Wednesday, August 22, 2012

98 Degrees 'Definitely' Making New Music

By Christina Garibaldi (@

It's been more than a decade since 98 Degrees shared a stage together, and a lot has happened to its members since.
Nick Lachey famously got married to (and got divorced from)Jessica Simpson and then got married again to Vanessa Minnillo. Lachey's brother Drew, won the second season of Dancing with the Stars, while Justin Jeffre made a career switch to politics, running for (but losing) theMayor of Cincinnati. And Jeff Timmons released a solo album and put on that infamous bowtie for a limited run for a Chippendales male stripper show at RIO Las Vegas.
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Fast forward to 2012, and the group is finally back together. 98 Degrees reunited last week on the "Today" show and played their first full concert at the MixTape Festival at Hershey Stadium.
"It's been 11 years since we've been on stage together," Drew Lachey told MTV News moments after they performed. "To get back out there and have fans still singing along, cheering. It was a dream come true."
The group has been rehearsing tirelessly for their big return, relearning dance moves and even their own lyrics, which Nick Lachey admits, has always been a problem.
"We've always forgotten our own lyrics. That's something we did even when we toured for two and a half years straight," Nick said. "I think we all had a little rust to kick off, but it's also funny how quickly it all came back. It is really like riding a bike once you start doing it, you're like 'Oh, I remember this now'. It's kind of like in your body still and it was fun." So after all this time, what prompted a reunion? Well, fans, you can think Jeffre.
"I've been wanting to get back together with these guys for a long time," said Jeffre, who initiated the reunion.
Nick Lachey teased, "It bordered on harassment; let's be honest."
All kidding aside, the group is happy to be back together and is eager to release new music.
"We're definitely going to get back into the studio and make some new music. The next couple of months are kind of busy for us on different levels, but we are going to get in the studio and start making new music and see where the creative process takes us and then we will see what 2013 holds in store for us," said Drew Lachey, who will compete on the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars." "We are listening to songs, writing songs, so hopefully in the next couple of months. Nick has this one little thing he has to take care of, but once he gets that out of the way."
That one "little thing" just happens to be his upcoming bundle of joy. Lachey is expecting his first child, a baby boy, with Minillo any day now.
"This kid's screwing up everything!" Lachey joked.
Drew added, "Once we get settled and all the songs together, we'll go together in the studio."