!

Meanwhile.....Inside the Hot 99.5 studio.....




As we waited, we chatted and joked...plotted out optimal picture taking angles...discussed whether or not it would be appropriate to ask for autographs...complained about how cold it was...(anyone who hasn't already thought to themselves that we were plotting how we were going to get Nick to tell us where the undisclosed location for the next event was is silly...) Honestly, we had a really good time. First with our NKOTB friends and now with our Nick friends...one of our favorite things about meeting the celebrities we have, has been sharing that experience with new friends. (Jackie and Kathleen, we would not have had HALF as much fun if we hadn't been sharing the experience with the two of you! :-) There were definitely A LOT of laughs (as well as some master detective work, that needed to be well lit by cell phone cameras! :-) and after a few false leads (and some strange looks from the parking attendant at that garage...) Nick and his entourage came walking out the door towards their car (wonder what they were thinking when they walked out????)...

I wish I could say that we remained calm and mature...I wish I could say that we somehow pulled off a casual, "oh, Nick Lachey...imagine meeting you here..." I wish I could say that we weren't giggly, squeaky voiced (apparently that happens to us when we get excited...) silly girls...but unfortunately, there is video evidence proving quite the opposite... (yeah...those nutty girls from the Tobin Bridge with Donnie Wahlberg...they're back...high pitched giggles and all...and the videographer...she's still scared of getting in trouble for video-ing, notice how when Tommy comes close she shuts down the video!)

It was pretty darn amusing...and it's ok...because Nick seems amused by it all too...he even told us he was impressed (who wouldn't be by our skills and dedication?).. (why did we all feel the need to shout out to him... :-) He actually was a complete and total sweetheart about it. He came over and chatted with us for quite awhile about various topics. We asked him if he was going to be on One Tree Hill...he grinned and fessed up that he was going to be and when the filming started (which is soon...road trip anyone?). We shared that this worked well for us, as along with him and NKOTB, One Tree Hill was one of our three obsessions (We promise we really are in our thirties...) This led to a discussion about NKOTB, the concert he attended in LA, and an invitation for him to join us on the NKOTB cruise in May. He told us, he'd see what he could do :-) We're pretty sure it would work out quite well for everyone involved... We asked him to sign our pictures from when we met him in Ohio. He graciously complied with our request. We chatted a bit about the night the picture was taken. Amusingly enough , he remembered that TGI FRiday's was taking all the items off the wall that night and almost getting decapitated by the large canoe coming down off the wall as well...(we thought we were the only ones who remembered that ridiculous part of the evening...) While he chatted with Jackie, we chatted a bit with Tommy (his bodyguard) who had remembered that we were at the event at the Hard Rock earlier in the day (Why do the bodyguards always remember us... :-) and wanted to know how we were doing.

Nick signing our photos from when we met him last March in a Friday's in Ohio

Nick signing Jackie's CD

None of us are exactly sure how the next series of events occurred but we do know a few things...one minute, we were trying to talk Nick into telling us where his next event was going to be held...we just wanted the location...we thought we could figure the rest out on our own...the next thing we know, he's asking Daddy-Oh if he can get us into the event...Daddy-Oh is agreeing...Daddy-Oh is asking us if we have GPS and will we be ok if we can't follow them since our car is not parked near them...Daddy-Oh is writing out the address on our purple folder with our silver sharpie...Nick is saying, "Good, we can all go to Baltimore together..." (I'm sorry..did NICK LACHEY JUST SAY US COMING SOMEWHERE WITH HIM WAS GOOD???????) Again, we're not sure how it all came to be...but we it didn't take long for us to run to our cars (eww, nasty lady in elevator who rolled her eyes at us when the four of us may (or may not...) have been jumping around with joy...) and begin our journey to Nick's next event...our journey to Nick's next event, as Nick's invited guests...definitely a surreal moment... OH wait! Now Daddy-Oh is back! He needed us to take off all of our Mix 107.3 paraphenila and store it far, far, awya while we were in Mix 106.5....apparently they wouldn't like that (even if you are coming as Nick Lachey's personal guest!).

A moment that only got better as we realized Daddy-Oh had pulled out of the parking garage and was waiting for us in the parking lot! We got to ride all the way to Baltimore right behind Nick and co. Daddy-Oh did a good job of being a caravan leader. Yeah...I'm not kidding...Daddy-Oh driving Nick and Company...followed by us...followed by Jackie and Kathleen (who btw, had their car window painted with Nick Lachey, Here We Come... which Nick got to see and smiled at...what are the odds that he would get to see that...and now they know for a fact that he got to see it...SO FUN!) all the way to Baltimore (a good long ride...) It was so incredibly fun to be able to say that we were following Nick...not as some silly fan-stalkers but because we had been invited to do so...by Nick...he really is one of the most amazing men... Though I think he might have been a little scared that the two cars full of girls behind him who were all texting and driving (mostly to each other!) might run into the back of him!

The Leader of the Pack!

Jackie and Kathleen's care, decorated for the occassion!

It sounds so silly now...but it was definitely a surreal moment (more like lots of moments...) knowing that Nick Lachey was in that particular car...other people on the road, had no idea it was his car..but we knew...and we got to follow him. I wonder if that's not one of the best parts of being a celebrity (not the having Michelle and Meghan following you part...) knowing that you can do such simple things and it makes someone's whole day (..or most likely in this case, four someone's whole week!) I appreciate the celebrities that doesn't abuse that power or take it for granted...it makes them all the more admirable... :-)

Once we got there, Tommy rolled down his window and told us that they had to run somewhere (really Tommy, if you guys were getting lunch, you could've told us...we were hungry too! :-) but that we should stay put and that they would be back for us, he PROMISED that they would take us inside with them. We all follow instructions well, and so the four us sat right where they left us. A little while later, Daddy-Oh came back for us, as promised, and walked us into the studio. We sat in the back as the other guests were all already seated. This event had much fewer people than the morning event, most of whom were employees of the radio station, and it although we were in the back row, we were in aisle with no one blocking us, and so we felt like we were even closer to Nick while he sang. (We're now concert snobs, remember... we like being as close as possible.) Unfortunately there was a no cameras allowed policy here :( Hopefully they will post all of their pictures soon too! But, I don't think they recorded the question and answer session, so you will need to make do with our memory.....

This crowd was a little quiter than the morning crowd and so there weren't as many questions. Nick did discuss a few interesting things though...he discussed his man crush on David Beckham and how after Victoria found out about it on the Regis and Kelly Show, she sent him a David Beckham package of cologne and sunglassess as a joke...sunglasses which Nick proceeded to wear...until Vanessa told him that they were women's sunglasses....eek!

He told us about why his father pronounces Lachey different than Nick and Drew do...It seems that Nick's Dad always pronounced it LAY CHEE. However, Nick met a girl named Rachel and fell in love and dreamed of marrying her...he didn't want her to have to have the name Rachel LAY CHEE (how cute that he was worried about that, it is one of Michelle's biggest worries in her current relationship-how her married name would sound...it ain't pretty!) and so when he moved to a new school, he started using the pronunciation that his cousins used...LA SHAY...unfortunately, because Drew was with him, he had to switch too...and then they became famous...and so their pronunciation stuck...all for Rachel.... (what a great story she gets to tell... :-)

He told us that Cal Ripkin was a pretty cool guy. He apparently signed a Jersey and a ball and sent it with his daughter to Nick's last concert in Baltimore (The first time we actually go to "meet" Nick was after that concert! Look where we are now, 5 meetings later and personal guests of Mr Lachey!) Nick seemed really touched by this gesture.

Nick did a great job of interacting with the one six year old fan who had come :-) He's so incredible cute with children, bet he spoils his niece rotten! (We know an "almost" 5-year-old, "I Heart Nick" t-shirt wearing, thinking every dark haired guy on TV is Nick Lachey (yes...Nick evidently won eight gold medals for swimming this summer, I have a picture drawn by said little girl hanging in my office to prove it (I hope Nick didn't partake in "other" activities the said swimmer did!)) little girl who is going to be very sad if she finds out Ms Michelle and Ms Meghan got to hang out with Nick and she didn't :( ).

He helped us to remember that A LOT of what Wikkipedia has to say is untrue (interesting.....) and corrected some false pieces of info that are on his page. Although the verdict is still out on whether or not Saved By the Bell is his favorite tv show...his answer of "and what if it is..." was not very conclusive...

We also got to learn that he an Vanessa don't really have nicknames for each other...He said "I call her V and she usually calls me jerk"...

He told us about his Bahamas trip this weekend (working, not pleasure....take that you stupid tabloid magazines!). He has evidently been sick and is on antibiotics (and didn't heed the warning about sun exposure...) and that is why he is looking a little red.

He performed three songs for us (Patience, Good In Goodbye and What's Left of Me) and although he did an awesome job this morning at the Hard Rock, this go around, his performance was stunning. I'm not sure what the difference was, but at times, I actually had goosebumps.

After the singing, he took pictures again. We waited until last to go, because we weren't sure if we would get another picture since we technically weren't suppossed to be there. But Nick called out to the back where we were sitting and said "hey, don't I know you guys back there? Have we met before? Did we come here together?" Yup, we get more pictures....shame they are with the radio station's camera and we are at their mercy for when they post them.....

This time, we were able to get our picture taken with Jackie and Kathleen which will be a fun keepsake...oh..and we may have weasled out a few extra pictures with Nick and Tommy...and then a few more with Nick, Tommy and Daddy-oh...what...we had to thank them personally and wanted them to be a part of our photo memories from the day too...Daddy-Oh was being shy at first...but that was silly...we whined to Nick and Nick "made" him get in the picture with us... :-) We are a little sad that the station insisted on using their camera and wouldn't let us use our own, but I guess we shouldn't complain... :-)

We got a chance to chat with Nick for a little bit more. He thanked us (really, that's not necessary, you made our day!...) and told us all to drive safely. We joked with him a bit and thanked him again. Then Michelle asked for a hug and gave her a big one (She was surprised that she was actually able to let go, unfortunately, while Nick was ok with us following him on to Deleware, I don't know if he would have been ok with Michelle holding on to him still the whole way). Meghan told him that if Michelle got one , then she needed one and he responded "You can have one, hugs are free! (Oh, Nick...hope that you never regret that you said that because we're coming back for more). Tommy did not want to be left out of the love-fest and grabbed all of us in for hugs (we think Daddy-Oh was being shy again...he went back to the back of the room) Jackie and Kathleen got to chat with Nick for a bit more too and then it was time to say good-bye...

Except...it was really hard to walk out of the room...really hard...and so we didn't right away..we kinda just watched the radio station crew getting their pictures..and talked to Jo-J0, the DJ who had been e-mailing with Michelle prior to this event. (Imagine his surprise that she got Nick to invite her since he didn't want to let her be the station winner like the cool Mix 107.3 people (we love you Tommy Mc Fly!) did. Jo-Jo was quite interested in who we were and how we knew Nick. Kind of funny...seems that they had called the station when we were all caravaning from DC and told the station that they were bringing four friends with them to the event that hadn't been listed before...JoJo was confused as to where Nick ran into these "friends". Poor confused Jo-Jo, he should have known when he talked to us earlier in the week that we were persistent!

(Michelle also took this conversation opportunity to ask JoJo why 106.5 wasn't interested in interviewing NKOTB. The response was that they are VERY interested in an interview but NK's management refused last fall for some unknown reason. We told JoJo that we would work on it for him :-) ... and so Jared, we know you are reading this, please let 106.5 interview the boys when they come to town to do our Baltimore show...they can do it at our pre-party, we have it all arranged for you :-) And oh yeah...you're going to need to arrange for Nick to be on the cruise as well, he seems interested and really, what a good marketing oppurtunity for him! NKOTB fans are just the right market for Nick Lachey, look at all of the loyal blog readers who are NKOTB fans we have already turned into Nick fans! And really, I am willing to accept a job on Nick's team as well, it doesn't have to just be with our boys, I am flexible...

And so it was finally time to say good-bye......actually, we like so-long better...so-long to the station...so-long and safe travels (and acknowledgment that we would get together for future Nick "events" :-) to our new friends Jackie and Kathleen...so-long to Tommy McFly (well, he wasn't with us at this station, but we didn't get a chance to say goodbye at the Hard Rock so we thought we'd mention how wonderful he is again here! :-)...so-long to TommyLee and Daddy-Oh (thanks for taking such good care of us and hooking us up!) and so-long to Nicholas...we knew before that we enjoyed your music...found you funny...and gracious...yeah, we can't lie, you're a cutie too...:-) ...they're the reasons we looked so forward to "waking up" with you today (may be the reason Michelle didn't get any sleep last night!)...we had NO idea the fun that this day would hold for us...all that you would give not only to all your fans (you always give so much) but especially the four girls you randomly (heh hemm... ;-) stumbled upon in the parking garage. We loved every minute of it...you have an amazing voice (even with a little bit of a scratchy throat) an obvious talent for performing...a genuiness that exudes from you...a caring, patient way with your fans...we can't thank you enough...we only hope that we continue to have many opportunities to try to do so... (Will anyone be surprised if we show up at Nick's other radio dates this week in Deleware, Trenton, Conneticut, or Boston?)

Night All,

M&M (who are very tired, but may BOTH dream of Nick Lachey tonight! Don't be too jealous Donnie....you will be back in Meghan's dreams tomorrow!)

PS-We will add all of our individual photos when the radio station adds them to the site

PPS-Hopefully Tommy McFly will guest blog soon and add the video of teh day for us :) Keep checking back!

PPPS-Here is a link to all of our pictures thus far...more will be added soon!

PPPPS-NICK-we know you read NickFanatic and we are posting this there too! If you happen to come across it (we hope it is on a long car ride, because we are wordy!) feel free to comment ;)