Friday, February 20, 2009

Nick Lachey is funny... really!

Posted by Paysha Rhone February 20, 2009 01:01 PM


It’s probably pretty hard to surprise former boybander and reality TV dude Nick Lachey. He’s probably endured every personal question known to man over and over and over… until today, when 8-year-old Cameron Taylor, of Billerica, surprised him at a concert for Mix 98.5 listeners at the Colonnade Hotel with this zinger. “Have you had your tonsils out?” Lachey was floored. “I’ve been in the business 10 years and that’s a question I’ve never been asked,” he said, laughing. “I’ve been doing interviews all week… ‘What do you think about Jessica Simpson’s weight? When are you going to do Dancing with the Stars?’” For the record: the answer is no, Lachey still has his tonsils. And he gets tonsillitis often because he still has ‘em, he said. His advice to little Cameron: get the surgery while you’re young. But – just in case Lachey was disappointed – he soon got the inevitable query from another audience member. “What do you think about Jessica’s weight gain?” a young woman asked. He groaned. “She was so cute and I was so looking forward to her question and then vomit just came out of her mouth,” he answered. Eeeeewww. He must be really tired of that topic.

Lachey, by the way, sang three songs for the early-morning crowd, two of which are off his upcoming album, “Coming Up for Air.” And we have to say, the lyrics of “Good in Goodbye” still sound a wee bitter, considering he and Simpson broke up years ago and he’s reportedly quite happy with g.f. Vanessa Minnillo. “She said I never listen,” Lachey sings… “She never had much to say anyway.” After the song, he insisted, “It’s not literal at all.” OK.

Other Lachey projects in the works: a “Fame”-like MTV reality show set at his old performing arts high school in Cincinnati (Lachey is exec producer, the show premiers next month) and an April 27 appearance (as himself) on “One Tree Hill.” Lachey is also a partial owner of the Tacoma Rainiers, a Triple-A baseball team that feeds the Seattle Mariners. When someone in the crowd yelled “Red Sox,” he countered with “Not so much. Against the Yankees, I’m all Red Sox, believe me. But I’m all about the Reds. Have pity on us.”