Friday, June 24, 2011

Jeff Timmons Talks Chippendales, Fan Reactions and the Next Step in His Music Career


Jeff Timmons is One Hot Chippendale

Congratulations, Jeff Timmons!

The 98 Degrees member – who has recently been fulfilling a stint as a singer and emcee in the popular Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas – has agreed to extend his Chippendales stay through the summer! That’s right. Start planning your summer vacations in Las Vegas now, ladies! You now have until September to catch the live show.

Jeff chatted with Celebuzz and gave us the scoop on his favorite show moments, the wonderful support from fans for his music career, and … a possible appearance during the strip part of the show? (Please let this happen!)

Read the interview below, and don’t forget to check out Jeff’s Facebook, Twitter and website for more info.

First and foremost, congratulations on your extended stay in Chippendales!

Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m excited!

You were originally going to be part of the show for only a few weeks, right?

It was originally four weeks, but has now been extended through September.

How do you feel about spending the whole summer in Las Vegas?

I have grown to love it. The times I have spent in Vegas I haven’t really liked because I have come and either got burnt out or I came to perform, so didn’t get time to see it. Now that I have gotten to meet the locals, I really have grown to love it. I could easily stay here.

What has been your favorite part about being a Chippendale?

There has been a lot of great things. For one, it is much different than I expected. The media has been great, but the overall work environment is also very cool. We worked really hard in 98 degrees so didn’t get much time to enjoy it like everyone thinks. Everyone is very professional and it is a joy to work with everyone.

The fans have been very vocal and seem to love the show.

The fans have been great. I was hesitant to join, but now I couldn’t be happier. Way better than I expected.

What is your favorite song or moment on the show?

I have a couple. I love when I can showcase my new material. The response has been incredible. I also cover “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias. It is a fun song to sing. The crowd really gets into it and sings along. Those are my two highlights.

Which co-stars from the show do you get along with the most?

I have hung out with all the guys since I have been here and all of them are cool. I think I can relate to many of them since they are family men. Some like to socialize, which I also like. It sounds cliche, but I get along 100% with every guy on the show!

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories that stick out the most?

Well, these guys are local rock stars. The locals here in Vegas know about these guys and now they are starting to become more famous. They are starting to experience rock star stuff like bras on the stage, underwear thrown, and girls on stage or even girls sneaking backstage.

Since you have extended your stay, your fans want to know if you will expand your role and be part of the strip show.

No chance! Ha. There is no way with my genetics would I ever look like these guys. They are totally ripped, big, and I would never dream of completely stripping next to these guys. My role musically, though, will most likely be increased over time.

Your fans are very vocal about wanting you to do that.

Maybe on a special occasion I will get antsy and live on the edge and do it.

You talked in your last interview with us about the experiment you did with your fans in which you put your album up online for fans to download for free. What is the next step in this direction?

I was very fortunate with that album to collect over a million emails. This is what they did for that, which allowed me to collect a database of fans. Now I did an experiment with sharing and that went over very well. The next progression is getting another technology that integrates a music video right into the song, but you use an image or QR code to put in magazines. There would be no physical CD. They’d scan with an app and then it will go right into your phone.

With all the social media and latest technology out there, this will be a huge hit.

Thank you. I actually just met with the directors who are doing the first video. We will be filming it here in Vegas.

There have been talks before about a 98 degrees reunion, but it wasn’t the right time for everyone. How’s that going?

We all are totally open to the idea, but I think now that Nick has his wedding coming up, it will be a while before it happens.

Happy belated Father’s Day! How did you spend that special day?

Thank you. I spent the day hanging out with my kids and stepkids. We hung out and I was off the majority of the day. It was a great day. I love spending time with the kids.