Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nick Lachey: Not Taking Camden on Tour Would Be 'Tragic'

Nick Lachey Camden Pre Grammy Party
Nick Lachey‘s son Camden John is about to have a major break through: his first tooth!

“Literally today we found a little bit of blood on the towel he was chewing on, so I think we’re about to see his first tooth,” the singer, 39, told PEOPLE at Friday’s 16th annual Friends ‘N’ Family Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles, Calif
“He’s been teething for awhile, but we haven’t seen a tooth. That’s pretty exciting.”
But soon the Lachey family will be seeing a lot more than baby boy’s first set of chompers; The 5-month-old will become quite the traveling tot when his father’s band, 98 Degrees, reunites in May for their first tour in over a decade.

“Camden will be on tour for sure. I’m not going to spend 2½ months away from my son. That would be tragic,” Lachey, whose new solo album Father’s Lullaby – which was inspired by Camden – will be available in March, says.
Before the gang gears up for life on the road, Lachey and his wife Vanessa are looking forward to connecting with couple time this Valentine’s Day, a priority on the new dad’s agenda.
“You obviously have to kind of rethink plans with the little one at home,” he explains. “You still got to celebrate. You still got to take that moment to recognize each other. It all started with that — you don’t want to lose sight of it.”
– Anya Leon