Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anna Trebunskaya: Drew Lachey Is a DWTS All-Stars Underdog


Dancing With the Stars Season 14: Anna TrebunskayaSexy Dancing With the Stars pro Anna Trebunskaya has been paired with Season 2 champ Drew Lacheyfor the All-StarSeason 15. Anna was paired with the runner-up that season, Jerry Rice, so she knows first hand what a powerhouse Drew can be.

Surprisingly, however, when we chatted with Anna at the 2012 Do Something Awardsshe told us that she actually considers Drew an underdog! Read on to find out why.
Wetpaint Entertainment: What were your thoughts on All Stars?
Anna Trebunskaya: Oh boy, I said, that’s going to be a tough season. Everybody’s going to kick up the gear. Because they’ve all done it. They all know what it is, they all know what they need to do, they all know what they’re going to go through, so they’re all going into it with a much clearer understanding and more of a commitment.

You’ve got six champions. That’s crazy!

It’s amazing! But it kind of sucks for the people who won, in a way, because they might not win. But I’m sure they’re all aware of it. I’m just looking forward to it, I can’t even describe how excited I am.

How did you feel about getting paired up with a winner?

Not only is he a winner, but Drew and I have a history together, because Season 2 he got first place and I was second with Jerry Rice. And now he’s my partner! So I’m like, “What are you trying to tell me, universe?”

Maybe that it’s time for victory.

How is he as a dancer?

He’s very good. He’s very musical, he’s very rhythmical, he’s precise, compact. He has so many great qualities…and he can sing. He’s sharp, fast, really coordinated and because he’s a musician he can really feel that beat.

Can you push him?

Absolutely. You can always make a diamond shine more.

Have you talked to the rest of your cast mates about how they feel?

I’ve talked to Pamela Anderson and she’s like, “Why am I in this? I don’t know!” She’s like, “I’m not sure why,” but she loves it. And I’m very happy that she’s paired up with Tristan [MacManus] because they’re just going to be one dreamy, sexy couple.

Who do you think is the underdog this time around?

Drew. He’s the underdog. There’s six champions. There’s Gilles Marini who’s an absolute sex bomb, there’s Kirstie Alley and she has a lot of huge fans, so Drew is the underdog!