Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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posted 10:15am on Wed Feb 11th, 2009
hey guys, i hope everyone is happy and healthy. this has been a
really fun week for me. i took my niece up to tahoe to go skiing for
the first time. there is nothing like seeing a 3 year old playing in
the snow! she had the best time! i hope you all got to see the
grammys the other night. i thought there were some really good
performances, but my favorite had to be sugarland. man, that girl can
sing! i have always liked that song, but hearing her do it live just
blew me away. as a huge led zeppelin fan, i was glad to see robert
plant win as well for album of the year, although i thought radiohead
could have easily won too.

Well, the single is steadily growing across the country and more
and more stations are playing it every week, so all of your requests must
be working. keep on calling your local stations and requesting
"patience", even if they say they aren't playing it yet! you all have
a lot of influence in getting things played on the radio, so don't be

For those of you on the east coast, i'm going to be in your area
next week. starting on monday, i will be visiting radio stations in
washington dc, baltimore, philly, nyc, hartford, providence, and
boston as well as some others in between. if i'm in your area, come
down and say hi. i'm gonna be performing live at a lot of these
stations as well, so you should come down and check it out. if you
can't make it down in person, make sure you call in and say hey!

Lastly, i want to wish everyone a happy valentines day! make
sure you spend it with someone you love. take care everybody and remember
to always stay positive!

nick lachey