Thursday, February 12, 2009

Few Updates

So Somehow you have landed on my blog. I very rarely write anything on here myself other then updates on the guys but I figured why not. Besides right now its almost 2:30am and the wind is blowing about 70mph outside & I cannot sleep.

Sooo here we go. Still Lovin 98 Degrees started out originally as a Yahoo group. Which I still update as much as I can. It's been around since 2001 I guess. Thinking back that was such a long time ago...I decided to start this blog awhile back. Just because it was so much easier to keep updated and everything was saved right here. So if anyone ever needed anything. Its probably here.

The only member I have ever truly met is Jeff. He's very down to earth & I am 100% behind him and his solo career. Which hopefully with the release of his CD this coming March even more people will fall in love with him. If you look back in the blog you'll come across a group of Jeff & his friends. The RPM Trackmasters. These guys are the original 98 Crew. Before Jeff met Nick, Drew & Justin. Check them out! :) They have amazing voices as well. Just think had they stayed with Jeff I could be writing about them instead!! They are all still close with Jeff and have even helped out with his latest CD. I have met them and there awesome guys to hang with!!

Hopefully this year i will finally get to meet Nick in person. Hes actually walked right past me at Hotels in the past, and I never really bothered to even say Hi. Yeah pretty funny ya know. I think that was way back in '99. The same year that my friend Kelly got stuck in an elevator with Nick & Jess while they were fighting. Pretty funny to say the least.

I've seen Drew & Justin in the parking lot. lol...Thats the closest I have gotten.
And I probably have the biggest & rarest video collection on them out there to this date. It goes way back to early '97 and from all over..Canada..Malaysia to the US..

As 4 me. I do this for fun. I love to travel, seeing new places & meeting new people. I work alot in the Summer but my winters are free. So in my sparetime this is fun. I see it as a way of helping out Fans from all over the world. That want to stay up to date as well. Thanks to Jeff, drew, Justin & Nick without knowing it...they made me some of the closest friends that I will have for years to come. People that I would have never met had this not come around at a time in my life when I needed it...

Thanks 4 stopping by! And thanks for reading!! :)