Friday, June 24, 2011

Drew Lachey talks Gospel Music Channel show, 'America Sings' (Video)


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Drew Lachey made his return to television this week with his new reality singing show "America Sings."

Lachey serves as host on the Gospel Music Channel show, which premiered on Wednesday. The singer and former "Dancing With The Stars" champ says the show has a more low-key approach than other singing competitions.

"'America Sings' is more of a grassroots interpretation of a music show," he told in a satellite interview on June 17. "This really is the people that are doing the singing. They're submitting videos of themselves to us in their natural area, the way they want to be singing. "

"You know if it's a church choir, it's them performing in the church. We have flash mobs that are coming for malls and all over the place, guys performing in subways and it really is just kind of a grass roots music show," he added.

The winner of the show, which is based on public vote, earns a $10,000 reward. "It's got a different take on it. It's not over the top and blown out," Lachey said. "It really is strictly about the music and the people that love doing what they do."

"We got some award-winning glee clubs and gospel choirs and concert choirs. Some of the guys in the subways just rock it out," he added.

Lachey's brother and fellow 98 Degrees band mate, Nick Lachey, serves as host of the NBC singing competition "The Sing-Off." It was announced on June 16 that Nick Lachey's fiancée Vanessa Minnillo will serve as host of the upcoming fifth season of the game show "Wipe Out."

"She has a new hosting gig and you know, we're just a hosting family for some reason now," Drew Lachey said. "Everybody's hosting but it's fun, we're having a good time with it, and I wish her the best of luck with it."

Drew Lachey said he was excited about the news for another reason; he wants to be on "Wipe Out."

"I've actually talked to the producers about it and I said, 'You know what? I would really well on that show," Lachey said. "You should put me on.' And for some reason they just haven't done it. I guess they don't want me to beat their course, 'cause I would dominate."

Speaking of his brother and his boy band past, with Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block hitting the road on tour and recording an album together, fans of 98 Degrees might be wondering if Drew Lachey and his band mates are planning to get back together.

"As of right now there's nothing in the works, you know we've always stayed in touch. We've enjoyed singing and making music together so, given the right opportunity -- yeah absolutely," he said,

"We would love to get back together and do something, you know, but the time has to be right," he added