Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drew Lachey Chats About Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo’s Wedding Plans

Last night former Dancing With the Stars champ Drew Lachey opened up about whether or not big brother Nick would do the show, as well as plans for Nick’s big day with fiancée Vanessa Minnillo!

Drew told reporters Nick has sworn that he’ll never compete for the coveted mirror ball trophy. “He says, ‘How could I possibly do any better?’ So unless he wins and even if he does, which would be a long shot because he’s not the greatest dancer, it wouldn’t be like ok, it’s already been done in the family so why would he do that?”

Suffice it to say, he told OK! they’re pretty competitive. “We are. Like all brothers are.”

As for Nick’s nuptials, Drew also told OK! the bachelor party hasn’t been thrown yet since they’re still “trying to figure out logistics.” Actually, the best man dished that he’s not sure if his kids will be in the wedding since it depends on the location and timing. Plus, he pointed out their ages. “Five and one is kind of hard to travel. So if we’re going to the other side of the world, ahhh, probably not. We’ll have to see what they come up with.”

Regardless of location, the Lachey clan is a big fan of Vanessa. He told reporters, “Everybody loves her.” Plus, they share a lot of similar passions. “They’re both very fiery and competitive. She loves sports which is great for him. That fire and drive brings the best out of each other.”

Reporting by Amanda Champagne