Wednesday, February 20, 2013

98 Degrees Twitter Chat-- 2/20/13 pt1

98 degrees-- Jeff is starting us off with today's chat ask your questions now using #98May7

Beerbabesuzi-- @98official Sooo We have Twenty.. And Ten and now 2.0 explanation for all of the numbers? ;) #98may7 This HAS to be asked!!

98 Degrees-- @BeerBabeSuzi 2.0 A new and improved version of #98Degrees!

Kat1025-- @98official Will a lot of the new music be in the show? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Kat1025 I think a combo of new and classics! - Jeff

Penny70-- @98official what artist is inspiring you these days? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @penny70 I am personally inspired by Bruno Mars - Jeff

Veligandux-- Hi Guys! Will you ever come back to see us UK fans???? (I love NICK) #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Veligandux I hope we will have the opportunity #98May7 - Jeff

Michelle Lauren-- @98official #98May7 what's your favorite song to sing live?

98 Degrees-@michellexlauren I love Invisible Man #98May7 - Jeff

Chuck Zamzow-- are you guys planning on doing any smaller a solo Indian Casino Tour after The Package Tour is over? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @chuckzamzow I hope we do! #98May7 - Jeff'

Yerdua4-- @98official Are planning to come back in Europe with your new album ?? Or with the package tour?? We miss yooouuu #98May7

98 Degrees--@yerdua4 I ran into @DonnieWahlberg in Vegas, and we talked about it. #98May7 - Jeff

Kristen Rich-- @98official Hey Jeff! Are you going to be bringing any of your Chippendales moves to @ThePackageTour ? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @kristenmrich @ThePackageTour Have seen my Chippendales moves? I think we'll leave those in #Vegas #98May7 - Jeff

Katie-- @98official can you please try to fit in a a stop in Denver? Pretty please? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @EllisFan14 We love the Mile High city. I hope so! #98May7 - Jeff
Annette Spenser-- #98May7 What makes you guys most excited about the new album and can't wait for your fans to hear?
98 Degrees-- @AMKS0517 We've got some new, contemporary sounds. #98May7 - Jeff

MirBunny-- @98official will you guys ever do a reality show? I would love to see you guys on tv! I was so excited when Mission Man Band was on #98May7

98 Degrees-- @mirbunny Mission Manband was a blast. Maybe there is some reality in our future pans. You never know. #98May7 - Jeff

Gwen Jane Zone- @98official #98May7 When will the first single from 2.0 be released?

98 Degrees-- We've got some good new tunes. I hope this song called 'Microphone' comes out first. We'll see. #98May7 - Jeff

Gwen jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 Will there be a South East Asian tour in the works?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone You know how we feel about SE Asia. We LOVE it there. #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Tanay-- @98official Will there be a song with just your voices accompanied by piano on the album?#98May7

98 Degrees- @Tanay_J I think we definitely will incorporate that vibe onto this album.#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Alyssa-@98official how old were you when you realized you wanted to be a singer? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @aformichelli I was in college. About 20-21.#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Colleen-@98official #98May7 what's the chances u will add a show to winnipeg Manitoba Canada . Need to see the show :(((((

98 Degrees-- @colleenp77 Love our Canadian fans. They are adding new shows daily, so we'll see! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Abby Masuda-@98official is the album be in stores #98may7

98 Degrees--abigail_masuda Yes, Abby! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Tiffany-- @98official How do u feel about having fans that are younger like myself, I will be 21 #Aug2nd #98May7

98 Degrees-- @tiffydachica We are flattered for sure! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Michelle Lauren-@98official will you only be singing old songs on tour or new ones too? #98May7 so excited

98 Degrees-@michellexlauren A little of both! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Jill-- @98official can you give us a sneak peak of your favorite track?! ;)#98May7

98 degrees@JKsJill They are still being mixed and mastered. maybe soon! v

Michelle Lauren-- @98official I'm coming three times to see you guys, can I get a follow? #98May7
98 Degrees-- @michellexlauren Gotcha! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Kelly-- @98official Jeff you should bring me on stage in dc 6/14 and sing "because of you" to me since it'll be my 25th bday?! 😘😎😊 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly Ok, we'll try, you little vixen!#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@MickiePho Thanks, Mickie! We love ya! #98May7 - Jeff@jefftimmons98

Jamie-- @98official Hey Jeff. It's Jaime from NK Airplay... any way you think we could interview all four of you sometime soon?

98 Degrees-- @DDUBsLadyJ I can ask! You can get me, at least! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Joanna-- @98official will u guys be singing" u r my everything"? I have tickets for Nashville show!! :)#98may7

98 Degrees-@sabellajoannar Probably! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@BeerBabeSuzi @Amanda_Timmons You are the best! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

@89_laurac Can't wait to see ya!

Halley Ayers-- @98official what can we expect during the VIP m&g during the tour?!#98May7

98 Degrees-- @NCComet86 Lotsa love ! ;P #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

LisaLisa98-- @98official when are u guys coming back to #Hawaii?? ;)@jefftimmons98 cc @chazico @le96744 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @jefftimmons98 @chazico@le96744 Not soon enough! #98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official which producers were you most excited to work with?#98may7

98 Degrees--@julianna12o7 I hope to work with Bruno Mars and his guys!

@atlautismmom @jefftimmons98 @NickSLachey Not sure we'll have time in our set for that! ;)

Tara--@NickSLachey We send questions to @98official ?

98 Degrees-- @TaraMac_21 @NickSLachey yep-nick

Tiffany-- @98official Have u ever visited #BuffaloNY We could totally do@SpotcoffeeHQ What places have u toured that u can't wait to go back?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @tiffydachica @SpotcoffeeHQ Yep. we love @shyguyshawn#98May7 - Jeff @jefftimmons98
98 Degrees--@tiffydachica @SpotcoffeeHQ been to buffalo a lot over the years!! great fans there. -nick

Julianna Stephanie--  @98official Were the voices easily distributed throughout the album or do Nick and Drew have more solo parts?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 everyone is singing on this record...sounding great.-nick

Okay! I'm out! Thanks for the great questions! Love you all! #98May7- Jeff @jefftimmons98 I think @NickSLachey is up next! Peace!

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official Are the songs on the album more upbeat or slow tempo-ed? If upbeat, will we see some sweet dance moves?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 a little more upbeat, but still very 98 degrees-nick

Beth Hersch-- @98official What is your favorite thing about touring? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @bhersch meeting our fans-nick

Julianna Stephanie-- @98official If you had a chance to collaborate with any other boyband, who would they be? Excluding Nkotb & B2M.

98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 new edition-nick

Amanda-- @98official are you coming to Massachusetts? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @CassPiamyheroes yep, 2 nights in boston-nick

Beth Hersch-- @98official #98May7 Are you excited to sing new songs for your long time fans?

98 Degrees-- @bhersch very! it's a new chapter that we can't wait to share with you guys-nick

Melly D-- @98official person you'd love to have lunch with, dead or alive?

98 Degrees-- @ETownMelly abraham lincoln-nick

Jenn Stough-@98official Will any of your new songs be released before the album?! #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough yes, single in march-nick

Jenn Stough-- @98official Are you planning any other tours following the package tour? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough hope so!-nick

Krystal-- @98official What was your main inspiration for the new album? #98May7

98 Degrees-@Krys04 just getting back together again and singing-nick

Patricia-- @Krys04 just getting back together again and singing-nick

98 Degrees-- @lovelovelove343 a good mix of old and new-nick

Kristen Rich-- @98official Hey Nick! Will Camden be joining you in the studio this time around? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @kristenmrich absolutely-nick

Marielle-- @98official Any plans to visit Europe? :) #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Girly_Elle none yet-nick

Lisa Lisa 98-- @98official @NickSLachey When is the new single coming out and is it a ballad? #98May7 #HawaiiMissesU ;)

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @NickSLachey comes out in march. you'll just have to wait and see-nick

Nick Fanatic-- #98may7 @98official @nickslachey will you guys be doing smaller appearances/autograph signings to promote the album?

98 Degrees-@NickFanatic_com @NickSLachey i'm sure we will-nick

Michelle Lauren-- @98official What is your favorite song to sing live? #98May7
98 Degrees-- @michellexlauren hard to pick just one-nick

Jessica Talbot-- @98official what's the city you are most excited to visit during your upcoming tour? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @jtalbot925 always fun to play your hometown, so cincy!-nick

Anne Marie Silva-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 what kind of sound is your new album like? & are u excited to tour with the new kids & boyz 2 men?

98 Degrees-- @JoeyMacsGirl34 @NickSLachey the sound is evolved. very excited to tour with those guys-nick

Anne Marie Silva-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 what kind of sound is your new album like? & are u excited to tour with the new kids & boyz 2 men?
98 Degrees-- @JoeyMacsGirl34 @NickSLachey the sound is evolved. very excited to tour with those guys-nick

Jill-- @98official what was it like being back in the studio together after such long break & Was there a "re-getting to know you" period? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @JKsJill like riding a bike-nick

Ellie Bobick-- @98official What's the best thing about releasing a new album after some time off?? #98may7

98 Degrees-@Ellie_Bobick a chance to come back together fresh with new life experiences to draw from-nick

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 What can people expect from the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone HITS-nick

Alicia-- @98official @NickSLachey #98May7 If I paid for the meet and greet for one of your concerts can I get an individual pic with you to!?

98 Degrees-- @xoMSAliciaxo @NickSLachey for sure-nick

Julianna Stephannie- @98official Rumors are that you guys will be serenading some of your fans. Is this true? #98may7
98 Degrees-- @julianna12o7 we always have-nick

I love ali-- @98official can you tell us the name of your favorite song from the new album? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @is2cullens impossible things-nick

Tara-- @98official Are you releasing any tracks to radio before the album release date? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @TaraMac_21 yep-nick

Jennifer-- @98official what made you guys decide to come back together #98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenwahlberg we missed singing together-nick

Kelly-- @98official will you guys headline your tour after the cd is out?! Btw, love you nick! 😘 #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly we'll see-nick

Lisa Lisa98-- @98official Does @JustinJeffre1 have a solo part on this 2.0 album?? Wait is he gonna tweet? Maybe I should ask him ;)#98May7

98 Degrees-- @LisaLisa98 @JustinJeffre1 yep-nick

Amanda-- @98official what is the most craziest thing that has ever happened to you while on tour? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @CassPiamyheroes too many things too pick just one-nick

Troy-- #98may7 any plans on coming to Hawaii? @98official
98 Degrees-- @troytaka god, i hope so-nick

98 Degrees-- @chazico latest, greatest version of 98 degrees-nick

Maggie-- @98official Who would you like to do a duet with? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @DdubsMagPie boys 2 men-nick

Eddie-- @98official COME TO IRELAND ON THE TOUR??? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @divadaz nothing planned yet-nick

Heidi-- @98official will you sing any of your solo songs?@NickSLachey

98 Degrees-- @HeidiCole1 @NickSLachey not sure. should i?-nick

98 Degrees-- i'm done guys......thanks for hanging our with me. see you on the road-nick

                            -- Now it is my turn - Drew

Liz-- @98official how is this album in comparison to your previous music? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @Lizzidoll There is a natural growth but so far I am loving it #98may7

Sarah-- @98official How does it feel to be back again making music together? Does the sound change bc u guys all have families now? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @SarahR36 The sound doesn't but the meaning to some songs does-Drew

Ellie-- @98official where is your favorite place you ever performed at?!#98may7

98 Degrees-- @Ellie_Bobick Every place has a special place but Broadway is right up there-Drew

Maggie-- @98official Who would you like to do a duet with? #98May7

98 Degrees-- @DdubsMagPie Robin Thicke is up there- Drew

Jennifer-- @98official what made you guys decide to come back together#98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenwahlberg Missed their smiling faces-Drew

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 How many tracks will there be on the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone Probably around 10-Drew

Gwen Jane Zone-- @98official #98May7 Who inspired you guys for the new record?

98 Degrees-- @TheGwenJaneZone There is lots of great music out right now-Drew

Kelly-- @98official drew, can you make my 25th bday the best ever, and bring me on stage in dc?! πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜ŽI would never forget it #98May7

98 Degrees-- @skelly_elly Have to wait and see-Drew

Jenn Stough-- @98official Out of all of your songs, which is your favorite?#98May7

98 Degrees-- @Jenn_Stough O Holy Night on the Christmas record has to be one of them-Drew

Leigha Cat-- @98official What's the name of your favorite song on the new album? #98may7

98 Degrees-- @PixiePaparazzi Microphone or Impossible Things-Drew

Amanda Elizabeth-- @98official do you have a favorite song on the new album?#98may7

98 Degrees-- @otownfan I like them all for different reasons-Drew