Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drew Lachey Says Runners Up Are The Ones To Beat On New Season of Dancing With The Stars!

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In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Drew Lachey says the runners up are the ones to beat because they still want to win. Makes sense. He’s also prepared to dance with anyone. More below and be sure to read the link as well. The video interview isn’t up yet, but, check Access Hollywood for it on Monday. To Drew. This guy had a lot of determination the first time he danced. I bet he will this time as well? I love the part in bold…
“Every season has been a step up in talent level, aggressiveness and taking on the dances. So for me, that’s a big reason of why I decided to come back,” he explained. “Second season was great — it was challenging, it was hard — but I want to see how I hold up against some of the big boys that have done it in more recent seasons.”
As for whether he’d like to be partnered with his original pro, Cheryl Burke, Drew said he’s prepared either way.
“If Cheryl and I dance together, we already know how to work together, we already know how far we can push each other. There’s that history there,” he said. “That being said, with a new partner, there’s a new excitement of different skill sets, different choreography, different styles. So, there [are] pros and cons for both.
“Whoever gets Cheryl is gonna be happy,” he added. “But I guarantee you I’ll be set with whoever I get as well!”