Sunday, August 26, 2012

A few minutes with Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees


As Bieber/One Direction fever rages here in Australia faster and more virulent than the zombie apocalypse in the Walking Dead, I can’t judge, I think its cute and hey I did it about 10 years ago. Typing that was hard. Posting that was hard, it is truly showing my age – despite me still loving music that my 17 year old self would have loved. 10 years ago – it was 98 Degrees for me. (And Westlife, but that’s another post)
I love a good ballad. I love a bad ballad. I love matching outfits, and cheesy dance moves, and the puppy dog eyes in those sad songs (Justin Timberlake in early NSync days, I’m looking at you). And I haven’t really grown out of it! When I heard that 98 Degrees would be reuniting for one show only (this time tomorrow!), I was so happy! But sad all at the same time because it is nowhere that I can get to by pushbike, taxicab, or, well anything that wouldn’t take more than half a day. When I kindly asked Jeff Timmons if I could pose a few questions his way on Twitter; did you really think I’d get a yes?! Let alone a DM saying, sure!? Uh. No! Really?! Oh! Wow!
Just for kicks, and for your amusement – here is me, meeting Jeff and Drew Lachey way back when.. *tee hee*
What do you remember most during those days at the peak of 98 Degrees’ success? Just how busy it was.   We didn’t have time to catch a breath!
How much do you keep in touch with the guys in general? Not as much as we’d have liked to.  We all just got so busy on our own both personally and professionally.  We certainly care about each other like brothers.
Tell me about your Wired show in Las Vegas; entice me to visit! (I don’t need much swaying!) It’s just full of energy.  We give a live feel to a club atmosphere.  We sing Hip-Hop and R&B hits from a number of eras, while incorporating all of the hits of today.
What are you listening to on your ipod and singing at the top of your lungs? Most of Chris Brown’s new stuff.
What is family life like? Domestic hubby? I’m a big-time family guy.  My wife and I have 5 kids between the two of us.  It’s like the Brady Bunch over here.
Any TV shows that you’re hooked on? I’m a big sports guy, so mostly sports.  I like Family Guy like there’s no tomorrow.  Seth MacFarlane is a genius.
I’m so grateful and teenage-girl excited that Jeff answered a few questions on my humble lil blog; I wish I could be at the reunion (SO. BAD!).