Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th.

Anyone going to see the Movie tonight? Jared Padelecki is gonna Rock it. Supernatural is my Favorite show on TV. That may have to do more with Jensen then anything. But I have became a huge fan of Jareds as well. :) I never actually saw the whole original movie. I was young & it scared the hell outta me to say the least. So I cannot wait to see this one!
Anyways, I *MAY* have some hopefully awesome personal pictures of Nick by next week. A few of my friends my Nickfantic won tickets for *Breakfast with Nick* at the Hard Rock in DC on Monday morning. And they have invited me along!! I am hoping to go as long as I can meet them outside the DC area. Driving in that damn town & I just don't seem to get along. LoL...I'm thinkin i need to invest in a GPS. No I'm not scared of driving in the bigger cities. Hell give me Pittsburgh to drive in anyday & I am there. But its been a good 12 years since I have been to the DC area. And without a GPS well you know how it goes..I'm just a smalltown girl afterall, lol....
SO wish me luck. Next week could be quite eventfull because before its all said & done, I could wind uo in NYC to see New Kids on the Block as well. lol. I haven't seen them in 20 years...and that was when they opened for Tiffany in Hagerstown, MD. Now thats just funny!
This is Fun for me. A passion I guess. I love meeting new people & seeing places that I never would have. So why not do it while I'm laid off right? Because come May I'll be back out on the Golf Course slingin beers to them men and trapped in this damn town for awhile!
I'll be in touch! :)