Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sing Off: Nick Lachey Chats About His Upcoming Wedding!

SOURCE Lisa Princ

NBC’s The Sing-Off and host Nick Lachey will be returning this fall despite all the other singing competitions out there. In the meantime, Nick Lachey has been busy planning his upcoming wedding and he has been snagged chatting about it! Keep reading to hear what Nick had to say!

With The Sing Off set to return this fall on NBC, Nick Lachey had better get moving with his wedding before he won’t have time. It sounds like the upcoming wedding is in the works as Nick recently spoke to People Magazine about it. Despite not revealing the date of the upcoming nuptials, Nick said of his bride to be Vanessa Minnillo that “Vanessa is not at all a bridezilla. I can’t imagine an easier bride through all of this than she is.”

Okay, so she is not a bridezilla, but that is probably because Nick is making sure his sweetie gets everything she wants out of her big day as he added “I really want it to be her vision and her fantasy, but we’re a team effort and we both try to split the load equally.” Wow, it’s nice to hear that he is just as involved as she is! Nick Lachey says he is also looking forward to his bachelor party, because at 37 years old most of his friends are married with children and that give the guys an excuse to get together.

We wish the happy couple a wonderful wedding day, and we will be waiting for all the details! The Sing Off returns to NBC this Fall, so keep checking back for more details!