Friday, February 27, 2009

Nick Lachey’s opinion on NFL football is important.


By Benjamin

Honestly, his opinion would not make it into any reputable paper, not even in the Cincinnati Enquirer. If it would not make it into a newspaper, how could it be a subject for fifteen minutes on a satellite radio show?

The name of the show in question is the “The Sirius Blitz” and is meant to be dedicated to football conversation and opinions. It was an entertaining episode with several good arguments about various NFL teams. However, I could not believe my ears when it was announced that Nick Lachey was joining them in the studio.

First and foremost, I am not going to listen anything that Lachey has to say after he disrespected my Alma mater by singing “Hail to the Victors” in Ohio State’s stadium during College Gameday. That episode of College Gameday was Ohio State vs. Texas, therefore not warranting even speaking about University of Michigan let alone a display like that. The fact that he has or had a job on ESPN with no formal journalism training OR history playing sports at the collegiate or professional levels is a ridiculous.

So as I try to lower my blood pressure with deep breathes, I keep listening the station. As their conversation wore on, I started to notice that he spent five minutes discussing his upcoming album instead of football. I don’t really care how slow the tempo on his new album is or if Troy Polamalu might not want to listen to it! This channel is about football and that is what I expect. I am not sure who Lachey’s record company is but someone is getting some major kickbacks.

Alright, finally they were speaking about football. Nick starts talking about how it is so difficult to fly back to LA after every home game loss. According to Lachey, he owns a suite at Paul Brown stadium and flies back to every Bengal home game. I do understand the pain of watching your beloved team continually shoot themselves in the foot, as I am a serious fan of the Cleveland Browns.

Later they ask him about his favorite college team, the USC Trojans, and want to know his opinion on who will be drafted to the NFL this year. How you can grow up in Cincinnati, Ohio and be such a big fan of USC is beyond me, but should be discussed in another post. I just don’t understand what makes his opinion valuable enough to make him a guest on a satellite radio show.

Then I thought about another example of another record company celebrity getting press for his sports predictions. In the beginning of the NFL playoffs, there were several news clips that held Lil’ Wayne’s predictions for the winners as well as other sports commentary. Maybe this is just the way sports reporting is going, where there is less emphasis on the expert and more on the individuals and random celebrities. Actually, a website named has all but replaced ESPN’s and Sports Illustrated’s websites for all of my updates on the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes.

In that case, maybe I should be less angry at hearing Nick Lachey on the radio, because that has opened up the door for my voice in sports. Now I am not saying that I am as famous as Nick Lachey, and definitely not that I am as famous as superstar Lil’ Wayne. But it seems as though the internet has given anyone a voice for their humble opinions, and I plan on starting to use my voice.

Thank you Nick Lachey. You have prompted me to write this article and make my best attempt at sharing my sports opinions on the internet.