Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Details on Nick & One Tree Hill

The deal is now done, so it’s official: Nick Lachey will be guest-starring on the CW’s One Tree Hill. But what you don’t know is exactly what the tabloid darling will be doing in North Carolina, or with whom. Or even when.

Well, according to here is a tidbit of behind the scene details.....

Sources tell us that Lachey will be appearing in the April 27 episode, playing … himself. Interestingly enough, the former boy bander is hot to record a song written by Haley. Hopefully that will bring some life to her character, who up until this point has been pretty quiet this year!!

A VERY reliable source also informed me that Nick will start filming that Episode in Wilmington, NC this coming Monday...My friends may be making the trip there. If this happens you will be the first in the loop! :)