Wednesday, February 20, 2013

98 Degrees Twitter Chat-- 2/20/13 pt2

Dina--  Are y'all performing new music or old hits? I still have all my original 97 Degrees CDs 

98 Degrees--  Both. Have to do the fan favorites-Drew

Anna Marie Silva-  how was it being back 2gether as a group w/new tour & album coming out soon? u did great on dwts

98 Degrees--  It feels awesome_drew

Crystal-Are you planning to bring the family? I can def see and Leah going boy band crazy like the rest of us 

98 Degrees--   Family has to be out there-Drew

Jennifer--  any chance of just a 98 degrees tour after the tour with nkotb and boyz II men? 

98 Degrees--  Maybe. Have to see if I get tire of Nick before then. lol-drew

Shauna--  How are you physically preparing for the road? 

98 Degrees--  Cardio, cardio and cardio-Drew

Amanda Elizabeth--  out of all the albums,what is your favorite one?

98 Degrees--  The Christmas record-Drew

Angela Franco--  What was it like to be back in the studio after a decade?

98 Degrees--  Strange at first but then we got back in the groove -Drew

Gwen Jane Zone--   Which song from 2.0 are you excited to perform live?

98 Degrees--  There are a couple that are going to be great to perform live-Drew

Julianna Stephanie- I have to ask Drew but what does your DWTS family think of  ? 

98 Degrees--  They are excited. Already asking for tickets-Drew

Shauna--  How did it feel to be back on the stage again after 10 years at last summer's MixTape? 

98 Degrees--  Performing live is my favorite thing in the world-Drew

Nazia--  Hi Drew!! Can I get a shout out from u plz!! Shhhhh u R my favorite ;) x

98 Degrees--  SHOUT OUT! Did you hear me-Drew

Amy--   Backstreet Boys or NSync? honest and don't say neither ;p 

98 Degrees-  NSYNC. They are friends of ours-Drew

Irmontes--  Drew what are your top 3 favorite things about being on tour? 

98 Degrees--  Fans, performing live and room service-Drew

Jessica Key--  what are you most looking forward to? New Album? Upcoming tour? Everything? 

98 Degrees--  It is all fantastic. Can't wait-Drew

Julianna Stephanie--  What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention whether at a concert or smaller event?

98 Degrees--  Use your imagination. LOL-Drew

Leigha cat--  So turning 21 was good for me, I turn 21 and you guys suddenly answer my wishes by putting out new music! AWESOME.

98 Degrees- Happy Birthday-Drew

Shauna--  How does your wife deal with all of these crazy, screaming women?  God bless her! I couldn't do it.

98 Degrees- She has been around since it all began. She gets it-Drew

Maggie--  What is one thing you look most forward to about ?? 

98 Degrees-- @ Getting back in front of you guys-Drew

Emmie Leigh--  how much are you singing on this album, Drew?

98 Degrees--  Everybody has their times to shine on this record-Drew

Maggie--  Who would you say is your BIGGEST inspiration? 

98 Degrees- Mr. Wonder, Boyz II Men

Amanda Elizabeth- where is a city/place you hope to visit in your career?

98 Degrees- South America-Drew

98 Degrees-- OK guys. My time is up. Get ready for Justin. Thanks and see you on the road- Drew

                   -- Hey all, this is Justin signing on. I'm ready to get my tweet on!
                   -- We'll have a lot of surprises coming for you all. We'll be touring,but we'll also being doing                    some promo stuff. So excited bout this record

98 Degrees--  We still have to decide what our favorite NKOTB and Boyz II Men song is. So many good ones to choose from,

Karen-- Will you guys be headlining a tour after your album? 

98 Degrees--  We plan on touring all summer.The way the package tour is selling it could go for a long time. Its a blast with the dirtydozen

Nickfanatic- @98offical  what record label are you guys with?

98 Degrees-- @NickFanatic_com The label is E1 and we are glad we have a new label. Looking forward to working with them

98 Degrees-Oops I guess I'm supposed to be putting Justin after each post. I'm still new to the twitterverse LOL!

                  --  Can't explain all the numbers but it adds up to some hot music!

Kaylee--  Which group are you most excited about collaborating with on ?

98 Degrees--  We are excited about working with both groups. Grew up liking them both and modeled our group after Boyz II Men!

Kaylee--  You will be singing I Do (Cherish You) this tour, right? :)

98 Degrees--  We will be doing all of the hits. It wouldn't be a 98 Degrees show without singing I Do. Many people got married to it

Michelle Lauren-- what's one of your favorite songs to sing live? 

98 Degrees- I'm not sure which song I like singing the most. Depends on what the ladies are feeling.Looking forward to singing new ones

98 Degrees-- I've never done one of these tweet chats. Its cool!. We will have to do this more often! Gotta go now. Cant wait to chat on the road!

                    --Thanks for all your support! You inspire us. Signing off now. Love you guys!!! Justin Please follow me at