Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Famous Alum To Revive SCPA's Music Theater


Drew Lachey's Efforts May Be Chronicled On Reality TV

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Former 98 Degrees member and Cincinnati local Drew Lachey said on Tuesday he is going to revive the musical theater program that led him and his brother Nick to success.Lachey, who hailed from the School for the Creative and Performing Arts, said he and his wife are coming back to live in his hometown and relaunch SPCA's music theater."SCPA holds a soft spot in my heart. And I think it's imperative for the school and the future of arts in Cincinnati that we have that music theater back in place," Lachey said.SCPA teachers and students said they are already anxious for the program's revival."It's really exciting to have it back because we have kids who did graduated long ago who are on Broadway. (They) are on tour and are doing fabulous things around the country. So now, we're going to be able to do that again," teacher Gina Kleesattel said.And while there hasn't been a final handshake, Lachey said a reality show may follow their comeback to SCPA.Sources said the show is described as something similar to "Glee," but that is much more real -- something that shows some of the unmarketed and raw talent that people see in "The Voice.""Luther Vandross, one of the greatest singers of all time, said if he came out now he probably wouldn't get a record because he doesn't have the image. (He's an) amazing singer. That is what 'The Voice' is doing, wiping away the extra nonsense and ploys and getting back to raw talent, which to me is very refreshing," Lachey said.But Lachey said the show is only secondary; the priority is bringing back the classes SCPA ditched years ago, all pending the final approval vote from the school's committee.